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  1. Does anyone have any experience with Ambleside Online? It claims to be rigorous, but, I'm wanting some objective thoughts. I wouldn't be using the LA part. Thanks a lot!!
  2. We used LOE Foundations A-D. And other kids reached other various levels of Foundations. I just switched everyone over to AAR/AAS. The child who went through Foundations A-D is an excellent reader, however he cannot spell to save his life. For us, LOE became overwhelming. It is a good program, but it gets into so much detail by the end of D, that my kids were becoming overwhelmed with all of the rules and things. With that being said, I think it is more in depth than AAR/AAS, at least from what I see so far. However, at this point, I don't think my kids need that level of depth, in fact
  3. Well, the title pretty much explains it. I thought people were just being paranoid when I heard about this. Unfortunately, the more I research it, the more I realize this is indeed a concern at libraries. Our librarian even confirmed that there have been a couple cases at our actual library. I certainly do not want to buy every book my children read, but I also very much need to not have bed bugs at this point in life. We have purposefully avoided electronic devices for our kids, so digital books aren't really a great option either. I have actually considered buying like a bed
  4. We have been doing LOE Foundations with my older kids, and have struggled with feeling overwhelmed by it. There is just something about it. I think this is due in part to it seeming like things aren't very well explained, and instructions given aren't always very clear. For example, why we mark some phonograms but not others when analyzing words, and things like that. I am feeling like we aren't really fully grasping things with it. We just do our lesson and move on everyday, and it often feels like they aren't really grasping all the rules and things. I don't have a strong backgrou
  5. You weren't snarky or anything at all! Even though my oldest is nearly 10, I still feel like a rookie. So I really appreciate the advice. What you said about age 10 makes total sense. We have a house full of kiddos, so I am trying to figure out how to get everything in with everyone when all of our subjects are teacher intensive. I am thinking maybe Latin ought to wait a few years though. Anyway, thanks for the thoughts!
  6. Are there any latin programs for elementary ages that are very self directed? I need something that is not teacher dependent. Any thoughts? Is Song School Latin teacher dependent? Thanks!
  7. Basic question, is AAR/AAS less overwhelming than LOE? I would really, really appreciate any thoughts on AAR/AAS. We have been doing LOE Foundations. We have gone through A, B, C, and are currently in the middle of D. I had planned on continuing with Essentials, but we are struggling! I have four kids in the various levels of foundations and we are all overwhelmed. It seems like there is just not enough review of the different rules and things before we are off to learn another. So, either I need to figure out my own way to review or switch programs. Is AAR/AAS less overwhelming?
  8. Has anyone gone through being totally overwhelmed by LOE? I have three boys in it. We are in Foundations A, B, and D. Is there another similar program that somehow reinforces things better or something? We are all getting lost in all of the rules. My oldest in D has a crazy memory, and even he is getting overwhelmed. I thought learning ALL THE THINGS for english was a good idea, but now I am questioning that. Any thoughts? Thanks. :/
  9. I'm not exactly sure how to explain this, but I'll do my best. We have gone back and forth with TOG. In the end, for us there is nothing else that compares with its spiritual world view. There are a lot of options that teach history, but what makes TOG valuable for us is that it is presented through a Godly view. An example off the top of my head is when King Saul is covered, it doesn't just explain what happened, the notes talk about why he turned so wicked. There are definitely options that are more simple, but the depth of TOG is worth the extra effort here.
  10. Thank you for the replies. We are doing Year 1 and just using the Companion. It is kinda complicated, but we are having a quick "redo" of ancients. But anyway, for example, in week 13, the Cool Histories for Littles says to read "Sahara Desert, Anansi the Spider, Brer-Rabbit, Selections from Samuel, Selections from Saul, Casting Lots, Selections from David Part I, The Philistines, Abigail". So, is all of the black and white narration included in this? And what does "selections from Samuel", etc mean? I have been kinda just going with what I thought it meant, but it seems pretty o
  11. I'm just looking into it, but Dreambox seems okay. There is a fairy land in it though, FYI.
  12. I am looking for some fun computer based options to reinforce Singapore Math. Any favorites? I have seen Dream Box mentioned quite a bit. Does this fit in well with Singapore Primary Math? Any recommendations? Apps or websites would be best. Thank you!!
  13. Do you just use the assigned SOTW in BP, or do you use a different combo? I am not loving jumping around in SOTW.
  14. We are diving into Biblioplan this year. I am confused about something though. We are using the Cool History for Littles (Ancients). It has recommended Companion readings (for littles) listed on the Cool History page. However, then the questions it has from the readings come from parts of Companion that were not the recommended reading. What am I missing here? Any experience with this? Thanks!
  15. Primary Digital is an online Singapore math program. I would honestly have them start over at level one. After 5-6 years of Singapore math some students are ready for pre algebra or algebra, so they might not be that far behind at that point. You can be a great homeschool parent without being good at math! 🙂
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