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  1. Morning. I don't think I ever made it over here yesterday. It was such a wild morning, I didn't eat lunch until almost 2 pm. Today: House: chores Gardens: container watering School: scheduled day off Writing: catch up missed stuff from yesterday, continue revisions, drafting, journal, some research Extra: hair cuts today, and boy, do I ever need one. That stinks about the rink, @HomeAgain
  2. I bought Prisma. I still buy Prisma. I have a few other brands that I love now, too. But yeah, it often comes down to cost with watercolor supplies. However, speaking as someone who watercolors often and has learned a few things, when it comes to watercolor (and that includes using the pencils or crayons) if you have to spend money--spend it on the paper, not the paint. Paint (and pencils are paint here) are important, but the paper will actually make or break the experience. I wouldn't be too worked up for sketching, though. Only if you intend to paint with them.
  3. Morning. I'm starting out the week not feeling great, so it may be a stay at home and not do much kind of day. However: House: chores, some cleaning (kitchen, laundry, dining room) Gardens: containers School: usual Dinner: Italian chicken, some pasta, broccoli Writing: revisions, some drafting, working on learning how to build a newsletter and updating stuff, journal Extra: errands in town, but only after I start feeling better.
  4. Morning. I think I got glutened. Yesterday I felt tired and baffled all day, and then the symptoms hit in earnest. So I think I have another 24 hours to go and then be back to my usual self. No other issues other than the usual. So today, I will probably just stick close to home and do things here. I did need to go to town, but that's going to have to wait until I'm done with internal earthquakes.
  5. The kitten (young cat now) believes that we should get up every morning at five-thirty, because that's about the time DH gets up during the week and I get up on Saturdays. So we haven't been able to sleep in on Sundays for a while, and it's catching up with me. I badly need a nap, but I'll have to settle for early bedtime. Got errands to run in town tomorrow. Ugh.
  6. Better late than never! Today's goals: House: chores, groceries Gardening: none today, but will water containers tomorrow Cooking: well, we were going to have chicken and risotto, but it turned out I didn't have the arborio rice I thought I had, so now it's pizza. School: none Writing: journal, revise two chapters, read 10 chapters in another book which is set for revisions this month, send Beta feedback off, query stuff, writing schedule for the week.
  7. Morning. Ugh. Starting out the day with a pounding headache, but I think I can kill it with caffeine. Today's goals: House: chores, bed, bath Gardens: watering (almost done with everything now except for containers, though) Cooking: turkey breast, gravy, potatoes, fried appels School: usual Writing: continue revisions, journal, typing up Beta notes today Extra: errands in town
  8. Morning. Starting out the day with a pounding headache. I'm attempted to kill it with caffeine. Writing and revising today--I gave myself almost a two week break after finishing revisions on one project, but it's time to dive back in to something else. Bad thing is I have my projects all set with deadlines and one fool story has been tapping on my shoulder every day asking for its turn--which is in November. Stories are worse than kids.
  9. Yesterday we had some lake time, which was so nice. It's going to be hot for the rest of the week, but yesterday was moderate. That is, tolerable. Today's goals: House: chores, some cleaning Gardens: watering Cooking: may do the chicken and noodles today, some cauliflower, potentially a cake School: usual Writing: continued reading and revisions. It's going slow. I'm possibly tired out. But I think once I settle back in, things will go well. Journal. Extra: town errands
  10. I am going to try to get out and do some walking this morning while it's cooler. I think some exercise would help me deal with a lot of pent up emotions that aren't coming out easily--stomping off the irritations, frustration, anger, and sadness as much as possible. I have been feeling about like a volcano ready to go off, and I need to vent somehow.
  11. You're not the only one. (Hugs) Although not restricted by regulations, being restricted by surges is also a real thing. I'm fortunate we don't live in a city and are surrounded by mountains, so we can get out in nature more than most.
