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  1. Good morning! It's so quiet here with the girls gone. There was a little commotion from Puppies due to a cat sitting across the street, but all is quiet now. I'm planning to repair the tent today. Coffee!
  2. Dd15 hasn't had a fever since yesterday morning, so if she feels up to it, I told her she is OK to go on the scout campout this weekend. It's car camping only 10 minutes from home, so nothing terribly involved. Ds29 is still running a fever but ds19 and I are OK so far. Not sure why I haven't gotten sick yet but I'll keep my fingers crossed. There is a lot going on in a week and it would kinda stink to get sick and have to miss things. We're having hashbrown breakfast casserole for dinner
  3. Good morning! My face is starting to twitch due to Things being brought to my attention this morning which I should have been told about weeks ago. Deep breath. The kids have been instructed to unload the bags of rocks and sand from the van so I can go to the grocery store. I passed a presidential candidate's motorcade/police escort on the way to rehearsal last night. They shut down the highway for a bit. This was a much more common occurrence when Al Gore was vice president, I think. I don't know why they don't just take a helicopter. Coffee!
  4. Me: Boys! Stop wrestling and come eat your breakfast! Dogs: <ignore mom and continue hijinks>
  5. In other news, I had cereal for lunch. Crunchy raisin bran with almond milk.
  6. Rain is here - just a gentle drizzle. My phone got service again and I called the government and the lady got us all signed up. It was so much easier than talking to medicaid or tenncare. She knew exactly what to do and it only took a few minutes.
  7. When I took Little Pup out to potty this morning, it felt (and smelled) like I was at the beach. Strangely warm and very humid. Storms may be blowing through this afternoon.
  8. I got all the info and documents all ready to call healthcare.gov and then I realized that I have no phone service. 🙄
  9. Good morning! Our phone service is out, so ds29, who is down for the count, is communicating through WhatsAp and dd17, who is driving to tutorial alone for the first time, is communicating through Slack. Dd15 is still in bed with a fever. Ds19 so far has not gotten sick. Fingers crossed. He's the only person in the house without any medical insurance, so I am praying he stays healthy until we can get that figured out. I decided to finish the hem with the herringbone stitch because the whip (it, whip it good) stitch was worse. The herringbone is not too bad. Coffee!
  10. I'm not happy with the herringbone stitch on this fabric. I might start over with a basic whipstitch.
  11. Good morning! At some point today I will probably run to a store to buy dishwasher detergent. Also dd17 wants glowsticks for the scout campout this weekend. Dd15 is still sick in bed. I may get started cutting and hemming my fabric. Or at least cutting and pinning it. Also I need to repair the tent now that I have the Tenacious Tape. Imma see how much of Nola's First Dance I can remember. Coffee!
  12. I have been fairly useless today except for bringing dd17 to the Depot of Homes for sand, pebbles, and rocks. On the other hand, I made good use of the "slowing down" function on YouTurb to learn this song and make a rough transcription. Nola is his little girl. 🥰
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