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  1. I use bleach all the time on white towels and have no problem at all with premature wear, holes or anything like that. Our towels always last for many years. That said, bleach isn’t a cure for dinginess over time. Some cottons are treated with a chemical that reacts to bleach and leads to yellowing. Sunscreen can cause permanent staining/dinginess over time, too. I mainly use it for sanitary reasons.
  2. We have a ReliOn that's several years old and still seems to work fine.
  3. This little guy rules the roost here —
  4. A few years ago I had a chronic problem with choking and coughing. The coughing fits would come seemingly out of the blue. I had to pull over while driving many, many times. Mine was due to silent reflux.
  5. We bought our first RV in 2007 (a 35' Class A) and traded it in on on our second one (a 21' Class B) in 2016. I'll be glad to try to answer any specific questions you have. There's little about RV'ing that's hard, but of course there is a learning curve. Most experienced RV'ers are very happy to help, so don't hesitate to ask someone if necessary. Do be aware that most gas Class A and Class C RV's are already very close to being overweight when they come out of the factory. So I'd advise packing as lightly as possible, and especially think twice about whether or not you need anything very heavy (and that is extra true if you're going to have nine people in it!!). Until you get used to driving it assume it will take twice as long to stop as you think it will. Take a good tire gauge and check them regularly.
  6. I updated to 13 and 13.1 midday on Tuesday. It took about an hour in total, as it first did 13 and then 13.1 (they weren't rolled into one update). I've had no problems at all, and I really like dark mode.
  7. And this is the #1 reason I LOVE Apple Pay. Unless I'm on fumes (which is an exceedingly rare thing) I won't use a gas station whose pumps aren't Apple Pay compatible.
  8. Refresh Mega 3 Those work FAR better for me than anything else I've tried, and I think I've tried about all of the major brands. At my eye doctor's suggestion I keep them in the refrigerator (cool drops are more soothing) and I recap and re-use the vials until the drops are gone. There are no preservatives in the individual vial products, but she (my doc) says it's fine to re-use them as long as you use a vial up within about 48 hours. If you use drops more than four times a day you really need to use the preservative free kind, because otherwise you'll be getting too much of the preservative and that alone can be irritating. What works best may depend on what's causing your dry eye, though. Mine is RA, possible Sjogren's disease, hypothyroidism and probably some general aging, too. Excessive tearing happens with dry eye because there are different types of tears. Some are hydrating and some aren't. If you aren't producing enough of the hydrating type you can get an over production of the non-hydrating tears. (That's a very elementary, too-early-in-the-morning-and-not-yet-caffeinated explanation. )
  9. I don't have a good answer. I'm 100 percent for freedom of the press, but of course most of what we have nowadays is really entertainment, not true journalism. I do think things were better in this regard when the fairness doctrine was in place. But as @Arctic Mama pointed out, lots of other changes have happened since it was overturned. So my perception may be much more correlation than causation. (And FWIW I believe the Fairness Doctrine was abolished in 1987, during Reagan's presidency.)
  10. ^^This.^^ Changing up the lacing technique can make a massive difference in how shoes fit.
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