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  1. My dd is taking both, to see which one she does better at. There is an element of luck in there. She is doing prep for SAt, act and psat all together, a few hours a week and after the tests, she can decide if she wants to take them again or not depending on where she wants to go and what she scores. The science section on the act does not really test scientific knowledge but application.
  2. I think he should apply to Northwestern if he knows he can afford it and he wants to increase his chances. ED does give higher likelihood of acceptance compared with RD so as long as he can pay, he can apply ED.
  3. It depends on the school but some tend to favor rigor in course work over 1 test on a Saturday morning. A high score but low rigor tend to signal the student is capable but not doing the work so it might hurt more than hell. I think colleges prefer rigorous courses in whatever form- AP, dual enrollment, IB or others.
  4. I had it as honors intermediate algebra and mostly used their course descriptions but fleshed it out a bit more. Though some count introductory algebra as algebra 1 and 2, I didn’t. It was algebra 1 and honors intermediate algebra for us.
  5. You may need to prioritize an emergency fund that will cover unexpected expenses so it doesn’t constantly stress you out. Then saving some money for vacations. Can you both look trying to increase your salaries by asking for raises, doing overtime or doing a side hustle for a couple of months to have that on the side. That may help alleviate your stress level some. All the best.
  6. Oh my! Prayers for him and his family. ((((Hugs)))) to you mama
  7. I think you have to contact your local public school and ask them. Things are so different all over GA. I think some schools are really gung ho about taking the graduation tests in algebra, 9th grade LA etc so you need to find out. I am not sure how much an accredited program will help with that but it should help with getting the courses accepted.
  8. The photo is not in the admission ticket but the person checking them in will see the photo and compare it to them. All the best to the testers.
  9. There is a report about a green card holder and his wife who went to visit his parents this august with their American baby in Afghanistan and now can’t return. It is just so sad- why go there now?
  10. So sorry for your loss. (((Hugs))
  11. This makes me laugh but I can’t get the music out of my head- the ones about internet drama- Caroline oh my She stole my broccoli and no more contacting https://www.tiktok.com/@lubalin
  12. Old thread but might be helpful 36 hours is barely a quarter (0.25 )credit if you go by Carnegie hours. It barely makes a dent in the amount of credit needed. For our state it was 40 hours of driving not including reading etc. and still I didn’t count it because my students has more than necessary.
  13. I was just going to post this. My kids use this but I had to warn them some months back about this scam.
  14. Yes you should highlight it. I had a section on the right side where I listed test scores, AP scores. I wanted everything possible on that single page. I did not highlight the partners like PAH. Like someone mentioned, that was explained in the course description. The only ones highlighted on the transcript are the dual enrollment colleges.
  15. I just saw this and was telling my kids- who are taking a health exam so I’m online- about effects of past behaviors. I liked him when he hosted but I think it’s the right move to remove him.
  16. I think I will also give the AP micro and macro 1 full credit each as most colleges that accept them for credit give 3 college credits for them.
  17. I am using glencoe health this block for my kids. I felts it covered basically everything hut you can always go deeper if needed. I got a dvd from the drugfreeworld.com that they also watched about different drugs and their effects on young minds. It does promote an abstinence view on sex which I do encourage for my kids. It also covers the different body systems and reviews reproductive system well in a way that was accessible and factual. Like some textbooks, it has little sections on teens and their stories etc that gives some perspective on different lifestyles. I’ve been pleased with it so far.
  18. Collegeboard removed some parts of physics 1 so it only contains 1-5 instead of 1-6. They are hoping that will increase the scores.
  19. I think the transcript looks good but for me- (just personal preference) grades 11 and down will just be single final grade. I had 5 columns (grades<=8, 9,10,11 and 12). high school classes and AP classes taken in middle school were added. Some schools just want to be able to check something off and may not always assume- California has a thing with geometry and it is just better to put it there so I did Algebra and up. I will add non core classes because it shows breath. Some colleges do not want just a pointed academic student- they want to see students that challenge themselves in different areas. I was in a counselor session today and one of the admissions counselor mentioned that she will prefer a student that has 5 AP in different fields than in just one.
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