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  1. I view it more as a Launching Thing. The child needs to know how to do ALL the basic cleaning tasks in the house. Maybe responsible for 2 of the 10 cleaning tasks per week (45 min of work?), but has the willingness & skills to do any of the chores. We pay slave labor wages, but we always explain how much we appreciate them, & how For The Rest Of Your Life, you'll need to launder your undies. 😉
  2. Agreeing that if he wants to keep the job, that he just brings his own gloves each shift. It's just a low-key solution.
  3. Agreeing with others that I changed my mindset. I realized I was aging, losing my agility, not wanting to outgrow my clothes, wanting to hike easily with our family. I began exercising to the point of hard sweat (like Couch to 5K) every single week day. Recently, I switched to a big bowl of broccoli & zukes for supper 6x per week. I don't eat a specific diet, but I don't ever get a 2nd helping (even at Tgiving, or church potlucks). I just remind myself that I'm in a different (older) season of life & I need to guard my health. Also a big thumbs up to the mental, emotiona
  4. Honestly, I wash blankets & bedspreads/bedskirts only when the child goes somewhere else overnight. It gives me 36+ hours to clean everything & get it back on. We take showers at night, go to bed clean, & thus reduce need to wash bedding often. I think the real issue is your dh's allergies. I would just tell him to tell you when the blankets seem dirty to him, & wash them. Maybe buy a blanket that can hold up to lots of washing, so he isn't bothered by it all. (I wouldn't make this a marital issue . . . even tho I don't wash our bedding often.)
  5. "Some things are more important than votes." 👍
  6. We became Empty Nesters last month, so we are contemplating downsizing. The negatives of our home are being amplified in our minds. However, we are likely to stay here b/c moving MIGHT be more expensive. Also DIY may end up taking a year of hard work to prep our house for sale and THEN prep the new house for living. We're also realizing that our location may be impossible to replicate (private wooded setting, kind/dependable neighbors). All that to say, we may end up moving "just because" . . . but it's hard to leave behind all the advantages (& happy memories). ETA =
  7. We became Empty Nesters, and I've recently realized that my Dream Home is constantly evolving now!
  8. Of course, I had to google PeePee TeePees . . . and am now enlightened, after raising 4 sons.
  9. I'll quickly add that (ultimately) y'all have a lot of choices. It's likely that the audience size will be smaller, due to Covid concerns. If you have a morning, or early afternoon wedding, you avoid serving a huge dinner. Keeping things more casual is MUCH cheaper, as is focusing on the couple's most important elements of the wedding. We depended on friends and family to pitch in and help, but keeping the guest list (& bridal party) small is a huge consideration. Good luck!
  10. My dh and I did the "give dd a specific amount" strategy & it worked great. Minimal Mom's twin sister did a hybrid Indian-Farm wedding, which I can't resist sharing.
  11. Thumbs up on Minimal Mom = about 5 play outfits & 2 going-out casual outfits. What worked for us (4 boys) = each kid had 1 drawer, all their current play outfits fit in that 1 drawer. Sunday clothes were elsewhere. We put other "currently fitting" clothes in a plastic bin under their bed, so it was EASY for them to get more clothes out if needed. They hung up "half-dirty" clothes on a peg, to re-wear the next day. They also re-wore their going-out casual clothes until they were dirty. Actually, we did a similar thing for toys -- a certain number of bins are out, the re
  12. I think you can have plastic surgery in the future to reduce the scar, if needed. I'm truly thankful you're OK. That must have been quite bloody! Rest and recuperate today!
  13. I was born in Alton, IL . . . b/c my grandfather's cousin was an OB there. 😮 Born 5 days before JFK was shot . . . so that has always been a benchmark for me. I lived in STL suburbs until leaving for college, & then marriage. STL still feels like "home" even tho I haven't lived there for 38 years. I'm loving these prompts. My dd gave us a questionaire (100 questions?) and I haven't started it . . .
  14. Rabbit Trail: Watch "Enchanted April" (1991). This trailer is a bit of a spoiler, but the movie is wonderful for daydreaming of a month rental on the coast of Italy.
  15. You know my first name, but my parents chose my middle name b/c both grandmothers had the same first name = Helen! I disliked it growing up, and even complained about it to a father/daughter while we were on a car trip. They let the topic drop. After we got home, I learned that the daughter's middle name was also Helen! Now that vintage names are in vogue, and I've gained a bit of perspective when naming our 5 kids . . . I'm more reconciled to it. 😉
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