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  1. Today: Made dough for pie crusts, baked chocolate chess pie. Baked a pie crust. Left to do today: make filling for French silk pie to fill the above baked pie crust. Roll and bake another crust and assemble lasagna for tomorrow. Tomorrow: make focaccia make custard and meringue for the peanut butter pie (to put in the crust I hope to roll and bake tonight) bake lasagana make sausage balls for breakfast
  2. Thanksgiving week for us has always been Pie Week, where we have a different pie every day. It’s a tradition our kids have grown up on and even as adults they love it.
  3. We bought Outfoxed for our then 5 year old grand last Christmas and she still LOVES to play that game. I consider that a huge win, as usually I can’t even remember what I bought the kids the previous year.
  4. Annie G


    For me, a wedding is a good place to start with this kind of situation. You can be polite, but there won’t be any opportunity to ‘get into’ the issues. So you don’t have to worry about being ambushed or confronted. And even if it’s a small wedding, you can probably limit conversation to a quick greeting then just hang out with others.
  5. I generally treat texts like physical mail- I only want to deal with it once. So if it comes in and I see a preview but don’t have time to respond, I leave it unopened until I have time to deal with it (otherwise I run the risk that I’ll forget that I haven’t responded). But if I read it and it’s a quick reply, I just do it then. If I read it and I can’t yet reply due to something like needing to check w dh before accepting an obligation, I at least reply w. a quick “I’ll get back to you after I check with him”. As for what I expect from others- it depends on how they use their phones. M
  6. Today we shopped for the next two weeks. While we’re not having a turkey, we did look to see what the prices are, and very few were available at any of the three stores we went to. No Coke Zero cherry (been looking for a few weeks). Decent stock of toilet paper and other such things. Eggs back to being weird. 99 cents a dozen but the same brand 18 count is 2.50. And the dozens are regular price- it’s just that the 18 count prices are higher.
  7. We have a killer lasagna that I make once a year. Yummy salad, I’ll make focaccia , and a few pies. There will be five of us. Our three, plus my nephew and his wife, who both work from home and rarely go out. Won’t be seeing our kids, grandkids, my sisters, or my dad. Maybe next year.
  8. I have a pair of Athleta leggings...have worn them for years. Man, they fit great and feel so good. Alas, they are showing age and now are just for yard work and bumming around the house. A couple years ago I tried to replace them but the style wasn’t available and none that I tried on felt worth the $$ I spent on these.
  9. I’m so sad. We have so many memories wrapped around Jeopardy. My late mother just loved it- she never finished high school but was so smart- she quietly whispered the answers and usually beat us. Our oldest and youngest loved Jeopardy and when they came home, whether it was from college or bringing significant others to meet us, they always wanted to watch Jeopardy as a family. Once dh heard the category for final Jeopardy and guessed the answer without hearing the question. Sure, it was a fluke, but so fun. Rest In Peace, Alex. Well done.
  10. We have the dining room set my grandmother bought when WW2 ended. We use the table, the China cabinet holds my fiestaware (and puzzles stored in the bottom), and the buffet is in my sewing studio where I use the entire top for ironing when I sew. My dad made a nifty custom ironing board to cover the top but it doesn’t damage the buffet in case I ever want to use it for other things. Lots of storage under it. Hope you love your China cabinet, Dawn!
  11. I’m so sorry. That’s just too much.
  12. You know, that makes me think that including this in my bullet journal would be even easier than the paper register I use, and it would be there for me to see in the future, too. I keep our budget info in the bullet journal, as well as details about house renovations and stuff. Thanks for posting!
  13. I use paper registers for the accounts I manage and dh uses electronic registers for the ones he manages. I write bills once a month, about the 20th, for the next month. So I write all the things even though most won’t be taken out until they are automatically withdrawn on the due dates. That lets me see how much is left in my account after bill paying, and also track what had cleared, such as birthday checks to kids living far away. So you’re saying I can do this on my bank app instead of a paper register? I didn’t know that.
  14. Repairing an heirloom quilt is a daunting task. Finding appropriate fabrics to use, learning techniques that aren’t as common today (traditional wedding ring quilts aren’t made as often today), and the stress of repairing someone else’s quilt can really limit the number of folks who will take on that project. I’d encourage you to take some photos of the quilt, both distance and close up of the damage, and include those when you solicit someone to fix it. And it might cost you more than you think. I repaired a much newer quilt (about 20 years old) on a corner where a dog had chewed it. It was
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