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  1. Pawz4me


    @Murphy101 -- You said "But I strongly disagree that hate doesn't have negative consequences or is no different from any other emotion." The first bolded statement -- I never said hate doesn't have negative consequences. I said "many of our feelings may do us harm." "May do us harm = "negative consequences." The second bolded statement -- I said that hate is "not all that different from some others." "Not all that different" does not equal "no different." It means it's not vastly different.
  2. We've never owned an ice cream maker. I've had lots of homemade ice cream in my life, but never any that I thought was as good as premium quality store bought. So having our own ice cream maker has never seemed worth the space it would take up. But take that FWIW -- I'm not a huge ice cream fan. Although I did just have a few spoonfuls of Tillamook. That stuff could convert me . . .
  3. Pawz4me


    You'd be disagreeing with two things that I never said.
  4. Pawz4me


    I don't have well thought out opinions on this, but -- I don't think hate always has to be an intense "hot" feeling. I think it can be a rational/logical "cold" conclusion that one arrives at after much thought. I think telling people that they shouldn't feel hate, or that it will only hurt them in the long run, is misguided at best. It's simply a feeling, and not all that different from some others. Many of our feelings may do us harm over the long run if we don't come to some degree of peace with them.
  5. Not singling you out, just using this as a jumping off -- It seems to me that many people--regardless of which "side" they're on--feel that respect only goes one way. And I think the "why" of that is something worth pondering.
  6. That seems kinda crazy to me. I can't imagine having to pay a permit fee to remove a tree--live or dead--on ones own property. Just for comparison, last year we paid $2200 for tree work. That was for a large Bradford pear, a large maple and a black gum that the tree guy said was one of the tallest he'd ever seen. It also included grinding the stumps of the pear and the maple. The work was done by a reputable company, not some fly-by-night yahoo with a chainsaw. (ETA: They did give us a small break on pricing--I think it was a couple of hundred dollars--because our neighbor wanted the chips to use for mulch, and my brother wanted a lot of the gum tree for firewood. So they didn't have to haul all of it away.)
  7. I tend to keep my mouth shut unless (1) I'm with other people who I know either share my outlook or who I know are willing and able to discuss differing positions calmly and rationally (those people are rare, but they do still exist) or (2) someone spouts their opinions and indicates that they believe I share them. Speaking up in situation (2) can sometimes get rather heated despite my best effort, but honestly -- how very rude and myopic is it to assume someone agrees with you? ETA: Sometimes I think it would be wonderfully freeing to live in an area where the majority agreed with me politically, but I'm of an age to still adhere to the notion that politics and religion are best not discussed in polite company.
  8. Not normal in my circles. I'm in my mid-50's now. I have a small group of very close friends. We've all known each other since at least high school (some of us since first grade). But even so . . . nope, not something we discuss.
  9. I think it would be nice to offer to pay half, but since it was their suggestion I certainly don't think you're obligated to. (Our neighbor's huge Bradford pear has been laying on our storage building for three weeks today. It came partially down on a very windy day and I don't think they have the funds to finish it off. I suppose we'll get somebody to get it off our building and cross our fingers what's still standing doesn't come down. We've known since we moved here that it was a ticking time bomb.)
  10. I think dog food is just like human food and diet culture. We're way, way too quick to label foods or even whole groups of foods as good or bad (shoot, downright evil). And we're way too quick to jump on fad bandwagons. Dog food decades ago wasn't great. And that's being kind. A lot of the boutique/"premium" foods swung the pendulum in the other direction, but got a lot of things wrong (maybe very wrong) along the way. Many of them also engaged in a lot of false or at least very deceptive advertising (not that the big brands didn't do that, too). Those boutique/"premium" foods caused the big brands to up their game and increase the quality of their products. So now I tend to think the big brands are probably better choices--they've got the science behind them and increased quality.
  11. This is what I do, except I have two stainless steel Contigos. The color eventually flakes or scratches off of the colored ones, which kind of bugs me. I have one for coffee and one for water. For me nothing works anywhere near as well as Contigo Auto Seal. I love how long they keep things hot or cold, and I'm often klutzy. I really need that totally non-spillable yet so easy-to-use lid. I love that I don't have to remove a lid to drink (and then juggle/keep up with it) and that there's no annoying flip up lid to hit me in the face or obstruct my vision every time I take a sip.
  12. I think any of them would work fine. Outside of large breed puppy food (which really is a must), there's a lot of overlap between regular adult or all life stages foods and the others. I do like to give some canned food. It's less processed than kibble, most dogs love it, and I'm a really huge fan of variety in a dog's diet. Adding in some canned is one way to achieve that.
  13. We've owned an RV for about twelve years. For ten years, when the boys were younger, we traveled in a 35' Class A. Once they were grown DH and I downsized to a van type Class B. Our longest trips have been about three weeks. I don't really enjoy traveling at all (I'm a homebody) but having our own RV, being able to take the pooch along and to sleep in my own bed every night, makes it tolerable for me. But still . . . I think a month or so is the longest I could (relatively easily) handle living in an RV.
  14. You're not alone. I hate flying.
  15. I think you should be able to find something that would work. Many large (not necessarily overweight) cats like Maine Coons and Ragdolls weigh in the 15-20 pound range, and I'm sure they use cat trees. You'd want something with a wide base to increase stability, I think. My concern would be how "hard" does he land? Often even big cats are able to land rather lightly. Back when we had a cat who was in the 16ish pound range I kept the cat tree in a corner, close to the walls. So if he rocked it the walls were there for support. We happened to have a window right there the cats could look out, so it worked well.
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