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  1. HAH! So, back in the day when the boards were a super simple script that even *I* could program, they were a set of threaded topics that eventually would get to around 2,000 posts...at which point they were SO slow to load that I would go on, close the script, archive it, and start a new script. Posters knew this would come and they would wait around to be the first to post on the new board once it was "flipped." Yeah, we're not that old but we're about seven generations on in technology...
  2. Ah, I've missed you guys. Please take a breath, stay on topic, don't attack each other, share personal experiences.
  3. Aww, you guys, I'm so enjoying reading this thread. Thank you. These boards were as much of a help to me as we were to you. Now that my kids are 29, 27, 24, and 20, I'm happily retired from boots-on-the-ground home schooling (hey, we get to be FINISHED at some point, people), so I have a whole different perspective now. Nothing stays the same, as the sages point out. And change always brings some decay. But there's also ALWAYS good in the newest phase as well...whether it's the newest phase of the boards, or the newest phase of your life as a family. swb
  4. I did say "quote edited"! Anyway, it looks like we've got it figured out.
  5. So now you should be able to see that I edited two of the posts on this page...there should be a notation at the bottom. Yes? (I'm hoping it's not merely visible to admins.)
  6. I'm with you on the short-on-sleep! We had new lambs late last night and I woke up at 5 to go check on them and couldn't get back to sleep afterwards....trying to get myself motivated now to get dressed and get on with it. Go for a run Feed livestock Sort mail and pay bills at the Press office Run a farm tour at 11 AM Try to get unstuck on the current writing project
  7. This is absolutely, 100% wrong.
  8. Hey, all, I've been completely buried in family responsibilities since the beginning of the pandemic and haven't been keeping an eye on the boards. Sorry, I'm going to try to address some concerns that have come up--and yes, if a post is edited by a moderator, that should ABSOLUTELY be signposted, and an explanation should be given. I have a feeling that an option got checked/unchecked in the last automatic software update so that the standard notification is no longer appearing, but I am following up with the software gurus to find out. It was a lot simpler back in the days with the threaded chat boards that I would turn over by hand every few days...
  9. Hi, all, I'd like to close this thread now and ask that everyone take a breath, feed your family, hug your kids, watch a silly movie, be socially distant and responsible, limit your news consumption, pray for each other/hold each other up. Thanks. SWB
  10. Actually the first timeline IS #4 because there are no firm dates in the first three chapters (they all happen somewhere in the distant past...) It's not really Timeline #4, it's the Timeline for Chapter 4. 🙂 Sorry that's confusing! SWB
  11. I MISSED THE ANNIVERSARY!! Sorry, guys, but here I am to say hello! Let's see... I roasted a leg of lamb from one of my own farm-raised lambs yesterday but I'm afraid to say so on my FB page because I'm afraid I'll get attacked by anti-meat forces. I'm way way way behind with all my work. I spent the morning taking pictures of goat rears and emailing them to the vet. We're having work done on our bathroom and I haven't had a bath in three weeks. (SHOWERS, people, SHOWERS, I'm not a barbarian, I just miss my soak.) Anyone want to see a goat-bottom picture?? swb
  12. Liz, I'll forward this question to support now. Sorry you're having trouble.
  13. Forum support suggests that the huge emojis are being copied from other applications or sites. The only way for us to get rid of them is to ban certain kinds of links and attachments, which wouldn't be our first choice. If you want to link to the threads where you're seeing these we can investigate further? SWB
  14. Anyone seeing any improvement on this front? Feedback much appreciated... SWB
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