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  1. OP, you may want to consider going to a dermatologist if changing/eliminating deodorant isn't working.
  2. If you call the company, they can let you know if tocopherol is one of the ingredients in Febreeze. I believe that it is required by law that they give you the information if you ask about a specific ingredient.
  3. Good Morning! Happy Saturday! We had a girls movie night last night and now I have the songs from The Little Mermaid on autoplay in my brain. 😞
  4. I just spent a half an hour plus helping the little girls clean up their craft area. Thankfully, there is chocolate in the house.
  5. One time while my little girls were cleaning up their room, I walked in a picked up a toy to put it away. There was a sudden shriek from the littlest one who then shouted at me, "No, Mama! Don't sell it on ebay!" *** I had once negotiated with them to sell a toy that they never played with in exchange for items from the American Girl store. The toy that they never played with sold for nearly $100 and I was able to get them some nice items that they ended up playing with a lot. The toy was a Little Einsteins rocket like this one.
  6. Good Morning! Happy Thursday! I'm able to walk a little better this morning. So far. I didn't get to sleep until after 3, but I slept until 9. Even the telemarketer cooperated and waited until five minutes after I got up. (And she was super sweet. I told her "I'm not interested." and she immediately said, "OK. Have a good day. Bye.") Yes!
  7. I probably *should* go to Aldi. But I never did figure out exactly how to use the store. And grocery pick up is so easy. And my grocery store where I get specialty items has sushi. :)
  8. I think I went to Aldi once. We have two Aldis nearby and I never go to either of them. :hiding:
  9. I would go and set the kids up in the bleachers. You said that they are usually well behaved, and the class is only half an hour. It should be ok. But, if you decide to skip, that's ok, too. $50 for 8 classes is $6.25 per class.
  10. Good Morning! Happy Wednesday! I've been having more pain than usual for the past couple of days. I'm walking with a more pronounce limp than usual. Tai Chi this week was pretty hard. I couldn't shift my weight onto my left foot. And walking down stairs has been difficult. Not sure if it's because of the weather, because I hit my leg on something a few weeks ago, or because I (maybe) forgot to take my medicine last week. Or it could be that the cortisone injections in my foot are wearing off. Or it could be something else. Shrug. I have to do some walking today, but thankfully not a whole lot.
  11. That looks like a really great site. Thanks! Is everything there free, or do you need a subscription?
  12. I finished a couple of books yesterday: The Mysterious Mr. Quin by Agatha Christie -- I enjoyed this, but it had some occult activity (a seance, etc.) that bothered me. The others were pre-reading for my girls: a couple of Rainbow Magic fairy books. :eyeroll: Unschooled by Allan Woodrow -- I would have bailed on this book if I weren't pre-reading for one of my girls who has a hard time finding books that she enjoys. I *think* she'll like this one. The story is ok, but it drags on forever. It makes a week of school feel like a whole school year. Which is actually very schoolish. 😉 And I have no idea why this book has the title Unschooled. The Whipping Boy by Sid Fleischman -- This was my favorite book of the week. A Newbery Award winner that I had somehow overlooked all of these years. I'm still working through El Hobbit (trees/wolves); Les Mis (I'm bogged down in a section about Napoleon); The Collected Poems of Emily Dickinson; and the Bible -- The Old Testament (KJV); The New Testament (in Spanish). Also, I just began C.S. Lewis' Till We Have Faces.
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