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  1. I'm back from the hike. I think it was almost 5 miles with a 30lb backpack. Lots of steep up and down and plenty of mud. My legs are tired. It snowed every so often, but we were working so hard it didn't feel cold except when we stopped to eat lunch. I'm having 2nd coffee and resting a bit before going back out to pick up dd18 from the retreat so she can be home in time for writer's club.
  2. This is the hardest part. Next to convincing everyone to put the thing back where it belongs.
  3. Good morning! I have my backpack all packed. I'm borrowing dd14's hiking boots since my trail shoes broke. I'm borrowing dd12's gloves since I lost mine on our Christmas trip. I have to drop the girls off at a nearby retreat camp for a youth group thing and then meet my group at the trail. Coffee!
  4. Yay books! It's raining now, but might turn to snow in a bit. I have a backpacking practice hike in the morning. Brrrrrr.
  5. Good morning! Go Xena, Go! I am getting a little excited about Lake Powell. Looks like it could be a winner if we can get everything arranged. Not knowing what May is going to look like, I feel like I'm trying to make arrangements blind. And dh wants to come, so that adds another schedule to the mix. Coffee!
  6. Anyone been to Lake Powell? It looks beautiful. Only a 4 hour drive from Vegas. My visceral fat has gone up from a 6 to a 7. It's not terrible (it was at 12 before I lost weight), but I need to get back into gear so it doesn't keep moving in the wrong direction. Also my muscle mass has decreased. #absofpuddin I need to channel some of Jean. #Xenastrong
  7. Good morning! Lake Tahoe sounds wonderful. It's big. Is there one area that is better than another? I wonder where the closest major airport is. The Middles have tutorial today, so after I drop them off I'll head to Aldi and then meet with my health coach. Coffee!
  8. I'm pretending we could afford to fly to CA in July and drive down the Pacific Coast Highway with dd18. I should just go to sleep.
  9. What do you put in your tuna salad? I remember my mom added carrots and celery. I don't care for tuna much, but I remember liking her tuna salad.
  10. I have not yet found a place to take dd18. The cheapest warm place for us to fly is to Las Vegas. Ugh. Though we could rent a car and drive from there.
  11. Good morning! Xena can't help but push herself. It's just who she is. Apparently Chester borrowed a couple of dh's foam earplugs - he pooped them out this morning. :Ack2: So the discussion around the breakfast table involved questioning the strength of a dog's stomach acids, and the resilience of the purple dye of the foam, and whether or not we should experiment with a human for comparison. There were no volunteers. Since dd18's trip to England won't be happening this year, we are looking for a nice place (warm and peaceful, maybe with lake and mountains or maybe tropical,
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