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  1. I puffy heart love my Apple Watch for tracking workouts. I had Fitbits for ten years before making the switch and it was worth it for me.
  2. Red state here. Political mailings daily. No phone calls or texts, though!
  3. It’s totally ok to change your mind, of course. I’m fine with businesses supporting a candidate I don’t like, if they are respectful, as in campaigning for their person instead of bashing mine. What I can’t take is when a business insults people who support a particular candidate. I’m looking at you, Bill Penzey. I wasn’t a supporter of his hated candidate but he was so mean to HIS CUSTOMERS who voted for the candidate that I stopped buying from them. (I didn’t even vote for the guy, but he was so insulting that I just couldn’t buy from him anymore.) It was hard at first- I went to Penzey
  4. Our anniversary is tomorrow and usually we exchange a card and a theater size box of candy. On special anniversaries, 25th, 30th...we do something special. Last year we went to Asheville. This year we agreed no cards or candy, which is so weird for us since it’s our tradition for Valentine’s day too. But we just don’t need either candy or cards. We are getting takeout tomorrow, and have already picked out a new restaurant to try.
  5. Tortilla chips and dip, whether it’s salsa, guacamole, or cheese dip- the white kind. We have this at least once a week for a meal, usually layering one of the above over a ramekin of warmed refried beans. And thin chips- like Tostitos cantina thins.
  6. Same here. I hate parties - mouthing Happy Birthday is embarrassing. But singing it is even worse- people hear it and just think it’s funny. It’s not.
  7. When I look, the first link doesn’t show a price and says it’s out of stock, so I can’t comment on price comparison. But I will say that when we switched to LED our electric bill was no longer high in December. We’ve never had a tree or other lights only last four years, whether regular or LED. That’s not a very long life. Last tree was from Walmart and was quite cheap, but has LED lights. We’ve had six years out of it so far. Previous to that our Hobby Lobby incandescent light tree lasted us about 15 years. Dh has always turned the tree on when he gets up at 5 and off when we go to bed
  8. My mom taught me that recipe, but she added ‘cook them until they are bone dry and shoe leather tough’.
  9. Hope he’s feeling better soon-I’m sure it was crazy stressful for you. Prayers for smooth sailing from here on out.
  10. I’m sorry. Hope you have a mild case and recover quickly.
  11. Not offensive at all. Nice solution without being snarky.
  12. Op, you thought your son’s visit was going to be short term, and it has extended long enough that you are feeling irritable about some things. If he was back at his place, he’d be paying for his own food, so maybe asking him to pay for his food at home will soften some of the irritation of having him there longer than you’d like. I get it. You’re ok w him being there, but you are giving up your alone time with Dh and paying for ds’s food. To you it probably feels like he’s not compromising at all. If other people wouldn’t ask their kids to pay, that’s great- it’s their choice. But it does
  13. I can’t help but think she must have some kind of need, even if it’s to have a visitor or something. We deliver MOW and there’s no way if steak, salmon, organic food was available that folks would choose what we bring. Ours is absolutely school cafeteria quality, which is fine, but if she can afford steak and salmon...
  14. We’ve never lived closer than 12 hours from our grandkids, and for 5 years we were 21 hours away. We’ve all moved and now live 3 hours from each other and get together at least monthly. Heaven! Youngest Dd got engaged and has moved to a city they love. Not near us at all, but at least it’s not California...that was NOT a good place for her.
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