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  1. Does anyone else reading this thread feel like they're missing out? :)
  2. I finished The Song of Roland. I really enjoyed this although it was sometimes difficult to read. Especially with a house full of interruptions. I have discovered that I am partial to French literature. It's something to consider if I ever go to grad school. I'm also still slogging through Story of the World Volume 4 and Dickens' Oliver Twist.
  3. (((Toto et al.))) IME, sudden deaths are often the hardest to deal with. I stood. I sang. I napped (not during church). 😉
  4. Good Morning! Happy Sunday! My arthritis is some better today, so hopefully I will be able to stand well enough to sing in the choir. :)
  5. Quiero hablar en espanol. (I just tried to make a fancy n with a swirl on it, but apparently I am a failure at typing Spanish characters.)
  6. I know from experience that this doesn't work. 😞
  7. Good Morning! Happy Friday! I went to bed late because I was in pain. I watched the movie Hidden Figures. I hadn't seen it before. This was a really, really good movie!
  8. For your enjoyment this morning. I'm hoping that the oboe in my house will someday sound like this.
  9. Good Morning! Happy Thursday! We had some major attitude going on here yesterday. Hopefully today will be better. My arthritis has been acting up quite a bit lately. I've been using my cane around the house which rarely happens. 😞
  10. I would make sure to get a Philly cheese steak. Seriously. I visited Philly as a child and it is my one regret -- that we didn't get cheese steaks. (I am gluten free now, and so there is no hope of ever getting an "authentic" Philly cheese steak.)
  11. Dd14's research paper is done! I am out of chocolate. 😞
  12. Junie


    Yes! In my post I expressed relief when the DC sniper was executed. Of course murder is a terrible crime, but they have not done anything to me. I'm not going to revisit my feeling to figure out if I truly hated him, but his crimes affected me. A person should not feel genuine fear of getting picked off by a sniper because it takes her five minutes to load the kids in the car at the grocery store.
  13. I finished Moonlight Becomes You by Mary Higgins Clark. Neither dd16 or I were impressed. Not much different than an Agatha Christie story, except she used about 200 times as many words. I'm still reading through The Song of Roland.
  14. For feeding a crowd when I don't want to cook, I buy rotisserie chickens from the grocery store. If you want something on the grill, you could do grilled veggies to go with the chicken.
  15. Good Morning! Happy Tuesday! I'm hoping that dd16 and dd14 will get their research papers finished today. :svengo:
  16. I think that I might go crazy this summer trying to juggle transportation to the dc's part time jobs. My children should be thankful that I like to drive.
  17. Junie


    When I read your post I immediately thought of the DC sniper. I remember feeling relief when he was executed.
  18. I survived another concert, this time without a migraine! Yay me!
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