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  1. Has anyone heard from Aethylryth today? I know they were supposed to be getting wild weather...
  2. I finally finished another book. This one was so much fun!
  3. My kids all share a hamper. Each week it is a different child's turn to do the laundry. (We have 4 rotating chores for the 4 kids at home.) If the laundry helper doesn't do her job, she has three sisters to yell at her that they need clean clothes. :) Of course, recently this has not been a problem. Three of my children have not left the property since March. (One has monthly orthodontist appointments.)
  4. Good Morning! Happy Tuesday! I have to leave the house later today. I need to find my shoes first.
  5. Still plugging away at science... I should have planned this all out several years ago. Like, before two of my kids graduated. 😞 I am taking solace in the fact that four of my children will benefit, and that is more than most people even have. Also, I have yet to find a STEM major among them. Definitely not ds20 (criminal justice) or dd18 (art).
  6. I am ending the day without a headache. In fact, I think it was gone by lunch. Oh, and dh fixed the dishwasher. (Not that it makes much of a difference to me, because I don't do dishes.)
  7. Does anyone else hate using a microscope? I don't even know if ours works... 😞
  8. My kids got a math problem. 😉 20 teeth x 6 kids x $1/tooth = nope. We knew early on that we wanted more than a few children, and I knew that it was something that I really didn't want to keep up with. We have never done the tooth fairy, but one of my kids found out that Grandma and Grandpa do. :) She lost two teeth at their house in the same weekend, and got $1 per tooth from each grandparent. Dd10 lost one of her teeth at church during our annual missions conference. When some of the missionaries noticed, several of them gave her a coin from their display tables. She has a
  9. Good Morning! Happy Monday! We had a good weekend of doing nothing (again). Science experiment/activity/lab planning is going well. I think I might just plan forever and never implement. (j/k, although I am tempted.)
  10. If my daughter were invited to a birthday party at the AG store, I would assume that the parents who were inviting were paying for the party. Buying a gift at the store is a super idea and probably this girl's parents' intention. And knowing the prices of AG items, $40 is not extravagant, especially since you paid for her dinner. I would have your daughter send a nice thank you note.
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