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  1. Good Morning! Happy Wednesday! I've been in lots of pain for the last few days. I think my medicine might need to be adjusted when I see my rheumatologist next month. 😞 And the weather isn't helping much, either. Online weather still thinks I live in Saskatchewan. I'm so glad I don't have their weather. Their windchill temperature today is 65 degrees lower than ours. (And it's not very warm here.)
  2. I had a summer job one year when I was in college. When I walked in they asked me my name and when I told them they said I could stay. I was puzzled until they introduced themselves: Jamie, John, Jeff, (another) Jeff, and George. (George worked in the warehouse, not in the actual office -- I often wondered if they wouldn't let him in because he only matched phonetically and not alphabetically...) ETA: I forgot Jim. I knew there was someone else in that office. And, yes, apparently my brain remembers all kinds of dumb stuff since I can remember their names 20+ years after working with t
  3. I'm actually reading The Scarlet Pimpernel now (for the first time). I thought that there was a sequel. I didn't know that there were multiple sequels and prequels.
  4. Well, maybe you're right that I'm not in the same league, but I want to get it under control now so that I'm not like that when I'm older.
  5. I am a complainer -- I'm working on it. What @Sprytesaid just above -- an example -- of someone she is saying she is too cold and wanting someone to bring a blanket -- yes, that is very much me. For me, I guess, the reason is both attention and pride. The attention-seeking because I want to know that my family loves me even though I am sick and the pride in that I hate that I need help. Asking for help is hard. I have chronic pain issues and I hate asking for help. Sometimes I am able to laugh it off, but often it is depressing when I have to ask my ten year old to do somet
  6. I haven't updated my reading in a few weeks: I'm still reading through the Harry Potter series. I finished The Chamber of Secrets and The Prisoner of Azkaban. I'm also reading through Judy Blume's Fudge books. So far I've read Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing and Otherwise Known as Sheila the Great. I had not read these in a very long time. A few more re-reads for dd16's literature class: Spoon River Anthology and Our Town. And I read a book called Hudson Taylor's Spiritual Secret. It was a very interesting read about one of the first Christian missionaries to China.
  7. @Slache Just wanted to let you know I'm thinking about you and praying for you. Sending love and hugs.
  8. Good Morning! Happy Tuesday? My days are getting mixed up this week. I keep thinking that I have lots to do, but the reality is that I'm just stressing myself out thinking that I have lots to do, when that's not really the case. I've got creaky joints this morning (especially my left shoulder).
  9. If he is not someone that you want as a facebook friend or an IRL friend, then you should absolutely expect more from him as your pastor. Those types of posts would bother me a lot and I would be looking for a new church.
  10. identitytheft.gov has a checklist of the different steps that you should take. 😞
  11. Oh, I'm fine (at least for now). They are both much happier at college.
  12. Good Morning! Happy Monday! First day of school is going well. Ds20 and dd18 are safely back at school.
  13. (((Spryte))) Yes, I would definitely do as was mentioned and ask for people who mask consistently and explain your high-risk situation. I would also spend as much time outdoors as possible while the workers are there (and for a little while after they leave). Since they will be in the kitchen, I would prepare lunch ahead of time and set it in the fridge so that you only have to spend a minute grabbing lunch to (hopefully) eat elsewhere. If you have more than one bathroom, I would reserve one for use for your family only (not the workers).
  14. I think that's where we are, too. Probably only one extracurricular and very little socializing, but enough to start getting back to normal. I would like to get back to church in person, but I'm not sure if I'm comfortable with that level of weekly exposure.
  15. Good Morning! Happy Sunday! Zoom Iglesia and Facebook Church. As the vaccine is becoming more available, church in person is going to become a reality in the next few months -- and then I'm going to have to decide between the Spanish and English services. I enjoy both and I'm not sure which way I'm going to decide...
  16. Is there a reason that you are making her wait? Has she seen the movies? (I haven't read past book 5 yet...) Are there problems that I should be aware of, or is it just a family tradition to wait until after 8th? Signed, the mother of another dd14 who just watched all of the movies and wants to read all of the books.
  17. Good Morning! Happy Saturday! Let's do this! The house is much better (although I think the little girls' room might be a disaster area and I know the craft station is a disaster area). And the bathrooms need to be cleaned. I will be having conferences with each of my students later today so that I can get them on track as we pick homeschooling back up on Monday. (I am not looking forward to Monday...) I should probably change my attitude before the conferences.
  18. You can take your nap now, Susan. :) ETA: It's a bedtime booyah!
  19. That was really fascinating. Thanks for sharing!!
  20. (((Janeway))) I am so sorry for your loss.
  21. @Lecka -- Thank you so much! We are re-starting school on Monday after an extended Christmas break (the college kids were home!), and you've given me quite a bit of reading to do regarding strategies for helping her. Hopefully these articles will give me some insight for starting off on the right foot.
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