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  1. Indeed, this is such a quirky, lovable gem of a movie. It's NEARLY a Costume Drama! 😉 I probably sound rude, but I would literally tear up if someone can't find this. The title is actually "This Beautiful Fantastic" (2016) and delightfully stars "Sybil" from DAbbey. (Also, it is available on, if your library subscribes to this service.) Ten (?!?) Thumbs Up. My dh shares one of Bella's quirks, which helps me understand him better. 😉
  2. I've been self-taught, buying the Wilton instruction books & then experimenting in my own kitchen (so I can make the project I want, rather than what the teacher is teaching). Easy Answer: Just go to Hobby Lobby, and stand in the Cake Making/Decorating Aisle. It's amazingly fun & usually easy to tell the difference between the "beginner" equipment and the "advanced" equipment. You could buy the first Wilton Class instruction book, a "frosting spatula", some cardboard cake circles, Wilton 12" disposable (clear plastic) cake dec (frosting) bags, and a few basic colors of Wilton Icing gel (in small 1 oz. cylindrical jars). I'd follow everyone else's advice to UNDER buy, until you know more. For example, I dislike fondant, & therefore didn't buy all that related equipment. Wow. I just went to the Wilton website. I can see how the volume of info can be a BIT overwhelming?!? But this is a fun hobby, which saves money, and you can have so much fun making creative birthday cakes for your kids, or even wedding cakes for your friends-on-a-budget.
  3. We just have a set budget per kid, & they give us a wish list to choose from. I have always felt like we have control over what we end up buying them. My secondary point would be that (at least gradually) you need to continue to update your Christmas traditions so they are in line with YOUR values (or at least not in conflict with them). While the kids are still young. 😉 Thirdly, I would QUICKLY be giving early warning signals to the kids about what your Christmas plan is, so they can adjust their expectations. And make sure your dh is in agreement, or that you can come up with a compromise plan (which is the likely scenario). YMMV, because we're frugal, with a limited approach to Christmas anyway, and the kids have other celebrations with extended family, so they don't expect a windfall at our house on Christmas AM. Just a lot of fun together.
  4. Just watch Julie & Julia (2009). But I do not delight in cooking, just in watching Julia.
  5. We used our talking globe for years. I don't know the current models, but ours was leapfrog odyssey (better than geosafari). It played the national anthems, capitals, type of government, racing games (with a partner), etc. Maybe the current model would be "Leapfrog Magic Adventures Globe" from Leapfrog? ETA = Here's a top 10 talking globes list (Dec. 2019) =[matchtype]=b&google_params[network]=g&google_params[device]=c&google_params[creative]=318379991039&google_params[keyword]=%2Btalking %2Bglobes&google_params[adposition]=1o3&google_params[adgroupid]=63304884157&google_params[campaignid]=1653298927&bs=&google_params[feeditemid]=&google_params[targetid]=kwd-313245286249&google_params[loc_interest_ms]=&google_params[loc_physical_ms]=9014633&google_params[devicemodel]=&google_params[target]=&dest=0&sys_id=0|679&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI5_LW4OuV5gIVj5OzCh20Vw2lEAMYAyAAEgKv8fD_BwE
  6. We have a brand new SQ (about 2 months ago), top-loading with the (newly-reintroduced) agitator. In large part, b/c of the Hive's advice. 😉 Love it. Big bin, no problems! Yes, it has gigantic mechanical knobs. My engineer dh is thrilled.
  7. It would be nice to have built-in storage along the knee-walls. I'd love to figure out how to incorporate these Attic Truss Shelves:
  8. Beth S


    Our ds had bad acne for 5+ years, and we (repeatedly) turned down the dermatologist's push to take Accutane. The potential side effect of mood swings and depression were not worth the risk. Instead, we (finally) stopped going to the dermatologist and found success at We highly recommend it, if OTC meds are not effective.
  9. On the Minimal Mom youtube channel, she's been discussing reasonable Christmas celebration. Here are 2 (one on budget, one on gift exchange). One thing she said is that the kids love having time and attention from their parents. This is free, but not "heavily marketed". 😉 And that a $1 gift can truly be heart-felt and meaningful. (These youtubes include lots of related issues, just to give a STARTING point to thinking about our family's celebration, etc.) This may not resonate with you---but it's a way to re-think what we do to prep for Christmas.
  10. I'm all teared up. This is one of the best WTM threads ever.
  11. I try to emphasize the parts of Christmas that I like, and reduce (or prep for) the parts I dislike. And watch Charlie Brown's Christmas. 😉
  12. Agreeing with this. I think you could also paste the pages into Paint, and add rectangular boxes in the spaces where text needs to be inserted. I'll not-joke & say, "Ask your kids for help." 😉
  13. Agreeing with your idea(s). I just replied on the "gift for the wedding officiant" thread to go high on the sentimental aspect. A framed photo of her and your dd, and/or a lengthy note, with fond memories. You are so blessed with this friendship. 🙂 But thumbs up on the babysitting, offering to come 30 min early, so the boy can get acclimated to your presence, etc. (And bring something fun to do with the boy, etc.)
  14. Our pastor specifically requests only Sam Adams beer. 😉 (There are so many expenses like this, paying musicians, friends who help out, etc.) Another option is always going the highly sentimental route - a framed photo, a lengthy note with fond memories, etc.
  15. The owner of the red car is a workaholic, & doesn't head home until 9pm at night?!?
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