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  1. I'll see if it says. I don't think it does though 🙂
  2. Are you only doing the Evan Moor or is it just for the word problems part? What is a SLD. She has ADHD non attentive type. In researching the issues I see with her she has definite executive functions issues as well which I've read is a result of the ADHD
  3. She's going into 8th next year. She did get moved to a special Math class but I'm not sure what all they were covering. She had an IEP.
  4. How did you use both programs CLE and Keys to? She'd be ok with CLE but am wondering how Keys to series helps when added alongside. What's the benefit of 2 programs together?
  5. Wow, thank you so much for your detailed answer. I'm not quite sure where she is at after the 2 years in public school. She was homeschooled through 5th grade and she struggles with remembering for one thing. Grasping concepts and problem solving could be issues as well. I could sit down with her and explain her work and she could get it right then but the next day didn't remember how to do it. That was as of a couple years ago. I do plan on doing her work along side of her as well as try to see how she does independently. I'll definitely be hands on. I'll be schooling 3 kids and I'm home with them. Thanks for the encouragement that if I only get the basics done it's ok. Public school was stressful and I'm hoping to slow things down for her. What is Lial? It sounds interesting. I'd like to look for it.
  6. Thank you! Good to know CLE would still be a good option.
  7. I'll definitely look into this. Thank you. Is it easy to teach as I'm not good in Math. I know CLE teaches to the student and Bob Jones is geared towards a classroom.
  8. My child will be in 8th grade, has executive functioning issues and has been at the local public school for the last 2 years. I’m bringing her home for the duration and not sure where to go regarding Math. We did CLE in the past and she said she doesn’t want a computer program. Any ideas for me to look? I’m open to CLE but since I’m starting fresh I wanted to see if there were other programs that might be a better fit. Thanks 😊
  9. Oh Wow! I feel a little unqualified with how I do it compared to others. I research to find the curriculum I want then just do the next thing each day. No planning ahead. If there is a subject like History that I want to go deeper I just look things up at the time. For instance, when we covered the Civil War I looked up movies and went to the library and did additional things until I felt we were done then we moved on. Most subjects though I just do the next thing. I would feel so overwhelmed if I had to totally plan ahead and have lesson plans. I do have my kids read every day. I choose books for them and then I'll mix in a book of their choice. That way we aren't always reading things such as Captain Underpants haha. On Fridays I did a light load and only did the main subjects like Math, LA. This next year I'll have a high schooler so I'll need to have him continue his full load on Friday. Maybe I just choose curriculum that allows me to not have to plan ahead because that's what I need in order to homeschool. Someone else has done that for me. I don't schedule field trips ahead of time. If I feel we need a break then I throw one in.
  10. I turned my basement into a homeschool room years ago when I first started to HS, It doesn't have much light. We painted the concrete walls and laid down some remnant carpet, added old school desks and make it look like a classroom. It worked for my kids a little while because that's all we knew. Since then I turned my "formal dining room" into an office/classroom and bought 3 Ikeas small tables as desks to put in there. Now, it's still my office but have since moved the kids desks (small Ikea tables) into other rooms. I've only been homeschooling 1 child (12 yrs) for the last couple of years but am bringing home 2 kids older than him next year. My office/classroom is still in the dining room where I keep all our homeschool things but we really don't do school in there either. I guess it depends on your kids and where they might work best, together to say it's "school time" or somewhere apart so they aren't disturbed. I don't ll I' be moving any desks back to the classroom because I think they'll do better undisturbed or sitting on the couch with me going over something they don't understand. I will move the desks where they need though. It might be because I enjoy sitting on the couch over sitting at a desk all day as well haha. Maybe before you go to the time and expense of moving to the basement, ask your kids how they want to do school.
  11. It looks like the order would be: 1.Cold Case Christianity 2. God's Crime Scene for kids 3. Forensic Faith so that's what I'm doing.
  12. This is what I'm doing next year. Says ages 8-12 but I'm using it with 12, 13, 14 yr olds. They have an adult one too so if you want to read the adult books to have some more depth that's a possibility.
  13. Can I jump right into this even if they don't have a lot of grammar or done the previous books? I looked at it at the convention but couldn't tell.
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