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  1. My kidney is not happy this morning. I will be glad when this kidney stone is gone.
  2. I have not really used a curriculum for elementary social studies. However, I highly recommend the Abeka 3rd grade history book. It is mostly an American History biography reader. There are a few questions with each chapter. I generally dislike Abeka's history program, but the 3rd grade book called Our American Heritage is excellent. *I just saw that there is a new edition available. I have no idea if the new edition is an improvement or not.
  3. My last kidney stone is making its presence known this evening. I am going to fight back with chocolate, pain meds (well, tylenol), and a hot shower.
  4. I took a nap from 11 to 4. I still have very little energy. 😞
  5. Good Morning! Happy Wednesday! I am playing Fake It 'Til You Make It today. I have not been very diligent with taking my iron supplement and it is catching up with me. 😞 Lethargic is the word of the day.
  6. I voted. We had a pretty boring election, but I took four of the dc with me which made everyone happy. The older ladies who run the election tables are always disappointed when I come to vote alone.
  7. Dd13 is in 8th grade this year. She typically works 1 to 1.5 hours a day, not including independent reading. We school year-round.
  8. (((Critterfixer))) I prescribe a very long, very hot shower. And no housecleaning.
  9. Good Morning! Happy Tuesday! Voting, podiatrist, groceries.
  10. Two of my girls took a recorder class with an instrument called a toot -- it's like a pre-flute. They took a semester of recorder first, and then switched to the toot. The company also makes some other "pre-instruments" that are similar to a recorder, but they are held like other instruments. I'm not sure if there are books that go with these. A lady from our church taught a class and I'm not sure what materials she used.
  11. Good Morning! Happy Monday! We do no school birthdays for the birthday child and anyone who is actively participating with the birthday child. If the birthday child wants to play video games or Legos or whatever with a sibling, that sibling has off school for the period of time that they are playing with the birthday child. We also take off for my birthday. And everyone gets off for my birthday as long as they And they might get assignments to do if they refuse to Just because. 😉
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