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  1. Both of my kids are currently attending public school...while I completely and 100% agree with you, the stinky thing is that disconnecting WiFi for one day would just double the kids’ work for the following day. Right now I am so over virtual school. It is frustrating, time consuming (for me!!), and sadly my kids aren’t learning. I love homeschooling but virtual school isn’t homeschooling. I have a job myself that I need to focus on. It just stinks. So I agree and I am super bummed about the loss of the snow day. ☹️
  2. My 16 yo ds wears both Hollister and American Eagle jeans and they look very nice on him.
  3. Do you have a certain weighted blanket you recommend? This would be for my 16 year old, weight lifting ds. I have always thought he may benefit from a weighted blanket and thinking of getting him one for Christmas.
  4. I second the Primsacolor pencils with a sharpener. 👍
  5. Thank you! I’m feeling angry at myself for not doing a better job of preparing for this stage in life. Do most kids have to take out loans? Are we the only parents who don’t have money saved?
  6. Ds is a junior this year. For the past few years, he has said that he wants to enlist in the military directly after high school and then pursue college. He is (fairly) academically minded and while I would prefer him to not enlist (simply because I’m his mom!) I was supporting his decision. Now he is considering college after high school and I’m trying to understand how to pay for it. Unfortunately, we do not have college savings for our kids. We have had many bouts of unemployment over the years, so financially, saving for college just didn’t happen. Ds currently has a 3.
  7. Completed Day 1 (but forgot to post yesterday!). Walked 1.4 miles which took about 15 minutes. I completely forgot and it was already dark by the time I remembered! I hope to get out earlier today to get a minimum of 30 minutes walking.
  8. Praying right now for your sweet son, along with your whole family and the medical team. Please be sure to update us.
  9. I have the tile on my keys and love it! It lasts about a year and I’m on my second one right now. Totally worth it to me.
  10. I felt the same way when I saw the This is Us trailer. Actually, I didn’t even watch the full trailer...I saw the scene with Kevin in a mask and just scrolled on by (this was on Facebook). I bet I will watch, as this is really the only new show that I watch regularly, but I am kind of bummed that Covid will be part of the story line.
  11. I want to join!!! Awesome idea.
  12. Wow...this thread got long! I was going to comment on the hair part, got distracted (for several hours), and now there are so many replies. I apologize if I am just repeating. My now 13 year old dd has long, thick, wavy hair. She is also extremely tender-headed, which made things difficult when she was younger. He hair was always tangled. Seriously, it was matted in the back and looked horrible. She would scream and cry when I would brush it (I would lather conditioner on it and go through it with a wide tooth comb while she was in the shower). But my sweet girl loved her long hair,
  13. Thank you! It was me who asked and I actually do have the paprika app! Now to figure out how to use it more effectively...
  14. I would love to do something like this! Planning meals and cooking are my biggest stressors. I would love to hear more specifics, if you don’t mind sharing.
  15. I saw a goofy Facebook video where the mom told a story and referred to her “annoying” kids as crotch goblins. I thought it was weird (I guess I’m old too!!).
  16. I think I may look into eSalon! I’d never heard of it before this thread. Thanks so much!!
  17. Anyone go from salon hair color to doing it yourself at home? My hair is a dirty blonde/light brown color (natural is just a touch darker). I also have gray. I normally do my own roots at home but the gray coming in is looking worse and I don’t think a root touch up will help. I have a client meeting (yes, in the middle of a pandemic🙄) at the end of the month and due to trying to save money because of my dh’s job loss, I’m looking for alternatives. Any suggestions??
  18. Good thought! The only things I take are the D3 and Claritin. Not sure if I should be adding a daily multivitamin as well? How much Zinc should I take daily? What about teenagers?
  19. For me, I appreciate the chat board because I still have school-age kids, but I’m not a homeschooler. Now I really WANTED to be a homeschooler and I did in fact homeschool my oldest for three years. But alas I had to work and with my job I just couldn’t figure out how to make it happen. I love reading on these broads though because I love the idea of homeschooling, so I always felt like my thoughts about parenting and such more closely aligned to others who post here. And honestly, I have learned so much here on the chat boards! Plenty of things that I had no idea that I needed to know.
  20. My family already takes Vitamin D3 each day. I would like to add Vitamin C and Zinc. What types are recommended to boost immunity?
  21. Our anniversary is at the end of November, so with Christmas looming (and I have a December birthday) we don’t make a big deal of our anniversary. Typically we try to go out to eat but never buy each other gifts. Last year we did take a trip to Vegas for our anniversary, but that was because we were celebrating 20 years.
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