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  1. I know I posted about drills, but the above makes a very sensible point. I'm a tool junkie and didn't see the obvious, that is, use what you have. LOL.
  2. This. It can be Helpful to go to a Home Depot, Lowes, etc. and actually handle some drills to see what feels comfortable for your grip. DeWalt, Bosch, Porter-Cable are just a few of the mainstream manufacturers of portable power tools. It's nice to have variable speed, a good chuck and similar features. Btw, many hardware stores are competitively priced with the big box stores, because they order through cooperatives such as Ace, True Value, etc. A smaller store can often give you more personalized help than a big box store. A decent tool will repay you many times over in ease of use and
  3. I can give you a perspective from someone who is older, been around for many years, and accumulated a *lot* of papers. Some can be noted and discarded, but others -- taxes, mortgages, investments, legal documents -- may be ones that you want to keep. No matter how neatly you file, it adds up to a lot of file cabinets. I ended up sorting out older documents that I wanted to keep into 1" and 1 1/2" inexpensive vue binders from Amazon and putting those into bankers boxes. Very, very organized, but still too much. I started scanning things on s Canon printer with document feed. Much better, time-c
  4. I have a friend who is an audiologist. She had a masters, but a few years back, did a PhD, because that is now required for licensing. I did not google, so I am not sure if that's a state specific requirement or not.
  5. Hello to everybody. I will not do the group texts, but will be thinking of everyone and looking forward to updates once the boards are back. It's a beautiful spring day, at last, even though the ground is covered with snow. Home this evening, at last. Dinner is chicken tenders, just supermarket ones. Tomorrow will be our last corned beef, with red cabbage and apples. Order lamb for Easter and get some decent candy for same. Figure out something for Easter dessert. We've been doing a Nigella Lawson chocolate cake with whipped cream and Cadbury eggs on top (like a birds nest), but I don'
  6. Had an early start this morning, trip to city, had to shovel driveway first. We kept on top of yesterday's snow -- I did my last shovel after midnight, lol. The snow makes everything so bright that it was almost like daytime -- not too cold, no wind, gentle falling flakes -- beautiful! Out tonight, but kids have leftover meatloaf for dinner. I make Ina Garten's recipe, but with more meat (about 3 1/2 lbs beef/pork), so enough for leftovers.
  7. I hide my smoked salmon in the vegetable bin, where Ds never looks.
  8. Is there a name for a minor disappointment post? Dang it? I got the buying price list from Replacements -- a plate they sell for $119 is only worth $17 if I sell it them. And lesser priced items hardly worth the trouble. Similar very low offers across the board. I may keep a few things, less than a box full, until after AP exams and take up Ds on his offer to sell them and keep the money for himself. Now I am thinking it would be a good experience, and he could probably get a few hundred dollars. He takes good photos, likes online things in general, and wants to make money. ETA Ds
  9. Not looking forward to this day. Snow, again, another nor'easter. Heavy, wet snow, 12-18 inches predicted, beginning this morning. NYC schools will be closed, not a good sign as this hardly ever happens. I find it hard to concentrate when I am in the midst of a snowstorm. I have plenty of food. ETA Selkie, this is for you, vegetarian recipes today on kitchn.com https://www.thekitchn.com/20-light-and-comforting-vegan-weeknight-dinners-226110
  10. Here's the case https://www.nytimes.com/2016/05/24/world/europe/british-restaurateur-sentenced-to-6-years-after-peanut-allergy-death.html The documentary was called Rotten. On Netflix or Amazon recently.
  11. Oh, I figured out flour-thickened sauces, but I had not realized about soy. I saw an episode on a Netflix food video about a place in England that lied about its ingredients and almost killed a child. (It was a nut allergy.)
  12. Check the Bangladeshi place I added above too. I am sorry to be so ignorant about gluten free. But I do know you can eat cheaply in NYC.
  13. Well, I picked this at random. http://simmer-mamouns.s3.amazonaws.com/mamouns/wp-content/uploads/sites/4/2016/02/Mamouns_Menu2017_NEW.pdf Another random http://www.milonny.com I can't remember if I've eaten at either of these, but I have been to similar ones in same area.
