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  1. I have never had a man be unkind about an opinion I have made online. I cannot say that about women.
  2. It may not be terribly common, but it isn't a myth.
  3. We know loads of older kids who have started in their teens and almost-teens. It has been great for them. Be prepared if you start for the not so hidden costs. Belt testing. Equipment. You don't have to do tournaments, but they are fun once you get farther along, so maybe one or two of those per year. We get a family discount, but we still spend enough to notice.
  4. Is it, by any chance, ATA? I know there is an ATA school somewhere in your area.
  5. No, we've moved, but they could Google her name easily and for $15 bucks find where she born.
  6. She doesn't have a credit card. We want to freeze her credit so someone can't use her SSN to apply for credit in her name.
  7. I cannot put a freeze on her credit since she is over 16. She cannot until she is 18.
  8. They won't let me make an account for her, since she isn't 18 years old.
  9. I'm on the Experian site now. I've never heard of them, Do you have direct experience with them?
  10. they said she would get arrested. Sigh. She gave them her birthdate and the last 4 digits. What do I need to do now?
  11. It takes longer when Dd6 plays, but Dd17 and I can play Ticket to Ride in about 20, including set up and clean up. LOL
  12. We used the first stimulus to specifically help several small businesses - we paid another year's TKD tuition upfront, for example. This one we'll put in my Dd17's account since she'll be starting college in the fall. I'm not sure what scholarships she'll get, but I'm pretty sure the stimulus check will only be a fraction of what she needs.
  13. Free and easy - I have to drive for the PCR test, but it is free. Swing state but red leaning, and our area is definitely red.
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