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  1. I've always thought that granite is impervious to heat? That said, I do use silicone trivets. They were an ingrained habit long before we had granite counters. I like them because they're washable and store easily.
  2. Defensive much, Bill? Nowhere did I say you were the one proselytizing. That you assumed it was you says quite a lot.
  3. I am the OP of this thread. It was started for the purpose of informing members here of the DCM issue and particularly about what foods have been implicated in that issue. I did NOT start it to be a debate about what or how to feed. Anyone who wants to do that can of course start their own thread. If this thread doesn't mostly get back on topic, then I will ask the mods to lock it. Not delete, because IMO the info shared is useful. The bickering and name calling and proselytizing isn't, and I'm pretty sure nobody wants to be wasting their time reading through it.
  4. DH has most recently been using this to "herd" moles away from the house. In the past he's also used nematodes to get rid of the grubs that attract the moles. It's a fairly constant battle. Some years are worse than others.
  5. Pawz4me

    Dryer Ball

    I've always used dryer sheets and have never had any problem with the moisture sensor on a dryer. Not to say it doesn't happen, just that my personal experience from doing decades of laundry says it can't be much of an issue.
  6. This site is referenced in @Selkie's link. It's the companion website to the DCM Taurine Facebook page, and IMO it's much easier to navigate (the FB page is a bit overwhelming to me, not to mention a bit clunky to navigate). It's a very good resource on this issue.
  7. It's only in the low 90's here, but the humidity is (as usual) horrendous. I am so tired of living in a sauna.
  8. Pawz4me

    Dryer Ball

    I always get the unscented dryer sheets (Bounce Free and Gentle). I'm not as sensitive to smells as many people are, but I find the scented sheets awful. The stench gets in my nose and won't leave. I've also never noticed any problem with the sheets causing staining.
  9. Pawz4me

    Dryer Ball

    I have a couple of them that I leave in the dryer, but I think they're almost totally useless. The dog does get a kick out of chasing them if they get dropped on the floor while I'm unloading the dryer, so there's that. FWIW, as far as the environmental impact of dryer sheets -- I've found that half a sheet is all I ever need to use, even in our largest loads. So you might try that to reduce any impact.
  10. We occasionally have a mouse invade our RV. I generally clean all the drawers (wherever I see mouse droppings) with disinfecting wipes. Anything in the drawers that can be put in the dishwasher gets that treatment. I can't say that I've ever freaked out about it, nor has it ever occurred to me to wear a mask or even gloves. I just wash my hands very thoroughly after cleaning, of course. But we're talking about the occasional single mouse, not a huge infestation and tons of droppings. I hope nothing very important got shredded.
  11. When DH first started on his cancer medication it caused all sorts of problems that affected his appetite and ability to eat. His oncologist is at a cancer center that has dieticians on staff, and he (the doctor) had one of them call DH and do a phone consult. I don't think there was any charge for it.
  12. One of our former cats was diagnosed with IBD when she was a few years old. She did very well on Purina One sensitive systems kibble until she was 14 and developed intestinal lymphoma (which is pretty much expected in cats with IBD). I kind of doubt she would have made it that long had we not found a food she liked and did so well on. Sometimes older pets tend to have acid reflux/indigestion problems and just a bit of OTC famotidine (generic Pepcid) once or twice a day will help settle it. But I think given her age and her symptoms that a vet check is in order. I'd want a senior wellness panel done at a minimum. It may be just an increasingly sensitive GI tract in an older cat, but it could also be many other things.
  13. Very lightly sand, with a fine(ish) grit sandpaper or sanding sponge. You just want to create a little bit of texture so the next layer of paint (or poly) will stick better. Also, allow plenty of time for it to dry between coats. A lot more than the paint can recommends, usually.
  14. I'm not a worshipper of protein (and that's an under statement) but I need a lot more complex carbs than you're eating in order to feel satisfied. That much simple sugar combined with lack of complex carbs would leave me feeling both a tiny bit nauseous and ravenous. Also, for me not getting in a decent amount of calories by mid afternoon is a recipe for disaster in the evening. It doesn't work for me to go into my most tired/least willpower part of the day hungry. I do best if I eat a larger lunch.
  15. I'm pretty sure it's her car's AC that isn't working. Not at her house. Thank goodness!
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