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  1. It takes longer when Dd6 plays, but Dd17 and I can play Ticket to Ride in about 20, including set up and clean up. LOL
  2. We used the first stimulus to specifically help several small businesses - we paid another year's TKD tuition upfront, for example. This one we'll put in my Dd17's account since she'll be starting college in the fall. I'm not sure what scholarships she'll get, but I'm pretty sure the stimulus check will only be a fraction of what she needs.
  3. Free and easy - I have to drive for the PCR test, but it is free. Swing state but red leaning, and our area is definitely red.
  4. I purchased this book after you mentioned it in a recent thread. I haven't made it very far into it yet, since some of the language is new to me and I don't have much quiet time to read anymore. It is thought provoking. I'm interested to see if the two issues I have seen are mentioned.
  5. https://www.amazon.com/Love-ACT-Science-innovative-standardized/dp/0996832203/ref=mp_s_a_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=for+the+love+of+act+science&qid=1604443572&sprefix=for+the+love+of+ACT&sr=8-3 This book teaches techniques on how to complete the science portion quickly and accurately.
  6. We did Clue this year. It is going to be the last year we do a big family theme. I sew the costumes, so it willbe cheaper and easier next year, but....
  7. I know this is an old thread, but a game that would play well at multiple ages yet have some weight is Journeys in Middle Earth. My 10 year old could play it. The downside would be turn length if you have one of those players who takes for.ev.er.
  8. Fewer people handed out candy and Tot'ed. I still sewed costumes for the kids, plus a bonus kid, since it will be the last year my kids will do a big family theme.
  9. That is a nightmare. Our family (my niece) has gone through something similar recently. I will pray for your son and for his medical team. My niece's neurosurgeon performed an almost miraculous surgery with the aid of computer technology. ETA: I was falling asleep when writing this. I wanted to say that tricky surgeries (my niece's tumor was one of the worst for resection her neurosurgeon had ever seen) have more options with potentially much better outcomes than previously. And radiation is more targeted now. I hope the new technologies are usable in your son's treatment.
  10. Carcassonne, Splendor, Telestrations, and Camel Up are four that are easy to learn. Everdell and Wingspan are beautiful. Dominion, Clank!, and Seven Wonders are good games that we enjoy. Onitama is a chess like game that my dad and Ds16 enjoy playing together. Between Two Castles of Mad King Ludwig and Dinosaur Island are two that both Dd17 and Ds16 enjoy. They don't often overlap on games they like.
  11. I'm sure it has been mentioned already, but the older kids and I read A World Undone when we studied World War I. It is a long but enjoyable read. And I think Ds was 14 when he read it, so manageable despite its size. Although, my kids have a pretty good history base, which maybe made it easier to follow.
  12. It is a scholarship essay - for the highest scholarship the school she wants to attend offers. It is important we get it right. LOL I doubt they would like "I don't really use apps and websites for my school."
  13. I'm trying to help my daughter figure out what they are looking for here. What website or app she has used the most? We aren't Luddites, exactly, but we were really slow to add technology to our school except for Dd17's Lukeion classes. Maybe they are asking what app or website helps her succeed?) I'm much more comfortable listening to my 6 year old read than helping my daughter navigate things like this.
  14. There are so many ways I could answer this, and I don't have much time. This may not may much sense out of my own head. Ds16 has absolutely been affected by having a sister just a year older than he is who excels at so many things with so much less effort than he gives. It helps that we have become very matter of fact about it. Also, it helps that he now does a few things better than Dd17 does. I wish I had talked about things differently when he was little. He has taught me a lot about parenting. I don't think Dd10 has internalized any bad feelings about it. I make a big deal about what
  15. I've thought about it and might do that, but everyone where we live does the ACT. I don't think any schools in the area offer the SAT, but I haven't actively looked yet so there may be some. ETA: I looked. The local schools do not offer it, but it looks like a local college does host SAT testing 5 times per year.
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