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  1. I am trying to incorporate games into my geography study with my younger girls (10 and 6) this year. We are starting with Africa. What I have collected so far for Africa: Ticket to Ride Heart of Africa map, Carcassonne Safari, Borderline Africa, 10 Days in Africa, and Camel Up.
  2. Maybe try to aim for Grammar, Writing, Reading, and Spelling to take no more than 2 hours per day?
  3. My oldest son has a job and it has been so good for him. My younger son isn't doing band this year, and it has been so nice not to have our mornings disrupted with his 3-4 band classes (no more than 3 per day, but 1, 2 or 3 depending on the day). School is going better for everyone this year. Dd17 is taking 8 credits at a local LAC for a nominal amount. My niece is losing her 1st semester and having brain surgery, but she probably doesn't have brain cancer - crazy how what we are thankful for shifts. Two weeks ago we would not have been thankful for brain surgery.
  4. I've kind of had my head in the sand recently between Covid19 making nothing seem real and an issue with my niece, I've kind of lost Sept. If my daughter only applies to 2-3 schools, do we have to do the Common App or can we just send whatever the schools want directly to them?
  5. Surgery on Monday. This is all happening so fast, but it will be good to have it over and done.
  6. I didn't get all subjects for all kids done this week, but we did okay all things considered. We finished everything, I think, except group subjects with the boys: two days worth of discussions, one writing block, an English lesson, and a logic lesson. But we had dental appointments that took all morning one day, Wednesday I wasn't in the mood for discussions (waiting for a call about my niece), and Thursday I was. so. A reaction to the stress I think. My niece should be okay. The doctor thinks it is not malignant and that it can be resected safely. I'm still emotional, but we do an
  7. Update on my niece: She had multiple MRI's and a consultation with the neurosurgeon. He doesn't think it is cancer and it is treatable. It will cause some brain damage, but he said he can enter at a certain spot (my sister couldn't remember the name) and the damage would be minimal and wouldn't affect her in day to day life. I may still get her the flannel sheets, but she will hopefully be back in the swing of things before cold weather hits.
  8. I didn't realize we had dental appointments today. They had contacted Dh with the reminder. With 6 people, it takes all morning. I think the younger 3 got school done anyhow (or will finish easily tomorrow), but the older two had to work in the afternoon. They'll finish over the weekend unless things are disrupted by my niece's test results- in which case I won't care an iota about what school got done.
  9. I'm sorry. I remember seeing something on Facebook about wearing a light bucket on your head for Parkinson's. I only noticed it because my BIL's father has Parkinson's. I have no idea how effective, if at all it is.
  10. I have never participated in one of these threads, but this seems like a good week to start. We had two really successful weeks of school followed by a weak week - planned as far as helping my dad put new windows in his house but not planned as far as the discovery of my niece's brain mass/tumor. This week we should find out more, so I want to have a really good plan for school in case I end up traveling again. I am going to fill out the lesson plans tonight and make a shopping list for tomorrow. I have breakfast planned for tomorrow, but I need to pick another read aloud for the little g
  11. This statement is shocking to me. What do you mean by it exactly?
  12. Please don't quote as I will probably delete even though I covered identifying details. My dad consulting my nephew as they figure out how to build a mechanism for the "secret" passage. Note that my dad was bouncing ideas off my nephew and even deferring to his wishes even thou my dad is the one who taught my nephew. Education is a funny thing. It is possible for kids to learn things that they aren't explicitly taught. That they can take instruction and put ideas together all on their own.
  13. We had a rough week in my family and my mind is pretty sluggish right now. I am not up to really contributing to the discussion, especially on my phone. But you know at the beginning of WTM where there is some reference to...knowledge deficit doesn't seem quite right...education capital maybe? being lost. I believe that is absolutely happening in the trades. My husband's father was not super skilled in construction. My husband has learned a lot from my dad but doesn't feel extremely confident in teaching our boys skills. My nephews live close to my dad. My 15 year old nephew could build a hous
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