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  1. Businesses expect people to get at least two or three quotes before deciding who to go with. Totally normal.
  2. I think she's gonna need a new bed very soon. That one looks a little snug. 😉
  3. All you can usually do is get refills the day you're eligible instead of waiting a few days to do it. Do that month after month and you can work up a little extra supply over time.
  4. Perfectly normal. She's still very much a baby working to get bladder (and bowel) control. IME most medium/large breed puppies with savvy owners are mostly housebroken by six months, and usually reliably so by about eight months. Most smaller breeds are much closer to a year old before reliably housebroken. Those are generalities of course, and there will be exceptions on both ends of the spectrum. And of course she'll gradually get better and better, with fewer accidents, so it's not like you're going to have to wait two or three months for improvement over where she is now. Often when you hear of a person claiming their very young puppy is reliably house trained I think it's really that the person has trained themselves to read the puppy very well and to meet his schedule. IOW, the person is trained more than the puppy really is. She's adorable!
  5. I'd type it all out. I'd have bullet points in bold and then expand below those if/when necessary. You want the highlights in bold to catch her attention as she skims it, so she can ask questions if necessary. You can list what you see as your DD's problems, as well as her strong points. At least for me, writing things down helps organize my thoughts. And a written report from the parent gives the clinician something permanent to put in the child's file for reference. It sounds as if one thing you want (definitely) is psycho-educational testing. That's typically done by a psychologist. She can probably refer you to one.
  6. Have them talk to a social worker at the cancer center at the hospital they're using. I'm assuming she's being treated at a hospital with a cancer center--I hope?? They often have funds that they can pull from, the pharmaceutical companies often have programs to help pay for drugs, etc.
  7. I don't think they compare very well at all. Several sales people in good shoe stores have told me that the NB shoes sold at Kohl's, Shoe Carnival, etc. are made to fit a price point, whereas the better NB (generally the higher numbered models) are made to fit a need. My own experience fact checks that as true.
  8. Our mattresses only get to be naked for as long as it takes me to wash the mattress pad. Then it goes back on along with a bottom sheet. We use top sheets, too, but I don't have a strong opinion about an actual need for those. It's just a preference. I'm puzzling over why naked mattresses correlate with hoarding behavior??? I could understand a correlation with poverty.
  9. It's been pretty straightforward for us, too. We're able to make electronic payments. Everything has been communicated well. Make sure you read everything you get thoroughly, make careful note of any deadlines and make sure you meet them. Call if you have any questions. Our insurance company has a department that deals with people on COBRA. For us it's very good coverage for significantly less than we could get anything remotely equivalent ourselves. But we don't qualify for any ACA subsidies, so of course YMMV on that.
  10. My optometrist is a HUGE proponent of lutein for maintaining eye health. But she prefers natural sources and recommends lots of leafy greens and some eggs. Note that's for preserving eye health. I'm not sure if more than dietary sources would be required if one had a diagnosis.
  11. I'd say it moves minimally. It really depends on what you're sliding and what else, if anything, is on it holding it down. IMO the amount it slides or moves is nowhere near enough to be irritating.
  12. Totally anecdotal, but -- I have RA, so my inflammation markers (ESR and CRP) are checked every three months. They're always very, very low. Rock bottom. But I still have swollen joints, fatigue, etc. from RA (my rheumy says that isn't particularly unusual). And my LDL has still been creeping up over the years. So either the above isn't true for everyone, or there's some other type of inflammation that medical science can't yet measure that's in play.
  13. Mine improved a little by adding fish two or three times a week. For me that's as simple as pouched tuna or salmon, not necessarily fresh seafood, although I do try to eat fresh whenever possible. But I was already eating quite healthfully by most standards--basically a mostly vegetarian, Mediterranean style diet with very little processed food, lots of veggies, whole grains, etc. I think for some people (like my DH and my very health/diet conscious primary care provider) there's a huge genetic factor. And for most of us age is a factor, too. FWIW, my HDL has always been very, very good. But as I've aged my LDL has crept up.
  14. I prefer Splenda. I’ve tried stevia and monk fruit for something more natural, but they both taste absolutely vile to me.
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