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  1. I was finishing up with the camping stuff and researching ultralight backpacking hacks and putting pizzas in the oven. I think I have found acceptable storage for All The Things. Some bins have been re-labeled. Sleeping bags aren't hung up yet, but that's Somebody Else's job.
  2. Toto, I'd go with the lower number. ;D Really though, if you get a general range now, you'll be able to compare it with a general range next month and the month after that...
  3. Good morning! Just heard ds24 leave for church. We have big screen church again this morning. I didn't make much progress with the camping stuff yesterday, but hopefully will do better today. It's going to require a good amount of Coffee!
  4. (((Spudz))) Remember the wonderful smell of baby? It won't be long now, I promise!
  5. Dh would like us to participate in "Taps Across America" as a family, so he's arranging Taps for saxophone, flute, 3 violins, viola, cello, and double bass. 😄
  6. 🎉🎈🎈🎈Happy Nirthday, Quiet Boy! 🎈🎈🎈🎉
  7. Good morning! I need to put away laundry today, and maybe re-organize camping gear. I might put all the car-camping gear in bins in the garage and just keep the backpacking stuff in the house. There are more sleeping bags to be laundered. Nothing else really planned for the day. Coffee!
  8. Snacks, drinks, and pillows done. Grocery shopping is also done. Someone mentioned dinner. Might have to suggest cereal.
  9. I have a lot more laundry to take care of. Particularly sleeping bags - easy but bulky and time consuming. Otherwise I think I'll deal with the snack box and beverage box and then pillows. Dd13 and I watched Kon-Tiki - the true story of a Norwegian explorer who was certain that the polynesians had come from South America and sailed from Peru across the Pacific on a raft to prove it. It's available on Netflix now. I went to the Kon-Tiki museum in Oslo just after the film came out.
  10. I wonder if Dollar Tree has witch hazel? We've been out for a while and I can't find it anywhere. Angi, wanna check for me? 😄
  11. Good morning! It's 34* at the Grand Canyon and we should be breaking camp and heading for Route 66. I made my kids learn "Take It Easy" by the Eagles for today when we would stand on the corner in Winslow, Arizona. 😄 Nevertheless I woke up with the birds and then went back to sleep. We have a bit more cleaning up and organization to do. Otherwise nothing. Coffee!
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