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  1. Morning. So much writing to do this week. And painting to do, too. I really need to cook a bit today as soon as I get groceries to do it with. List time.
  2. Morning! June is flying by. I wonder if that means July and August will go just as fast. Boys are still out on vacation, so no school for us this week. Two weeks off should be just right. When they get back, I'll stake stock of what books we need and start putting together a list of what needs to be ordered. I meant to do that while they were gone, but writing.
  3. I'm writing today and hope to paint. I assume my offspring are enjoying themselves on vacation.
  4. Afternoon. Up to my elbows in writing, but I want to be in paint soon. Been needing an afternoon with the paintbrush. But I have another 500 words to write first, and a Murder Patch of pumpkins to water.
  5. I see numbers. And a couple of dictators on my bed. But no dead people. Yet.
  6. We got to around 80 today. Maybe. I know we're going to pay for this.
  7. Yay! I have another quiet day to work on my story. I have a couple of short stories to work on, and two novels that need more words, and two pictures that need paint. Thinking about turning on some music in another part of the house and just pounding away all day at it, at least until the afternoon when I need to water plants and go into town.
  8. I just watered all the pumpkins in the Murder Patch. They will be the death of me. I'm in charge while the boy is gone, and I have a laundry list of "what to do while I'm gone" on the board regarding said pumpkin plants. But I can't die, because ITT. I wrote about 5000 words on my writing projects. I still have some chores to do with the chickens, some character work to write, and two pieces to read and revise, and one to read and critique. That should keep me busy for the rest of the day.
  9. Good morning! My children are leaving me. I'm partly sad, and the other part doing the Snoopy dance because it will be quiet. I really love my turtles, but I also love a quiet pond now and again, and they will have a lot of fun biking, zip-lining, and generally having a awesome adventure with grandparents.
  10. Morning. Trying to get two crabby boys ready to go for a week vacation with grandparents. I will miss them, but I am looking forward to some quiet time. Introvert.
  11. Morning. I have no advice on lifting weights. But I think a bench would be nicest. If you are just using hand weights, the kids can come and make you drop them so you can help them look for their shoes. But if they come out in the garage and Mom is benchpressing her body weight with Dad spotting, they'll probably go look for their shoes themselves. Writing all day today. The boy can't find his shoes. Wish me luck.
  12. Morning. Writing is planned for today, and some revisions to one short story. The boys are getting ready for their vacation. I'm hoping that I get a little bit of a vacation, too, but chances are good I'll end up working a lot more than I'd like on the house and in the garden. At least the weather is supposed to be nice for a few days. I really need to plan fall term, too. Start ordering books at the end of the month if we need any. I've got quite a lot we could do this year rather than get a bunch of new curriculum, but some things would be nice to have.
  13. Long day of writing, but I am averaging 5000 words a day at this point for the week. Trying to keep that up. Bedtime now, though.
  14. Writing, writing, writing, keep those keys a'clacking, and write! Story of my life this month. Got 20K to write this week. But the boys get to go on vacation in a few days, which should leave me a wide open space for long sessions with my stories.
  15. Somehow, June got swapped for October this morning. It turned bright, blue, cool, and windy overnight. I have the windows open. In June. The other shoe has got to drop. Today is the first day of break. I have until noon to write. Then I've said I'll take the boys to the river for a while.
  16. Good morning, croaked the toad. I need to get hopping and write my wrists off. I am 5000 away from hitting 20K on two novels in a month, and I am going to get it today! I am using June as my marathon writing month to complete one series and get ready to hop back in another before I write the third book in the trilogy that is on submission right now. My agent now knows that I have another series almost complete in first draft form, and so I'm supposed to revise the first book of that in July for her to read and critique, so I can get it ready to go on submission sometime this fall if possible. And then I have a standalone book to write in November. Plus other projects to bring to a boil. The boys head out of town with grandparents, so I'm looking forward to a solid week of writing without requests to go to the lake, river, etc, although I'll probably go by myself to relax a time or two! Have a lake trip planned for this afternoon, so I need to bury myself in words and burrow until I get my 5000 on the page.
  17. Morning! Second full week in Jun, and I'm hoping I get it free of headaches. We are off school this week. The boys have a trip east planned with the grandparents, and I'm planning to push myself with word count and see if I can't get to 50K on both of my projects by next Sunday. Camp NaNoWriMo is coming up in July, and I want to be free to actually relax, and do some revision, character work, and generally take a break from a pretty intense 6+ months of writing. Today, though....I have the grocery list to do, 5K words to write, and the boys want to go to the lake this afternoon. Got to get on it!
  18. Morning! Writing! So much story to write. So little time. I have a goal I've set and I'm going to hit it or blister my fingers trying. I'm over halfway there with two days to go!
  19. Morning. I need to spend all day behind the laptop writing. I really, really, really want to meet my goal this week. After the headache slowed me down for three days, it's time to get going. Boys are done with school, and it's supposed to rain all afternoon. Must. Get. Moving.
  20. Morning! Went to bed with the persistent headache, but so far it's holding off this morning. Hope it stays off. Boys have school. They would like to go do stuff, but it's supposed to storm for the next few days. They may just have to be bored for a few.
  21. Morning. After a headache that persisted from Sunday to last night, I hope I've finally beaten it. It's supposed to storm for a few days, too.
  22. Just OTC stuff like Tylenol and Ibuprofen. Which I will take once I get something on my stomach. I don't feel up to eating yet.
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