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  1. Good Morning! Happy Sunday! I just finished Spanish church on Zoom. We had a different preacher today and he speaks much more quickly than I can keep up with. I understood the gist of what he was saying, but I missed a lot.
  2. Good Morning! Happy Saturday! I am just now getting to my computer. Dd13 and dd10 were helping me make some silk flower arrangements and then we had grocery pickup. My head hurts. I want to go back to bed.
  3. I try to answer in a way that doesn't call attention to the word. So if I'm using the word in a sentence, I will use the standard English (American) pronunciation. If I am in a situation in which I am giving a one-word answer, I *might* use the original pronunciation, depending on the situation. This actually pops up in reverse for me sometimes. I am actively working to learn Spanish and am attending a Spanish church. Some people will say the American pronunciation for names, and some will say the Spanish. (For example: New York or Nueva York). Some of my friends there pronounce my
  4. I've heard of a few, but I've never tried them. Thanks for the idea.
  5. I would do whichever one is easier for whoever is preparing the meal.
  6. Well, I know how to turn my phone on... 😉 I'll be fluent by the time I figure out to record myself! I could ask dh to do it, though... I've been told my accent is good; in fact, I think it's deceptively good -- that people hear me and think that I'm fluent, only to try to have a conversation with me and find out that I'm not. I just really stumble over trying to think of what to say. And verb tenses. (sigh.) The people in the Spanish church I've been attending have been very gracious. I'm hoping to be *almost* fluent by the time dd10 graduates.
  7. There are a lot of Spanish speakers in my area, so the bookstores usually have a selection of Spanish titles. I don't remember seeing as many in other languages. ETA: I just remembered where you live. Your bookstores are probably a lot different... :)
  8. Yes, I'm currently reading James y el Melocoton Gigante. :) (James and the Giant Peach). I've already read several other children's books in Spanish -- it really is a great way to learn. I'm also reading the Bible in Spanish. I have a side-by-side dual translation, so when I come across a word I can't figure out in context, I can look across the page to get the translation. Children's books in Spanish are pretty easy to come by. I haven't looked into getting any French books yet, but I imagine that French (and Russian) might be a bit more limited. Another way I get language expo
  9. My understanding of Spanish has gotten quite good, depending on the accent. But speaking is so much harder. I find myself planning ahead of time what I want to say and how to say it. I have to substitute a lot of words still. Duolingo has been helpful, but I need a LOT more vocabulary.
  10. Oh, that's wonderful about your dd learning Russian -- and you teaching her!! I'm proud of both of you!! I've been learning Spanish and dabbling in French. I know that my Spanish has improved, especially during the 2020 shutdown, but I would love to have an outside opinion as to how much. I kind of wish I had a recording of myself speaking Spanish so that I could hear the difference. Most likely it would make me cringe, though. I am wondering what your definition of "fluent" is. I feel like I will never get there...
  11. So fun!!! Good job to your dd! (My dd16 also loves to sew.) :)
  12. I was both amused and horrified when I saw this on DC's news today... https://wtop.com/arlington/2021/06/arlington-ice-cream-shop-nearly-doubles-sales-after-introduction-of-cicada-sundae/
  13. Good Morning! Happy Friday! It is really soggy here today.
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