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  1. Agree with the others — that appears to be a GSP, or at least a strong mix. Very high energy dogs.
  2. That's quite a lot of generalization, and of course not all of it is true, or at least not for every dog. And the hound group is quite large. Sight hounds don't have a lot in common with scent hounds. I spent a few years way back working in beagle rescue, and while some of them do have a distinctive odor it's far from all of them. The beagle we adopted was pretty much odor neutral. Many are couch potatoes who'll get up for their meals and walks but aren't motivated to go hunting trash can contents. Others can't be trusted around a trash can. They are loud when they bay (bark) but many don't tend to do it a lot. Our beagle was overall the quietest dog we've ever owned. She'd cut loose when she heard something, which was a good thing as far as I was concerned. She sounded MUCH bigger than she was.
  3. It is frustrating for those of us who have (or in my case had) young children who would be fabulous pet owners. But the rescues aren't wrong, either. The number of pets who get turned in to shelters and rescues because of issues with young children is pretty astronomical. The dog jumps on/scratches/mouths/nips at the kids' heels. Or the person says they're so busy with their kids they have no time for the pet. And on and on. The rescue groups are going by experience and percentages. From their perspective the odds of a successful placement in a home with multiple young kids aren't good at all. That's not the rescues' fault; it's the fault of the many people with kids who turn in animals. Nevertheless, I understand your frustration.
  4. It's also to keep them out of the hands of dog fighting rings where they will be used as bait. It's more of a problem in a lot of areas than many people realize or want to admit.
  5. Again--find some local rescue groups and follow them on FB (if you're on there--IMO it's the only thing FB is good for). Our recent addition is a 15 pound cutie, probably poodle/schnauzer mix, but unless and until we do a DNA thing it's anybody's guess. She was picked up as a stray at a Red Roof Inn off the interstate. Nobody claimed her and she needed some vet work that the shelter couldn't provide--to be spayed, a dental and some extractions (I vehemently disagree that dental work is something dogs don't need!!!!), and to have a few lumps removed. So the rescue group I volunteer with pulled her. They posted on their FB page that they needed a foster and I said I'd take her, and then we "failed" 'cause she sucked up to DH big time. LOL But gist of that long ramble--don't rely on shelter websites or Petfinder listings if you're after a particular type of dog. Contact the rescue groups directly some way! Let them know what you're after and get on their list of potential adopters instead of waiting for a dog to appear. And our rescue is very reasonable to deal with--only basic info is asked and fees are very reasonable. Most of the hounds make great family pets. I don't know why they're so often overlooked, except that most of them aren't as pretty and flashy as some other breeds. Which goes back to my pet peeve about picking a dog on looks instead of temperament/personality/exercise needs.
  6. True. The rescue group I currently foster for works exclusively with our county animal shelter. The lady who is the foster coordinator for the rescue is pretty much a full time volunteer at the shelter, so she sees all the dogs up close and personal and evaluates them. She pulls ones who are frightened out of their minds in the shelter environment (tends to be a lot of the smaller dogs, but not exclusively so) and dogs who need more vet care beyond vaccines and s/n. Many of the dogs they pull are very desirable pets, but nobody who was only looking at the shelter website or Petfinder would ever see them. They'd need to follow the rescue on Facebook. Many of the more desirable ones never even make it to the rescue's website to be listed for adoption--they're scooped up by people who are willing to foster and see if the dog is a good fit. Foster-to-adopt with a good rescue group is IMO the way to go for anyone looking for a dog. It's work, but it's rewarding, and the only expense a foster usually has is food/treats. And some rescues will provide that.
  7. I have a medium sized chest freezer and use these collapsible grocery totes for organizing, as well as a few regular reusable freebie shopping bags.
  8. There's no set definition for backyard breeder. I wouldn't consider your sister one. I'd call her something along the lines of "hobbyist breeder" and IME they're often the best kind of breeder. To me a BYB is someone who owns some dogs (often quite a few) and is churning out puppies as quickly as possible and is only interested in the money. A puppy mill on a small scale.
  9. If the dog was picked up by animal control then it almost certainly needed to be spayed or neutered. The shelter would also have fully vaccinated it, because it's highly unlikely they would have known the vaccination status. So they assume the dog has had none. Municipal shelters usually have at least a full time vet tech to give animals an exam and vaccinate them. That salary has to be covered. Yep. I will never forget the first time I heard Patricia McConnell say "Dumb is good." She was referring, of course, to what was good for most pet owners. Way too many people focus solely on looks and give not one thought or care to what the dog was bred to do or it's physical exercise or mental stimulation needs. They just want the dog whose looks appeal to them, and they also expect it to behave like a stuffed animal. They expect to house train a puppy in two days and expect an adopted adult dog to be perfectly behaved. It makes me crazy.
  10. If you want to see other, more desirable dogs follow/like on FB some of the rescue groups in your area. A lot of times here those dogs are posted on FB and are adopted before they ever make it to a Petfinder listing. Puppy mill sites, which seem to be what you're looking at, are usually MUCH higher than many reputable breeders. And for the exorbitant cost you often get a very sickly, poorly bred pup that will then cost you a few thousand more in vet bills. Look for a reputable breeder instead. Yep. If you (Quill) think $500 is a lot then you probably should really check into the price of a spay/neuter and vaccinations before getting a dog. I'm sorry you're having such a hard time. I do understand the frustration and sadness of wanting a pet and not being able to find the right one.
