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  1. I just subscribed to Great Courses Plus and would like to use Understanding Greek and Roman Technology for World History along with maybe another. My son would probably like American military History also because he wants to go into the military. He's in 9th grade and he loves documentaries so I'd like to try this route for History. We were using MUS Ancients but it's not working. We need more than what it offers. He loves History but learns so much by visually seeing things. How have you used The Great courses for history credit? Thank you!
  2. Great to know! I just signed up for Great Courses Plus since they are having a Black Friday sale. Hopefully it'll help :)
  3. Yes, he loves History and WW2. I was just looking at The Great Courses and even Great Courses Plus tonight because he enjoys documentaries. He would love that course about American Military History. How would I find a spine? Yes, this year has bombed so far so I'm trying to figure out a new History plan. Thanks for your help :) I'm in Ohio so I believe I can create my own but I want to be sure the Military will accept what he has done. How much do I need to add to the Great Courses? Any idea or does it depend on the course?
  4. Thank you! That's why I was wondering. But thought others might be able to give me additional input.
  5. Have you used both? Do the hard copy books play a vital role in the courses? I'm not great pulling from PDFs but could try if they are vital.
  6. I've never done a Great Course but definitely interested for my visual kids :) I'm wanting to get a couple Great Courses for HIstory for my kids but I was wondering if Great Courses Plus was a better deal and if there was enough content for my up and coming high schoolers. Both Great Courses and Great Courses plus is having a sale right now.
  7. What did you go with? I could have written this haha.
  8. Our World History isn't working because he wants more in depth other that MOH so I'm having to find something else for my 9th grader. He loves History and would like to read more and in depth and watch documentaries instead of trying to memorize facts. He learns so much this way because if he enjoys it, he learns it. I showed him Sonlight and he'd like something like that for World History. I need something that has things laid out for me as well and Sonlight looks like it does that with the Instruction guide. Is it enough? Or do I not worry too much about it being "enough". I'm definitely open to other things like this. This is my first go around with high school and I don't want to fail my kids. FWIW he works hard but it's hard to stay focused. We needs the basics. He wants to go into the Marines so we need enough to allow him to follow his dreams. He's so smart in History, he floors me with the facts that he knows. That's just a little background. Thanks in advance :)
  9. Thanks LoriD! I noticed that in his writing he struggled with grammar usage and mechanics. He is doing ok with the other things at the moment although proof editing isn't very good because of the GUM. I have to also admit that this is my weak area so I have to rely on curriculum to help me help him with all language arts. He struggles with staying focused so his days are already long. I am adding the grammar with my other 2 middle school kids also so we are all doing it together. Great idea to just do some of the problems and not all of them. They can still learn without having a ton of problems. They might not dread the addition of grammar if it's not super long. I appreciate the help from you and the others.
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