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  1. One of my dc has a Super Giant Print Bible -- you're right -- it is really, really large. She needs it to be this large because of poor eyesight, so she carries it to church in a backpack. I hope that you are able to get a size that is smaller than this one but still large enough to read.
  2. Just got home from my third trip into town. :svengo:
  3. Reading The Hunchback of Notre Dame with tears falling across my face. "Every face, every stone of the venerable monument is a page not only of the history of the country, but also of the history of science and art." "Great buildings, like great mountains, are the work of centuries. Art is often transformed while still pending completion... They go on quietly, in harmony with the changes in the art. The new form of art takes up the monument were it finds it, becomes a part of it, assimilates it to itself, develops it according to its fancy, and finishes it if it can.... Time is the architect, the nation is the mason."
  4. Dd8 and dd11 are painting their pinewood derby cars for Awana. :svengo:
  5. The rose windows and the organ survived.
  6. This is so hard. I have had RA for 12 years and I now have to make accommodations daily. 😞 I don't use a wheelchair, but I know I would have to for an amusement park or a trip to DC or whatever. I hope that your daughter decides to go with the accommodations and that she has a blast!! Dear Ravin's DD, Please do not let your illness rob one more thing from you. If you want to go, go! If you need accommodations, use them. You cannot control your physical disability, but you can control your attitude. Sometimes the mental part of a disability is harder to manage than the physical aspect. Be strong, sweetie. Learn your physical limitations and let your mental strength make up the difference. Love, Aunt Junie
  7. The cathedral still stands. I've decided to keep reading. :)
  8. Good Morning! Happy Tuesday! The past two nights when I was having trouble sleeping, I watched "Wonder" in Spanish. I have discovered that my Spanish comprehension is very, very far ahead of my French comprehension. I probably understood about 30 percent of the dialog in Spanish (vs. about 5 percent of French). I am really trying to improve my Spanish and ASL skills. I am hoping to start attending Spanish Sunday School at our church. A friend of mine (who is a native Spanish speaker) attends and her husband (who is fluent) is one of the teachers. Also, I saw the Hispanic pastor in the church hallway and when I greeted him in Spanish I could see a stunned look on his face. Apparently I've never said "Hola. Como estas?" to him before? Anyway, he said that my pronunciation was very good. :) And with ASL I have a friend who is an interpreter. She recently invited a deaf family to our church and has been interpreting for them. My friend has encouraged me to communicate with the family in ASL to make them feel welcome. I was able to have a couple of short interactions with them in the past few weeks. Improving my foreign language skills has been on my to-do list for the past couple of years. It's exciting to start seeing some progress and opportunities for more progress.
  9. A few days ago I started reading The Hunchback of Notre Dame. 😞 So sad that the building was severely damaged.
  10. Last week I started reading The Hunchback of Notre Dame. 😞 I haven't quite decided if I'm going to finish it now or put it back on the To Be Read stack. I think that I'll try to finish it.
  11. Good Morning! Happy Monday! I was up half the night due to wind and weather-related pain. 😞 I slept 'til after 9. I'll be ok. This is our last week of ASL. We are using Bill Vicars' Youtube channel and we are on Week 60. Yay!
  12. I can't answer your first question about materials because we have the older edition -- hardcover text and tests. I have looked at DIVE and Saxon Teacher, though not specifically for 8/7. We much prefer the Art Reed lessons (although we do without video instruction until after Algebra I.)
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