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  1. We have a blended family and when oldest Dd got married we worked up a list of the family photos we wanted, and gave it to the photographer. The photographer actually required it, as it made photos go faster for him to read from the list ‘ bride and groom, all parents and stepparents’, or ‘b&g and her family of origin, including siblings and Nate and Joe’. You can add a couple with the newer boyfriend, but put them near the bottom of the list in case you run out of time. I’d definitely talk to Dd about it, too, to give her a heads up. Dd was married 20 years ago, so that might not be how photographers work now. But worth an ask.
  2. Send it back. That’s something you’re going to notice often and it’ll make you happier to have the size you need. I hope the right size is back in stock soon! Or that you’ll find it somewhere else, like Gardenmom5 did. (shopping is so weird these days. Want something Michael’s sells? Buy it through Walmart)
  3. We bought ds some bone conducting headphones for a Christmas and they are wonderful! I was so skeptical until I tried some at Best Buy. Tiny, almost weightless, excellent sound, and not in your ear.
  4. That sounds like an awful situation! Also it sounds like other employees are willing to throw you under the bus to distract from their own performance issues. That kind of thing infuriates me.
  5. The architectural boat tour is amazing, as is the Museum of Science and Industry. The art museum is excellent! If you haven’t seen a Broadway style show, you might like that.
  6. Agree! So many trees fall across both owner’s yard and neighbor’s, and our system means TWO insurance companies have to get involved, and two different debris removal charges, etc. So much simpler to just have tree owner’s insurance responsible. As the tree owner I would feel bad and want to pay the neighbor’s deductible, but since I’d already be paying ours, ouch! That can be a couple thousand dollars total.
  7. I guess technically he was 1-1.25 hours later than normal, but that is still a LOT of time to be off schedule. I like the suggestion of asking to review the camera footage.
  8. There was a second adult and between them they were lost for 2 hours? Yeah, that’s nuts. Even if second adult is just there to supervise kids, at some point they should have had a discussion about ‘being lost’. I hope you can get someone to listen to you.
  9. I’m sorry you lost your kitty. Hugs.
  10. Side sleeper wearing noise cancelling earbuds, listening to a podcast that has a host with a calm voice. Ceiling fan always on. Dh falls asleep w tv on and it ruins my ability to sleep well, which is why I do the podcast. Timer is set so my podcast ends a few minutes after the tv goes off. So when I wake up and it’s dark, I take my earbuds out. Doesn’t interrupt my sleep now. Considering an eye mask because the tv light still bothers me. After having interrupted sleep for years due to kids, I absolutely have earned quality sleep now they’re grown and flown.
  11. Hugs. I’m sorry. When we were worried day and night and our cat was behaving like you mentioned, it was time. Definitely time for him, though it happened fast enough that we weren’t emotionally ready. Your plan to call the vet tomorrow sounds reasonable. I doubt your kitty will poop, it even if it happens, it’s not enough to reconsider. Quality of life appears to be low. ‘I’m sorry.
  12. It just feels weird- for a few years Covid tamped down our gatherings and now that’s not an issue but we still aren’t getting together. Not even my sister, who lives 6 doors down! I asked if she wanted to come spend the day w us and she declined. Sigh. My other sister is my dad’s caretaker and doesn’t want to ‘do’ Easter. Family is so weird.
  13. My biggest caution is to carefully check into insurance. Our move was flawless, and not a thing was broken. But I’ve had SO many friends, and last year my sister had a devil of a time collecting when movers broke things. They paid something like 60 cents per pound for damage, nowhere near the cost. They damaged so many antiques my sister had and it was awful. There are reputable companies out there, with good insurance. But be sure to verify. Sometimes people book through a broker and the folks who actually do the move sell crummy insurance with high deductibles. Also make sure the quote is firm. I’ve had friends and family members hire movers and once things are on the truck they’re told it weighs a lot more than expected and they have to pay a lot more than was quoted. At that point they have your stuff, so they have the control. I’m not saying movers are not honest- I’m just suggesting that you check carefully to be sure you know what you’re paying for.
  14. Thanks- It worked this time. Please keep us updated if you don’t have enough items as it gets closer. I can do another order, just want to see what else is sent so you can let us know what you are most in need of.
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