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  1. Our former cat had IBD. Other than one really awful episode--which landed her at the vet's for over a week and that lead to all the testing that resulted in her diagnosis--she never acted like she felt bad during a flare until she was a much older cat. She rarely had diarrhea, her problem was vomiting. She did well for many years on Purina One sensitive system dry food. Sometimes worming medicine will cause really loose stools, almost to the point of diarrhea.
  2. I’d judge it on your normal. As someone with RA there’s not a day my joints don’t ache to some degree or other. But I know my range of normal. I’d check anything that was more than that. You know you.
  3. Why would I think you should leave? That's an OTT and extremely odd reaction to my post, which was merely attempting to correct your statement about the history of Christian denominations in the south. Gently -- I don't keep up with who comes and goes and under what new user name(s) like others on here do. But if what I've read is true, then I have to echo what some others have said before -- if you can't handle debate and discussion, then maybe this isn't a healthy place for you.
  4. Not to derail this thread, but I suppose the above depends on how one defines racism. I certainly don't know every aspect of their history WRT race, but my area of the south has had a fairly strong Quaker presence since pre-Revolutionary War times. My understanding is that they prohibited owning slaves in 1776 and in general have a strong, fundamental believe in the equality and worthiness of all human beings. I'm not a Quaker, but from what I know they've held pretty true to those beliefs throughout their history. The SBC really stands out, and not in a good way, when it comes to racism
  5. The only way I would have allowed one of our boys to umpire at that age would have been if we were starving and needed the money for food. Otherwise--no way, no how. DH coached some, both boys played, all our nephews played. We've spent many hundreds of hours at ball fields. Just . . . no. Too many nutter coaches and parents.
  6. In the upper right corner you should see your avatar with an arrow for a drop down menu. Click on "Account Settings." Then on the left of the settings page there's an option for signature that should allow you to edit it.
  7. In our former neighborhood multiple people had problems with birds getting in their vents. The ones I remember were in bathroom vents and dryer vents. You can get cage-like attachments to go over the vents to keep birds out. Luckily (for us) it happened to our neighbor first, so we recognized it early when it happened to us and got a handyman out to get out the beginning of the nest and put up a cage. The vent was higher up than our ladder could reach, so we had to get somebody to do it--otherwise, it's an easy DIY job. One neighbor had to wait until the birds hatched and left, and (not surpri
  8. I feel certain enough of what's going on here to not even attempt to try to answer. Because no logical answer will be accepted. It will be twisted or ignored or the goalposts will be moved. Occam's Broom (love that) will be put to use. I'm old enough to know you can't logic someone out of conspiracy beliefs anymore than you can logic someone out of a phobia. Only you can choose to rescue yourself, Pen.
  9. ^^This.^^ But I was only able to learn it by being thrown into the fire. Four years ago I intellectually understood the concept of living in the moment, but I was only able to actually do it when it became the only option other than losing my sanity. Truly a trial by fire. All the other things--the yoga, meditating, time outdoors, time doing whatever you love--all those things help somewhat. But for me it was only by getting to the point that I could truly live life one day at a time that I felt like I was managing. "Right now, this moment" was my mantra for a long time. Still is, re
  10. I'm super short. I use a foldout step stool and the one-knee-on-the-top-step-and-one-on-the-counter method. And then I contort myself as much as possible to clean the upper window. I don't have (much) trouble reaching height-wise, but considerable contortion is required because there's a valance board (don't know if that's the right term or not) linking the cabinets on either side, and a pendant light hanging between that board and the window to work around. Mostly I just clean the bottom window, since it's the one I look out. 😉
  11. Okay, I'll 'fess up. Some people here have WAY more influence on me than people I know in real life. In terms of critical thinking skills I'd guess a large minority of members here are light years ahead of most people I know in real life. And some have knowledge of specific areas that far surpass anyone I know in real life. Of course I have paid professionals (doctors, financial adviser, etc.) whose advice I'd take before anyone here because they know the specifics of my situation. But for most other things the collective knowledge and wisdom here can't be topped. Plus I've been here since (I
  12. If it helps you -- DS22 is over two weeks out from his second Pfizer. Other than a very slightly sore arm he had no side effects. DH had his second Pfizer on Thursday. He has a slightly sore arm and has had just a little GI upset. But the latter is a normal side effect from his cancer medication, so I can't say for sure it was due to the vaccine. On his scale of 1 to 10 it's been maybe a 2. Nothing to get excited about by any stretch.
  13. Duke University announced today that they will require all students to show proof of Covid vaccination before they will be allowed to enroll for the fall semester. Medical and religious exemptions will be allowed.
  14. Pfizer should be given 3 weeks apart. Moderna is 4 weeks.
  15. The only person or entity that can fix it is the one who owns the antifa.com domain. If SWB decided to redirect TWTM forum domain to another site she could do that. And only she could "fix" it.
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