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  1. I am still in my rut but enjoying it nevertheless. I did add some new audiobooks and since I will be commuting more days of the week, there should be plenty of time to listen. Reading: "The End Game" by Coulter / Ellison Still reading some of the stories in "Out on the deep blue." These are collection of stories so I am reading a bit here and there. Audiobooks: "Venetia" by Heyer "12 Christian Beliefs that will drive you crazy" by Cloud / Townsend I am looking forward to listening to "The Year of Living Danishly" by Helen Russell. Read an excerpt on Amazon and loved what I read so far. Also, Quill recommended it so it must be good.
  2. Many options. In February of 2017, we got a Saatva mattress - firm. They have 3 or more options. We used our box spring with no issues. Upon delivery of the new mattress, Saatva takes your old one for a small fee. I am fairly happy with it.
  3. Summer salad or whenever tomatoes are in season: Corn (from can or off the cob and cooked) Avocados, sliced or cubed hard boiled eggs Tomatoes, chopped green onions, chopped You can do a simple vinaigrette or a Tahini sauce like this: 1 T tahini little oilive oil and vinegar some tamari or amino sauce fresh or dried herbs Mix up into a pourable liquid and add to salad. I also use this tahini sauce over veggies.
  4. Yes, you can still do a lot (and telomeres as well as telomerase are still being researched) and I am all for doing what we can but not getting stuck with things we cannot change because it tends to be counterproductive and saps energy. It sounds like you are doing quite a bit and the most important thing seems to be finding the right therapist and therapy and approaches that will set him on a new path. Short-term goals may be going to school but long-term goals are life goals and as Peter Pan mentioned are essential.
  5. None of us really ever have a perfect environment. Just don't go there, it's sort of a dead end. Whenever I start down the road of self blaming, I remind myself that there are things I simply cannot change and I need to look forward and work on the present day and working on finding a growth path. Have any of his therapists tried DBT or ABA? I like kbutton's suggestions. Some people assign a negative connotation to DBT because Linehan originally developed it for Borderline Personality Disorder (what I mean is that some people think those therapists who use DBT are working on the assumption the client has BPD) but its application has significantly broadened since then.
  6. Just to make sure I understand correctly: After you took everything away that he cares about or likes (Computer, phone, other electronics) he is now withdrawing and sleeping? I think getting meds balanced is number 1 priority. Does he respond to you and your dh when you guys explain boundaries? Is there a dialog - even if heated or is he completely apathetic?
  7. Is there a link to stream this or better yet - access it online after the live performance is over? I have once been able to hear it when you posted here and loved it but I am always lost without a link even though I have gotten as far as the website before...
  8. Question: Is this because of the seemingly endless appeal process or something else? I am still going back and forth on the death penalty.
  9. I am sort of nodding here. People can pigeonhole you quickly and think if you are A, then B must follow - but what if it does not? I found it somewhat amusing when some are surprised. Case in point was that I love to shop at a local organic co-op. They are not shy about letting their customers know about their political opinions and allow various people to gather signatures in front of the door. Evidently, the thought was if you shop here you must support candidate A and abhor candidate B. Sometimes I just like to eat good food and not support anybody in particular. 🙂
  10. Very interesting thread and so important to have some balance yet it can feel like a constant struggle. I find that I need to have a short list of activities that counterbalance my work life. If the list gets too long, I cannot accommodate all of it and it leads to my becoming frustrated and feeling I am behind in my to-do list. It sounds rather regimented but with few exceptions, I keep a time schedule. The dog and I go for our daily walk around the same time within 30 minutes. She reminds me should I try to miss it or be late. I try to have two days a week for yoga type exercises in addition to the walking. Then I need some time for fun reading, trying out new recipes and doing something together with dh. A few key points for me: Setting realistic goals, adjust if goals turn out to be too ambitious or somehow not reachable. Don't worry if a week is a little off. Life happens. Pick it up again the next day / week and move forward. The rhythm that Patty Joanna describes seems to work for me as well. Summer and winter rhythms appear to be different for me.
  11. I have to check into what Pen recommended. For years now, I have been living in Birkenstocks. If you don't mind a weird design that did not sell well and is now sharply reduced, you can snag them sometimes for under $50.00 versus the ludicrous $120.00 for sandals. But they last and they are very comfortable for me.
  12. Liz CA


    Hey, I just wondered if you can something wreath-like from a local nursery for much less than online?
  13. I love little pink blossoms, yellow too. The saucer magnolias in my town are spectacular but I hear they make quite a mess when they drop...and only last a short while.
  14. Liz CA


    But they are beautiful (well, I thinks so) and you are not selling the wreath with the house. 🙂
  15. Liz CA


    Williams Sonoma has a nice little selection of wreaths for all seasons.
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