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  1. I have felt sluggish all day. My iron count must be low. Dh and I are probably going to the grocery store after dinner since our grocery order got cancelled on Saturday and Monday. I was hoping to go to the expensive grocery store, but it is within city limits and there is an 8pm curfew. Sigh.
  2. Good Morning! Happy Tuesday! I fought with a migraine all day yesterday and it's not really letting up. I'm expecting it to ramp up as soon as homeschool starts. So, any minute now. 😞 Grocery order was cancelled again, so I'm just going to go to the store.
  3. Not necessarily. I've seen your last name, but I think I've been pronouncing it wrong. You could probably find something fun that rhymes with your last name.
  4. It's a play on our last name. So, not using our real last name, it would be similar to a diploma from Frye Academy and another one from French Fry Academy.
  5. I have never been able to sit cross-legged. Ever.
  6. This is the key to surviving testing. A few weeks after we completed testing, our state said that they were waiving the requirement due to Covid. In fact, our county said: Do not send test results. They will be destroyed.
  7. Yes, diplomas plural. We give a "real" diploma and then a joke diploma.
  8. I signed her diplomas and handed them to her. We did take a picture later. It was still more than she wanted to do. She's been homeschooled her entire life, so her expectations for a graduation ceremony were non-existent.
  9. Good Morning! Happy Monday! Lots to do this week. Ready... Set... Go!
  10. We have a deli drawer for lunch meat and sliced cheese. Shredded cheeses are kept in a different drawer in the fridge. Cheeses that we usually have: slices -- yellow American, white American. mozzarella, provolone shredded/grated -- Parmesan, mozzarella, cheese blend (for tacos, etc) cubes/sticks -- mozzarella, cheddar We also often have at least one other kind of sliced cheese, such as Swiss or pepperjack,
  11. I wanted to make waffles last week, but I'm running low on gf baking mixes. I have to make a triple batch and there are only one or two waffles left over. Dd17 is going to have to get used to waffles that aren't orange. :) I use baby food sweet potatoes instead of the oil.
  12. Such beautiful girls!! Congratulations!! Are they identical?
  13. Good Morning! Happy Sunday! Dd17 is going to a live church service this morning so that she can say goodbye before leaving to go to college later in the week. She likely won't be back until Christmas. I really hope everyone doesn't hug on her. (Our church is doing a good job of social distancing, but there are people there who have known her all of her life and are going to want to give her a goodbye hug.)
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