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  1. Christmas music (after Thanksgiving for me) Preferably older songs. "Grandma got run over by a reindeer" doesn't do it. Reading the Christmas story. I also have a book called "Christmas Treasures" which is a collection of Christmas stories. Attending concerts or cantatas.
  2. Happy Birthday, Robin! 🎂 How is that for a lame emoticon? Briefly mourning the loss of our fun emojis. Audiobook: "Sacred and Profane" by Kellerman. I finally snagged it on Overdrive. I am always 3-4 weeks behind the actual challenge. Reading The Ape who Guards the Balance" - still on that one but have also downloaded "Seeing a Large Cat," both by Peters. Both are re-reads and balm for my soul. 🙂
  3. For some this is already late - for some it's early, for others it's just about the right time. Here is a link that could be helpful: Scroll down to links or click on the boxes on the right.
  4. There is our own curriculum that we are using as the basis, this material would be supplemental. Some of it may be used repeatedly depending on how well it is received. What we say / discuss is all our own words.
  5. It would be used in a non-profit setting during group teaching.
  6. Sooo, can you copy an article from a blog, cite the author in a footnote? For instance, if you were an expert in a field and wrote an article online in your own personal blog, could I copy it into a document, note that the author is Mary Miller etc., (URL) and use this material in a teaching session? OR do I need to contact the author or company and ask for permission. I have not seen a "copyright" notice but this does not mean it is not implied. What are the rules here regarding publicly accessible material?
  7. Thank you guys - as always you are fabulous! Didn't have any time before today to return to this but was contemplating getting one of their shawl cardigans because I am usually cold at work. Sounds like I save my money and buy from a renowned company. I wondered if something weird was up because their color dots on the "Buy" page look nothing like the color of the item shown in the picture. This scared me away initially and it was a good thing. 🙂
  8. Indeed, it is a full time job weeding through all the stuff online and when you are working and looking at the same time, it's overwhelming. Hope he gets his dream job.
  9. Quality okay or do things unravel after the first trip through the laundry?
  10. Yes, I like it. This is the book Peters did not finish before she passed so Joan Hess (a friend and writer) finished it for her. Sometimes, I feel I can see that it's a different author as Peters had fleshed out the characters so well that the reader knows what would be in character or not for that person to say. Overall, it's an enjoyable book in the Peabody series.
  11. Yes, this is how I understood it as well and it is impacting how long we have to wait. 😞
  12. Haven't watched the series in some time. We usually do it once a year. Is this the one where the long battle scene (Helm's Deep or something similar?) is taking place. It is so dark for quite a while, I sometimes have to take a break at that point.
  13. The book by Michelle McNamara "I'll be gone in the Dark" looks like something I would be interested in. At the moment, I am still stuck in last week's titles: Reading: "The Ape that Guards the Balance" by Elizabeth Peters Next book in line is Kellerman's "Sacred and Profane." Audiobook: "The Painted Queen" by Peters & Hess. I have to look at my list from several weeks ago and see if something else has become available on Overdrive. Overdrive recently sent a notice that MacMillan Publishing is only releasing one version of every book on audio which means long wait times. Seems crazy to me as libraries buy the material just like others. Anyone know more about this?
  14. No streaming on this one, eh? I am a few miles off the Midland / Odessa area.
  15. And this may be the key thing, Jenny. It almost sounds like you expected to have surgery on a Monday, would give yourself till Wednesday to recover and wanted to be back to work by Friday - in a hyperbolic sense of course. There is some grieving after surgeries that take away parts and pieces of us. It's a little different than just having your appendix or gallbladder excised. After I had a hysterectomy, I felt partly relieved feeling better and partly ripped apart. For a while afterwards weird thoughts hit at weird times, ie, looking at a picture of myself from years ago and thinking "I still had a uterus when the pic was taken." This went on for a while - can't remember how long. Maybe a year or longer? Now, that it has been many years, I hardly think of it. It may be best to try to roll with the emotions and letting them wash over you, cry, contemplate, muse, remember. Sitting with some grief is utimately healing even though not that much fun while going through it.
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