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  1. Hang on...I’m supposed to chew them? Nobody told me that! They just slide down my throat because I can’t get past the frog egg feeling. Just asked granddaughter about it and she like, ‘duh, grandma, of course you chew them. What else would you do? Swallow them whole?’ Yeah I guess I never noticed she chewed them. That might actually help- if I chew one maybe I’ll learn to tolerate them. Dd and the grands love bubble tea and they’d be thrilled if I could enjoy it when I treated them. Feeling pretty dumb here. Do you think it’s the starch that makes your stomach hurt?
  2. I use this Fila backpack and have had it for five years. The storage pockets are great and I can fit a medium travel cube in the middle compartment. I can travel for a week with just this.
  3. I just read a story about a girl who had more than 100 of the tapioca balls inside her, causing some pretty bad constipation. She had quite the bubble tea habit. Who knew that could happen??? I’m in camp ‘frog eggs’. I try it every single time one of my kids or grands has a bubble tea but I haven’t yet overcome that frog egg feeling.
  4. He needs to take some benedryl. That’s what urgent care would tell him. That’ll be $98, please. I do not accept your insurance plan.
  5. It helps me to rest in the first couple days of a cold. I feel wiped out. But by day three of a cold, I’m usually ok to resume my normal workload. I encourage you to take it as easy as you can.
  6. If you have a boarding pass, yes.
  7. We book through travelocity or Expedia and can still use the airline app to check in.
  8. Does the airline you’re flying have an app? I just use my phone for my boarding pass. You can check in on the app and get your boarding pass then. If it’s a discount airline you might have to go to a kiosk at the airport- I’ve only used apps for American and Delta, I think. Most airlines don’t charge for kiosk use but many charge to have an agent do your boarding pass.
  9. FIL passed in April and the funeral home notified SSA. When SIL contacted VA they already knew, so either the funeral home did that or they learned from the SSA. Sorry for your loss.
  10. I think it’s ok to let her know you’re uncomfortable with the gun being in plain sight. (As an aside, how can you tell that it’s loaded by looking at it on a table? I know next to nothing about guns). A gracious host will tell the kid to put it away, but of course it’s still right there. A young teen with a loaded gun in his room sounds like a bad idea. One of his friends might pick it up and unintentionally shoot someone. Most people I know w guns have a protocol they follow whether there are kids/guests in the house or not. Following that means they won’t forget to put a gun away when a visitor comes. It’s pretty bold to expect a 13 year old to remember when he needs to store his gun. So if friend says it’s ok in their family for a kid to have a loaded gun out in the open, I guess I really don’t know how I’d react. It just seems so irresponsible.
  11. I leave mine in do not disturb and have a bypass for certain people, and those who call twice within a short amount of time. Mine is a shortish window, though, from 11:30 to 6. ‘We have kids on both coasts so it’s pretty much guaranteed someone I love is up at any given time. But they know that I love my sleep so they’re good about not interrupting my sleep just to tell me goofy stuff. I generally don’t send late night texts to be read in the morning, but I would to one of my kids or if I had plans w a friend the next day and I needed to cancel/change. To me that’s different than sending a late night random text. I try not to send texts too late or too early but if someone sends me something it doesn’t upset me. Life is too short for me to get upset over a late night text.
  12. I’d let them test for the Lutheran school so you can at least have that in case they still want to consider it. BUT I would make the time to go to a few things at each school- a Friday night football game, a play, stuff like that. With the bigger public school you can point out that there are more kids, but look- you can see a bunch of small groups of kids hanging out at the game. Everyone finds their tribe, and a bigger school has more options as well as more kids to weed through to find those awesome ones they’ll click with. I’d be open with them about things like saving money for college, transportation times, etc. I’m sure it’s a tough choice for you all!
  13. Since a termite letter is required by lenders (Even though they aren’t financing they expect the same kinds of things to be checked), I see that as a different thing than a home inspection that might turn up a faulty electric outlet or a dripping faucet. Those things are negotiable- sometimes the seller will fix them, sometimes the buyer is ok doing it themselves. But termite damage doesn’t seem negotiable- it needs to be fixed unless it was known and part of the disclosure. I’d rather negotiate every inspection as it came up but I understand everyone isn’t a weirdo like me. They are actually going to sit down and meet w you over this? Our agents were our go-between for us. I preferred that so we didn’t see each other’s emotions and we could discuss the stuff in private.
  14. Oh boo! So your contract didn’t have a short (a week or two) due diligence period written in? Ours had a week for home inspection and was contingent on the buyers obtaining financing and a satisfactory appraisal within three weeks. I’m with you- what’s their real reason behind waiting an extra week for that?
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