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  1. Good morning/afternoon/evening! We have no trophies because they don't do those for music groups. You finish the season and then they say, " OK, now work your butt off all summer and come back for a nerve wracking audition to see if you make the cut again. MwwaaaaHaaaHaaaaaaaaaaAA!" I have a cold. I was hoping it was allergies. I'm probably overdosing on Cold-eze. I only like Brach's candy corn and only eat them in layers. I can eat about 3 or 4 and them I'm done. They aren't chocolate or toffee, so they are not super tempting for me. We always have them at Thanksgiving for making turkey/alien cookies. #isaidbutt
  2. Alligators! As is right and proper. Unless you're a vegian.
  3. So it turns out that the library system's email has not been working for several days, so I had 2 overdue books that I owed $2 on and 8 books ready to be picked uo that had to be checked out by 5 or they would be released back into the system. Good thing I decided to check my account at 4:30. Sure would have been nice to notify everyone that they notification system isn't working. I'm still getting event emails from them, so it's not like they have no way of doing it.
  4. My sister's appendix ruptured, but they thought it was cramping from Crohn's, so it was a couple days, I think, before they took care of the appendix.
  5. Aldi trip was uneventful. Groceries are all put away, coleslaw for dinner is made, and I have to leave in a couple minutes to bring dd13 to s book club. They read The Green Ember. Tonight dd16 and ds14 have a tutorial swim & pizza party. I will probably drop them off and dh will pick them up. I am quite sneezy today. Don't feel sick at all, though. ((Ds of Krissi)) Hope they get it taken care of soon!!
  6. Good morning! (((Krissi & Ds & Co.))) Hope everyone is better this morning! Gotta eat breakfast and go to Aldi. Coffee!
  7. clap clap clap clap The girls were talking about Miami yesterday. Can't remember what.
  8. How long does it take you to hard-cook an egg in your instant pot? With my previous IP, it was 4-5 minutes (quick release) on high pressure. With my replacement IP (same model) the yolks were still liquid after 5 minutes and still not set after 3 more minutes. I am now grumpy at my IP and just cooked them some more on the stove. Dinner is corned beef & cabbage & potato cakes with mustard sauce. Hopefully the IP will cook the corned beef.
  9. Foot Update: it's getting better. Still a bit of pain and discomfort, but not like it was a few weeks ago.
  10. Good morning! 91319 It's a Full Moon Friday the 13th! What could possibly go wrong?!? This morning while on The Glider, I learned about the hunting habits of peregrine falcons and humpback whales, and saw some adorable baby sea lions get eaten by orcas. Coffee!
  11. Hope all the Sick People can get a good night's sleep tonight.
  12. We are completely out of cream cheese and Some People are feeling a bit Put Out.
  13. I got ticked off at ds14's American Literature teacher today. I just got here! Orchestra rehearsal required a lot of focus and finger & arm movement. I think I should get to count them as steps. I'd have about 3 billion by now. I should go to sleep but my brain hasn't settled down yet. Tomorrow is Friday!
  14. ((Whitehawk & schedule)) My INFJ solution to scheduling breaks is to not schedule them. Possibly the worst possible solution. I need the kids to get to the van And not dawdle!
  15. Yes, that's what I've come to realize. I was convinced for so long that "X, Y, & Z" ways of eating/living were the correct and healthiest, that following this current program was pretty hard to sell myself on. But after so many years of having no results, you just have to try something else. And Bob's your uncle! Or aunt!
  16. Make a quick to-do list and throw it away quick. Repeat until the list no longer scares you. Yeah, my low carb was way on the low side.
  17. I'm not sure why low carb has not helped me over the past few years. Stupid Body. A long while ago it was immensely effective.
  18. Like our hiking trip on the Via Alpina Purple Trail, the 101/Pacific Coast Highway road trip is going to take 2 months.
  19. Maybe. I've gone through other periods of 2-3 months when I didn't have white sugar or flour and ate an extremely clean diet but didn't have those effects. But it could be. Dd13 is showing me videos of hiking at Crater Lake. Apparently we MUST go there as soon as possible!
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