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  1. The Great Courses Plus usually offers a free trial if you want to check it out. I enjoy most of the lectures, but my daughters don't.
  2. This thread is locked at the request of the OP.
  3. There was a lot of spam this morning! A big thank you to all of you who report spam posts!
  4. Would you please set my notifications so that I receive emails when post / topics are reported and when warnings are given. Thanks. Ann
  5. The job sound miserable for anybody. I still would tell either of my daughters in a similar situation to quit while quitting is possible. The conditions of the job aren't likely to change.
  6. He should quit. Sleeping on the job as a lifeguard is unacceptable. He's probably tired from his other work, but life-guarding when he's that tired creates too great a risk to others and to himself. What would happen and how would he feel if the unthinkable occurred while he dozed off. Much better to quit now.
  7. Perfect! I work in a rec. center. This is a badly needed sign!!!
  8. I used to be that way when my girls were little. Now I'm homeschooling a teen and it's expensive with outsourced classes and dual credit. The college texts are killing my budget!
  9. We have some family members who are lactose intolerant but love ice cream. I'm thinking of buying something we can use at home that makes ice cream / frozen yogurt easily without a lot of bother and preferably without having to add ice. Recommendations greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  10. I've been getting army recruiting ads and emails for me, not for my daughters. I'm just a bit past recruitment age! Actually, I'm a lot past recruitment age
  11. Hello! Welcome to the forums. For more on Colorado homeschooling laws, try posting on the general education forum or the chat board.
  12. Derick Owens has a self-paced physics course, but I don't remember the tuition and fees. Virtual Homeschool group has a self-paced physics class that is free.
  13. Until you mentioned this I had forgotten we had one of those portable washers when I was a teen. Laundromats were expensive and far enough away that getting there was a pain. We would hook it up to the faucet in the kitchen. It did make a racket, but so much better than washing in the tub!
  14. My first thought was tea - I don't want to give up my jasmine tea or my Earn Gray tea. But I wouldn't want to give up my washer & dryer, internet, or AC either. I can't sleep in the summer if it's hot. I could get by without AC during the day - maybe. Part of my work is online, so internet is a must. My washer and dryer is a luxury I suppose. I could get by without them, but I don't want to that either. If I had to give up something, it would be the dryer. I can't hang out clothes outside, but I could do what a friend does and hang them all over the house. Don't want to give up my car eith
  15. Welcome to the forums! You might want to post on the special needs board as well. I hope you find the answers you need.
  16. There was a review recently on Mrs. Baty's composition and writing class, but I can't find it this morning. Maybe someone else can.
  17. Is the advanced writing taught by Mrs. Baty? I interested in it for my rising senior, but I thought it was taught by Regan Barr.
  18. Wow, there's a lot more to consider than I realized! I don't sew very much at all. Our machine is a Singer Merritt 4525. It was given to me years ago. According to the repairman, it has plastic not metal parts. It's really hard to set the tension, at least that's what I'm being told. It skips stitches. The last time I took it in for cleaning and repair, I was told it really wasn't worth the repair cost anymore. I can't remember what the repairman suggested at the time. Now that my daughter is serious about making costumes, I guess I need to replace it. She will be taking a costume design clas
  19. My 17 yo dd is interested in making her own cosplay costumes. She's a beginner, but really interested in learning to sew. My very old Singer machine is hard to use and unreliable. I need to save the money to buy a new one and have no idea where to start or how much to budget. An employee in a fabric store suggested an automatic sewing machine. The prices ranged there from about $200 up to thousands! She said Singer is not that good of a brand anymore. Suggestions please!
  20. This is where I am. My daughter will be a senior next school year. I am trying to wish him well, but I wouldn't trust him to teach my daughter in her senior year. ETA: I know he has to earn a living for his family and to reimburse the thousands of dollars he owes, but I don't care for the reminder of the time and money I lost.
  21. No, my daughters are teens. I teach between 4 am and 7 am. Weekend evening hours are available, but I work evenings and weekends at another job.
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