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  1. As empty nesters, dh and I wash one load of clothes a week, so pjs get washed then. But in full disclosure, when we had four kids here and washed clothes every day, my pjs weren’t washed more often than once a week. In fact, maybe less often because I was already overloaded with laundry. Dd has four kids and I recently saw her enormous pile of clean laundry ready to be folded. I gasped. She reminded me that it was like that at our house for years. How quickly I forget.
  2. Adding a bathroom sounds easier, and would be great for resale. Does your area allow tiny houses? So many don’t- places are zoned residential for one living space and sometimes it’s hard to get building permits for a tiny house. For instance, we’re adding on to our garage and adding a workshop. We toyed w adding a bathroom but the permit office freaked out because w a bathroom it’s a separate dwelling, and not allowed in our county without a zoning variance.
  3. Our youngest daughter went through a spell of that every time we ate at a restaurant. We never figured it out. For her, it happened right away- often before she was even finished with her meal. Oddly enough it didn’t happen if we brought takeout home. We wondered if there was some anxiety involved, but like I said, never figured it out. Hope you can find an answer- that’s tough for a teen.
  4. I think I am a more visual person - when I’m talking to someone or even thinking about them, I see them in my head. So I figured hearing her niece would remind her of her daughter. (Hear niece, see her in her head, remember how much she resembles her daughter) Glad OP’s niece can at least text her aunt- hopefully it helps her not feel discarded.
  5. I’m a little surprised that she talks and texts w your Dd but won’t see her in person. Agreeing w the others- I wouldn’t attend without Dd. She’s 12, and has done nothing wrong. In her mind, she might think she’ll NEVER get invited to family events. How awful for a 12 year old who is also grieving. I’m sorry. Hope you can find a way to make her understand without upsetting her.
  6. Wow- I’ve never had that happen, though I do know not to leave charging phones on things like beds or under pillows.
  7. We leave ours plugged in. We use charging pads...it would be pretty annoying to have to unplug them after each use. Also leave the chargers for iPads plugged in. We’re not supposed to do that?
  8. As I read everything that you’re doing, and how your life has changed in the past couple of years, all I picture is a performer we watch at our university’s basketball games...she’s Red Panda and she rides a very tall unicycle while throwing china bowls on top of her head...one by one until the stack is so high you think she can;t possibly throw another up that far, let alone balance it there. And yet she does. You’re allowed to change your mind. Kudos to you for knowing you’re beyond your limit and thoughtfully choosing how to fix that.
  9. This year’s goals- finish the Christmas lap quilt I started, and make Christmas placemats. (In my defense, I didn’t finish these because instead I made a quilt of valor for a Vietnam vet, and made two quilts for guys who lost their mom several years ago.) Fabric ordered for a Valentine garland/flag banner that I’ll attach the vintage Valentines dh has from his childhood. valentines from 55 years ago are ADORABLE and will be nice for my mantle. Every year we do an exchange quilt with me, my two sisters, and two dear friends in Texas. We all make identical blocks, mail to each ot
  10. Same here- last gift, a t shirt, arrived yesterday. I didn’t know the vendor was in our state...they are about 2 hours from here. It took 19 days to get here. Vendor offered to refund or reship- but I said to wait another week and it showed up. Ds didn’t mind a late gift so I was glad it was for him and not a grandkid who would have been sad not to have a gift from us.
  11. MIL had dementia and when she had a uti it made the dementia symptoms worse. The hardest part is that she never had the typical pain, and with diapers there wasn't even the chance to look for cloudy urine. So when she’d start showing noticeably worse dementia symptoms we’d have her checked for uti and she always had one. Honestly I don’t know if it ever cleared up. But yeah, it’s a nasty cycle. They stop drinking because they have trouble getting to the bathroom and don’t want to have accidents, then the lack of fluids seems to make uti appear more often, and that brings on worse dementia, wh
  12. Today I made a sweet potato hash with red onion, red bell, garlic, and green onions. My spring mix salad appears to only have like four different kinds of lettuce. Part of my issue is using all of the fresh produce I buy. So for instance, I have half a red onion and half the red bell and the rest of the garlic to use this week, along with the rest of the spring mix. I’m definitely not committed enough to use up 30 different ones in a week. We usually average about 8-10 in a week, though it’ll also be the same 8-10 next week...
  13. I’m not sure I eat 30 different vegetables in an entire year. Good for you!
  14. Praying for your Dd and your mama heart. So grateful for your dd - she’s a true hero.
  15. I’d WAY rather have fireworks. I hope they light them all tonight, and don’t save any for Election Day. I’m totally cool with one day of noise. I’m also happy that nobody in our neighborhood seems to be having a party tonight. Usually people go from one party to another and that is not a good idea.
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