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  1. Epsom salts are drying. Could you maybe try soaking your feet without the salts for awhile to see if you notice an improvement? You might also want to go to you tube and search for Dr Dray. She's a dermatologist and some of her videos are about foot care. There's a lotion she recommends for dry patches on the feet but I can't remember the name right now...I'll see if I can find it. (Kerasal foot ointment, not a lotion)
  2. I've been watching some of her quarantine cooking videos on you tube, and I remember this recipe. I haven't tried it because I can't eat dairy, but I'm thinking of making some for my family. About how many days will this keep in the refrigerator? ...just in case only one person likes it which always seems to be an issue here... Thanks!
  3. This is what worries me because there are people who will do more than just think about it. With all the publicity, his kids won't be able to go anywhere without being stalked by press and stared at by the public, at the very least. And there will be someone who won't think anything of yelling at them something along the lines of "Did your daddy molest you, too?"
  4. I hope Katy isn't basing this thread on the you tube lady without the crystal ball. I just watched her most recent video and it sounds like since Friday there's a protective order so that if any children's names are part of evidence/discovery then the defense lawyers must make sure that the information is secured and not available to anyone in JD's family, etc. The you tube lady sounds especially happy that Jim Bob won't be able to know any of this sensitive information. I'm no fan of JD. I hope the judge and prosecutors are doing everything they can to make sure JD's lawyers can'
  5. Where did you read this?
  6. Black Lives Matter and Marxism: https://www.socialistalternative.org/marxism-fight-black-freedom/black-lives-matter-marxism/ "Overthrowing capitalism cannot end all aspects of racism overnight, but it can do away with the exploitation that lays the basis for class society’s divide-and-rule approach. There is no other road. Black liberation can only be won through the socialist transformation of society."
  7. I was just listening to a local talk radio show while getting dinner organized. A mom of an 8th grade middle school student (public school) used her cell phone to make a video of a lesson presented in her child's science class (remote learning). She contacted both the principal and the teacher, and apparently these types of lessons are presented in a variety of subject areas at school. The video is just over 7 minutes long. https://mynorthwest.com/2937573/rantz-teacher-uses-science-class-to-call-white-middle-schoolers-privileged-oppressors/
  8. I don't understand the ha ha face you left for me. And you didn't need to defend your alma mater on account of me. I used a concise definition of a course on Critical Theory and Marxism that I found using a search engine. Some of the explanations of CT are too long-winded about the Frankfort School, etc. So I used the one I found. I was not in any way trying to paint your alma mater as a marxist institution, and l agree with you that it's good to have a well-rounded education. Studying a subject doesn't mean you necessarily embrace it...I get it.
  9. My understanding is that you have to begin by first understanding what is meant by Critical Theory. I found a course description from a Philosophy department about Marx and Critical Theory. https://www.amherst.edu/academiclife/departments/courses/1314S/PHIL/PHIL-366-1314S I think this is why crt in the classroom is concerning to conservative parents...because marxism is at the core.
  10. I understand how you feel. I got the treatment from family members when my 2 dc were little, and mine never broke any of their stuff either! And like you, I had been allowed to babysit their angel. But the parents didn't want to return the favor when I had my kids. Now I'm going to stop because this thread is supposed to be about you!!! I like Tanaqui's advice. I was going to suggest that when you leave you could say something like, "We're leaving now. It's safe to bring the big blocks out of hiding." But Tanaqui's approach is better. I'm so sorry the visit has left yo
  11. When my kids were little I had to call the police because I had seen 2 men on our neighbor's porch. When they threw his newspaper into the bushes I knew they were trouble. They didn't do anything else at his house, but then they came to our house and knocked on the door and rang the bell. I was already on the phone with the police dispatcher, and then I was scared to death when I could see them walking around our porch by the windows. They left, but the police found them nearby and talked to them. Their story was that they were selling magazine subscriptions. This also reminds
  12. I'm the same way about houses, without having experienced a trauma like you did. My grandmother grew up in Poland and was kidnapped by gypsies when she was very young. She was taken from her ground floor bedroom, but was later seen and recognized in town and was reunited with her family. For the rest of her life, she refused to have a ground floor bedroom.
  13. That's terrifying! Did you have trouble sleeping after that happened to you? I was too little to remember this happening, but my mom told me about the time some man came to the door late one night. He said something like "I'm here for the kid", but it was a father who ended up at the wrong address instead of the babysitter's house.
  14. I can't imagine how frightening that must have been!!! We woke up one night to a guy trying to get into our backyard...we keep our gate locked but he kept reaching over to try to open it not realizing there was a lock on it. He was either having mental health problems or he was high on something given the way he was talking. We were upstairs and had called the police, but my husband opened the window and firmly told him that the police were on the way. And then the guy just sat down on our steps and waited. And the officers talked to him and I think they put him in their car wit
  15. It was almost 4:30 am and I was startled awake by the banging sound. Then I realized that it wasn't our door, and I ran over to the window to see where the sound was coming from. My first thought/worry was for an elderly neighbor who lives alone, but his porch light was on and no one was there. Then I figured out it was the house next to us, where there had been a very loud party of young people going on when I went to bed. But all the lights were off, even their porch light so I couldn't see anything. But now there was a male voice calling out but I couldn't understand what he was sayi
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