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  1. This week we installed a new heat pump for our upstairs and it was a bit over 5k. A large enough unit to do your whole house might be more than that but maybe not much more. Ours was to handle just the upstairs (about 1200 sq ft). We’re in Georgia, so similar heating/cooling needs. ETA: this week we also had central air installed in our 140 year old house that we’re trying to sell, and that cost $6k. So we bought THREE air conditioning systems this week. Beans and rice for Easter dinner! G
  2. I’ve had good success when I drink a lot of fluids, and I always include cranberry juice. Also try to pee as often as you can, as completely as you can. And of course other good practices that you already know. But drink a lot of liquids!
  3. Such happy news! Have a GREAT trip!!
  4. I encourage you to make a chart of what he does for about a week. What time he gets up, when he starts schoolwork, when he takes breaks, etc. If he’s having free time, you can just note that, not necessarily what he’s doing in his free time. It’s important to know whether he really is overscheduled or whether he needs some help structuring his days better. It might help when he talks to the doctor, too, to know what he’s really doing every day. It might open your eyes, too, if he’s really spending a lot more time on schoolwork than you realize. Broken sleep, vitamin deficiencies, mono...lots of things to check. ‘I hope with robotics season over that he can start to feel better. Everyone needs down time, but there are also things that have to be done. Finding the balance is a worthwhile thing to learn.
  5. This. Dh has had health issues that made me very grateful to have our bedroom downstairs so I could continue my daily life while still keeping a close eye on him. Double bypass with complications took a few months of recovery time, and he would have felt isolated upstairs. I expect we’ll face more of this situation as we age. We might need to let FIL live with us when he can no longer live alone and having his room downstairs would enable him to easily join us for meals and socializing but also be able to retreat to a bedroom easily because there are no stairs to limit him. ‘But we’re empty nesters and our situation is quite different than Dawn’s so probably not very helpful.
  6. Nope. I’m usually fine about most ‘should I eat this” questions but this seems really off. Too many questions about how it happened that a store sold eggs that old.
  7. We prefer master down and now that we’re aging and our dads are 87, we really like it. When one of our dads visit we give up our room and move to the guest room upstairs. But for long term we are really glad our master is downstairs because it means we can age in place. ‘This has worked for us because our kids have always been pretty quiet and if they have friends over late they hang out upstairs. It also helps that I can easily go back to sleep if my sleep is interrupted by people in the kitchen.
  8. For us, meals for two means five light meals a week and two more traditional meals a week. So we always have tacos or fajitas or burrito bowls on Wednesday nights (it’s our Survivor tradition) and another night I might make something like a chicken pot pie or dumplings or meatloaf. But the other five nights we eat light, such as butter beans and cornbread (or another beans and cornbread, such as pintos, zippers, etc.) . I’ll also make loaded baked potatoes, a big salad, grilled chicken and veg, frittata, grilled cheese, etc. I say ‘light’ but I really mean easy. One or two pots at the most, and quick prep. It’s a far cry from when we were raising kids and I fixed a meat, a starch, three veggies, and some kind of bread. So I make many of the same things, just fewer at each meal. And very few big things like stuffed shells or lasagna- those we reserve for holidays or birthdays.
  9. I recently saw this abused at the Atlanta airport. A couple had one of those special fares where you can’t bring a carry on and the gate attendant asked the lady about her large shopping bag. The lady said it was food to eat on the plane and when the agent pressed further, the woman got angry and said it’s food and wouldn’t show the agent what was in the bag. It was a huge bag- bigger than the duffel bag I had my clothes in. It wasn’t food. When the agent was back at her station the guy said that’s what they get for selling those fares. The rule is intended to allow you to buy food at the airport, like a bag of Chick-fil-a, and carry it on the plane. Or in my case, a bag of Garret’s popcorn.g
  10. If they can charge you twice that stinks!! ETA: I thought OP meant they charged for two recovery room sessions, etc. That they charged for two of things where she only used one.
  11. I’ve never had anyone question my peanut butter. But I generally fly to/from O’Hare, Atlanta, and Tampa so maybe those airports are peanut butter friendly. I also have TSA precheck so maybe that also makes a difference. I’ve never seen anyone check to see what’s on my sandwich or bagel so I’m not sure they even know. If I carried it on (instead of already on the bread) it would have to be a small amount, just like other liquids/gels. I think so much of what’s allowed depends in the TSA agents and their supervisors. My sister and I flew to a quilt retreat in Texas and carried our machines on with us without attracting any attention. But when we got to the retreat lots of others were telling stories about having their machine cases opened and inspected and being forced to throw away the machine needles that were in the case, along with the oil.
  12. Bagels with cream cheese or peanut butter. Grapes. M and Ms. My goal is to bring food that is ready to eat, little smell, and leaves little mess once eaten. No hard boiled eggs or tuna or onions for me. If I have an early long flight I make a sandwich/wrap for breakfast and save other snacks for later. I don’t want to eat a ham sandwich that’s been in my backpack for six hours.
  13. I’ve had that happen, and I did stand up for myself. It didn’t change the evaluation but it did let me present my case. She said she just has higher standards blah blah blah and that a 3 on her scale is a 4 on someone else’s. And by the next round of evaluations she was gone and I was back to my typical stellar performance numbers. But getting it off my chest enabled me to move forward without animosity. I was more able to let it go knowing she knew how I felt. I’m Sorry though- it stinks when you have someone who doesn’t know you do the eval.
  14. I love Someone Knows Something. David Ridgen is such a great host. ‘Missing and Murdered was heartbreaking but I learned so much. ‘After Serial I started listening to Undisclosed to hear the other side. I’m still not convinced Adnan is innocent but at this point I don’t think they had enough to convict him...which leads me to other seasons of Undisclosed, and my interest in innocence projects. Particularly the Georgia Innocence project. Up and Vanished was interesting but Payne gets on my last nerve. Crimetown was ok. Interesting but not compelling. I’ve listened to most that Kathy mentioned and they are much better than some of those stupid ones where the hosts make NO effort to get the story right. (I’m looking at you, My Favorite Murder and Small Town Murder) Suspect Convictions is another I found interesting. And Breakdown was really good, though most of those are centered near where I grew up so I’m familiar with the area.
  15. Too bad. But I hope whoever the boy is that someone will take care of him.
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