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  1. Hi, all, I'd like to close this thread now and ask that everyone take a breath, feed your family, hug your kids, watch a silly movie, be socially distant and responsible, limit your news consumption, pray for each other/hold each other up. Thanks. SWB
  2. Actually the first timeline IS #4 because there are no firm dates in the first three chapters (they all happen somewhere in the distant past...) It's not really Timeline #4, it's the Timeline for Chapter 4. 🙂 Sorry that's confusing! SWB
  3. I MISSED THE ANNIVERSARY!! Sorry, guys, but here I am to say hello! Let's see... I roasted a leg of lamb from one of my own farm-raised lambs yesterday but I'm afraid to say so on my FB page because I'm afraid I'll get attacked by anti-meat forces. I'm way way way behind with all my work. I spent the morning taking pictures of goat rears and emailing them to the vet. We're having work done on our bathroom and I haven't had a bath in three weeks. (SHOWERS, people, SHOWERS, I'm not a barbarian, I just miss my soak.) Anyone want to see a goat-bottom picture?? sw
  4. Liz, I'll forward this question to support now. Sorry you're having trouble.
  5. Forum support suggests that the huge emojis are being copied from other applications or sites. The only way for us to get rid of them is to ban certain kinds of links and attachments, which wouldn't be our first choice. If you want to link to the threads where you're seeing these we can investigate further? SWB
  6. Anyone seeing any improvement on this front? Feedback much appreciated... SWB
  7. Forwarding this to support! I'm sure your posts haven't disappeared and they'll get to work on the problem.
  8. Sending this to forum support now--will keep you posted!
  9. Thank you! We appreciate your noticing. (We're always working to iron out bugs on this huge and complex site...)
  10. I'll see if I can get support on it. Could you give an example of a couple of threads that aren't working?
  11. I no longer have minor children. :0 I don't know how many of you were around 18 years ago, when I was hanging out on the old boards begging for tips to get labor started, but at least one of the tips actually helped. (That was the primrose oil one, in case you're wondering, and I really wish I could remember who suggested it.) That's such a fond memory for me. Thanks for still being here, Hive. Happy birthday, Emily. swb
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