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  1. We watched Batman (the one with Michael Keaton) in French class in high school. Somehow, my teacher had purchased a VHS copy in French. While finding a film in a foreign language is easy enough now, it was very difficult in the early 90s. My classmates and I absolutely loved the line: "Je suis Batman." and would quote it to each other when we saw each other in the halls between classes. And it's not like you had to really understand the dialog in that movie to figure out what was going on.
  2. Dh and I are trying to figure out why the neighbors are shooting off fireworks. After a quick google search, I narrowed it down to Batman Day, International Eat an Apple Day, or International Red Panda Day.
  3. I finally thought of a good habit that I have! I am very punctual. I leave home allowing about 1 1/2 times the amount that is probably needed. If it takes 30 minutes to get to a certain destination, I leave home 45 minutes before I need to be there. The kids are very much used to this and rarely ask "When are we leaving?" They know that we are leaving 45 minutes before Whatever starts.
  4. OK, we survived. :) The sisters who were here are really sweet girls. And seven girls in the house is really not that much different than five. I still didn't get enough sleep, though.
  5. Good Morning! Happy Saturday! We had a mini sleepover last night. Two sisters slept over. I might go back to bed as soon as they leave.
  6. Yes, I had heard of minstrel shows. I knew those were wrong because they were openly mocking. I did not realize until much later that *all* blackface/brownface was considered morally wrong. I knew that in some contexts blackface would be considered inappropriate, but I did not know until recently that it is always morally wrong.
  7. This. I grew up in a very rural, very white community. In a high school of over 1,000 students, there were maybe 10 who weren't white. One year my school performed the musical "South Pacific". Some of the girls in the cast were sent to a tanning salon to darken their skin for their roles. There was a little bit of backlash about that, but not because people saw it as racist. It was seen as a health concern that the girls would end up with skin cancer from the tanning beds. Never did I hear a discussion about brownface. ETA: I was not a member of the cast, so I don't know what my parents' opinion was about it. We never discussed it.
  8. Good Morning! Happy Friday! Not a morning person. And I have plenty of quiet time at 4 am when I'm still awake.
  9. Junie


    With the (non-existent)flu? 😉
  10. It actually took me a very long time to enjoy this movie.
  11. Think it'll work? It would take a miracle.
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