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  1. I totally agree with you about making wild guesses- but when someone suddenly has a big change in behavior, what is the right thing to do? My bestie lost her 13 year old grandson and after the fact several people said they noticed a big change in him, but nobody reached out. I never know when or how to reach out, since I’m super introverted and would probably NEVER respond to someone trying to help me. OP, I’m sorry for mentioning it. I’ll delete if you like.
  2. That would really worry me- is it possible she was assaulted while on vacation? It seems like it would take something big to bring about such a drastic change.
  3. A bill collector would not hesitate to badger her mom. I’m joking about that, but really, it does seem concerning that she’s suddenly gone from reliable to totally ignoring you. I hope everything is ok.
  4. She’s the one who needs an attitude adjustment, and if she doesn’t promptly pay you back when requested, she’s the one who is instigating a ‘family blowout’. She might not need to work but you do and she cost you money when she left you high and dry and you had to call out of your shift.
  5. The chicken salad and and croissants sure would have been helpful back in the 80’s when it was standard baby/bridal shower luncheon food - my 20’s had me throwing a lot of showers. Costco’s is really tasty but wayyyy too much for me and dh.
  6. If it’s an actual drop (not a smear) you might be able to use the tip of a razor blade or even a pin to loosen the edge of the drip and peel it up. I’ve had good luck with that when I didn’t want to put solvents on a finished floor.
  7. They have a chilled section of ready to heat/eat things like salads, street tacos, meatloaf and mashed potato meals, stuff like that. In our store it’s right next to the rotisserie chicken case.
  8. Fidelity and Vanguard are who we use, with the majority in Fidelity. For the past two years (that’s the data I have right here), even with fees, our managed accounts have earned a higher return than our self managed accounts. It’s close, but when you factor in the tax advantaged investments the managed are clearly doing better. I really have no idea how to invest in tax free things(I don’t mean Roth, I mean muni bonds and such), foreign things, etc. which is what we’re learning by being actively involved in how the managed accounts are being run. I’d love to learn enough to feel confident in managing all our accounts but since we’re retired, I’m pretty cautious about biting off more than I can chew.
  9. I always buy a rotisserie chicken to make a pot pie, chicken salad, chicken soup or something. We always keep peanut m and ms and their chocolate covered raisins for our sweet tooth. Reynold’s foil sheets are my go-to for foil here and are used to wrap biscuits for road trips, etc. Very inexpensive. Maple syrup is a good buy. Watch for sales- we bought enough synthetic oil on sale last month to cover our oil changes for the next year, at less than half the price we pay locally. we buy the chicken breasts that come fresh , in six little packages. There’s usually about 1.25-1.5 pound in each pack, just right for us. six at a time is a month of chicken for us. That street taco meal, like someone mentioned above, is delicious.
  10. I’m not sure I necessarily agree with the quote. I feel that our firm is very interested in making money for us. If they don’t, we’ll take our money elsewhere. I mean, every business is trying to make money for themselves while also giving their customer good service and good value. Whether it’s a restaurant, a retail store, a construction trade…they are balancing making money while also giving the customer good value. I’m not convinced financial advisors are doing any less for my interest than my local plumber is when I need their service. As for two Roths with equal investments but different returns, Vanguard has very low fees. But are you saying it’s more than the fee cost that is the difference? Are the investments showing different gross returns? We use Vanguard but haven’t ever used EJ. But even Total Stock Market funds will vary because it depends on how each are weighed. They usually have many of the same stocks but at different percentages. That alone changes gross growth. My IRA is more aggressively invested than dh’s but neither of us are ‘wrong’. Just different approaches.
  11. We have a financial advisor now that dh is retired. For us accumulating money was easy when dh was working-just toss money into the 401k and pick a few funds for the $ to be invested in. But now we’re learning withdrawal strategies and a seemingly unlimited choice of investment options, and learning about tax advantages. So the advisor actively manages some and dh handles the rest. We’ve been really happy with our choice of advisor. We needed someone who understands us-our lifestyle and our risk tolerance. The advisor is based in a high priced part of Atlanta area and it took a bit for him to realize that our yearly budget is truly realistic for us, since we’ve lived on this forever. (We don’t have the high costs associated with living there) Also we’re keeping our income low to qualify for high ACA subsidies until we’re old enough for Medicare. So we’re juggling withdrawing enough taxable income to qualify but also taking out from taxable accounts because only the gains count for ACA. Every quarter we meet (back to in person next month! YAY) and discuss the investment strategies and what we might want to consider in the upcoming quarter. We like to be fairly involved, though, and that might not suit the OP. My sister has had the same financial advisor for 25 years and talks to him maybe twice a year. She doesn’t want to be involved at all, and that works for her.
  12. We’re empty nesters except our youngest (son) lives at home. Youngest daughter lives 1000 miles away and we have a standing phone call on Tuesday evenings. So on Tuesday we’re chatting and suddenly we can’t hear her, though the call doesn’t seem to have disconnected. We’re doing typical 60 year old person thing like repeatedly saying ‘are you there’ when ds bursts through the front door like Kramer from Seinfeld. Wild look on his face. He sees we’re ‘on the phone’ and asks if we’re talking to his sister. Then proceeds to tell us as he pulled into the driveway, it started to rain big fat drops and he hears a voice IN HIS CAR asking “Is it raining? Is that hail?” And since it was exactly what HE was wondering and it sounded like MY voice, it freaked him out to think that suddenly his inner voice was his mother. My phone somehow connected to his car’s Bluetooth when he came into the driveway, so that’s how she heard the rain that sounded super loud. He had to go back out and park his car- in his panic he kind of Tokyo Drifted it halfway into the grass.
  13. I like this except I’d rather talk to the server myself. It feels kinder than ratting her out to her boss. Plus you never know if the boss will present it the way you intended. But maybe that’s just me- when I was working I hated when someone had a problem and went straight to my boss. Give me a chance to explain myself and fix the issue.
  14. When I’ve received excellent service that causes me to tip higher than usual, I make the effort to let the server know how pleased we were. Money is definitely king, but everyone loves a genuine attaboy in addition. A few years ago it occurred to me that if I don’t also speak up when I receive poor service the server will just think I’m a lousy tipper and that might make their service even worse for the next table. It’s pretty easy to distinguish when someone is trying to do a good job vs just phoning it in. We so rarely have bad experiences, though.
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