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  1. I would encourage you NOT to put a smile on and carry on as usual. You’re grieving, and that’s a process. Maybe think about what might bring you a little happiness this season (and it might really bring only the tiniest bit of happiness) . Start a new family tradition, do something to honor your dad, maybe even something as simple as planning Christmas Eve dinner. And that’s all. Just one thing, not everything you usually do. But show yourself some grace…you lost your dad just months ago and knowing that his last holiday season was isolated is bound to distress you as you anticipate the upcoming months. Your mental health might just need to take a pass this holiday season and that’s ok, too.
  2. I’m so sorry. What a rough couple of days you’ve had.
  3. As a transition from 20+ years of homeschooling, I tutored math for about 6 years. Primary math teacher for a couple of homeschool families and after school tutor for local high schoolers. It was a good way to ease out of what had become my identity- a teacher. We’re in year three of dh’s retirement and it’s finally settled into a good rhythm. We have mutual interests, some hobbies only one of us pursues, and a nice blend of normal retirement activities. Youngest is still at home but works full time plus has a life of his own. We have 2-3 meals together every week, and otherwise barely see him. It works well for us because he can save money living here and we have someone to help us w the odd stuff like moving heavy things, cutting the grass when we’re away on a trip, etc. Grandkids live a few hours away and we do visit often, and are willing to help w homeschooling when asked, but generally leave it to their parents, who are doing a bang up job even though *we* would do it differently. 😁 Honestly, dh and I have always been pretty good at give and take, and retirement is showing us that is a good thing. Any transition is bound to have some bumps, but good communication really helps.
  4. So sorry- I’m sure it’s a tough balancing act to care for your sick one while worrying your immune compromised kid might catch it. Hope he recovers quickly! As encouragement, I know several people who did nothing more than isolate the sick person in one bedroom/bathroom and nobody else got sick. I hope that’s enough for you guys.
  5. Nope. I’d really rather just spend time with kids, grandkids, friends. I have no desire to start over building a romantic relationship. However, I’m sure dh would want to remarry. He’s lost without me when I’m gone for a few days. Both his cousin and best friend lost their wives and remarried within the year and dh totally understood. The women are truly nice, I just don’t want to do it again.
  6. It’s worth it to ask. Does the office staff have to do anything or does the USPS carrier just come pick up the mail? If the USPS is doing all the work, it’s probably not an issue with you adding to the pile, especially if you mention that your dad sends a lot of mail and he’s uncomfortable leaving it in your mailbox. I’m sure they’ll understand the quirkiness of an old guy. But I’d tell them so they don’t think you’re like running a side business because you don’t want them to think you’re putting this mail together while on the clock. I totally get it- my dad (and fil before he passed away) is super quirky about the mail.
  7. Sorry to hear about the pneumonia. Hope you can bring him home to recover. He might still feel miserable but it’s always nice to have mom caring for you.
  8. Glad he was able to be seen- I’m sure that you feel better knowing a medical professional has set eyes on him and has given you some guidance. Hope he feels better soon. And I hope you can get some sleep tonight.
  9. Poor little guy! I hope he can sleep. I react to fire ant bites and in addition to the advice given above, I usually take Motrin or Tylenol. But I don’t know if that’s appropriate for such a young child. Also, watch for cellulitis. I’ve had that with ant bites twice in the past three years.
  10. Minwax for both, available at Lowe’s. I use Minwax frequently, almost exclusively, in fact.
  11. I have an old piece that I wanted to do a quick refinish on, and I lightly sanded it (just by hand, took me under an hour),then rubbed some stain on with a clean cloth (to closely match the original color- it just needed some scratches and dings hidden so I applied stain all over then wiped off). Then the next day I put a few coats of poly on it. I used a hand rubbed poly but the brush on kind is more commonly used. I just liked the hand rubbed look. That was four years ago and it looks perfect.
  12. I totally agree with you about making wild guesses- but when someone suddenly has a big change in behavior, what is the right thing to do? My bestie lost her 13 year old grandson and after the fact several people said they noticed a big change in him, but nobody reached out. I never know when or how to reach out, since I’m super introverted and would probably NEVER respond to someone trying to help me. OP, I’m sorry for mentioning it. I’ll delete if you like.
  13. That would really worry me- is it possible she was assaulted while on vacation? It seems like it would take something big to bring about such a drastic change.
  14. A bill collector would not hesitate to badger her mom. I’m joking about that, but really, it does seem concerning that she’s suddenly gone from reliable to totally ignoring you. I hope everything is ok.
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