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  1. Oh, I never meant to imply it as a sign of a bad home situation. We make our beds every day because we like climbing into a nicely made bed at the end of the day. But some people couldn’t care less about a bed being I figured some probably just don’t care about sheets. Though I can’t imagine WHY anyone would choose to sleep without sheets because eventually the mattress would feel icky. I commented on the Duggars because I’d never seen anyone regularly sleep without sheets until I saw it on their show. Sure, sometimes it happens when a kid throws up or wets the bed in the middle of the night, but not regularly. And they clearly have funds to buy and wash sheets, so it’s not a money thing. If kids are being abused I don’t care whether they have any and I agree on that point!
  2. Yup, that’s how we’re paying for COBRA since dh retired in July.
  3. All of this. Although doing it at camp with no parents around would eliminate what we dealt with when our kids did them through Awana. On derby night some kids showed up proudly holding the car they made with minimal guidance, painted as well as an 8 year old can do it. And then there were kids whose parents clearly did the majority of the work...scroll saw used to cut intricate designs, fancy spray paint with pinstripes or other embellishments, axles super slippery, and within 3 grams of max weight. It sucked the fun out of it before the racing even started. But for real- if you just let them assemble and paint them, then race them, it might be great fun. I’m clearly still irritated at the way the derby was run when our kids were little. I wish they had just included a parent category!
  4. The Duggar family has been talked about for years because their kids’ beds were frequently shown without sheets. My question is this- we wash sheets, so without a sheet on the mattress how is the mattress not grungy? I know stuff migrates through sheets to the mattress but that clean sheet on top HAS to feel better than just sleeping on a mattress.
  5. See, I’d sell the Eclipse simply because it’s more likely to need more work done to it and won’t last as long as the Prius. Will that outweigh the Prius payments over the next five years? Who knows. In five years will the Eclipse still have a few years of life left? Will the Prius? It’s great that you’ve driven the Eclipse for a few years- you’ll always have those memories of driving your dad’s car.
  6. We would use the majority of it responsibly but save a little out to celebrate to mark the occasion. Some couples love a fancy steak dinner but that’s not our thing. We’d likely use the little bit for a solo day trip (or maybe an overnight). No kids, no other friends. Just us driving and sightseeing and being together, talking. Because that’s what we like to do. And our routine is that we take a selfie and it goes into the rotation of pics we use on our phone screens. We each have about a dozen such pics and they bring back such good memories.
  7. She’s beautiful! Those eyes...that hair! So glad your recovery is going well. Hope your SIL has a healthy baby to cuddle soon!
  8. I don’t think it is necessarily a fail. Youngest Dd learned to read very early without me teaching her. So she never learned the ABC song because when other kids were learning that she was already reading. And I didn’t think much of it until she had to alphabetize something. So her her it was more like it wasn’t necessary until she had to put things in alphabetical order. But it was pretty easy for her to pick up - like within a few days putting things in alphabetical order was easy. We just made an index card w the letters and had her alphabetize a bunch of things. She really only had trouble w the last third or from Q on. It’s shocking to discover things like that, isn’t it?!
  9. I was already feeling bad that your dad’s impending move is stressing you out, but when you mentioned THIRD funeral...oh I’m so sorry!
  10. I have an Apple Watch 5 and it’s definitely waterproof. I have no issues with soaps in the shower, and also swim with it, both pool and ocean. My 88 year old dad has an iPhone but we aren’t confident he’ll wear an Apple Watch. Heck, we can’t get him to put his hearing aids in most days! ‘Listening in to learn about all the options out there.
  11. We moved into a house last year and it needed a dryer vent installed. I asked the electrician who was here doing some work and he told me a plumber does that. I called a plumber, skeptical that he did that kind of thing and yeah he told me it’s a plumbing thing. I was surprised, but there you’s something a plumber does. He unplugged the dryer but I thought that’s because he moved it so he could reach to connect the vent to the back. Maybe it was a safety issue.
  12. Same here- our senior center is where the meals on wheels program is administered. They serve lunch there five days a week for $2. They also pick people up/take them home three days a week, and it’s so good for elderly people. The staff cares so much about these folks- I’m pretty proud of how caring our senior center staff is.
  13. Our county currently has a waitlist because there aren’t enough volunteers to deliver the meals. I feel bad that dh and I can’t each deliver, but we share a car. Perhaps your mom was ina situation like that- I know our waitlist prioritizes people w no other options.
  14. Unsinkable, thanks for taking the time to post how you make chicken! I’m going to be able to use this for both my dad and our son, who gets off work around 11 Pm. He arrives home hungry but I really don’t want him to mess up my clean kitchen (and he’s tired and really just wants to eat). ‘Your comment about not walking away to talk to the dog cracked me up!😄
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