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  1. Dh’s parents have both passed away and only his sister remains. We aren’t getting together w her for the holidays because she’s a drama queen. My mom has passed but my dad and sister live 90 minutes away, and we aren’t spending the holiday w them, either. But my sister’s son and his wife will come to our place for T’giving dinner- just the five of us. So yeah, we actually opted out of two gatherings.
  2. We send cards but don’t have a standing list- we send to people who have been special to us during the year or who we know just need a card to cheer them. For instance, this year we moved and for 6 months I lived here while dh was living 900 miles away in our old place. Lots of people went out of their way to show us kindness- a friend loaned him a car for a couple months, a few made an effort to invite him for home cooked meals. And then we have a few friends who lost a spouse this year and we want to send them a note to let them know we’re thinking about them. I know a few friends are struggling and even if they toss the card in the trash right away, I’m confident they enjoyed it when they read it.
  3. This is the first year in 25 years we’ve lived near the grandkids (3 hours away instead of 20) and we’re not having T’giving together. And it’s fine. Dd has obligations with her dh’s side of the family and I’m not going to contribute to the expectation that they see all of us on T’giving. So later that weekend we’re getting together and all four grandkids will make gingerbread houses. I cultivate the relationships as best I can w my siblings and sister in law, etc. But it doesn’t have to be done all together on T, at least not to me. I’d love to have my kids all together. They’re all spread out right now, and are in very different places in their lives. But I do long for that big family holiday, and haven’t given up on that.
  4. So you don’t feel you’re the only one who has done stuff like that...Once I drove 45 minutes to drop my son off at a science class. It wasn’t until he hopped out of the car that I noticed he was wearing his Thomas the Tank Engine slippers.
  5. Same here- it’s used on undies or clothes when I am sweaty but have no time to change. The last time I used it was when the grands were here and we ended up playing hide and seek outside for about an hour while we were waiting for their dad to get here so we could go out to dinner. I’ve also used it when we do an all day cycling event that includes stops at restaurants and such. No time to change, but padded cycling shorts can smell rank after a 40 mile ride. Having said that, I have a tiny can that I’ve had for at least 4 not really worried about damaging my hoo-ha with it.
  6. Neighbor took her Halloween decorations down on Halloween night, and put her tree up this week. Since it was 60 degrees outside, we put outside lights up today. They are on a timer so they’ll come on tonight. I *might* unplugs the timers and wait until Thanksgiving night to turn them on, but in any case, they’re coming down before New Year’s. All our holiday stuff will be packed away by then. ‘We’re excited to have outside lights this year- for a quarter century we lived in a 140 year old house and exterior illumination wasn’t an option.
  7. I almost did the same thing this week! I have a seldom used feminine deodorant spray And a seldom used travel size hair spray and nearly used the feminine spray. I was stressed about having to see my sister in law and was distracted.
  8. Dh and I recently watched a couple episodes of his show late one night when we couldn’t sleep. We both had that same feeling that the women on the show treat him like a knight in shining armor. We both got such a weird vibe from it. The women acted like he was their ideal husband- he listened, he didn’t blame them for how their house looked, he was soothing and he made things right for them. And went beyond that to do extras just to surprise them. Yeah, I guess I can see that maybe the show is intended to promote that idea.
  9. That’s what I did. Which worked well for this test but doesn’t work at all when I’m trying to remember a name that goes with a face, and his wife’s name, etc.
  10. I scored 88% and I am definitely face blind. The difference between the test and my real life ability is that on the test I had time to look and memorize without trying to follow a conversation. In real life I’m trying to follow the conversation and make sure I don’t respond like an idiot. Being socially awkward means I really have to focus on listening and thinking about a response so I don’t make ‘that kind’ of lasting impression.
  11. What a beautiful, cozy spot. I LOVE the window and the little side windows. I crave natural light so I’d probably try to find a solution that doesn’t cover that. Is a removable storm window outside an option? It’s one more layer of glass to get through. Does the location of the baseboard heating hurt the efficiency of how warm the room gets? The heat radiates up through the coldest air (what’s closest to the window) so the heat might be cooling off prematurely and not having a chance to warm the room.
  12. You’re ahead of me- Unless it’s an artist I really love, I generally only know the chorus of the songs the artist sings. Our kids roll their eyes when halfway through a song I declare “I know this one!” No, I really don’t.
  13. We do mostly country (Brad Paisley, Carrie Underwood, etc.,) and some old artists such as Elton. Our experience is that people who want to stand buy floor tickets. In the regular seats, most people stay seated except for signature songs or encores. However, the concerts we took our teens to generally had people standing the entire time. And back in the days of Hanson, they also screamed the entire time. Holy cow that was crazy.
  14. In the town we recently moved from (but lived in for 25 years) we had a guy who walked or rode his bike all over town. He always wore a crown, and everyone referred to him as the king of (name of town). He was very outgoing, but kind of on the rough side, like kind of a thug. But he had that crown, with the red velvet and gold plastic.
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