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  1. Well, I think it's safe to say that I will never willingly set foot in an Old Navy again. Their clothes are delightful, but the store is so freaking crowded and visually busy. I went next door to Ross and probably won't go bck there either. There was a sign on their dressing rooms redirecting customers to the non-existent dressing rooms at the front of the store. So after that I stopped by my favorite thrift store and got myself a pair of $4 dress pants in my favorite color. (Brown) I now have 5 pairs of brown dress pants, but only 2 that fit me. I should donate the others.
  2. Good morning! Its Saturday! I might go to Old Navy today. I have never been to an Old Navy before but they are having a sale and I might see if they have something for dd11. I am hoping dds didn't freeze last night. It got down to 21 degrees, which is 16 degrees lower than my camping cold limit of acceptance. They had double cold-weather sleeping bags and all the layers. It's supposed to be mid-50's and sunny today, though! We're going for a hike. I need to do Some Things which I have been avoiding - 2 emails and tax refiling. Coffee!
  3. You made it out alive! Congratulations! And thank you for following regulations... New sweater! Were you able to get some relief/sleep?
  4. I feel a little guilty because I bought frozen pancakes for Pancake Tuesday (Mardi Gras). But just a little guilty. I generally accept my preference for convenience, especially when it comes to busy weeknight dinners.
  5. Dh came home from work at lunchtime. Sigh. It's hard to get anything done now, and dd11 is sobbing "because she has to read her literature book but really because she has her first scout campout this weekend and is a little anxious about it". Dd11 is now taller than dd17. Dd11 is off the chart on the upper end, and dd17 is off the chart on the lower end. Where did these kids come from? We're having Indian Butter Chicken for dinner tonight, except with mushrooms instead of chicken. Dd17 will get ground beef in hers to help increase her iron level.
  6. We did a sort of excape/mystery room as a family for one of ds24's birthdays - it was a lot of fun even though we didn't solve the mystery.
  7. Good morning! It's Friday! 2 kids have appointments with the new doctor this morning. The 2 Youngest leave tonight to go camping with their scout troop for the weekend. Apparently dd21's school sent us a corrected tax form, so we have to do our taxes again. Coffee!
  8. Svengo Renai!! But still - priorities, friend, Priorities!!
  9. It is still snowing. Too warm to stick, but it sure is pretty!
  10. I remember that one! Best 1-season show ever. I'm still sad that it wasn't continued. It was So Shiny. Also educational if you are learning Chinese.
  11. Good morning! It's snowing! Safe travels to dd of Maize today! I am beginning to think that my shoulder issue isn't so much muscle/tendon as nerve. I'm pretty sure yesterday's episode was nerve pain and now there's just residual muscle soreness? Does that happen? Dr. ITT? At any rate, the heating pad took away the severest of the pain fairly quickly and now it's just a little sore. Coffee!
  12. Krissi, I think your iPad wants to go to bed. Nighty night!
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