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  1. I don't currently raw feed. I have in the past and I know many people who do. I only recall knowing of two dogs who developed issues, and now I can't remember whether it was e-coli or salmonella that they had. I do remember that one of them was very seriously ill. But I tend to think it's much more a problem with the individual dog's immune system than it is with raw feeding in general. For me the concern about those things would be more for the humans in the household than for the dog(s).
  2. DH has used nematodes in the past with very good success.
  3. Ditto. DS20 is on the spectrum and although he wasn't formally diagnosed until a few years ago (ASD-1, GAD and gifted), I've been as sure as a layperson can be that he was on the spectrum since he was about two. I've read dozens and dozens of books and many more articles than that, and I still don't feel that I've got a good handle on what it means to be on the spectrum. I suspect part of it is because those who aren't NT are just like the rest of us in that each is a unique individual with quirks and idiosyncrasies both associated with and totally separate from their diagnosis(es). I will keep searching for that one book (I always think it's going to be a book) that makes everything click for me.
  4. Pawz4me

    Before HGTV

    When we bought our current house three years ago it wasn't even cleaned, let alone staged. It looked like Herman Munster's house, literally full of cobwebs. I think it was on the market for a couple of months. Contrary to all current wisdom, we didn't put our last house on the market until after we'd moved and it was completely empty. We had a signed contract at full asking price in less than two weeks. I think a lot of what passes as the current wisdom/I HAVE to do these things to sell my house aren't true. Or at least they aren't in my area. I guess if you're in a very slow market maybe you need to jump through hoops. But the market in our area has never been anywhere near that bad, I don't think, and it's certainly not now.
  5. Flip it? You mean go off the DMARDs? No heck no. I've seen up close and personal what happens when someone thinks they can treat RA with all natural stuff. It's not a risk I"m willing to take. The joints might be feeling okay while silent damage is being done to heart, lungs, eyes, etc.
  6. I'm on two prescription DMARDs as well as turmeric. And I started the second DMARD at the same time I started turmeric. So it's not possible to really determine which of them is helping most, or if it's the combo of all of them.
  7. You probably already know this, but there are a variety of skin issues associated with AI illnesses. In light of that it might be a really good idea to see a dermatologist. You can take pictures to document what's going on while you wait for an appointment. I developed a patch of what is believed to be eczema on my lower leg a year before my RA diagnosis. Despite various prescription ointments that patch never fully clears up, but it waxes and wanes depending on how my RA is doing.
  8. Pawz4me


    IMO your rescue lady was absolutely right. It's not common, but it happens. And it's why I absolutely hate the saying "There are no bad dogs, only bad owners."There ARE dogs who have very serious mental health/behavioral issues that have absolutely nothing to do with how they're raised or trained. Anyone who thinks otherwise has likely simply not had enough dog experience to know better.
  9. FWIW--My rheumatologist says 500 mg. of turmeric twice a day is plenty. That's for me (RA); I don't know if it would be different for people with other conditions. But what you're taking really seems like a huge, huge dosage. You might could cut back, save some money and still get the same results.
  10. Pawz4me


    #4 in that link is exactly why I advised seeing a vet and perhaps getting a referral to a vet behaviorists. A six month old puppy who is biting hard enough to draw blood (not accidentally during play), and growling and snapping at people warrants a serious response, IME. Those are red flags.
  11. When we had multiple large dogs DH sowed Bermuda grass. Some kind of expensive hybrid. Our yard was as plush as a golf course and almost 200 (combined) pounds of active canines didn’t hurt it a bit. I doubt it would grow too well in shade, though.
  12. Pawz4me


    I’d have another visit and tell him the bad behaviors are escalating. At a minimum I’d want some basic bloodwork done, check spine, joints, mouth for signs of pain, vision/hearing, etc. Also, if this is primarily a livestock vet then I’d consider seeing one who specializes in dogs and cats. And perhaps consider getting a referral to a veterinary behaviorist if the vet can’t find anything physically wrong.
  13. Pawz4me


    The first step I'd recommend is a thorough vet check. What exactly happened when the vet "looked" at her last month? Was it a regular puppy check? Did the vet know the specifics of her behavior that you're concerned about, and was checking her in relation to those? If not -- vet check. This really could be anything from something wrong with her physical health to rage syndrome to some sort of weird dog adolescence reaction that will pass given some time and training. At what age was she taken from her mom and litter mates? I kind of doubt that's an issue since her issues are just showing up now, and so strongly. But I could be wrong about that.
  14. I had to do that when I was raw feeding our Brittany. He lost way too much muscle for my comfort while just eating raw w/o a goodly amount of added carbs. That was despite feeding him multiple times more raw than a dog his size/age/high energy level supposedly needed. It's also why I finally gave up on raw for him, and the final straw that convinced me that raw wasn't the best choice for all dogs. His muscle mass and overall body condition was much better on other types of food.
  15. I've never been a fan of Susan Thixton. Nothing concrete, just . . . I've heard her speak several times and something about her attitude/demeanor is a huge turnoff for me. (Not that my vague dislike of her should mean anything to anybody else.)
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