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  1. I am back from The Big City. The hospital complex is extremely complex, but I found my way eventually. In the mean time, dd14 found out that one of the dogs she walked a few times a month died and she is sad. Dd18 got paperwork filled out for her new library job and she is going to see how long it takes to ride her bike there. Also, dd14 found a wood thrush nest in a shrub in our yard with 4 little eggs in it. So exciting! Story time is about to start. On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness.
  2. Good morning! It's The Queen's favorite day! I have to go do a plague test and pre-surgery labs in The Big City this morning. Otherwise it's a pretty normal Monday. Children's zoom choir, youth orchestra, and scouts tonight. Coffee!
  3. I'm on a 13 day streak learning French in Duolingo. 🏆
  4. So snuggly! I am also cold. Now that I'm home I can get a blanket. 3rd service was freezing - I should have brought a coat. Imma have some coffee now.
  5. Good morning! Service is about to start. Puppy woke us up at 1:30 barking at some guy who was roller skating down the street. Coffee!
  6. I made the mistake of fiddling with something while making dinner and then losing a part to that thing and couldn't find it because it went flying across the room and then in my hurry I stirred the spaghetti sauce too vigorously and meatballs went rolling and I was a bonafide southern hot mess. But things got put back together and dh got home and found the missing part and the kitchen is cleaned up and I found a Lindt truffle and I ate it.
  7. I ordered myself s pair of glasses on Zenni. Single vision for hiking, because hiking with bifocals is annoying. They have this "try on" feature where you take a selfie and then see the frames on your face, but my eyesight is so bad that I couldn't see if I was lining my face up properly on my phone and had to have dh help me take the picture. I am hoping the glasses are decent.
  8. Good morning! I have been up since dark o'clock because puppy was outside my door very quietly growling to let us know we were being summoned. Took him outside for a quick morning constitutional. It's damp and cloudy out but the rain seems to have stopped for now. Dh will be out all day today and tomorrow having scout leader emergency training. I have dog training class a little later this morning and that's it. I'm thinking I should try to accomplish something today. But not until coffee. Coffee!
  9. My two oldest girls got jobs today. College girl accepted a nursing position and high school senior got a job at the library. My family is growing up! 😊😭😁
  10. Absolutely! I know for sure you have done math with your kids and worked out some motivational things.
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