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  1. Same here. When I need new glasses I notice I’m not really focusing, more like on cruise control.
  2. I guess that makes sense- that’s how I dry off my bits after a shower. My niece and nephew put one in their guest bathroom and I guess they expect us to use tp. Which also makes sense for visitors.
  3. We use cottonelle mega rolls and have to check when we buy them. There are two ‘styles’ - like one is called soft and one strong or something. Anyway, one has way more square footage per roll and that’s what we use. Our house averages 1.5 rolls per week. Main bath uses one every seven days and the other two less often. We always stocked enough for a few months and that’s still how we do it. Bidet users- does your bidet also dry you? My niece/nephew installed bidets on their toilets at the start of the lockdown but you still wipe yourself after to dry yourself. Does that really save tp?
  4. I’m not please take this exactly as written. Hugs. You have friends here. We’re here for you.
  5. Our state (Georgia) added new info to our daily update- number of hospitalizations since the previous day, and positive rate of viral test(not antibody). Today’s new cases: 3420. New deaths- 23. New hospitalizations:274. %PCR positive: 14.8%. Our state flagship uni is in our town and last night the city/county voted to implement mandatory mask rule while in public, including people working outside. (hearing a lot of complaints about that). I said all that to say that I wish our positivity rate was as low as yours!!
  6. We did this for a while. Sometimes it’s easier to write things instead of say them. Even for a tween.
  7. I’m so sorry. It really does suck.
  8. I totally get what you’re saying. When dh and I married we were close, but neither of us were close to the other’s parents. So it felt weird calling them Mom and Dad. And even as we got to know each other better we didn’t have a parent/child relationship because we were adults when we met. I don’t have any problem w people who feel comfortable calling inlaws mom and dad, it just wasn’t right for us when we married.
  9. Dh and I have never called each other’s parents anything. For real. When we’re talking to each other we say ‘your dad’ or whatever, but in their presence we never called them anything. I know it sounds weird, but we just never felt comfortable with the mom/dad thing. ‘Dd has been married 15 years and she and her dh calls us inlaws by our first names. Youngest Dd is engaged and they both call each other’s parents by first names. We’re fine with it. (To add to the weirdness, our grandkids call me and their other grandma ‘Grandma” but also called my mom and my mother in-law grandma. Oddly enough there has never been confusion about who they are referring to, as context clues make it clear)
  10. Our son in law is a music pastor and I’m always surprised by how many gift cards they receive...for any reason and no reason. But a written thank you is very appreciated- everyone likes an attaboy.
  11. We kept Legos, Thomas trains and track, Playmobil, and American Girl dolls. And the dollhouse dh and I built for Dd when she was five. The Plymobil and AG dolls were played with some, but the big hit has been the dollhouse. Mostly because middle grand loves to make things for it and youngest grand still loves to move things around and make up stories. But in the past year it’s the only toy of that any grand has touched. I was shocked that none of them ever cared for the trains, and the playmobil phase was very short for them, where it lasted years with our kids. We did pass down many of the books our kids had as kids, but I don’t consider those toys.
  12. Get some quotes on insurance. After my BIL passed away, sis decided she wasn’t using the condo enough so decided to do some short term rentals like you’re talking about. Her insurance quotes skyrocketed. She ended up not doing it and just renting it to one person for the year. The insurance was higher than when she wasn’t renting it but way lower than the quotes for occasional renters. But that was a few years ago and maybe now it’s not like that. Her place in in Florida and location might make a big difference. Hope it works out for you!
  13. Really enjoying this thread- it’s a nice balance between feeling like you guys can relate to the struggles but also encouraging each other to not give up. Set new goals. ‘I’m trying to work on some monthly goals, and it’ll take a couple of days to figure that out. In the meantime I just removed from my calendar all the plans we’d previously made that are now not going to happen. Every month I think it’ll be the last month I have to do that...but it keeps happening.
  14. I’ve known people who have used bridge loans - the way my friends did it was like this: they figured out how much equity from the sale of the current house was going to be used for down payment/closing costs for the new place. Then they got two loans- a mortgage and a bridge loan. When the old house sold, they used the proceeds to pay off the bridge loan. Usually bridge loans are short term and probably higher interest, though it’s quite possible I’m wrong.
  15. In our state they can shoot them off until midnight, and it’s felt like a war zone for the past two hours. They’re constant and coming from many, many places. It definitely wasn’t like this last year in our area- I think it’s because local fireworks displays have been cancelled. I’m ready for them to be over and feel so bad for people with frightened children, scared dogs, and vets with ptsd.
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