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  1. The backyard is very soggy. Let's hope the water stays outside this time. :)
  2. The Birds' Christmas Carol is lovely but it makes me cry every.single.time.
  3. Good Morning! Happy Monday! I've been up for awhile, but things kept keeping me from my computer. Dd10 just finished school. Dd12 hasn't started yet. (She has another case of the I don't wannas.) Dd14 and dd16 are working on their own. I'm working on my to-do list for this week and my goals for 2021 list. I need to find my 2020 goal list and see how much of a disaster 2020 has been.
  4. I am anemic and take an iron supplement. Your fatigue sounds very much like mine. A few years ago my iron levels were low enough to require a transfusion. I felt amazing after the transfusion and have tried to be more diligent in taking my iron supplements.
  5. Sad venting for a moment: My sister is moving across the country and left today. She stopped half an hour away from my house to eat dinner and didn't tell me until she was packed up again ready to leave. 😞 She said that she didn't want to see anyone because of COVID -- which I get; I'm being more careful than she is -- but we still could have talked across a parking lot for a few minutes. I haven't seen her since last Christmas and I'm near tears...
  6. I forgot to say: Good Morning (and Afternoon)! Happy Sunday!
  7. Zooming to the iglesia and then facebooking church. I slept fairly well, but I really didn't want to get up this morning.
  8. More shopping done. (Just in time -- the sale ends in 30 minutes.) Christmas tree decorated. More lemon meringue pie. It's been an ok day. We have weather coming (hopefully soon!) and it's making me kind of achy and grumpy.
  9. I put the lights on the tree, put away some of the regular knick-knacks to make room for Christmas decorations, and helped dh determine which decorations are not being put up this year. (Dd18 does the lion's share of the decorating here and she's still at college.)
  10. I am hiding at my computer while dh and the girls assemble the Christmas tree. (Using the word "assemble" with "Christmas tree" seems wrong, but that is in fact what they are doing.)
  11. What am I getting you? Well, I would hate to clutter up your house... 😉 I would get you a nap if I could, though.
  12. I really like this song, but I admit there are parts that don't make sense. I almost envision this as an Easter song -- with John and Mary standing at the foot of the cross. They are reminiscing about His life and John is filling in details about Christ's ministry. "Mary, did you know that your baby boy would one day walk on water..."
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