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  1. Let's sit down and have a virtual cup of coffee together. At least we will feel we have accomplished something. ☕ I remember those days. But you have done a lot - it just seems disjointed to you and the things you wanted to get done did not all get done. There is tomorrow for that and then another day. I used to write lists and then write in the stuff I was stuck doing and checked it off while some of the things I wanted to do were left undone for the next day. But at least I could see I did something. Hope your taxes come out in your favor!
  2. We had Fuentes Avocados at our other house and they were very creamy. Now I am wondering if it was a Fuente. Very smooth skin (unlike Hass) and more elongated shape. Usually ripened in winter.
  3. I am going to try hydrangeas again. Two have died so far and I have no clue why. Perhaps too much sun? In our new location, I will try them on the East side which is the front of the house. They will get morning to noon sun but not the hot afternoon sun. I love the large hydrangeas I see in other people's yards. 😞 Aside from that, I will plant hollyhocks. The house we moved into last May came with over twenty rose bushes...I have nothing against roses but the one by the entrance gate can grab you in an unpleasant way. I am thinking of tearing that one out and replacing it with hollyhocks. Vegetables: In raised beds, we will likely plant tomatoes, peppers and carrots. I'd like to plant chard or kale but have to check if these are winter crop in this area. Fortunately, we already have a large lemon tree and two peach trees that produce very nicely.
  4. For me the endo was so advanced that there was no other choice than surgery, however, the naturopath I consulted AFTER the whole ordeal said it can frequently be controlled with extra progesterone (not hormonal BC but just prog). Would it be worth a try? On the other hand, I have to say, I have never felt better since the hysterectomy and if you are done having kiddos, it will most likely solve this problem quickly. Be aware though (if you have ovaries & tubes taken out with the uterus) that you may be looking at hormone replacement to avoid cardio problems, brain fog and an overworked thyroid. I did not know how many things are affected by our ovaries producing hormones.
  5. What zoo keeper said plus possible endometriosis. It can present differently from person to person.
  6. Audiobook: "A beautiful blue death" by Charles Finch Only about a third into it but very interesting. This was recommended by mum on this board and I know I can trust her. 🙂 Reading: "Death at the Deep End" by Patricia Wentworth Since I am still sick (but finally on the mend with the help of antibiotics) I went through some older book threads and this series was mentioned. Barely started it but I am intrigued. I have actually taken some days off work (which feels very weird because I hardly ever take sick days) and have been able to read more. Finished "The Killing Tide" by Dani Pettrey and I am sorry to say it was disappointing. I read the author's other series and very much enjoyed them but this one was so predictable. Also, it seemed that the first 3/4 of the book dragged on with little substance, then suddenly all the action occurs in the last ten pages or so. Hope the author redeems herself with the next book.
  7. I was wondering if this had something to do with dwindling numbers in some areas. A lot of hard work is required from the Scout and the parents over many years from what I am hearing. Current culture seems less supportive than in the past.
  8. A few things...older people often have increased anxiety about being on time for flights, trains, etc. This usually means they cannot sleep and are therefore bustling around. My grandmother was nearly deaf. People who have impaired hearing don't know how much noise they make. This may sound funny but so much of our behavior is gauged by what we are hearing. He probably has no clue how loud he is.
  9. I take all the ones you listed, Garga plus PrOmega (fish oil) and it has never been a problem. You can take them at different times of day, i.e. the magnesium at night because it will help wind down.
  10. Coming in at the very end of this thread. I was too sick to post last week. Reading: "Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie" - funny in a different kind of way. Flavia is a child who sees unerringly through the pretense of the adults in her life. And I have "The Killing Tide" waiting for me next. Looking forward to this one. Audiobook: "Miss Julie rocks the cradle" I have enjoyed a few "Miss Julia" books but now she is starting to sound a little too selfish or too prim or something. Will be hunting for something different on audio.
  11. Sounds like the first order is to consult a good divorce attorney. Consultations are sometimes free. Is the attorney advising her presently her divorce attorney or just a friend?
  12. Books/ Podcasts, etc give you the gist of what Ramsey is advising. I agree with a lot of what Carol said. He gets a little excited and even extreme at times. I understand he knows how crushing and detrimental debt can be but as Carol said the late Larry Burkett and Financial Peace principles will likely also get you to reach your financial goals. Now, if one of you responds very well to a bit of "ra ra" and a proverbial kick in the rear, then it may be worth it but it always strikes me as funny that these kinds of financial gurus want people to pay mega bucks to attend while they are telling them not to overspend...
  13. I have similar symptoms right - no fever and no body aches. I am thinking it's a cold. Taking tomorrow off to just sleep and drink tea. I usually can kick colds pretty quickly but not this one.
  14. Jan Karon's "Father Tim" series. Quite a few books in the series and spans about 20 years not only following events in the life of Father Tim but also his protege Dooley. ETA: I see Harriet already mentioned these - so seconding her recommendation.
  15. Reading: I have finally snagged the "Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie" which so many here warmly recommended. I am still waiting on the Poisonwood Bible but I must be # 159 on the waiting list. Audiobooks: "Miss Julia Meets her Match." The narrator does a great job IMHO and it's perfect for the commute hours.
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