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  1. Members of our family were in this situation and did finally receive counseling which was very helpful. Yes, there are many toxic churches, sad as it is. What you wrote makes sense. From a distance you can see more clearly what happened and yet it may feel as if it's easy to minimize now since it's in the past. I would definitely try a counselor and see if it's helpful. It's also good to keep in mind IMHO that people caused this - not God. It sounds like you are well aware of this.
  2. @mumto2 Thanks for mentioning "Louisiana Longshot" again. Will try to hunt this down for a new audiobook.
  3. You just made me realize that I have not updated Goodreads in ages and my counter is way off....
  4. Reading: Still on "Who slays the Wicked?" It's in the best of C.S. Harris fashion. Thoroughly enjoyable Next up is more by C.S. Harris: "Who speaks for the Damned?" Audio: "Rising Strong " by Brown. Couldn't do the "Man in Lower Ten" not because the book is badly written but the narrator put me to sleep. Have to look for something else that will keep me awake on my commute.
  5. Looking for something without a lot of junk in it.
  6. In our little house, one wall of the guest room doubles as a desk. We put in a long piece of countertop. We got a file cabinet that fits under it. I find it versatile because you can decide how long your space can be and how many file cabinets you need / want. Dh works from home more now than I do but both of us have laptops parked here, calculators, we share a printer in the middle of the countertop and individual desk lamps offer each occupant their own level of lighting. Here are some options with various configurations.
  7. Reading: "Who Slays the Wicked" by C. S. Harris Also, as a second choice "Who speaks for the Damned?" - same author Audio: "Rising Strong" by Brown "The Man in Lower Ten" by Roberts Rinehart. Not sure if I can finish this one. The narrator's voice puts me to sleep.
  8. Of course you have to name them! We currently are hosting Arabella, Henrietta, Daisy and Olivia. We used to have a lot more but this is a good number for just the two of us. Perhaps a fifth for good measure next time. What are the names of yours? Even if there is a rooster in the bunch you could check locally if another chicken farmer wants one for breeding or protecting his hens. The aforementioned scenario occurred again when dh and ds were overcome with chicken fever one spring and brought home from the Tractor Supply store two chicks from a STRAIGHT RUN! They knew what that meant but evidently ignored it. 2 roosters of course. I dropped them off at a farm nearby. The farmer wanted to get more chicks to sell them.
  9. Well, many years ago when I still had young ones, my son came in to announce: "Mom, Ruby just crowed." After that we had a Ruben who grew into a stately rooster. 😉
  10. This is what I have learned as well. We bought a little house in a great area that needed new flooring and paint. DH did the flooring and we split the painting job. There are more "little" things that we are tackling slowly. However as Terabith said, it really depends on how much you can do on your own. If I was single buying a place, I'd have completely different parameters and would have to figure someone's labor into the cost of fixing it up. So, my response would be "Yes, if someone in your family is able and willing to do the cosmetic stuff and - even better - has friends who could help now and then. We had to replace the roof as well (almost forgot that one) and several of dh's friends came over and it was done in a weekend. Our cost (beside the roofing material) was lunches and drinks.
  11. I like to eat my blueberries myself but I have to try this at least once.
  12. Ahhh Pam, welcome to the world of chickens. They are more interesting than most shows on TV. We have let the poop sit on a pile mixed in with the wood shavings for about 3-4 months before we spread it into the garden and mix it in. Fresh poop, I was always warned, was "too hot" for immediate use in gardens. If you have plants that prefer high nitrogen content soil you could bless them with some and see how they fare. Like Selkie, I used to have horse manure as well - albeit not quite as much poundage as she has - and while it works, it contains a fair amount of weed sprouting "ingredients." While you wait for the poop to "mature" you could use Alaska Fish Emulsion. I have poured a little on just about everything that grows in the ground and pots around here and recipients of the emulsion seem to virtually double in growth the following week.
  13. Bunnies are the best. I've had one I got when I was 12. He lived 8 years and I had already left home when he passed away but I was so devastated. I still have his picture in a frame. :) They are so very trainable and cute.
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