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  1. Liz CA

    I'm just saying...

    Yes, and it's a rather rewarding thing (as long as we know where the boundaries lie and we respect them) and there is nothing wrong or lacking with living like this. I am so delighted to hear someone still has large family dinners weekly. These are among my favorite memories from childhood.
  2. Liz CA

    Concerts in Ft. Worth

    Is there a way to link directly. I am not finding it. It links to FB but then what? (Ask the uninitiated.)
  3. Liz CA

    I need new meat meals

    I love marbled chuck roast for a slow cooked stew. Quarter potatoes, carrots, celery, mushrooms, onions and any other root vegetable like turnip, rutabaga, etc and brown a little in butter. Then brown chuck roast quickly on all sides (it's not cooked through of course). Combine roast and veggies in a large cast iron (or whatever heavy pot you have) with some stock and put in oven at F275 for 3-4 hours. Check periodically. It's done when meat falls off bone. Season liberally before and throughout roasting process with your fave spices.
  4. Liz CA

    Suspicious mole, what to expect today?

    As far as I know you can develop things in places not exposed to the sun. I had one checked and if the doc had been more concerned, he would have done some kind of biopsy. He just wants to watch it. Since you have observed a definite change in appearance they may want to do a biopsy. I have also heard that if the area is small enough, some dermatologists remove it without much ado and send it to the lab. Since you are not worried about a scar, they may go this route. Either way, it's good you got in on a cancellation appointment and you'll get this over with.
  5. So, I am a total rebel and read whatever comes to mind or over whatever I trip on Overdrive. So far in January: Rod Dreher: The Benedict Option (currently also being discussed at the Theologica Reads Club Catherine Coulter: The Cove Hemlock Bay Final Cut (in progress) These are crime fiction and pure entertainment. Non-Fiction & "old" as it happened in 1983: Lost at Sea by Patrick Dillon The true (and therefore non-fiction) story of the two fishing vessels that left Anacortes WA in February of 1983 and were both lost in the Bering Sea with 14 crew members and the ensuing investigation as well as current rules and policies that resulted from this tragedy. A sad but also interesting recounting of how scientists recreated the most likely scenario. For another "old" book and non-fiction (very loosely trying to fit into the categories), I will try: Trace Evidence - The Hunt for the I 5 Killer by Bruce Henderson This is dealing with a series of murders that occurred in my neck of the woods between 1958 and 1975. It is (supposedly) not just written as an investigative procedure but also sheds light on how the police officers dealt with what they found, how tenacious they were and never gave up in the face of hopelessness and budget cuts. I have on hold the Coffeehouse Mysteries in Audiobook format.
  6. Liz CA

    What else do I need?

    Take clutter off the walls. Some houses have too many things on the walls and it can change the perception of the dimensions. Also, lots of clutter on visible shelves are usually a turn off. Perhaps a nice looking candle here or there - unlit since some people have issues with scents. Clean lines seem to sell best.
  7. All of my "homemade" items are food: sourdough bread, chicken stock, Kefir, Kombucha. You guys need to post some instructions so the rest of us can get busy. 🙂
  8. Liz CA

    OMG! I'm back!

    Yup, we were looking for you.
  9. I like that expression. I think we have to work harder today to achieve it though because of the bombardment with info and more info which is not all that informative or vital sometimes. Certainly, tech is here to stay and there will be more and more. Teaching how to moderate its use and view it as a tool seems very important to me. The example of your dd who forgot her phone and realized she can live without it is very representative of where we are today. If somehow satellites were disabled for a week or so, we would all find out that we can live without it. This experience may have caused her to evaluate how far that phone ranks on the priority list.
  10. These tasks were associated with a real purpose. Sure, someone may have been anxious if they were getting a decent meal on the table as an inexperienced cook or make mistakes out in the field (drive the tractor into the ditch, etc). I do recall those types of anxieties as well growing up but we were not under the constant cloud of public exposure or the pressure to keep up with the latest tech AND the time that is spent doing those things today takes away time to reflect, to just think.
  11. Some good points here. I am thinking one of the important things to teach these days is how to use tech as a tool and not to let it overtake your life. I am also seeing increased anxiety and while I don't blame it always on technology, it certainly plays a role - especially with teens. Creating space where a person can just think and not have to check social media, email, apps, etc. is almost non-existent now. I think this is a significant loss as some down time where we can gather out thoughts, dream and just be is vital to mental health.
  12. Liz CA

    Aggressive men

    If you have asked your son to stop (and asked your ex to stop) and neither respected this even though they realized you were serious, then it's perhaps more than just fun. Otherwise I would not be bothered but it's not something that we practice here. ETA: Just read your latest post and it sounds like they are turning around and blaming you which is disrespecting your boundaries.
  13. Liz CA

    Teach me to pass the bean dip...

    Give yourself some time after you have been blindsided. A long, drawn out hmmmmmmmmmmm, might work before you say something like other posters suggested or simply, "Yeah that's a topic for another time." While you hmmmmmm, you gather your inner courage and recite to yourself "I am pushing this boundary buster back a bit.
  14. Liz CA

    Now I've seen it all.

    Seven roosters and one hen? I want to rescue that hen now.
  15. Liz CA

    She did it -- mommy brag inside

    Jann, what a wonderful feeling, isn't it?! Congrats to both of you, the student and the teacher.
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