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  1. Beth S

    Ironing board

    Ours is stored under the guest bed.
  2. I had my 1st one about 7 mths ago. In hindsight, it was all fine. It requires attention (eating what they tell you). They describe what "cleaned out" looks like, & if you're not "cleaned out" you can just take more of the Drink Stuff they give you. They will watch you wake up from the anesthesia, & you have plenty of time to orient yourself to your surroundings, etc. But you also must have someone with you, as you cannot drive home. You will need to rest for the rest of the day. Colonoscopies are very routine & I don't believe perforations are very common. I googled the stats = .03% to .7% have perforation . . . which is really a tiny group, which possibly already had bowel problems to begin with. Please don't hesitate to follow thru & have the colonoscopy, for the sake of your health. 😀 You'll be fine!
  3. I responded to similar (recent) WTM thread: This is the quilt I did for our son. I used a cheap fleece THROW, rather than making a full bedspread. I don't believe the tshirts would hold up (for the long run) to daily (hard) use on a bed. I enjoyed it, but I think $100 for the labor is too cheap! There's the additional MENTAL work of trying to arrange the tshirts, which I would seriously hesitate to do for a stranger. You , as customer, would have to be comfortable giving the quilter some decision-making authority! You could do the piecing, & have someone else do the quilting (which is very easy, along the edges of each block).
  4. Our family can't have too many Legos or Playmobil. (We're not sports-oriented.)
  5. His wife's IG also explains her "exvangelism" choice. They also have 3 teen children.
  6. I'm not very techy, but I learned how to do this! Another way to figure it out is to Google a question: "How to set the resolution on a HP Officejet pro 8600plus." I chose the maximum resolution, which slows down the scanning . . . but it makes for higher quality scans. You can do this! Once you figure it out, you'll be so happy! (Or pay your child to figure it out!)
  7. We DIYed our dd's 300 guest wedding, with a cold lunch in the (nice) church basement. We DIYed our son's rehearsal dinner (70 guests) as a hot sandwich supper in the backyard of a (nice) friend's giant backyard. You've gotten some GREAT advice, which may or may not be heeded by your DD & her future fiancee. I will add a strong (but Unpopular!) suggestion to Limit The Number of Bridesmaids (& groomsmen). The arguments for a large party (our son's had FOURTEEN people!) are usually that the attendants buy their own outfits, not wanting to exclude, etc. But the large bridal party ends up creating a huge rehearsal dinner, flowers, hair/makeup, logistics. Each attendant brings a date, flower girl brings parents, etc. Usually this is more of an issue with the bridesmaids than for the groomsmen. IMO, there are other ways to ask friends to participate in the wedding--they can do readings, music, have a part in the reception, etc. And usually there becomes a bit of resentment when the attendants have to pay a lot of money to be in the bridal party. BTDT---obviously, your family will be working through lots of compromises in the days ahead, regardless of the budget and timing! My best advice is to cultivate a give-and-take relationship with a friend---offer to help her when she's the MOB, so she will help you when you're the MOB! 😉
  8. Agreeing strongly with this. There are past WTM threads about this. Sadly our dermatologist said there's no definitive treatment, just being VERY gentle with your hair, & trying (cough) to reduce stress. Our dd had it during Nursing School.
  9. This. We paid about $5 per tooth. And it was such a blessing to have low-cost, very thorough (but lengthy) dental care! Highly recommend this route!
  10. My son would love to be in Mission Control. He's finishing up a NASA Summer Internship, so it's in the realm of possibility. And Splashdown is scheduled for about 11:45am today . . . as Apollo 11 is streaming in Real Time. 😀
  11. Apparently Lyme Disease can present like RA. Who would guess? This was the eventual diagnosis for a friend's dd.
  12. One set = both 85 yo. Other set = will both be 82 yo. Both had large homes, filled with possessions, lived in for over 50 years, which they could not maintain. Memory issues reached a point were it wasn't safe, in the siblings' unanimous opinions. They've both chosen independent living apts, which transition to assisted living . . . and more, as needed.
  13. Guess What we're having for supper tonight. This was a new idea for me. Thank you! BTW, I highly recommend subscribing to ALL of the Taste of Home group emails. There is likely a list of recipes for ANY weird situation you find yourself in. 😀
  14. You can follow the audio commentary of the Apollo 11 mission in real time. It is highly addicting. There's a transcript, photos, timeline, etc. It will keep going until Splash Down. Currently, Neil Armstrong is piloting the Lunar Module around the moon, to prep for landing in a hour or so. It's as if it's actually happening right now. 😉 Enjoy!
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