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  1. Last week the North Carolina Department of Non Public Education's website crashed due to "an overwhelming submission of notices of intent" [to homeschool].
  2. When we had carpet (we only have one room with it now) and I'd use the carpet cleaner (I have one of my own) I was always super disgusted. I tried to convince myself the people who make the cleaning solution formulated it so that it would look so nasty in order to get us to clean our carpet more often so we'd have to buy more of their cleaning solution. 😉 Now when I'm mopping (and mopping and mopping and mopping 'cause it's all hard flooring except that one room) and I get tired of mopping I remind myself how much better it is. The funniest thing was years ago the husband of the family who lived beside us was a super, super clean freak, to the point that he regularly washed his mailbox and put Armor All on it to keep it shiny. He borrowed my carpet cleaner one weekend and I warned him, but he really didn't think their carpet was very dirty at all because they had no pets, he didn't allow shoes to be worn in the house or eating/drinking outside of the kitchen or dining room. He was visibly stunned when he brought it back and told me about the water.
  3. I have AI issues that make me very heat intolerant. During the summer I have to get the dogs out for their walk by 7:00 a.m.. It's usually not hot then (low 70's), but the humidity is usually around 85-90 percent. So it's still pretty miserable. But if I don't get it done early it doesn't happen. Walks, errands--I try to be home by 10:00 so I can hibernate in the AC. I hate having to rush around to get everything done, but at least it's only for a few months.
  4. We always joke the TV weather people should just make a recording: "Hazy, hot and humid with a chance of afternoon and evening thunderstorms." That would take care of their work for several months, except when there's a hurricane looming. It really has been, and I'm very thankful. June was like a gift. Even now it's just normal hot. Not hot hot.
  5. I had a two orders cancelled, one each by Lowe's and Home Depot, before I finally managed to get my GE delivered by Best Buy.
  6. Huh. I got a GE chest freezer about seven weeks ago. I knew I got lucky, but I must have been really lucky. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that our 14 yo fridge keeps chugging along. For about a year we've considered getting a new one and moving the old one out to the garage, but now I'd rather wait until I have plenty of choices, and when there are (hopefully) decent sales once again. ETA some good news -- There were some Clorox and Lysol wipes at Walmart today. Maybe fifty containers total. That's the first I've seen in about four months. I don't use them at home, but I did buy one container. If (big IF) we were to travel anywhere I'd definitely want to have some.
  7. I'd personally run far away from insurance agents. We've tried several and none have been as well informed as we are. They've tried to push plans that would have cost way more than others we found on our own. For Medicare questions contact your state's SHIP (State Health Insurance Assisting Program). All states have them, and they're free. They're the Medicare/Medicaid experts. This Medicare page has a link with each state's SHIP contact info.
  8. About 15 years ago I was clicking around local shelter sites one evening and saw a dog at our county shelter and I thought "that's a PBGV." And I thought "No way." Just too rare of a breed, and how likely was it that one would show up at our small county shelter? But I kept going back and taking third, fourth, fifth looks. Finally I posted it on a dog message board I helped moderate at the time. And everybody agreed--yes, that's a PBGV. So I poked around, found a breed rescue and emailed to let them know. It wasn't very long until I got a reply back from the rescue coordinator, and the lady thanked me and said they'd already found out about it and had someone who was going to get it the next day. I was absolutely flabbergasted that such a rare breed was in our county shelter, and to this day I'd love to know the story of how it came to be there. Truth. I'm not impressed by well trained BCs or Malinois or other eager-to-please breeds. My kids could have trained one of those before they started kindergarten. Show me someone with a well trained independent breed if you want to impress me!
  9. I'm not contradicting you; I trust that your experience is true. But just to show that not all rescues are like that -- The one I volunteer for, as I've already posted, pulls dogs from the shelter who are either so frightened they're hiding in the back of their kennel or who need extra vet care. Our recent foster fail needed spaying, a dental and extractions, a lipoma removal, four mammary tumors removed and two of them needed to be biopsied. The shelter adoption fee is $95. After all the vet work was done her adoption fee was $100. A whopping five bucks more than it would have been directly from the shelter. And she was in the shelter for a week (three days stray hold, four days on the adoption floor). People had time to adopt her, if anyone had wanted to. Yes. There certainly are scammy rescues. There are hoarders posing as rescuers. But those are definitely in the minority, at least in my area. I get irritated by people who believe rescues are somehow trying to rip people off or make a fortune, but I really do think that attitude is mostly from ignorance. People don't really understand the nitty gritty of shelter and rescue work, so they assume the worst.
  10. Giant Schnauzers If I wanted a guard type dog, and if I were up to meeting the needs of a larger breed, a Giant Schnauzer would top my list. But I don't currently want the responsibility of a dog with guarding instincts (BTDT, could write a book), and RA and advancing age in general makes it no longer a certainty that I could meet a GS's exercise needs. So I'll stick with my easy-to-live with, couch potato little ones.
  11. Agree with the others — that appears to be a GSP, or at least a strong mix. Very high energy dogs.
  12. That's quite a lot of generalization, and of course not all of it is true, or at least not for every dog. And the hound group is quite large. Sight hounds don't have a lot in common with scent hounds. I spent a few years way back working in beagle rescue, and while some of them do have a distinctive odor it's far from all of them. The beagle we adopted was pretty much odor neutral. Many are couch potatoes who'll get up for their meals and walks but aren't motivated to go hunting trash can contents. Others can't be trusted around a trash can. They are loud when they bay (bark) but many don't tend to do it a lot. Our beagle was overall the quietest dog we've ever owned. She'd cut loose when she heard something, which was a good thing as far as I was concerned. She sounded MUCH bigger than she was.
  13. It is frustrating for those of us who have (or in my case had) young children who would be fabulous pet owners. But the rescues aren't wrong, either. The number of pets who get turned in to shelters and rescues because of issues with young children is pretty astronomical. The dog jumps on/scratches/mouths/nips at the kids' heels. Or the person says they're so busy with their kids they have no time for the pet. And on and on. The rescue groups are going by experience and percentages. From their perspective the odds of a successful placement in a home with multiple young kids aren't good at all. That's not the rescues' fault; it's the fault of the many people with kids who turn in animals. Nevertheless, I understand your frustration.
  14. It's also to keep them out of the hands of dog fighting rings where they will be used as bait. It's more of a problem in a lot of areas than many people realize or want to admit.
  15. Again--find some local rescue groups and follow them on FB (if you're on there--IMO it's the only thing FB is good for). Our recent addition is a 15 pound cutie, probably poodle/schnauzer mix, but unless and until we do a DNA thing it's anybody's guess. She was picked up as a stray at a Red Roof Inn off the interstate. Nobody claimed her and she needed some vet work that the shelter couldn't provide--to be spayed, a dental and some extractions (I vehemently disagree that dental work is something dogs don't need!!!!), and to have a few lumps removed. So the rescue group I volunteer with pulled her. They posted on their FB page that they needed a foster and I said I'd take her, and then we "failed" 'cause she sucked up to DH big time. LOL But gist of that long ramble--don't rely on shelter websites or Petfinder listings if you're after a particular type of dog. Contact the rescue groups directly some way! Let them know what you're after and get on their list of potential adopters instead of waiting for a dog to appear. And our rescue is very reasonable to deal with--only basic info is asked and fees are very reasonable. Most of the hounds make great family pets. I don't know why they're so often overlooked, except that most of them aren't as pretty and flashy as some other breeds. Which goes back to my pet peeve about picking a dog on looks instead of temperament/personality/exercise needs.
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