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  1. Accidentally put in the wrong place. Sorry
  2. This would be great! I like this style. Detailed recordkeeping is overwhelming me. I'm secretly hoping I don't need as much as alot of people say.
  3. First I want to thank you for such a detailed answer 🙂 You gave me alot to think about as well as eased my mind a little. I'll check out Right Start Math. I definitley need something that helps me with ideas because I'm not very good at math myself to come up with things. I think you are right in becoming friends with the numbers. At this point she sees no need therefore it won't make sense. Do you know if there is a Math that teaches to the daily usage instead of just pages of problems? MUS has very short lessons which is great but it would help if there were books that taught to every day life situations to help her "make friends" 🙂 Maybe Right Start does that. I'll go check it out.
  4. I have my first 9th grader and 2 more kids heading to high school the next 2 years. I'm trying to come up with a way to organize my student's coursework to save for recordkeeping of their high school work? I need to get my head wrapped around something that will be easy and do the trick. What do you do? How much do we need to save for records? Pics are welcome 🙂
  5. We aren't sure about job/career at the moment. Thanks 🙂
  6. Yes, I definitely want her to handle money, balance a check book, and other basic living things. I'm not sure how to get her there or if there is a curriculum that just teaches the basics. Other than that I'm not sure what you are asking about high school plans. I'm planning on homeschooling through high school. I don't foresee college being in the plan.
  7. We struggle so much in Math. My DD is currently in 8th grade and struggles so much in Math. I just want to give her the vary basics for life. I need to be able to have enough Math for her to graduate but I'm not sure how to move forward. Currently we are at the beginning of Math U See Epsilon and she is struggling with adding more than one fraction with different denominators. Is this really needed in real life? I'm not sure I even need to add 3 fractions together. I just want to help her with what is actually needed, a way to get there and be done with Math 😞
  8. College is not realistic at this point. Things can change though 🙂
  9. Ok I'll start here and look into interoception and the books you mentioned earlier. It's a bit overwhelming. Thank you!
  10. Thanks eveyone!!! I decided to stick with it and go through the testing this year and see how it goes. I'll play it down as just something we have to do and have a treat like someone suggested. It's good to know we can graduate regardless but I'm still a little concernced about the high testing requirement but we will cross that bridge when we get to it. Thanks for the information regarding the anxiety. I've never really thought she had anxiety, just stressed under some circumstances. Maybe this will help me decifer those issues as well. Thankfull for this board and the wonderful, knowlegable Moms on here 🥰
  11. It was both the tutor and Math. Math brings up the anxiety more than anything but the tutor didn't work well with her. So it wasn't worth continuing. I don't really understand the tiers. This is our first year with JP. What brings out her anxiety is when she doesn't understand something and it's too hard like Math or when given more than 1 thing to do at a time. How would someone get diagnosed?
  12. This is good to know. I'm just planning on doing the basics with her. Some of the couses she will be tested on to graduate I might not even do with her. Shes in Math u see Epsilon and might not even make it through Algebra 1 but will be tested on it if we continue. This is good to know that it won't keep her from graduating. Also, thanks for the information on anxiety. I'll look at those links you sent 🙂
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