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  1. I am tired, too. Work tomorrow, and then I have a cake to bake. Got some good character work done, and made my agent super happy because I have a second fantasy series already 3/4 of the books in first draft form. 🙂
  2. Morning. School today. I have a call from my agent today. I don't know what else will happen after that.
  3. Morning. I am lying in bed having my usual debate: Get up and feel sick, or stay in bed and hope the sickness settles down. I just hate mornings.
  4. I had dentist and health check and I have a weird swelling in my shoulder around where a lymph node would be if I was a dog and my agent is calling first thing in the morning and I might be going on submission and we had a massive hailstorm last night that amazingly didn't break any windows and I am tired. The end. 🤣 Doctor is scheduled to look at my odd swelling next week.
  5. Two days of getting myself seen to. Dentist for me on Wednesday, and today was health physical for insurance. My bloodwork is okay, but I have an odd swelling in my shoulder to be checked next week. School tomorrow. Boys are not amused.
  6. Both my guys have desks. They use the kitchen table for school. But the desks? Those are their own creative spaces. They clutter them, yes, but they also read there, write their stories there, draw there. So for us, the desks are needed, but not for school. Both boys are fifteen.
  7. My one boy is just glued to the reports. He keeps saying--"but it survived WW2". He's been really delving into WW2 on his own, and I think it bothers him that something that survived wars could be destroyed. ETA: Booyah But I don't like this booyah. Just glad that the reports from Notre Dame say only one person injured and no one killed.
  8. Whew! Yesterday was a manic Monday for sure. I sent all my revised materials off to my agent, watched the end results of a writing contest, and picked up some new stories to look at for revisions. These are so super polished, it's fun to go through and just spot places where "more", whatever more might be, can be brought out and enhanced. But it makes for harder thinking on my part. Boys did school, and we followed the coverage of Notre Dame and talked about history. Today, the boys have school, I have some writing and critiques to do, and I need to cook. That should be plenty. I'm supposed to be resting!
  9. Just so sad. It's one of the places I would have loved to go see.
  10. Notre Dame Cathedral is on fire. I'm trying not to cry.
  11. One synopsis down. I think I may have made it too emotionally charged, but usually when I do that--so that's I'm literally cringing at the potential melodrama--I usually hit the right spot. Hazard of being a less than feeling kind of person? Don't know. I'm eating granola and debating whether to bake potatoes or mash them. I think I will bake them. Much easier. One more synopsis to read and tweak, and then I'm calling it good.
  12. Good morning! Back at editing and revision today, taking things one paragraph at a time for these two synopses I need to finish by tomorrow. I'm reasonably happy with the one (after four intensive revisions), and the last is still very rough, but it's the least important, and I think I should be able to revise it to something workable. I will likely get much more time to work on it in the future. So not so worried about it. Other than that, just trying to have a restful day. I always feel horribly depressed at the end of one project, even if I have another one already in progress. Some rest, reading, and maybe a movie at some point. That should help. Boys are watching golf, playing on the computer, and generally relaxing too. May be a nice, quiet day.
  13. Morning. I'm a day away from sending all my materials to my agent again. Crossing my fingers that the bulk work is done on what must go out on submission, and that I can continue to refine and work on my synopses for the unwritten stories. It's just about the hardest thing on the planet to write a detailed synopses for a book that a) has either not been written or is in first draft form, b) needs revision and you know it, but you also know that you'll need to rewrite it at least twice before it is ready for revision, and c) that is all going to change because the first book hasn't been edited for publishing yet. I compared it to doing a puzzle without a box, where two puzzles have been dumped together, and your only tool is a pair of scissors with which you cut every piece to make it fit.
  14. Morning! Last day of revision to the MS! 50 more pages. Then I have another synopsis to write, and one to tweak. Then done???? For now? The boys have Algebra, Geometry, Latin, Literature, History, Science. I really need to tackle some of the house next week. Revision house is a thing.
  15. Morning. I'm starting out feeling a little sick, and very tired. But I have around 50 pages to read to be done, and a concept synopsis to type up and ruminate on for the weekend. Off we go!
  16. It's in my ideas file, parked and waiting for me to play with it when I'm ready.
  17. I rivered. It was peaceful, but windy. I'm waiting on someone to read my synopsis and tell me it's still garbage. I was going to use another word that Hemingway would use, but happy place. So I didn't. I had a great idea for my third book, but like all soap bubbles, it's probably going to pop when I try it out on paper. But it's a start.
  18. I am back from Art. I did not art. My brain is completely submerged in words. All the words. I might hate words. I think I need chocolate. Somebody send Rocco with a bucket of fudge.
  19. Art is done. I couldn't paint. I couldn't draw. All of my creative energy is being pulled into the vortex of writing at the moment. Maybe next week? Boys did Math and Latina and art. After lunch we are going out to the river to relax. The boys want to explore and fish. I will take notebooks and do character work and more synopsis work. Just really wiped out trying to get the last of the revision work done.
  20. Susan, we have a wren nesting in a chair on the front porch. The chair belongs to DH. I asked him if he wanted to clear out the twigs when the birds started building. He said no. Let them raise a clutch--but only one! What do you want to bet we'll have baby birds all over the front porch this year? She has five eggs now and is sitting.
  21. Morning. Editing continues. Got 144 pages left. Can I do 100 today? Maybe. Some emotionally intense stuff, and I may break down after 50. Other than that, I'm writing another synopsis, need to track down a few people to read it when I'm finished, and then adjust and edit it on Friday or Saturday. I have a river trip planned for Friday just for a day of doing little but imagining and writing what comes up. Chance of poems is anticipated. The boys are in a great mood this morning, humming Christmas carols for some reason. They have a usual day of Algebra, Geometry, Literature, History and Science today. They finished their level in KISS, and I think they may have gone as far as they need there. Image Grammar is next, because it's time to take that foundation and play with it in writing. So looking forward to finishing this current revision, and taking about a week to play with school stuff for summer.
  22. Good morning. I've got a full day coming up: I want to power through another 100 pages of manuscript and find "the place" to add one little touch of scene that my agent wants. Then I have a synopsis to finish and send out to some kind people who have offered to read it. Plus, I stepped outside and two poems started filtering in, line by line, so I had to rush and open documents for them and start putting words down before they fly off like blue butterflies. Additionally, two more alpha readers have the first book of the new series I am writing. I'm not anxious--it's a first draft, and all of them need tons of work. But it's more I need to print this week for one reader. Best write that down so I don't forget it. I have a river trip planned for Friday. I've got a document to write that I haven't even got more than a theme to build around, and I need all the inspiration I can get.
  23. Good morning. All set up to tackle another 100 pages of story, finish a fourth draft of a synopsis, and then a first draft of another. Lots to do today. Boys are set for Latin, Algebra, Geometry, Literature, History, Science.
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