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  1. We've never totally skipped Thanksgiving, but we've never made a huge deal out of it, either. Over the years we've done everything from a small but mostly traditional meal for just the four of us, to pizza with one of the grandmas, to going out to eat, to larger family gatherings. One year a group of us (extended family) went out for a Thanksgiving breakfast. In the last few years we've morphed into having a larger family gathering, but it's all easygoing and laid back. Nobody's fretting about fancy China or tablecloths or anything like that. For a couple of years we ate in my brother's barn. So we're pretty much all over the place, as long as it's nothing fancy or stressful.
  2. Pothos will thrive just about anywhere. Needs minimal care. You can keep it cut back if you prefer to keep it small(ish).
  3. This is probably going to be non-helpful, and I absolutely don't mean it to be discouraging. But here goes-- DH has stage IV cancer. We of course know that in all likelihood it will be terminal, but so far we treat it as a chronic illness that is being managed. That's the background for my thoughts. Often there is no right thing to say. No matter how careful you are, how wise or kind you think your words are, depending on the day and how the person/caregiver is feeling, whatever you say may be the wrong thing. I'm going to disagree with @BlsdMama to make a point. Saying "I'm so sorry" absolutely drives us up the wall sometimes. It can be a massive downer on a good day when we're (trying) to not even think about cancer (and there have been LOTS of very good days since DH's diagnosis). So . . . yeah, you can indeed go wrong with that. And lots of other things you'd think would be okay. On the cancer board I belong to many people are bothered by people telling them they look good. I mean most people would think that would be an acceptable comment, right? But the people who are bothered by it say they so want to reply "But it's not the outside that has a problem." Anyway, that's a long rambling way of trying to make this point -- I think most people with a terminal illness understand how awkward it is for people to know what to say. Haven't almost all of us BTDT at some point? So they (and their caregivers) tend to be vastly forgiving. Shoot, there are lots of times *I* don't even know what to say to my DH. How can I expect anyone else to know what to say? The only wrong thing to say is . . nothing. And by that I mean avoiding the person. People will absolutely forgive a comment, but it's much harder to forgive complete avoidance.
  4. I have the same problem--staying asleep. I only take 1 mg. when I've gone several nights without decent sleep. Taking a higher dosage than that, or taking even that low dose for more than a couple of nights in a row, causes me to have weird dreams.
  5. With an enlarged thyroid and nodules I think I'd want to see an endocrinologist. (And I say that as someone with Hashi's who has always felt perfectly comfortable allowing my PCP to handle it. Just posting that so you know I have some familiarity with thyroid issues.) Also, did your PCP not do a full thyroid panel -- T3 and T4 as well as TSH? You really do need the full panel, at least while in the investigative stage. I've been at this for several years now, and I'm fine with just having TSH tested as long as I'm feeling okay. But for an initial diagnosis you certainly need the full panel.
  6. I hope you get some answers. I've had that sensation quite often from two totally separate issues -- acid reflux and thyroid/Hashi's. It was often my only symptom of acid reflux.
  7. Yes, I'd be a bit worried. 1200 calories a day is extremely low calorie for a man. I would expect him to be losing weight fairly rapidly on that amount, and if he's already at a good weight -- well, obviously he doesn't still need to be losing. And it increases my concern that this only started a month ago. Besides an underlying health issue causing the lack of appetite, it also could be the onset of disordered eating or even a full blown eating disorder. Nobody is immune from those, even grown men. It's difficult to impossible for a man to meet minimum nutritional needs on 1200 calories a day. I'd be adding higher calorie, lower volume foods like nuts and nut butters, or perhaps cheese if he eats dairy--much more bang for the buck nutrient wise from things like that than from adding pure fat. And I try that for a week or two and see how it goes.
  8. Pawz4me

    OCD, ASD?

    Every professional who saw DS said he wasn't on the spectrum. When he hit his teen years and the anxiety set in and we finally got in to see a psychiatrist she met with him once or twice (I forget exactly--it didn't take her long at all) before telling me she was positive he was on the spectrum. I had not told her beforehand that I'd been positive for most of his life that he was. She got there all on her own. Formal testing by a psychologist confirmed it. Kids who are high functioning--yeah, I know, some people hate that term but I don't know how to describe it better--and especially those who are gifted can be quite expert at compensating and hiding. Until they're not.
  9. It's 22 here this morning, which isn't unusual for this part of NC if it were a month or two from now, but pretty cold this early. I love it! It's like a cool, refreshing blessing after nasty summer heat and humidity. DS20 is about two hours away, up in the mountains. It's 14 there right now with a wind chill of 0.
  10. I love Feetures, but they're not totally no-show.
  11. Pawz4me

    OCD, ASD?

