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  1. Junie

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    I'm a Beekeeping Professor!
  2. Junie

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  3. Junie

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    FTR, I have never seen the movie "Jaws". My dad is probably disappointed in me.
  4. Junie

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    We're going to need a bigger boat.
  5. Junie

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    I spy with my little eye... something white. My pillow. Naptime!
  6. It is also possible that *he* didn't notice, but maybe other female employees did and talked to him about it. It could be that he was asking Quill what she thought about it -- whether it was an actual problem or office gossip.
  7. Junie

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    Maybe someone should post a new song every hour for the little Slacheys to sing!
  8. Junie

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    @whitehawk I was just getting ready to post the same thing!!
  9. Junie

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    Prayers being said for a safe journey! I'm so happy for you!
  10. Junie

    VP literature guides or do something else?

    I think loving literature is more important than being able to answer questions about it. If you allow your child to just read for the fun of it, he will continue to read and the comprehension will come. I think some literary analysis is good in high school, but in the younger years I just try to foster a love for good books.
  11. Junie

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    Krissi -- Praying that everything goes ok at all 3 places. This sounds like a trifecta of bad day in the making. If I had a day like this I would reward myself with sushi. Or chocolate. Or both. I am hereby giving you permission to treat yourself with whatever you wish.
  12. Junie

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    Good Morning! Happy Thursday! The driveway and road in front of our house are wet, but I'm glad to see they are almost completely free of ice and snow. My dad is back in the hospital. Pneumonia and dehydration plus some testing. 😞
  13. Junie

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    Ok. I exaggerated. It was only 64 ponies, not 100.
  14. My parents divorced when I was little. My dad remarried when I was in elementary school. I don't know that there was really any interaction or communication other than at the pick-up and drop-off. Communication was often a game of telephone. "Tell your mom..." "Tell your father and stepmother..."
  15. Junie

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    I helped the littles clean out their room today. We are actually getting rid of a lot of stuff. One bag was trash. One bag of stuffies to go to the basement because they don't want to permanently get rid of them. A bag of Christmas stuffies that I convinced them to keep with the Christmas decorations instead of taking up so much space in their room. A whole box (like 100) My Little Ponies. :svengo: All of the Doc McStuffins toys. Some of the toys are for Goodwill. Some for ebay. Some for my niece. And some to keep for grandchildren. I am pleased with the progress.