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  1. Mine is an Alta HR. You don't have to do the sleep thing, but I do it anyway and ignore my B-/C average. I just like to see how I feel in the morning and how it compares to the amount of Deep and REM sleep I got. Nice! I'll have to remember that one. My tune was more akin to Pooh's Rum-tum-tiddle-um-tum.
  2. Riders in the Sky was a bust. We got there and the parking garage was full as was the only other reasonably close parking-under-$20 lot that I knew of, so we came home. Oh well. The kids ate the picnic lunch in the car on the way home and I sang Songs of Bad Drivers and now it's story time.
  3. I hate that fitbit is now scoring my sleep. I like seeing the estimate of REM & deep sleep, but the score is annoying.
  4. Good morning! 91719 Jean, how are you? Do you know why your body went whacko yesterday? I'm praying that you get to have a non-Monday today. We are going to the Big City Library today - Riders in the Sky are giving their annual performance. We'll have a picnic lunch. Kid's orchestras tonight. Coffee!
  5. I did some things to get ready: took the next 3 dinners out of freezer, hard-cooked eggs in the IP and took mini croissants out of freezer for a picnic lunch tomorrow, scanned and printed the next two chapters for Writing & Rhetoric. Drank some more water. Took ibuprofin and Benadryl. I didn't fold the laundry. Dd13 wants to volunteer at the local animal shelter (one of her Scout friends does this). I am hoping she can wait until summer because I don't have the brain power to add another activity.
  6. 🎉🎈🎈🎈 Happy Nirthday, Sweet 16 Kernal!! 🎈🎈🎈🎉
  7. I should probably give my closet a thorough cleaning. But not today.
  8. I had to do this for dd16 last winter. Somehow in the process I lost my passport.
  9. I had a minute of panic earlier when I discovered that we have no hashbrowns for soup tonight! But then I realized we have actual potatoes, and a couple already cooked left over from lunch yesterday. Sorry I had to improvise your recipe a little, KrissiK! 2nd load of laundry is in and I wiped down the washer and dryer. I made a couple batches of whole wheat sausage & egg muffins to keep in the freezer for quick meals for me. Almost time for Second Breakfast!
  10. Just a heads-up: Thursday is International Talk Like A Pirate Day.
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