    If she were my kid I'd get some professional advice. The right professional (and yes, that can certainly be a challenge to find) will know how to work with her. FWIW, that was about the age that DS20's ASD started causing obvious impairments, and I think that timing isn't unusual. You obviously know her best, but in general I think it's always good to talk about these things with them, as long as you can do it in a supportive way. I'm personally doubtful that "insisting" on some action to reduce symptoms will work. IMO it's much more likely to be harmful to her self esteem and/or to your relationship. If she has OCD or ASD she's not fully in control of what she's doing. It's somewhat similar to "insisting" someone who is a paraplegic get up and walk.
  12. I totally agree with you on all of this. Someone would have to pay me hugely big bucks to do something like 23andme. And I admit to kinda mentally rolling my eyes anytime someone mentions it or other genetic testing companies. Yeah, right (no). But I do kinda sorta disagree with you on electronic medical records. I was leery of them at first, but after DH's cancer diagnosis--it makes consulting between different specialists SO very much easier than having to run around here and there and everywhere collecting hard copies, or trying to get one office to send something to another. Our experience with a serious illness really changed my mind, and I do believe that for many people the benefits of EMRs outweigh any risks.
  13. Note those figures are three--almost four--years old. Which makes them completely meaningless given how quickly health insurance/health care costs have been rising.
  14. One or both of them probably told me and then I promptly forgot it! I've never researched it. I've just assumed it's true since both of them said it. The doc I never liked or trusted very much, but I puffy heart love my vet and have never been misled by him.
  15. FWIW -- Both my vet and an internal medicine doctor I used to go to say that only about 50 percent of humans have the enzyme necessary to metabolize glucosamine (all dogs have it).
  16. I have RA. My rheumatologist advised trying curcumin/turmeric at 500 mg. twice a day. According to him there really is some solid evidence that it might help, and no risk to trying. I took it for seven months and couldn't tell it did a thing for me, but I have relatives with osteoarthritis who believe it helps them. And ditto the advice about good shoes. I only buy high quality, well fitting athletic shoes. For my RA-affected feet that means New Balance or Brooks. But definitely go to a good store with knowledgeable staff who can advise you on the best choices for you.
  17. I also have MVP, although I don't know what caused it. Thankfully, it's a non-issue for me and has been since I was diagnosed about 20 years ago. A GP with keen hearing heard it and sent me for an echo, and then the cardiologist diagnosed it. I get flutters a few times a year, but other than that I don't even know it's an issue. I hope yours turns out to be very mild.
  18. We don't typically do any decorating until after Thanksgiving, but we did bring the tree downstairs today. We're going to paint the upstairs room where it's stored and since we needed to move it out of the way we decided to go ahead and bring it downstairs. I don't know when we'll get around to decorating it, though. Getting the painting done is our priority.
  19. 70 pound dog -- Unless he's elderly I seriously doubt there's any bedding made he couldn't easily get out of. Dogs are strong critters.
  20. I bought the lemon scented by accident one time and it seemed to work okay. But I stick with the original whenever possible because my gut (but not my nose) tells me it works just a wee bit better. DS23 was/is a runner, too. Cross country and long distance track in high school. And that is exactly what got me started using PineSol.
  21. I don't know the answer either, other than to say it's extremely common for dogs to burrow under blankets and I've never heard of one suffocating. But yes, I certainly worry when mine burrows down to the foot of the bed under the covers!
  22. We opened savings accounts for both of our boys shortly after they were born, and opened checking accounts/got them debit cards when they were around 13 or 14. To begin with the accounts were custodial (in my name as well as theirs), and then once they were 18 I think the credit union transitioned them to regular accounts. But I'm not sure about that--I've never bothered to check. Our boys have not had Roth accounts, but DS23 opened a stock investment account with TD Ameritrade when he was about 12 or 13. That had to be some sort of custodial thing, too. I don't remember the details because DH helped him set it up.
  23. OxiClean and vinegar are pretty much useless here. I do put vinegar in with my towels sometimes, but I can't tell that it does squat. I don't doubt that both of those work for others, but I'm wondering if how well those work (or not) has to do with the type of water one has? For PineSol -- It depends on the type of washer you have. When I had a front loader I used maybe 1/4 of a cup. For a top loader that uses more water I'd go closer to a full cup. Here's what PineSol says.
  24. If we're only referring to insulin dependent versus non-insulin dependent, then yeah -- my dad had that, which he developed in his early 50's. He was active and nowhere near overweight. But it was long enough ago that AFAIK doctors didn't commonly distinguish between insulin dependent/non-insulin dependent or T1versus T2. It was back when all diabetes was usually referred to as "sugar diabetes."
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