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  1. Pawz4me

    Target inventory woes?

    I've noticed that, too. Their shopping service must be hugely popular.
  2. Pawz4me

    What do you serve soup in?

    We're simple, casual folks. Soup stays in the pot on the stove (or in the crock pot) and everyone fills their own bowls. The same is true for other food. Life is too short to wash more dishes than necessary. Plus my theory is that leaving most of the food in the kitchen and having to get up for seconds makes it a little less likely that we'll overeat. The only things that typically go on our table are rolls or cornbread if we're having them (and the butter bay), fruit (our dessert) and a pitcher of water and/or iced tea.
  3. Pawz4me

    Target inventory woes?

    I totally expect all stores to be low on inventory in January. I plan for it, and have done so for all my adult life. I don't know if it's still true or not, but that's when most stores used to inventory their stock (for tax reporting? IDK) and they intentionally let things run low for that. I make a habit of trying not to have to buy anything out of the norm--not much of anything other than groceries--during January. By February stores are usually getting back to normal. I suspect the "just in time" delivery/inventory system (or whatever it's called) that most retailers use now doesn't help any with the normal January inventory depletion. Walmart is a different story. I think many of them are simply badly managed.
  4. Purely anecdotal comments -- I don't think your son's sleep schedule is unusual at all for someone his age. IME it is very typical for college students. Or at least it would be at the school my 23 yo DS (NT) attended, and at the one my 20 yo DS (ASD-1) attends. Both are very large state universities, and both are pretty much ghost towns before 10:00 a.m. He'll fit right in. Will it pose a problem if he has early classes? Yeah. But I've yet to hear of a motivated student who had serious trouble getting himself up and getting to class. That's part of learning to adult. I'd be much more concerned about his big picture/overall motivation level to attend college and do well than I would be about one particular issue. I'm 56 and for my entire life I've been an early bird. As in if I sleep past 5:00 a.m. I say that I slept in. I don't need an alarm clock. Ever. If I need to get up at 3:00 a.m. I can "set" that time in my mind and wake up. My father could do the same thing. That doesn't make me any more virtuous than someone who stays up late and sleeps later. This is my point, though -- I don't function well past about 6:00 p.m. By 8:00 p.m.--stick a fork in me, I'm done. Done, done, done. And yes, that presents problems sometimes. Evening meetings and social events are hard (HARD) for me. I've attempted all my life to change my sleep patterns, to push my waking and sleeping times back a bit to fit in more with what's considered "normal." I've tried on and off since I was a teen, and I've yet to have any lasting success. That doesn't mean I don't manage to function (barely) when I have to. Your DS will no doubt be the same. My theory is that modern life forces many of us to manage with less optimal sleep patterns than would be healthy for our individual selves. But despite the damage it may be doing to our long term health, most of us do manage. And I suspect your DS will, too.
  5. Pawz4me

    Speaking of weddings...

    DH and I are gearing up for our nephew's upcoming wedding and the associated pre-events and we're planning on being exhausted and needing serious down time afterwards. My current (self assigned) task is trying to help my wonderful, much loved SIL keep her sanity. I can't imagine what it will be like when it's one of our boys (or even worse--if we had a daughter). I'm sure we will enjoy our nephew's wedding and eventually our sons'. But I'm equally as sure that we'll find them massively stressful and utterly exhausting. The trials of being introverts . . . Hugs, Busymama7
  6. Pawz4me

    Suspicious mole, what to expect today?

    Like the others said, they'll probably remove it, or at least part of it, today and send it out to be biopsied. If it comes back as suspicious (not necessarily cancer but anything that looks atypical) then they may want to take a little more around the edges. Try not to panic. Most skin cancers aren't melanoma, and many that are melanoma are cured by local removal.
  7. Pawz4me

    Thyroid--TSH only?

    That list is one of the many issues I have with STTM. How silly can you make what should be a simple list? IMO if at least part of ones purpose is convincing readers that thyroid issues are serious (which they are) one should not make a list which describes the same symptom in fifteen different ways. And that fifteen is probably an under-estimation of how often they describe the same symptom using slightly different wording. Are "less energy," "less stamina," and "easy fatigue" actually three different things? (No) It's like a list made by simpletons, and it makes the site very hard to take seriously. (Sorry, Ellie. I mean no offense. I know you like the site. Some things about it drive me nuts. If they want to be taken seriously they need to make a non-ludicrous list.)
  8. Pawz4me

    Dr. Hive- Quick First Aid question

    I've used super glue and Liquid Bandage on cuts like that. Both of them burn like the dickens for a few seconds. Both seem to work. In your shoes I'd use super glue if I didn't have any Liquid Bandage on hand.
  9. Pawz4me

    Thyroid--TSH only?

