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  1. You know what I'm NOT doing? The dishes, cleaning, practicing my orchestra music, tidying, vacuuming, bathroom scrubbing, or laundry.
  2. These are what I’ve been working on while the kids are in rehearsals. (Flour sack dish towels)
  3. I’m not exactly sure what I did, but I think it’s just rotator cuff tendonitis. Dh is concerned that it’s a bone spur, but the pain comes and goes (I only have trouble with it a couple times a year). This episode is hanging on longer than usual.
  4. P.S. Slachey, give yourself a little grace. You are doing extraordinarily well in very difficult circumstances.
  5. We’re having Krissi’s famous creamy potato soup for dinner. I have been working on Christmas-at-the-in-laws menus and trying to accommodate both my diet (no sugar or white flour) and dd21’s diet (vegetarian) without getting too weird for the in-laws or their grandson and not having to bring SO much food that we can’t fit the sleeping bags or sleds in the van. I don’t care about skipping desserts too much, and dd will eat bread & potatoes so that will cover quite a bit.
  6. Good morning! It's The Queen's favorite day! I have my left arm in a sling to keep me from using it. This is going to get annoying real fast. I need to make a campsite reservation today. Hopefully I can get it done on the PC before the kids start their lessons - I hate trying to do those kinds of things on my phone. Coffee!
  7. I make little bottles of vanilla. And now I also make elderberry syrup. That's it. Once in a while we'll be getting low on vodka and I'll ask dh to pick some up and he'll get a giant bottle. I have no other use for it.
  8. Dh thinks they've fixed the heat in ds24's car! They flushed the heater core and replaced the fluid. I don't know what any of that means. We'll see how it does in the morning.
  9. Ever since I started making vanilla a couple years back, we seem to have inordinate amounts of vodka in the house.
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