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  1. Ours was booked through the Georgia Department of Public Health - via a live phone call. They asked mother’s maiden name for both me and dh. They told us to bring ID and insurance card (if we had insurance) to the appointment but nobody asked to see either, so our insurance wasn’t billed. They did not ask for social security number.
  2. No, I don’t have any records of immunizations. When I was pregnant I know they did titers for some things. My smallpox scar on my left arm is proof of that, I guess.
  3. I’m shaking my head over insurance too!
  4. Just Dh and me here. We’ll have salmon and a couple of sides...probably asparagus. Did Easter w the grands last weekend since SIL is a pastor and Easter week is so busy for them.
  5. So happy to hear you’ve found a house!
  6. When we bought 2 years ago our agent got them for us.
  7. I don’t think you’re overreacting. It was beyond rude to plan something like that and not even try to include you. And asking if you’re coming over after they’ve had their fun is not including you. I’m so sorry. Hugs. I totally understand how you feel- family relationships can be painful.
  8. In our neighborhood when a house is for sale, the neighbors usually ‘happen’ to be outside when someone looks at it (mostly late afternoons and weekends). Our neighbors did that when we bought 2 years ago and we did that when the house next door was for sale last year. We’re interested in knowing who is moving in as much as the buyer is interested in finding out about the neighborhood. We talk about stuff good and bad- it seems to work. My weather app on my iPhone will give air quality info, from something called breezeometer. It’s not perfect but it’s a start.
  9. I would not deal with that well. Your post sounds so calm- I’m so sorry this happened. But for real, when I get REALLY angry I either get on my bike and ride far and fast, or I want to smash things, like a couple dollars’ worth of thrift store dishes. (Only did the dishes thing once, per the suggestion of a friend who was my primary care doc, and oh my did it help) When I’m not super angry I journal about it. Sometimes writing things down helps me work through it. Your situation is so difficult because it’s not one person making one mistake, it’s multiples...making it so hard to focus
  10. Agreeing with the others that it’s almost certainly only her who is bothered by the dogs. But I wonder if it might be covid fatigue. I know a lot of people, me included, are reacting too much to minor issues. Hopefully it’ll blow over if you employ some of the phrases mentioned above. In addition, it really might help to ask her something about herself. Maybe distract her from complaining.
  11. Johnny cakes on the stovetop are also delicious- cornbread batter, added to a hot, lightly oiled cast iron skillet. About the size of pancakes. Oh my- crispy on the outside, tender on the inside. And if there are just a few eating it, it’s very fast to make enough.
  12. Do you get the sale prices when you order curbside pickup? I thought not but maybe I’m thinking about instacart orders. If I don’t get sale prices there’s no way it’s a money saver for me.
  13. When we had our first shot there were plenty getting their second. If you need to reschedule you’ll be fine.
  14. That’s my plan since they wrote my appointment date and time (which is the same as his) before they realized they couldn’t schedule it. So I hope I can show up and they just think they lost my appt since my card clearly says they gave the first shot and wrote the appointment. However, it’s a risk because if they don’t have a dose for me I have to start all over looking, and our state has opened it to everyone 16 and older so there are NO vaccines available anywhere!
  15. Dh and I received Pfizer dose one on Tuesday. We registered online with our dept. of public health portal and they called us and scheduled the appt. Vaccine went well, no side effects except sore arm for a day. ‘HOWEVER, they make the dose 2 appointments when you get your first dose, via the DPH website with their special login. Dh was scheduled just fine, but my shot hasn’t updated, meaning they were unable to schedule a second dose for me. They told me the DPH would send me an email w my appt, which would be the same time as dh’s second one. Nope. DPH tells me they have no way to do tha
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