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  1. Two years go my sister and her daughter’s family flew into London on Christmas Eve. They bought some food on the 24th and found a restaurant open on Christmas Day. She said it was a limited menu but they thought it was a nice meal. ETA: their apartment was near the eye and Big Ben. I have no idea where that is but she said several places were open within walking distance.
  2. I put a hold on this at the library and when I picked it up I was shocked. I evidently missed where you said it was an incredibly thick saga, but I did recall the ‘it’s a really quick read’. I’m enjoying it, so thanks for the recommendation! but I’m sure I won’t get through it without needing to renew it. The library my sister uses is closing for renovation and if you have a book checked out when they close, you can keep it the whole two months they’re not open. She’s going to request A Suitable Boy!
  3. We did this for years when Dh and I were both working. I made sure I prepped food that was very fresh (cooking a chicken that was at expiration date and then expecting it to last five days seemed like a bad idea, as was using wilted veggies). And I made sure to keep everything very clean and not to touch prepped food w my bare hands. We used pint mason jars that were filled to the top. Still, roast chicken and veggies did not taste as good near the end of the week. Soups and stews and chili were more successful at tasting good on Friday. ‘My best success with chicken was to grill a bunch and freeze it (I cut it into strips before freezing) and then after dinner I’d make a lunch or two using leftover veggies and starch and adding chicken strips from the freezer. By the next day they had thawed and were tasty. I just added a drizzle of sauce like soy or bbq if it went w the veggies. So it didn’t taste like the same grilled chicken all the time.
  4. How scary! Hope they can figure it out soon. Hugs.
  5. I’d do a twin. A full is really big to wrap up in. They make a throw size that might be perfect for studying and watching tv.
  6. Based on the issues you listed, such as stove eyes not working, electrical issues, etc., I would argue that you might not be paying reduced rent- you might be paying more than market value. You have some legitimate issues, especially things like the stove. You might need to bark louder.
  7. I hope your dh can contact them- this clearly fell off their radar!
  8. I’d love an invite. We call our youngest two kidults because even though they are technically adults, they all too often act like kids.
  9. Go to bed and get up at the same time most days. Make our bed as soon as we get up. Make sure kitchen is clean before we go to bed, and dh empties dishwasher/dishdrainer before breakfast every day. Make an index card every day w things I hope to accomplish. Use the other side to jot down notes or reminders throughout the day. ‘Grocery shop every Friday and unless it’s super urgent, don’t step into grocery store on other days. Menu plan every meal, breakfast/lunch/dinner.
  10. Middle school wasn’t the worst part of our parenting journey, so I had to develop coping strategies through high school (and sometimes college years). My favorites were caffeine, chocolate, and riding my bike on looong bike trails. I was in much better shape when my kids were teenagers...these days my stress level is very low so I’m not putting 15 miles a day on my bike! I have not given up caffeine and chocolate, my waistline isn’t what it was during those stressful years.
  11. Annie G


    It’s a beauty! Also, I got distracted by the tomatoes. Gosh I love tomato sandwiches.
  12. Annie G


    Scarlett, Replying here to something you said on another thread. You are a great mom. And a great stepmom too. Keep repeating that to yourself, because it’s true.
  13. How would I feel? Bad for the girl who didn’t get her birthday trip. (The tag along wasn’t part of the gift so I doubt she’s as emotionally upset about it) And probably a little bad that I encouraged such a large gift. Just because he spends money on burgers and movies doesn’t mean that he should be encouraged to spend so much on a sibling gift. There are lots of ways to bond and spend time w siblings without being overly extravagant. No, you cannot dictate how he spends his money, so if he wanted to gift the trip, I agree that you shouldn’t micromanage his choices. But that line between helping him learn to budget and save and micromanaging is so difficult because it’s different for every kid. I would also be irritated that he didn’t pay as agreed without you badgering him. (That’s something that really irritates me- ds is on our phone plan and sometimes he doesn’t pay me until I ask for it. Yeah, that’s not how responsible people handle their bills, son. ) And if he was having second thoughts or couldn’t afford to pay for dd or whatever, I’d be annoyed he didn’t speak up. And then I’d be super annoyed that he took the trip alone. I’m not trying to make you feel bad...just answering the question in the post title- ‘how would you feel’. Hope you can tell dh without hesitation. It’s a reflection on your ds, not your parenting. You have to remember that. Our adult kids’ choices are just that- their choices.
  14. Such a great experience she’ll have- she looks so excited! I know you’ll miss her, though.
  15. Annie G


    I have been through something similar, though with a sibling. He was married with a three year old and it came out that he was having two affairs. When his wife decided to file for divorce and he found out he wasn’t going to get sole custody, he decided to walk away and never see the boy again. The rest of my family stood by him, though they thought he was crazy. I did not. I told him how selfish he was to walk away from his son. In the end, he told his kid he’d never see him again, but after several years he did decide to be a parent. This was 15 years ago and my relationship with him is not healed. We were together when mom passed away and were fine around each other, but we make an effort to not be at Dad’s at the same time. It’s pretty sad, but it is what it is. I hope your situation will be different, and it might because a mother/son bond is stronger than a sibling bond. Also, we have complicating factors because at the time he was getting divorced he did some pretty awful things to my parents and to dh. (Called my folks and shot his gun a few times and made them think he’d died by suicide, and told dh he was on the way to our house to burn it down) Hang in there, Scarlett. We’ve had four kids go through young adulthood and they have all become less rigid in their thinking as they matured. I pray your relationship w your son will heal.
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