  11. 2462 new cases in NC today. Our previous record high was 2099 on 7/3, so we totally blew that away. Also another record number of hospitalizations (1093). I think that's the seventh day in a row that the number of hospitalized has increased.
  12. If it's cooling fine then I'd keep it and call for warranty service. I'm thinking it could be something as simple as a burnt out bulb? Does the manual have a troubleshooting question for the light not working but the freezer operating okay?
  13. There's a lot of that going around--leaders on the state and national levels trying to order (or threaten) things they can't legally do. It needs to stop.
  14. I don't know. We never got anywhere near low enough on it that I bothered to figure out how long on average TP lasts us. And it just came back in fairly good supply this week (Walmart was at about 80 percent of normal on Monday, which was a huge improvement over what it had been for the past few months), and so I haven't wanted to be selfish/greedy and stockpile more than we really needed. We definitely have enough to last us a month or so, and that seemed like plenty. I'll probably stock up a little more now that it's readily available. I'd like to maintain a couple of months' worth going into fall/winter.
  15. Some freezers are specifically made to be in garages with wide temperature ranges. Ours is a "garage ready" GE, with an operating temperature range of 0 to 110. We live in a milder climate, and our garage is fairly well insulated (including insulated doors), so I doubt it gets too close to the extreme of either end. Other freezers will list an operating temperature range more like 30-100. I don't think that necessarily means the freezer can't or won't operate outside that range, just that it won't be nearly as efficient. From the difference in ranges it seems that colder temps are a little more of an issue than warmer. You just need to compare the specs before buying. But that's for freezers. I've never had much of an interest in having a garage refrigerator, although I know many people who do have them and nobody has ever mentioned a problem. As far as being stocked up--I'm not quite as well stocked as I was a couple of months ago. Our cases are increasing here, but the stores seem to be in much better shape. My plan was to not worry about it too much for another month or so, mostly just maintain my current level, and then start stocking up big time for fall/winter. Earlier this week I spent some time organizing and made a bit more room. For me it's a fine line between the peace of being well stocked and the amount of stuff and managing it driving me nuts. And with our heat/humidity here right now it's hard for me to stay stocked on things like potatoes and onions, which I keep a really good supply of during the winter. I guess I need to think about chopping up a bunch of onions and freezing them, but I hate doing stuff like that.
  16. It's an election year. So . . . yeah, in all likelihood there will be another stimulus of some sort.
  17. Still no Lysol spray type cleaner or Lysol/Clorox/store brand wipes anywhere around here. Concentrated, multi-surface cleaners are available but in short supply/limited selection. Walmart seems to be getting back close to normal on TP and PT, but Lowe's Foods rarely has anything but really off brands of TP. I haven't seen any PT there since early March. Hand soap is so so. It's available, but often in very limited brands/sizes. Ditto hand sanitizer. Flour is hit or miss. I was at Walmart early Monday morning and they were completely out of pork products like chops or roasts. None. They only had a very few packages of organic/grass fed (pricier) chicken and ground beef. I don't generally buy meat at Walmart, but the empty spaces caught my eye and so I went and had a look. I don't know if it was just a re-stocking issue from a busy holiday weekend or if there were shortages.
  18. I missed the original post, too, but I definitely want to offer cyber hugs and support. I'm so sorry you're struggling, Mercy. I consider you one of the very special people here. ❤️
  19. Agreed! Many people think a health care power of attorney is an absolute essential, but more often than not it isn't, unless the person wants to designate someone other than legal next-of-kin.
  20. I think there are no good answers, and that things are likely to get very bad no matter what measures are attempted to make schooling in person safe. I feel sorry for everyone involved, and I'm incredibly thankful that my boys are grown and we don't have any school aged children in our extended family right now. As far as the use of the word "fear" -- I've gotten to the point that I pretty much dismiss the comments of anyone who uses that word. It's become such a loaded term and everybody who's paying attention should certainly know that, so I assume they're using it intentionally. Logical, evidence based concern does not equal fear. There's no reason the word "concerned" can't or shouldn't be used instead, assuming the person wants their comment to be taken seriously.
  21. I don't think it's dumb. The way she choked the dog was horrible, IMO. Especially since she could have quite easily clipped the leash back on, or I'm guessing could have scooped the dog up without much (if any) difficulty. The first time I watched the video I missed almost all of the human interaction because I was holding my breath hoping that poor dog was going to be okay.
  22. We never had any beyond obey all laws (including those that apply to newly licensed drivers) and let us know where you're going and when to expect you home. And don't bring any car--even your own--home with a near empty gas tank.
  23. I'm a mostly vegetarian, but most of the veggies I eat are cooked. I almost always have a large bowl of homemade veggie soup for lunch that I suspect would count as several veggie servings, and usually have at least two veggies for dinner in amounts that would likely equal several servings. We have at least one fresh fruit every night at dinner. I don't know a lot about Crohn's disease, but I think one key would be to take things very slowly when increasing any type of fiber?
  24. We have an RV, and have owned and extensively traveled in one since 2007. I know it's going against what passes for common wisdom, but ours will stay parked for the foreseeable future. It would be okay going to a nearby state park or private campground for a couple of nights, but I wouldn't travel any distance. And the state parks are insanely crowded, so even that isn't a good idea IMO.
  25. That's a huge pet peeve of mine. Don't let anyone who comes around me with their butt and/or their boobs or anything else covered with an emblem of the flag start yakking about patriotism. That person just does not want to go there with me.
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