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  1. Painting may seem easy but there are techniques and tricks to know and prior education (unless in painting) or age seem to have little to do with success rate 🙂 . I have just been through this process and feel I could have done better with more time and patience AND more tips. Definitely paint a square foot or so in a few different spots of the room to see how the changing light changes the color. Also, choosing higher end brushes and rollers is worth it. Also Frog tape or top of the line painter's tape (no splitting upon removal, wide enough to make sense) is not a luxury but a necessity.
  2. Welcome home / back (maybe Italy was feeling like home). I remember when you left for Italy...time flies.
  3. When we had horses and livestock I wished for this too but it would have to be a rather thick / well insulated door to keep the hay dust out - as much as that is possible. 🙂
  4. Library / Study. As it will turn out, we will share the study with the guest room because it is a large room with wall space and room for a long desk to accommodate both of us.
  5. Liz CA


    Maybe faux is out - who knows? I paint only when I absolutely have to (and it may look like faux unintended but I am a bad, impatient painter) like right now in a new house but I would never wallpaper. I hope the whole wallpaper mess does not come back into vogue. I have memories of wallpapering with my Grandmother - oy, oy. We had a bucket of wallpaper glue / paste? whatever it's called. My hamster climbed on something and fell into it. He was fine since we found him in time but we had to clean him off...:)
  6. Liz CA

    wallpaper? It screams "old" to me. No way. There are nice patterns you can achieve with different painting techniques.
  7. For our CA mice, live traps with peanut butter. 🙂 Relocate to far off fields...but unlikely the school district cares that much.
  8. Try tea leaves from Mountain Rose Herbs. I believe their products are all organic and responsibly sourced, also very tasty.
  9. I think I missed last week's book club check-in. We are in total chaos here - six ways from Sunday, between two houses, moving. I will never do it again, I swear. To console myself at night, (and while I wallow in a bath of epsom salt to relax my muscles) I read through two Sebastian St. Cyr books: "Why Kill the Innocent" by C.S. Harris I also read "When Maidens Mourn" last week. Audiobook: "What Darkness Brings" also a St. Cyr book by C. S. Harris "When Gods Die" by C.S. Harris - finished last week When this folly is over, I shall get back on some kind of schedule and have order in my reading. Ha!
  10. I am sorry this is happening in your family. I know a few women who also derive their self worth from being attached to a man. It can often be traced back to their childhood but that does not help you at all today. Any way to get power of attorney or some legal document so he cannot swindle her out of her money? Are any of you daughters co-signers on her account(s)? I suppose all you can do is keep a very sharp eye on everything and be ready to call an attorney for elder abuse if it does happen. On the positive side, perhaps they are just enjoying each other's company and there is nothing more sinister going on. Hoping it's the latter.
  11. We just bought in CA and we put down a small amount into escrow as earnest money as soon as the offer was accepted by the seller.
  12. You can negotiate anything - even underwear in a drawer as my realtor put it.
  13. Liz CA

    Shoot me

    And the weather...we live in CA. We already had temps in the lower nineties. Yesterday afternoon, it began to rain and wind gusts of 40mph were forecasted and materialized. Today, it's raining hard already in the morning. We are still moving boxes but it's just not quite as much fun when you are sprinting between house and car with your hands full. Dh said if we ever moved in August, there would be a weekend with thunderstorms and rain then too - and we never get rain here in August. 🤔
  14. Between 150 -175 I would say. If you want some leftovers, probably 200 but then there are those people who see "leftovers" and eat those until there are no more. 🙂
  15. Silent treatment is intended to punish someone - to deprive them of your company. My mother thought this was the ways to deal with kids but once we were in teen years, we just thought, "Great, Mom is quiet. We don't have to listen to her." Totally backfired. Withdrawing can be done by explaining that you are too upset to speak and need time to process. It's usually understood that you will engage in discussion again unless you have to create distance and separate yourself somehow from the person in order to avoid more harm.
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