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  1. I have not read anything that is surprising. Girls often rebel against their mothers - or rather call a few things "mom" did or stands for into question. Also, I would not call it curfew but would rather appeal to her as an adult now and the need to respect being quiet when entering the house at an hour when others may be asleep. At this age, IMHO, we become more of a cheerleader and encourager than do active parenting. Respecting their emerging adulthood even if their views and actions don't line up with our principles is difficult for us but necessary for them, I think. You mention
  2. And what is the recommendation if you don't know if you had chickenpox or you may have never had it?
  3. Gasp. I never had a kindle. I have Overdrive on my phone and get library books that way. We have Amazon Prime, sounds like the Kindle is connected to Amazon. Would there be a significant advantage to having a kindle over just using the phone?
  4. I second the suggestion of drawing names. This will reduce the number of people and you can focus on a few instead of the whole clan. You may not be the only one who would like it. I'd bring it up to a few people and see what the reaction is. You have 11 months to work on it. 🙂
  5. Lohengrin Amenhotep Horus Hyronimus Anubis Arthur Theodore Are we talking a tom cat for sure?
  6. I want to read or listen to "What's a Girl Worth" but I don't have the bandwidth right now for anything too descriptive. Should I wait with this one?
  7. Audiobook: Murder on Murray Hill by Thompson. @mumto2 I have the "Beyond" book on hold with Overdrive. Must be very popular. I am a little ways down the list. Reading: The Order by Silva. Always a treat.
  8. My Naturopath has a medical degree from WA state. She can order labs, prescribe and perform exams. And I agree with you on MDs having very little education on diet. Naturopaths (with medical degrees) have to take additional courses in naturopathy, homeopathy and osteopathic manipulation. ETA: Hypercalcemia
  9. You are right in the sweet spot. I am currently too high and have to lay off for a while. I forgot that my Omega 3 has also D3 in it. Contrary to what Tap's doctor says, my naturopath does not want anyone beyond 80 because (according to her) this is where some people show signs of HC. There are many different opinions about this. Main thing would be how are you feeling?
  10. Reading: Almost finished "Crushing Depth" by Dani Pettrey and I am sorry to report it was rather disappointing. I don't recognize this writing as the author of the Alaska series and the Chesapeake Series. Someone must be ghostwriting. No other way to explain it. Audio: I listening to Murder on 5th Avenue by Thompson. Many thanks to whoever recommended this series - probably Mumto2 - it has provided me with hours of entertainment for the last few months and I think I have a few books to go. I saw another recommendation and will give that one a try as well.
  11. I do contact local florists online or even call - time difference is awkward but can be done. I've had good results with this. Seems like they make an effort because they are local and the recipient is local so there is an incentive to deliver a decent product. I've had large arrangements delivered to weddings and funerals. I have never tried fleurop from the US.
  12. We downsized from 3000squft to 1200-1300 - I always forget what the exact number is. Pros: Were able to afford this smaller home in a much desired area. We used to have acres of orchard around us, now we have about 1/4 acre. Less space to heat / cool Will be paid off much sooner Have a guest room / office I cannot think of any cons
  13. Lots of people present with cold symptoms after testing positive for CV19. At my work - medical and BH setting, there are many people who are positive and have cold symptoms and nothing more.
  14. Reading: Crushing Depth by Dani Pettrey Her first Alaska series seemed better. I hope we are not going downhill. I really liked the first series. Yes, I temporarily took a break from Gabriel Allon. 🙂 I would like to snag Acceptable Risk by Lynette Eason for my next read. I have to see if Overdrive has it. Audiobooks Murder in Chelsea by Victoria Thompson - almost finished. Next in line is Murder on Fifth Avenue by same author.
  15. I currently have to the ceiling cabinets and every inch is used. The top shelf contains seasonal dishes like holiday platters, etc. Previously I had space above the cabinets because of wood beams in the kitchen and while I love the beams, it's useless space to me. I had to climb up there and dust ever so often.
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