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  1. I start by putting it in the oven at F350 for about 15-20 minutes. After that it's not cooked yet but much easier to cut and peel. Then I peel, cube / slice, drizzle olive oil and balsamic vinegar over it with whatever seasoning you like and bake it again at F350 for another 30-35 minutes or until soften enough to your liking. Pairs well with rice and chicken.
  2. Very common. Can't remember how long this term has been in use around here. Seems like forever.
  3. bookmarked it. Love the idea of Christmas bags instead of the battle with paper and the waste.
  4. These are excellent. This is basically what we use with clients and it seems to build rapport quickly.
  5. Perhaps sounds like a power struggle with her knowing what sets you off. Maybe consider if she would do well with online classes instead that afford a fairly large amount of independence and self-directed learning. It's still home education and if necessary gaps can be filled in.
  6. I fell down this exact rabbit hole some years ago and opted for IKEA 365 series. Unfortunately, to the best of my knowledge, the series is not being made anymore but you could check if they have something else that's comparable.
  7. I just wanted to say that I do appreciate people like you who reach out. I have a very busy schedule right now and I am exhausted at the end of every work day. My friend who is retired, frequently reaches out first and I am very thankful for this because I have often not enough fuel left or brainspace to even remember. We have done things as well over the summer and will continue with modified get-togethers and I reciprocate invitations for weekends but during the week / weeks in between seeing each other, I rely on her to text / email me first.
  8. Okay...so I now I want to know more. 1. What does it cost - or is there a free version? 2. How much time does it take? Be honest here. I am gone 12 hours a day from home. 3. How back-friendly is it? Congenital back issue, currently reasonably well controlled with chiro and massage. I still do Callanetics (hello @Catwoman) but found that I could not do the hip exercises anymore due to them aggravating my back issues. It still works great on abs and general flexibility but I am always willing to check out something else especially if people seem to have excellent results wit
  9. I expect various fluctuations depending on cyclical events / circumstances. There could be CV cases that are undiagnosed as well as symptoms present similarly to cold / flu.
  10. @Jann in TX, this is the kind of floor I'd like for our bathroom. Is it water repellent / proof?
  11. Thought perhaps something here could be helpful: https://crimereads.com/six-true-crime-books-to-read-this-october/
  12. I always put hard boiled eggs inside the meatloaf. When ds was little he was ever so surprised at my magic. Currently reading The Secret Servant which will be followed by The Defector - both by Silva. Almost done listening to Murder in Little Italy and now have to cast about on Overdrive to find something for the work week since I listen on my commute.
  13. I think your hypothetical may well play out as realistic. We would still take the precautions we are taking now. Nothing would change at my work - not due to CV19 at least. I have been a middle of the road person. I take the precautions I can but also realize I am not in control of something like a virus and there is only so much I can do. I think, overall industries would have to reopen as we cannot sustain any kind of economy shut down for five years - even partially. People will have to adjust, work-arounds will be implemented. Seems like many more people are also looking to
  14. Don't worry about what this board "thinks." I know COVID had brought out some very negative and less than supportive reactions by many here but you may do as you feel is right for your family. Judgment is the last thing anybody needs right now during this difficult year. The rest of my thoughts was already expressed by fairfarmhand.
  15. Maybe a more useful message is to encourage kids to identify their talents and develop them. Working on this may be more rewarding and often leads to a personal feeling of success. I think "success" is individually defined. Society can look at an successful attorney who is wealthy with all the "right" trimmings of success yet s/he may be miserable in his profession. A farmer who loves what he is doing may feel successful and excited at the prospect of a new day but he does not necessarily have the plush corner office or the income of an attorney. In other words, maybe finding your niche is tru
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