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  1. Dd11 is having tummy issues - tummy feels yucky most of the time, but really hurts if she eats or drinks anything. No fever or other symptoms.
  2. My brain is not wanting to function. Part of it is probably a bit of dehydration but mostly the lack of sleep due to everything hurting. So basically like Slachey. I should go check on the laundry.
  3. I love bacon, egg, and cheese biscuits, too! Awwww...so sweet! I think part of the problem is that there isn't anywhere in the house that gets sunny. Yes
  4. How do you keep your lemon trees happy indoors? Lynette has finally perked up this summer after turning into a bare twig over the winter indoors.
  5. Good morning! It's The Queen's favorite day! Imma need that extra strong coffee this morning! I hurt in several places, but not my neck or back, so that is a big win. Kids need to get out fall clothes. I will probably need to take ds15 and dd11 out to get things because they don't have/fit into our typical hand-me-downs. There is a slowjam tonight but I'm not sure I will go. I have so much to do and the household has felt my 2-day absence. We'll see. Now I need that caffeine to kick in and get my brain working! Coffee!
  6. Waterfall and lovely cascade for Critter (and all y’all).
  7. I'm back! Good morning and afternoon and evening! I've banished the Goat of Monumental Proportions and emptied my backpack and washed things and sanitized the water filter. I hobble like an old lady. Dh just returned with ice cream. Must go eat it.
  8. I found a hershey's bar leftover from our camping trip last month. Guess what I am eating?
  9. Just in case I am running around and forget to say good morning tomorrow... I'll be backpacking the Virgin Falls trail (with dd14 and a large Scout group), camping overnight near the falls, and hiking back out Sunday morning. I'm a little nervous. Have a great weekend! Coffee!
  10. It feels a little strange when you start using your child as an emergency contact. 😂
  11. I'm wearing my packed backpack. It's heavy, but I've had worse.
  12. Glad to hear about your dad, Maize! Praying for full recovery and wise doctors!
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