    Many push the need for T3 and T4 testing and will vow up one side and down the other that you MUST spend half of your life reading STTM (which is a site that IMO is worthwhile but also should be taken with a goodly amount of skepticism). I'm a bit agnostic on the issue. I've been hypothyroid (Hashi's) for four or five years now, and except for the initial diagnosis have always been dosed by TSH only. For me so far it has worked fine. I have no symptoms that I can definitively relate to my thyroid not working correctly. I've had no need to push for any additional testing. If I ever do feel the need I'll push for those additional tests. My DH has cancer and is on a medication that is well known for destroying the thyroid. His oncologist watches it closely. DH's TSH has hovered around 15 for awhile, which is very high and puts him at the point where almost any doctor would push medication. But his T3 and T4 are well within normal and he has no symptoms of hypothyroidism.So his oncologist advises just watching it. DH and I both feel perfectly comfortable with that approach. So my anecdotal advice is . . . it just depends. I think your symptoms/how you feel should be the driver. But I wouldn't accept that the symptoms you're having are peri-menopause w/o thorough testing. I did that and suffered needlessly for a year or two.
  10. Pawz4me

    Any dog psychologists here?

    The common reason that's cited for not using plastic bowls (besides allergic reactions to the plastic, which seems to be more common in cats than dogs) is that over time they develop scratches, and those scratches make it impossible to thoroughly clean the bowls and bacteria builds up. Combine that with the fact that IME most people don't wash their pets' bowls anywhere near frequently enough and . . . yuck. I think Jean could be on to something. Have you ever tried a dark colored bowl, or have they all been white/light colored or stainless steel? A dark color should reflect less light. FWIW, I think I had to try six or eight bowls before I found one my Shih Tzu would eat out of consistently. Apparently it had to be just the right depth and diameter to suit him.
  11. Pawz4me

    Any dog psychologists here?

    Since we're opining on tags I'll throw my two cents in. Boomerang is beyond fantastic. I won't consider buying tags from any other company. Their tags are extremely high quality and reasonably priced. The tags are so durable I wonder sometimes how the company stays in business. Our dog is going on eight years old and the tags I bought him as a puppy still look brand new. And the same has been true for all our previous dogs' tags since I started ordering from Boomerang. Which IIRC was somewhere in the very early 2000's.
  12. Pawz4me

    Where do you store your files?

    I use Google Drive and iCloud.
  13. Pawz4me

    What else do I need?

    I wouldn't get new dog bowls to look nice. Instead I'd put the bowls away during showings. In the past when we've sold houses I never tried to completely hide the fact that we had pets, but I did try to make it as unnoticeable as possible. So I put dog bowls, beds, toys away. That also worked with the notion of keeping the house as clutter free as possible. I kept fresh towels for each bathroom that were just for showings. Towels we were using either got washed daily or put away somewhere unnoticeable during showings (like keep a small covered tote in a closet for them or something like that). I've never gone anywhere near the lengths that some on here do to prep a house for showings. But the above things--along with emptying trash cans, making sure bathrooms and kitchens were spotless, counters were clear of clutter, beds very neatly made--were standard.
  14. My eyeglass prescription is different for each eye, but I've never asked the specifics of it.
  15. Pawz4me

    Any dog psychologists here?

    If it's not due to her tags or collar hitting the bowl, I'd first consider trying a pet water fountain--one that has a "waterfall" area that's similar to drinking from a faucet. If that won't work or isn't feasible for you then I'd consider trying a water bottle. Many long coated show dogs never drink out of anything other than one of those bottles in order to keep their coats from getting/staying wet. There are lots of brands, and you can find directions online for making a homemade stand. Sometimes it's easier to figure a workaround than it is to figure out the "why" of the problem. If she'll drink out of a faucet then I have a feeling she'd drink from a fountain. If you have a Petsmart near you I've found they have a very good no questions asked return policy.
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