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  1. I accomplished a few extra things today. Floor mopping, string part editing for the Good Friday service (8 of 10 pieces done), a second running of Wally the Third, and laundry. I forgot to pay the mortgage and make a seating chart for children's choir. Dd20 gave up meat for Lent, so I am reworking menus and shopping list for the week. It's not too difficult - mostly just switching some meals around from other weeks' menus.
  2. Chocolates! And an all-expense paid trip to the ITT Island! Throw out all those curriculum catalogs right now. You'll never miss them, and that Japanese lady will be proud of you. Well done! 🏆 Yep. I volunteer in the church nursery once a month. That's enough for me. One side is beating up on the other side. Tell them to hold hands and sing Weird Al songs.
  3. Good morning! It's The Queen's favorite day! This is my last week of "full-day" school. Friday we have off. We'll have half days of school for April (or until subjects are finished) and then summer break. Some Students may be doing math a bit longer. Coffee!
  4. I don’t suppose, with two hungry Turtles, you have any leftovers? 😍
  5. Also, you can add and make changes as much as you like to your tree without getting a subscription. The subscription gets you easy access to the documents and records and other trees to verify things.
  6. I did my trial when I wasn't super busy, and by the end of 14 days I didn't want to look at it any more. So I'm hoping enough time will go by before I want to do any more with it that I can get another free trial.
  7. You can do a free 2-week trial, which I have done twice. 🏆 Basically, you pick a "base" person. That's not the word for it. I picked my oldest child so I could include my side of the family and dh's side of the family on the same tree. You put in full names and birthdates and birth places of all your relatives/parents/grandparents, or as much as you know. Then the ancestry database searches other trees to see if there are identical people in your trees. They also search immigration records, birth/death/marriage records, military records, census records, etc. for people you have listed in your tree. The free trial doesn't include internation records, only US. My family and dh's family have only been in the US since the early 1900's, so there's only so much we can do with it in terms of official birth and death records. But we have found occassional connections from trees made by people in Norway and Germany. Eventually we may have ds do the DNA thing, and try the Super Duper Ancestry package that includes foreign records and documents. There is another interesting website/service run by the LDS, which is free to use and does essentially the same thing as I'll see if I can find the name.
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