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  1. On the topic of beds...we had heavy, big mastiffs up to 140lb and we got children's crib mattresses for beds. You can even get inexpensive sheets for it to wash. Boxer girl has one too. Garage sales with baby items is one way to get them.
  2. I also love the movie "Wived & Daughters" with Michael Gambon and Justine Waddell.
  3. Still working through the Miss Julia books and audio available on my library overdrive. I have one to read and one on audiobook. Revisiting Glasser's Choice Theory. Agree with some stuff but not with all of it. Also threw in another Lynette Eason book for a bit of suspense: " Code of Honor."
  4. Same here. Hate ironing and simply don't have the time for it. I suppose a lot can be made of cotton but sometimes you like something that may not be all cotton. I don't think I have owned anything silk because of the care requirements. I think I will have to shop again myself to look for some lighter cotton tops. I did go onto Stitch Fix website and mark the box "No Polyester." 😞 Thanks for the warning about Aeropostale and the difference in synthetics. This makes it more difficult for me. For instance, I have a tunic top in 80/20 cotton / rayon blend and it wears nicely but not all rayon is evidently made the same. I am definitely staying far away from Polyester.
  5. Stitch Fix sent me a very nice (and not inexpensive) top. After wearing it for 2 hours in a very air-conditioned office, I felt sticky and I was over it. I am giving it to a colleague who liked it. What do you prefer in summer heat? I am always leaning toward cotton but not everything can be made of cotton. What blends / percentages work well in the summer? I don't know enough about various fabrics and how they react to heat. We are coming off a week of F100+, however, as I said I work in an environment that is typically conditioned to F 65-68 and sometimes have to have a sweater handy.
  6. A little progesterone could help as well.
  7. Magnesium and Melatonin are worth a try. Also, if you tend to be on screens in the evening, I would install a night time filter. This helped me on my laptop and smartphone because I read on on Overdrive on my phone in bed. You could try scent diffuser (similar to putting some on your wrist) but I don't know if this would bother your son. The white noise from the diffuser might also help.
  8. Both, Kinsa and Mergath are missing in action. Last thread from Mergath (that I remember) was that the baby was taking up a lot of her time. Kinsa was supposed to move again but I haven't heard how it went or if it has happened. But as things are, you all would know it before I do since my time on the board is now limited too.
  9. Congratulations! It's probably a little bittersweet. We raise them to become independent and then they leave. 🙂 But (as someone who has had an empty nest for a while), it's not all sad. You will likely find new things to get interested in that had to be put on the backburner during the baby, toddler and kid raising years. So begins the next phase of life... Best wishes to you and your wife and of course to your dd for a wonderful university experience.
  10. One non-digital option would be to type them up and then have them spiral bound at a office store with a nice cover front and back.
  11. Maybe I would not trip over it if there was a new gender neutral pronoun. I think you may have hit on something here. When one's brain has been trained a certain way for a long time, it's just more difficult to shift gears, especially if the word already had a mostly plural designation in the recent past.
  12. This makes sense to me because when we discuss a client and need to preserve confidentiality, we also just say "A client who..." I suppose instead of pronouns I do use the more awkward "this person" if I don't want the other person to know the gender. We, however, have so many clients that she/he would not identify any one person in particular unless there are some very unique identifying markers. These reports are legal documents. I don't feel we are "sorting" people in that sense unless I am misunderstanding. The full name is on the report but some names don't identify gender, and the pronoun of "they / their" would not identify them either. And I don't know if the courts care one way or another. I just meant I am old enough that it feels awkward to me grammatically since I was always taught she/her, he/his, it/its, they/theirs. I don't think all the clients she evaluates are non-binary. I could see it if only some of her reports contain "they/their" as pronoun but it is in all the reports. We are talking a lot of people over time and it is highly unlikely that everyone requested it. I simply think she is avoiding potential issues and perhaps this shows a lot of foresight on her part. For my part, I am not used to it yet and I trip over it while reading, alas entirely my problem.
  13. No, the full name and other identifying information is elsewhere on the report. Nobody but people in the office, potentially law enforcement / the court system sees these reports
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