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  1. UPS would be my first choice, then the USPS. FedEx would be my last choice, and I'd only use it if I was absolutely desperate. Our FedEx distribution center is absolutely horrible. There have been multiple news stories about how awful it is, including reports of trucks running over packages left stacked outside. DS worked there very briefly before all the news reports started. He said it was the most utterly disorganized, chaotic mess he'd ever seen and that nobody seemed to have the slightest idea about what they were doing.
  2. We'll need you to show your work on all of that, of course.
  3. Often it's possible to post a photo yet still omit some identifying information. Like in this case where the dog had a collar on when picked up--take it off for the photo and have anyone who tries to claim it identify the collar. Often there's a distinctive mark on the dog (one white paw, etc.), so you can make sure that doesn't show in the picture; if it's a beagle or similar marked dog take a picture of just the face/one side and require people who claim it to identify the markings/pattern on the other side, etc. Of course it doesn't always work--if it's a black Lab with no collar, for examp
  4. Youngest DS was a toddler and a very poor sleeper in 2000. I spent many nights rocking and watching CNN coverage. It was intense but there wasn't any social media to amplify (and misconstrue) things like now. So in comparison, and maybe because my memory has dimmed, it seems to me it was much more tame than this time around. Which is sort of weird because there were actual, legit issues then, whereas the only issue now is really just one pitiful man's inability to accept losing.
  5. Yeah, a lot of those rulings made for entertaining reading. And that's not something one often says about the courts.
  6. I always fail to get this type of response. I think of it as a type of badly attempted martyrdom. If you (generic "you") post something that multiple people disagree with or you're asked for evidence to back up the claim(s) . . that's not at all the same thing as getting jumped on. Not at all. ETA: It seems to me that this is essentially a poster saying "I want to express my opinion but I don't want anyone to disagree with me." That's not how adult conversation works, and it's certainly not how message boards with large numbers of people participating work.
  7. Ummm . . . I'm not getting how these things are related? Wasn't the Solarwinds hack of federal organizations? Elections are held at the state level. We have 50 state elections, not one federal election.
  8. Our recent addition was picked up at a Red Roof Inn at an interstate exit. So we're guessing someone traveling put her out, but (obviously) that's just a guess.
  9. I think this is very true, both with regard to Covid and the insurrection. It's hard for most of us to admit we've been wrong about any but the smallest of things. And these are really big things.
  10. If he can't keep the dog then have him start contacting rescue groups. Especially if he's able/willing to foster her, he can probably find a group to help with vetting and spaying and trying to find a home for her. He might have to reach out to several, so encourage him to not give up. It's very kind of them to help her!
  11. I don't understand. What's your concern? It certainly sounds as if she was dumped. It happens all the time. All the time. One of my little cuties snoozing here on the couch beside of me was dumped last year. And she's a highly desirable type of dog----cute as a button, small(ish) and non-shedding. Still . . they get dumped. People make me sad.
  12. Kelpie was my first thought, but I agree that it's not likely. You see all sorts of wild breeds on Petfinder dogs for adoption, but the reality is -- most mixes are mixes of very common breeds. And going with that in mind, I can see a bit of Labrador in her. Puppies are often harder to guess than older dogs.
  13. And after the first year when it's time for your rate to go up they will reduce it significantly--although perhaps not all the way to $4 per month--if you call and tell them you want to cancel. I get tired of playing that yearly game, but it's about time for me to do it again. (Sigh)
  14. Lexapro was wonderful for me. I'm not on it now but was twice in the past, both for an extended period of time. The only side effect I had was a slight headache for the first week or two.
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