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  1. I have a headache. I can't math when I have a headache. Maybe I should eat my chocolate.
  2. I am trying not to eat the chocolate bar that dh brought me when he stopped at the grocery store earlier today.
  3. Welcome! The thread started out as something else and then the person had her question answered and changed the title to Ignore This Thread. There are *ahem* some people who can't follow the rules and refused to ignore. It has morphed over the three years! that it's been going. Now it is basically a group of homeschoolers who check in every day (or so) and we've become good friends. We post about whatever is going on in our lives, whether it relates to homeschool or not. Everyone is welcome, although we do have a couple of rules. The main rule is that this is A Happy Place where no one puts anyone else down. :)
  4. I start dinner almost every night at 5:00 to serve dinner at 6:00. If a meal takes longer than an hour to prepare, then I don't make it. I have a few meals that take less time that I can use if there are evening activities. Also, while I am cooking, I meal prep other items to store in the fridge or freezer until later. I also make use of side dishes like boxed mac and cheese, canned fruits, steam-fresh veggies that go from freezer to microwave to table.
  5. I have been forcing myself to stay awake just a little bit longer... I'm not sure how much longer I can hold out before naptime.
  6. Good Morning! Happy Friday! I want to go back to bed.
  7. Good Morning Afternoon! I got up late after not getting to sleep until after 3 and then the morning just kind of ran away. We got some school done and I helped dd15 plan some costuming projects.
  8. Nope, not a neglectful mother. You were busy taking care of Baby Cheeto.
  9. Love the Nats! Ds19 especially is a huge fan. I love baseball. I've been an O's fan all of my life, but the Nats are my NL team. So So Excited!!
  10. Good Morning! Happy Wednesday! Dd15 was supposed to take the PSAT, but the Christian school where my kids always take the test couldn't accommodate her. Apparently the College Board sells the tests in packs of 5 and the school had none left over this year. I can't say that dd15 is heartbroken over this. And as she's only a sophomore it isn't a major big deal. I didn't get anything else done on my to-do list last night, but the Nationals did win the NL Championship and are on their way to the World Series. And I chatted with ds19. Maybe I just put the wrong things on my to-do list!
  11. I got quite a few things crossed off on my weekly to-do list: scheduled 6 doctor's appointments, chauffeured, emptied the trash, emptied my suitcase from my weekend trip, completed some duolingo lessons, supervised some homeschool lessons, bought a coat for dd9, ordered groceries I'm hoping to get at least one or two more items knocked out this evening. Right now I'm listening to the presidential debate and keeping up with the Nationals-Cardinals game.
  12. My to-do list is so long I have no idea what I will actually get accomplished today. Probably not school. 😞
  13. I got back this afternoon from a cousin's out-of-state wedding. A good time was had by all, but many will not remember it. I drank water and almost became the designated driver for the wedding party.
  14. These are the plates that you remember. They are lovely! I don't know who posted them, but I remembered them too. My paternal grandmother's maiden name was Peacock, so I tend to remember anything with a peacock on it. (I never met her and my father had no memory of her -- she died of cancer before he was 2, so this is the one thing I can hold on to as a "memory" of her.)
  15. Junie

    Library Woes

    A hassle yes, but better than another woman with the same last name giving birth to a baby girl in the same hospital room on the same day that dd13 was born. That was scary. I get it. My married name is common in our area and I sometimes have to deal with things like this. I would talk to the librarian and brainstorm a way to make your holds easy to differentiate. My maiden name was super un-common in the area where I grew up because my father was raised in a different part of the country. According to the phone book (remember those? 😉 ) there were only four people in our county with our last name: my father, my step-mother, my sister, and me.
  16. We use the bottom produce drawer for yogurt. You don't have to worry about 50 pieces of clutter all over of the fridge and everyone (even as pre-schoolers) can reach the yogurt to get their own breakfast. ETA: A yogurt Booyah is better than a salad booyah.
  17. I think that my hospital does the same. I think it's to encourage positive peer pressure. Here, I think it's geared toward women who work in offices -- they can all come in together after work. ETA: I just looked it up. The party also includes free refreshments and manicures.
  18. Good Morning! Happy Thursday! It is a proper autumn day here.
  19. Congratulations, Dawn!! Give her kisses from her ITT Great-Aunts!
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