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  1. I be coming down with something. Feels sinusy. I did my ears and am on my 2nd Cold-eeze.
  2. I'm sorry to hear about your neighbor, Toto! That's really hard.
  3. Good morning! Another hot day today, though the temps should dip back down into the 80's later in the week. For me, summer starts when it is 80* by 8am. Not there yet. I forgot about the rest of the sleeping bag laundry. Church in 20 minutes; IP sweet potatoes for lunch. Coffee!
  4. I refuse to pronouce the "h" in "herb"; I don't care what Martha Stewart says.
  5. Like the New Madrid fault? (In Missouri along the Mississippi River.)
  6. We saw a Porche SUV at the farmer's market today, and dh said something about it being a French car. ? Uh, no, honey, it's definitely German. The French do the cooking. The Germans do the cars.
  7. So many pretties and yummies! And arugula - $5/8oz. But I could just cut some arugula for you from the back deck garden for free. That's good to hear!
  8. Real Progress is being made. One challenge is that everything - tents, tarps, hammocks, flies, etc. - has to be set up at home to dry/air out and sleeping bags have to be washed and dishes and other stuff sent through the dishwasher. In the meantime, I have convinced dh to not put anything into the Pit of Despair because that doesn't end well. Lo and Behold, remember a few weeks ago when I eliminated 7 or 8 tubs of hand-me-down clothing? Well now we have safe and clean space for camping and backpacking gear! Not everything, but enough. Camping laundry is 2/3 done. 4 more sleeping bags to wash. I also finally finished writing inscriptions in all the end-of-year books. We'll give them out tomorrow. Dh took ds14 to the doctor this morning and he got some kind of combo antibiotic for a sinus infection and possible ear infection. I sure hope it clears him up! Apple cake from TN's oldest bakery (established in 1902) for dessert tonight.
  9. Elder Care Spy. It could be a thing. And now you have a good reference for similar work if it's needed.
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