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  1. I am always self-conscious cooking for others. For potlucks, I usually bring nice cheese and crackers and a large fruit salad. I usually spend quite a lot of money (8+ quarts of fruit add up) and time (I am slow at cutting. LOL) It isn't a desire to shortchange anyone. I could make a main dish more cheaply and quickly. Cheese and fruit are popular with kids, too, who may be nervous to eat food they aren't familiar with.
  2. 71%, but I accidentally clicked 2 once when I was sure it was 3. It would be interesting to see how my husband does. He is much better at faces than I am.
  3. I just googled him to see who you were talking about. The first "people also asked" question was "Is Mike Holmes married?"
  4. Adult coloring books or the really complex dot to dots. Boardgames - some card games and boardgames are under $20 and many get in that range on sale. Books Graphic tee shirts
  5. I struggled with my youngest. It took her two months to regain her birth weight. She refused to nurse sometimes. If I gave her a bottle just long enough to take the edge off, I could then get her to work harder at nursing. I did supplement her with one bottle of formula per day until she was old enough for cereal instead, but I kept nursing until she was 1.5.
  6. We just got an Expedition (2013) because the kids are growing and needed more space than we had in the van. The back is big enough for us to pack gear bags/clothes/travel stuff for our family of 7, but it wouldn't hold more.
  7. I was mostly surprised that they would sign up and pay for it when they obviously didn't want to take it. It was completely optional at the school. One kid who signed up tried to sneak out of school. Others were, if not sleeping, obviously not trying. What is the point? Mabe a parent made them sign up?
  8. Dd took it at a small school. She said the other kids were not taking it seriously at all.
  9. Telestrations is a good one. Dutch Blitz.
  10. Dd16 just called and told me the math was easy. That doesn't mean it was or that she got them correct. LOL I told her she might only be able to miss one or two.
  11. Good luck to all the test takers today! We are 1500 miles away from Dd16 this morning, so I won't even be there to make her breakfast. She'll be leaving right after the test to join us. Not ideal timing. If she misses it by a a little, we're going to regret it.
  12. He didn't by any chance take a practice test from the Princeton Review book? That was terrible. I almost suggested Dd skip after that. Then she scored decently on the real (2015) test. It is a long shot for her, but she is close enough to try it.
  13. There are some old tests on the college board site.
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