  12. Morning! Back to the grind here, too. Today's goals: House: chores, sweep and mop kitchen/laundry/dining room, one shelf in kitchen to declutter. Gardens: watering Cooking: pizza night School: usual Writing: finish the last of the reading on one manuscript today and diving into revisions on the first two chapters, reading through a second manuscript today, reading my Beta read again and thinking through for improvements, some drafting, working on some social media stuff (my least favorite part of being an author because introverted clam) Extra: errands in town, writers' meeting
  13. Morning. One boy is up and making breakfast. The other will need to get up in about three minutes. He's one of those night owls that needs about two hours to get motivated in the mornings. I've suggested no early morning classes, even high interest ones. They always killed me in school and if I could have had more days with classes starting at nine or even 8:30, it would have been better for me. Other than that, this week is supposed to be dry and hot again, although maybe not as bad as last week, although by the weekend it's supposed to be miserable again. When's fall?
  14. Oh, what I'd give for a solid week of gray, raining, and lower 70s. Or even 60s. You know, the weather that smells like pencil shavings, damp earth, and requires a comfortable flannel shirt, fluffy socks, and a cup of hot chocolate in the evenings. Wah! Today's goals: House: chores, September cleaning plans Gardens: watering Cooking: making chicken and noodle with leftover chicken, and I may bake a cake of some kind. School: off today, planning (I've got some books and resources to buy this week if possible) Writing: today is all the reading day. I have three full books to read, and two of them to take notes on. And two of those are my books. So. Some social media stuff. Writing schedule planning for September. All the summer fun is done, and it's time for fall fun. Extra: errands in town
  15. Morning. No school here today. I might have done it, but why? No real reason. So I decided not. Today I have a ton of reading to do and some planning. I need extra caffeine.
  16. Morning. It's RAINING!!!!!! It won't rain for long. But it is raining, and given the month, I think it warrants the caps and multiple exclamation marks. Today's goals: House: chores Cooking: grilling hamburgers School: schedules Gardens: container watering Writing: finish reading my manuscript today in preparation for diving into revision work for the rest of the month, journaling, maybe some poetry reading and research. I'm supposed to pick a form poem and try to do it, and I'm pretty sure I'm not supposed to do a haiku or a limerick. Beta reading today, too. Extra: errands in town.
  17. Good morning. We got rain. Also found a new leak in the roof, so we'll have to investigate that after rain stops. Probably around a vent and it's been so hot and dry, things like sealant might need to be reapplied. Oddly, I don't think it rained in around the chimney--a chronic source of trouble. On rats--I did one have some success with an electrified floor trap. I wouldn't do poison either, although the exterminators were pretty mad at me about that. But, I'm not entirely sure that all the success was due to the trap, or the fact that we also have some pretty good snakes around the house who love a rat. Hard to say.
  18. Wow, I never got here yesterday. It was a whole thing of a day. Today's goals: House: chores, a little cleaning Gardens: watering Cooking: fried chicken, maybe mashed potatoes, but I'll have to get some School: usual Writing: mostly recover from yesterday, reading, working on a few other things, some scheduling of tasks Extra: town errands
  19. It's still hot. It's still dry. When is fall? I would be so happy just to see a cloud with some rain in it right now.
  20. Morning! Less of a problem here getting reading done, so it gets better! Today's goals: House: chores, some cleaning--revision house was set to be cleaned this month. Due to...well, more revisions, I have to clean it and revise at the same time. Gardens: watering Cooking: leftovers, maybe make some fried chicken? I might. School: none today (scheduled day off) but the boys are reading me their revised novels, and we'll all sit down and read and listen later. I also need to put together a list of needed fall books. Writing: sub package stuff, read another novel in preparation for revisions (maybe two novels), journal, prep some pitches, get the last of a few forms completed and blurbs and send them off. Month in review, September planning. Extra: nothing if I can help it, but I'll need to get ice for the chickens probably.
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