  14. That's a more generous budget than I had imagined. There are zillions of quick food places in east 50's used by office workers, commuters. Restaurant Row in west 40's has bargain price dinners after 8 pm, when theater goers are gone. Lenwich is a chain ds likes, he happens to use one in Greenwich Village. They make salads and hot things to order quickly. You can choose what is included. NYC is actually not that expensive to eat out in. Apartments are so small that people eat out a lot, so competition. I know this is not a gluten free example, but a bagel with cream cheese is cheaper at
  15. Paperwork, finances, etc is the theme of the day. I also plan to finish putting away glassware, make a trip to Goodwill, and see if Replacements wants any of the better things I want to get rid of. I have some usual big name things, but I was surprised when I checked a more obscure set -- plates about $60 each. I'd be happy with a fraction of that, so I pulled them out of the Goodwill bag. Dinner for dd is boxed Mac and cheese, which she likes. Ds will get a pizza. Evening event, have to leave early. I suppose I should get my old crockpot out of the basement and figure out a crockpot
  16. Is hummus gluten-free? If it is, you might try one of the many hummus restaurants. Dishes are usually very low priced. There is s Korean mall in the east 30's with reasonably priced food. Is Korean barbecue gluten-free? Pardon my ignorance about avoiding gluten. Not my particular problem, but I do commiserate at how frustrating it can be to eat out when you are trying to avoid particular foods. ETA https://www.timeout.com/newyork/manhattan/koreatown-nyc-neighborhood-guide
  17. Attolia I just saw this article about services that let you check your luggage in major cities, so that you can go sightseeing hands free. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/03/02/travel/getaway-luggage-storage.html?recid=1240kuNzpLaUKhGJDYZwXUhjEIF&sl_rec=personalized_weighted&contentCollection=smarter-living&mData=articles%255B%255D%3Dhttps%253A%252F%252Fwww.nytimes.com%252F2018%252F03%252F19%252Fsmarter-living%252F4-easy-ways-to-cut-down-your-sugar-intake.html%253Frecid%253D1240kuNzpLaUKhGJDYZwXUhjEIF%2526sl_l%253D1%2526sl_rec%253Dpersonalized_weighted%26articles%255B%255D%
  18. Well, unpacking all my boxes of glass wasn't as bad as had thought it would be. A number of the boxes had other fragile stuff, like glass serving bowls and plates, ornamental china thingamabobs, etc. I found a pretty desk set, china with roses, that I had been looking for to put in dd's room. Everything is heaped about, every flat surface is covered with glasses, but it is all categorized, and I am making an inventory. I added to the Goodwill pile and washed all the glasses and vases I am donating. How nuts is that?
  19. I want to replace a toilet after I sort out things. Toto does get the best reviews. Which models did you like?
  20. This is a week with evening activities every night Monday - Thursday, some requiring a longish drive. So, no dinner for three of those nights. 🙠Today, I have been doing more sorting out. Over the past weeks, I went over china, rearranging shelves, putting some in nice Container Store padded dish cases, so they are out of the way, but more accessible than if they were wrapped in bubble wrap. I am hoping to sell a few things to Replacements, but keeping most of it, as I love china. This weekend, I brought about twenty (yes, 20, lol) boxes of glasses to the living room. I've never acti
  21. One idea -- Ds has a top loading pack that squashes down when not full. For going through the gate, he can remove a sweater and/or coat from it, put on the article of clothing, squash down the pack to make it smaller, and then restuff the pack once he has boarded. Hay way, the pack doesn't count as a carry on.
  22. Oh, dear, I have so little to contribute. But I read somewhere that dryer sheets are good for shining stainless steel, like kitchen faucets. I tried it, and it works.
  23. I think you are starting a lovely custom. A friend of mine said, after her mother died, that one thing she remembered most fondly was family meals, especially at holidays. Her mother celebrated every possible holiday. My friend said she thought at the time that the decorations were corny, but now she does exactly the same thing herself, lol, and loves it. So, in that spirit, I'd suggest taking some time to decorate your table, however simply. I've been taking a bit of extra trouble (just a few minutes really) to make our table pretty, because I realize my children are growing up fast and I
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