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  1. Tonight's GriefShare session was pretty difficult. I cried all the way home. But it's all good. My friend came over this morning and we planted the things I ordered and she brought a bunch of plants from her house - in all we planted shasta daisies, lenten roses, stella de oro day lilies, tiger lilies, irises, mums, lavender, raspberries, and some yellow flowering plant that she didn't know what it was but said it was pretty. 😊 While I was out, dd15 found some food left for us on the front porch with a note, "with love from the 'H------' family." The only people I know with that name are the couple we bought this house from 12-1/2 years ago. Could be.
  2. I often feel this way about ice cream. #cantkeepitinthehouse
  3. Good morning! A friend is coming over later this morning to help me figure out what to do with these perennials I bought. I have Stella d'oro day lilies, shasta daisies, and lenten roses. I *think* I have some good places picked out for them - now that the Bradford pear tree is gone, the front yard gets a lot more sun. I have some more weeding to do before my friend gets here. Other than that, it's just regular lessons and dd18 to classes and work. Coffee!
  4. I made payment and weeded front garden and trimmed shrub and pulled out some poison ivy and killed a red velvet ant.
  5. Yay! Congratulations!! You'll be ready to buy the Thoroughly Inspected ITT Island before you know it!
  6. 😁 I am trying to seize the day. I made a difficult phone call and scanned and emailed the required documents. I have a payment to make next <Deep Breath> and then I can piddle around with gardening stuff for a little while.
  7. Good morning! It's The Queen's favorite day! I was looking at used cars in our area last night. Our van is getting very close to 200K miles. A guy on the radio was saying that this is a terrible time to buy any car - the shortage of new vehicles makes everything more expensive. I woke up at 3am and finally dozed off again but then my alarm went off. So sleepy. I have a lot of stuff to do this morning. This afternoon and evening we have music lessons, children's choir, and Scouts. Coffee!
  8. I hold on to the side of the tub and do modified pushups - I am not super tall, so I just fit between the tub and the bathroom counter. Then I turn around and sit on the edge of the tub and do tricep dips.
  9. Good Evening! It's been a busy day. Ds16, dd18, and I went to early service but as soon as we sat down, I got an email telling me that the Two Youngest would be ready for pickup at 8:30, so I left service to pick them up, brought them home, and then went back to church to pick up the other kids. The girls had a great weekend at Scout camp! They ran into a bunch of their buddies from summer camp. This afternoon I took a nap, then went to Home Depot to buy some gardening stuff for the perennials that came in the mail. A friend is coming Tuesday to help me figure out what to do with them all. I also splurged on some yellow mums. I love bright yellow mums! While I was at the store, a friend from church dropped off a couple bags of clothes for the girls - they were given to her by a neighbor and there are a lot of really beautiful things in all the different sizes we need. 🙂 No more coffee tonight but I should probably drink more Water!
  10. I have been extremely productive today. I went nuts with the Giant Gardening Scissors to trim back the brush that was starting to block the sidewalk near the house and raked/swept up a bunch of dead leaves and pulled sidewalk weeds while I was at it. I took ds16 to a nearby school to try out driving the 12-passenger van. It went fine. I did not manage any panicked screaming. I cleaned the stove and the storm door. Then I did a ton of work in the garage - going through boxes off dd23's stuff and consolidating boxes. She will need to go through them *eventually* - her move to her new job was so rushed and difficult that she really didn't have time to go through things. Now the bike rack is clear to store the bikes and there is extra space to put all the old chairs and stuff that we are getting rid of. I am considering having a yard sale. Now all I need is for the boys to move the stuff from upstairs into the garage and move the living room coffee table upstairs.
  11. I recently had the brilliant plan to exercise with ds16, who needs to start training for a Big Backpacking Trek with the Scouts (same place that I went with dd15 in June). He seems OK with the idea. Now it must be implemented. Sigh. Wow! It's an Exercise Implementation Booyah! ITT Fight Song We are ITT a happy lucky posting family We are ITT Get up everybody and sing! (Jean, 10/2020)
  12. Good morning! Took pup for his morning constitutional and now have to bring dd18 to work. Coffee!
  13. I can pay ds16's cello teacher through venmo (instead of mailing a check) and there are usually scout things that you can pay through paypal. I tried to set up a venmo account but couldn't get it to work. Dh had a paypal account but I'm wary of using it.
  14. Good morning! Lots going on today. I think I need to open a google account and a paypal account. But not today. Have to bring dd18 to work, Pup to groomer, pick up pup meds at vet, take dd15 grocery shopping for the Scout weekend, pick up dd18 from work, bring two youngest to meet-up place for Scout weekend. I feel bad that I never specifically asked ds16 if he wanted to go on the Scout weekend. The girls have been talking about it for a month and he never expressed interest in it, but he might not have realized that his troop was going, and he's only been to a meeting in the past couple weeks, and I only got a last-minute email about it a couple days ago. Oh well. Coffee!
  15. Good morning! It's not even 7am and I already have decision fatigue. Sigh. There are things that will just have to be put off until next week. It's 48 degrees outside, heading to a high temp of 70 and sunny - it's going to be a gorgeous day! Coffee!
  16. My FIL thinks he isn't getting my facebook posts because we aren't facebook friends. It's actually because I never post things on facebook. (I don't know if we are facebook friends or not. I should probably check.)
  17. Did you eat the pepper jelly yet? We like to have crackers with cream cheese and pepper jelly on New Year's Eve.
  18. No, you have to go pick up dd18 from college and bring her to the dentist. #pointsforquotingself
  19. Good afternoon! Happy 1st Day of Fall! I brought dd18 to college, then helped dd12 with cooking prep. She is making her September Raddish Kids meal for lunch - together with her two aunts on Zoom. I have been in a meeting with my financial advisor, so I haven’t gotten any yet - so so hungry! Story time and lessons this afternoon. Kids have youth group tonight. I need to do some paperwork and make a phone call. Coffee!
  20. I am so grateful for the estate attorney that met with me this morning. In about 30 seconds he took care of / emailed me the document I need to fill out for a couple of things that were weighing on my mind that I didn't know how to handle. I just signed up ds16 for a driver training class. Svengo. My brain is now tired and I keep thinking it is Wednesday. Is it time for bed yet?
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