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  1. It seems the Resurrection Biscuits have gone the bizarro world way of the Thanksgiving Turkey Cookies. Tonight, amongst the regular biscuit tombs, we also have the Resurrection Spikey Rock, Resurrection Handbag, and Resurrection Taco.
  2. I had it at a "family style" southern food restaurant a while back. So yummy. Not sure if mine will be as good since I had to change a couple things, but it looks promising!
  3. Gyros are almost ready for dinner. Brisket is rubbed. Broccoli is saladed. Eggs are deviled and Eastered. Strawberry pretzel "salad" is chilling. We'll put the resurrection bisquits together after dinner. My fridge is getting crowded.
  4. It hasn't gotten out of the 40's today. Supposed to be 74 tomorrow!
  5. Go outside and make a fairy house or village. Plant and care for a seed. Braid your sister's hair. Make doll/stuffed animal clothes. Crochet or knit.
  6. This is an important insight that will be added to the Rules and Regulations section of the ITT Archives.
  7. My kitchen has an unsavory combination of smells that includes strawberry jello and garlic. And I'm getting a slight whiff of nail polish from somewhere. Somehow I only have 658 steps so far today. Imma sit down for a bit.
  8. In the garage? I think what he said was, "Mwa-mwa mwa mwaaa."
  9. Can broccoli salad be made a day ahead without it getting watery or anything?
  10. Handy Kitchen Tip: you can crush pretzels easily by hand if you wear an Ove-Glove.
  11. I bought pre-cooked bacon for the broccoli salad. Because lazy and cheaper.
  12. I have decided, due to extreme laziness, that I will serve it all at once.
  13. Should I just stick the whole ham in the freezer, or cut it up first? Being completely unmotivated to do anything this morning, I'm leaning toward the first option.
  14. I threw up in a picture book in Kindergarten and wasn't sure what to do so I closed the book and put it back on the book holder before telling the teacher that I was sick.
  15. I went to a local church's 2-day preschool for a year or two. Then Kindergarten with Mrs. Krafka at the public school up the block from my house. Auditory processing disorder wasn't a thing back then, but it made school and anything associated with people a struggle for many years. I learned to get through by observation. It took me a long time to learn to read. FIL said in his weekly email that it's a huge struggle (agility & strength) to get in or out of his Jeep Patriot and may need to get a bigger SUV or truck. ? Please please please don't try to drive! It is so frustrating to have them complain about issues (especially financial ones) that could be easily resolved.
  16. Good morning! There are Things To Be Done today - mostly food prep for tomorrow, and coloring Easter eggs, and a couple of tidying-up things. And I have to do something with the Giant Ham that I bought on sale but have no actual plans for. Nothing that requires me to get out of bed yet. Coffee!
  17. I was waaaaaaay too dumb to skip Kindergarten. They almost had me repeat 3rd grade.
  18. Ack! What am I doing here? I have less than ten minutes to get my formal black clothes on and get all the stuff and people together and leave! Willy Nilly!
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