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  1. Susan in TN

    Ignore this thread!

    Good morning! Rain rain rain. Did you get your storm, Krissi? Have to take dd16 to tutorial and then go to AFSA and Aldi. I have orchestra rehearsal tonight and should practice the music. Some of it isn't difficult but some is a bit tricky. Dh is planning to take down the Christmas decorations over the next couple days. Coffee!
  2. Susan in TN

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    Go Jeanie, go! (((Junie))) & prayers
  3. Susan in TN

    Ignore this thread!

    If we get a dog, it will probably be a goldendoodle for the little-to-no shedding and intelligent but laid-back personality. None of my allergic people had any reaction to my sister's golden retriever-labrador mix, which makes me hopeful. We have a really bad yard for dogs - pretty much impossible to fence any of it, but it's a good neighborhood for walking and there's a big park across the street.
  4. Susan in TN

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    Uh, no. Ya gotz tuh get married first!
  5. Susan in TN

    Ignore this thread!

    I would push for the "almost black" color, too.
  6. Susan in TN

    Ignore this thread!

    Folks, it looks like we're gonna have a wedding to crash!
  7. Susan in TN

    Ignore this thread!

    Good morning! Dh is talking at me about porch railing materials. I know all this already. Not awake yet. I had no ice cream. I looked up Lisa Frank and it looks vaguely familiar. Slachey has awesome wedding plans. Imma put off AFSA and Aldi until tomorrrow. Coffee!
  8. Susan in TN

    Ignore this thread!

    I was doing the exact same thing on a grammar test yesterday!
  9. Susan in TN

    Ignore this thread!

    All the teeth are good. Dd10 has a small cavity in a baby tooth that will fall out soon, so they are not worried about it. The dentist said he was particularly impressed with ds14's dental hygiene. At least teenage-boy-brain syndrome has not extended to his dental care. 🏆 Imma eat some lunch and then gargle with saltwater.
  10. Susan in TN

    Ignore this thread!

    What's a malchi? My sister's dog is a golden retriever/lab mix (I think) and she's a great dog. Moderately trainable, not super barky, calm, and friendly. Good for a daily walk. A dog quiz once told me I need a Finnish spitz or Australian cattle dog.
  11. Susan in TN

    Ignore this thread!

    Good morning! My throat is a bit sore this morning. Not bad; just enough to be annoying. We all leave for the dentist in a half hour. Coffee!
  12. Susan in TN

    Ignore this thread!

    Aldi did not get the advertized cauliflower crust pizzas in stock last week. I am hoping they will be there this week. I'd like to try one, but too lazy to make it myself. Go ahead and give me "the look", Angi. I deserve it. 😔
  13. Susan in TN

    Ignore this thread!

    The children's choir directors emailed me and apologized profusely for the incorrect billing. The normal billing person had to quit due to illness, so they are trying to manage things themselves until the end of the year.
  14. Susan in TN

    Ignore this thread!

    Less work! More attractive piano! Less anger from sister! Plan B sounds like a winner to me!
  15. Susan in TN

    Ignore this thread!

    I got a bill for late children’s choir tuition. They did the billing wrong (you get a significant discount with multiple kids) so I emailed them with the details and hopefully they will see the error of their ways. (((Jean))) Hope some extra magnesium helps!
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