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  1. What might this teacher guided involvement look like? If there is a way to make these readers more effective, since I have them, I'm interested. 🙂
  2. All very interesting... I'm not sure these leveled books are really helping to learn or practice reading sight words because she's not looking at the words as she "reads" through them. But like wendyroo said when I've tried to find other early readers they have crazy hard words thrown in. I looked at a set on Paw Patrol "phonics" readers (cause she LOOOOVES Paw Patrol), and they did have quite a few sight word and short vowel sound words, but threw in a bunch of other words that were definitely not decodable at this point. I actually do have the "Now We're Reading" books someone ment
  3. So my DD5 is in the very early stages of learning to read. She's beginning to sound out and blend CVC words and has learned a handful of "sight words" or HFW or whatever you want to call them. So many of the Level A or early reader level books and texts seem to use this "predictable text" structure where it will have one sentence repeated over and over like " I see a dog" "I see a ball" where the object is pictured on the page. So my (admittedly limited) experience thus far is that she will look at the first sentence, and then is just saying it over again while looking at the pictures - not re
  4. Here's my guess based on being a foster parent and having adopted a child from foster care, and based on what you describe here and the timing of her placement in August. The honeymoon is over... and she's starting to feel comfortable and starting to feel a little bit attached to you and is scares the %^it out of her. She probably partly is emotionally overwhelmed at times and anxious and truly unable to perform what seems like relatively simple tasks, and probably partly is testing you. Education is clearly important to you. You take your educator role seriously and she's pushing that button
  5. Whenever I start beating myself up about not completing every single thing I planned for our homeschool, I try to remember the almost complete lack of education my DD with special needs received at the public school. The levels of expectations really are shockingly low.
  6. I disagree with the bold part. I think the whole point of studying history is to learn where things went wrong before and understand that context for current events. Obviously this is an ever evolving process, but I don't think that 3rd grade is too young to understand that there were things that happened in the past that was very wrong. I could get on board with that in Kindergarten perhaps, but by 3rd grade kids have an ability to think critically about these things. Thomas Jefferson and George Washington were inspiring leaders and had an amazing and beautiful vision for creating this countr
  7. I really have no suggestions for you. I think the Mother's Helper is a fabulous idea. And as a former foster mama I'm just sending you blessings and strength. It will be hard but what you are doing to keep those sisters together is important and will be life changing for them. Good luck!
  8. Totally! And I'm a big planner so all this not knowing what will happen is really causing a lot of anxiety. My biggest struggle is my 4 year old (almost 5). I'd always planned to homeschool her. We homeschooled PK4 this past year, but our public school opened up a dual immersion language school for PK-2. We applied and she was accepted for next year. It felt like such a great opportunity for her because she was adopted and her biological family is all Spanish speaking (bilingual). But now I have no idea what will actually happen. Our governor has said schools WILL open in August, but wha
  9. Girl I will just echo every single thing you said, except I'll substitute playing I spy for acting like a dog. And yes under everyone I'll include DH too.... seriously what would these people do if I was not here. I'll also add my own whine about adjusting meds. DD's anxiety has been off the charts with all the chaos and uncertainty lately. I can't take the hourly meltdowns anymore. But randomly experimenting with trying this new drug or adding that new drug just feels so....... exhausting? Unbearable? defeating? I hope you get your baby back home soon! This helps me keep per
  10. GuestHollow has several topics that might work well for those ages together. Knowledge of Nature or Science of the Seasons in particular.
  11. Girl I am right there with you! I'm mostly still praying that the day program DD attended 2 days a week before the apocalypse will reopen on at least some kind of limited basis this summer. If not I think we'll just kinda continue our school schedule. I doubt we'll be doing any travel.... And the pools... here's the truly crazy part. We have our own dang pool. But we've only lived in this house < 2years, but we've lived in this neighborhood for 15 years. And we always went to the local pools like twice a week during the summers. Apparently autism brain doesn't see any reason at a
  12. We've been using Biblioplan with Remember the Days Year 4 this year for my older DD. She has special needs and is older but learns anywhere between a 1st -4th grade level. It's fairly interesting as a read aloud - IMHO it's a bit much for independent reading even for a typical 4th grader. I don't find it dry (but like the previous poster I'm kind of a history nerd...) I think your 4th grader and possibly even your 7th grader could get a lot out of it as a spine. I'd assume they'd be given other reading at their own reading levels. Your 10th grader on the other hand would likely need to use th
  13. I'm going to totally 2nd everything CuriosMomof3 said. Also as an adoptive mother and former foster mom, and a social worker who has worked with a lot of kids labeled a developmentally delayed but really were mostly just never developmentally nurtured. The sort of nice thing (and I use that term loosely) is there are going to be a whole whole bunch of kids who missed a big chunk of this school year, and are going to be a bit behind or have gaps. They will have company. Teachers are going to be doing a ton of reteaching. And from what I've heard from friends with PS kids they've pretty m
  14. What does this mean? Are you fostering? Are they relatives just staying for the summer? I think the status of their life change is going to be a major factor. Also, WHY are they expected to be held back. Do they have learning difficulties, special needs, is it just instability and lack of engagement with school?
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