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  1. Hmmm, maybe I should stick with it, make it work and look for other options for further Sciences. I guess it would be pretty expensive.
  2. I've started my 9th grader with Apologia Physical Science and he's struggling because Apologia is so detailed. I was wondering if I should just hang tough for the whole year or see if there is any other Physical Science that he could switch to which would allow us to continue just not at quite a rigorous pace. He is an average student taking Pre-Algebra. Mentioning this because I know there are some sciences that require Algebra 1.
  3. That's a good idea. Which fix it do you recommend? Have you used the AG Review and reinforcement or just Fix it?
  4. What are your experiences with these. I have 2 middle schoolers and a 9th grader. All could use help with grammar so I'm backing up to give more attention to grammar before I do a whole lot of writing. Two of them are coming from public school and I'm just realizing they need more help in this area. Thanks :)
  5. I used to be able to find the threads I started but I've checked my content and I can't pull anything up. I don't know the specific words I used just that I sometimes like to refer back to the recommendations that people gave me. Can someone please direct me? TIA
  6. Help! I'm currently using EIW9/EIL9 and it's not working for me or my DS. I can't figure out how to grade them because I don't have enough experience myself in writing or literature. Is there something out there that will walk us through a little better?
  7. How are you liking the writing and literature? Is it easy to understand and grade? We are doing EIW/EIL and thinking of switching over.
  8. Following! Is WTTW easy to grade for someone with no literature experience?
  9. Could I do Easy Grammar plus with such a student? I like the fact that it doesn't have a grade level. I don't want her feeling like she's doing lower level work even if she it
  10. Yeah I'm worried about overloading her with work. What's the difference between the ultimate series and regular Easy Grammar? Thanks for the link. I'll check it out :)
  11. Can this be used if there isn’t much grammar background or for a struggling student? I have an 8th Grader that struggles so I just want to double check that this level wouldn’t be too difficult and assume prior knowledge of the other levels.
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