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  1. I just got this in the mail the other day, but I've been afraid to try it. After I had already ordered it I read something on the internet about how cats on steroids shouldn't use it because some of the ingredients could make the steroid more potent? Our cat already takes a daily dose of prednisolone because he has IBD so I guess I should ask our vet at the next appt. ( but I think I already know what her answer will be...)
  2. I'm sorry about your cat! Our cat (14) was recently diagnosed with early kidney disease, too. Our vet didn't say anything about feeding him prescription food. I showed her the label of the canned food he's been eating which isn't low protein and she's fine with him continuing to eat it. Apparently from what I've read lately not all vets agree that a low protein diet is best.
  3. After watching Ed Begley Jr. in "Living with Ed" episodes up on his roof cleaning the solar panels I can honestly say "I don't do solar panels!"
  4. Thank you all so much for your encouragement and advice! This afternoon I ended up taking him back to the vet after my initial attempt didn't go well. I watched the vet tech again and hopefully next week will go better than today. Part of the problem, I think, was watching the youtube videos because it seems that everyone has a slightly different technique. The vet tech said that I don't have to flush the line beforehand. And I explained to her that the cats in the videos seem to have a bigger "tent" than our cat so I was having a hard time knowing the best place to insert the needle. (And having my rather annoyed"helper" say, "Just stick it in!" wasn't helping me at all at that moment.) When I finally put the needle in it must have hurt my poor cat because he cried out and was trying to get away so I felt horrible. The vet tech makes it look so easy. She left the bag on the exam table, put in the needle, then picked up the bag with one hand so she could squeeze it a bit. It didn't take very long and didn't annoy our cat at all. On days like this I feel like I should've followed in my mother's footsteps by going to nursing school! But unlike Mom I'm squeamish about medical things... Thanks again for your support. I hope I'll have a better report next week.
  5. We just found out that our cat has early kidney disease and will need fluids once a week. Last week the vet tech showed me how to do this, and tomorrow will be the first time I try to do it at home. My son will help me hold and comfort him, but I'll be doing the needle part. We had a diabetic cat, so I'm familiar with doing insulin injections, but that goes much quicker than the fluids and I'm also not sure how cooperative this kitty will be. (He doesn't like to be groomed or have his nails clipped.) The vet tech told me that there are youtube videos showing how to do this. I've watched several, but now I'm confused about when to change the needle. I'm pretty sure the vet tech told me to leave the old needle attached until the next time, then put on the new needle right before giving the fluids. (I took notes.) But the vets in the videos take off the used needle and put on a new one right after giving the fluids. I wonder if it matters which way I do it? Please someone tell me that I'll be able to do this. I want to be able to help our cat. (We just lost our dog to cancer last the time we noticed a symptom and took him to the vet and the oncology vet the cancer had already spread and it was too late for any chemo or radiation treatments. ) At least I know that I can take our kitty to the vet to get the fluids if I can't manage this at home...
  6. I remember being given something like "Friendship Fruit". You're supposed to share the "starter", but I think I was afraid to eat any of it! This recipe looks like what I'm remembering:
  7. We had major water damage from a dishwasher so this leak detector feature was the reason we bought a Bosch. Early on, we had some problems with the Bosch. A code showed that service was required although we didn't know what was wrong. We had paid for an extended warranty from NSI/Warrantech, and dealing with them was an absolute nightmare. As a result, we were without a dishwasher for a long time. Another problem was with the smooth glide door opening. One day I opened the door and heard a snap. Then I saw something that looked like a shoelace sticking out, so we lost the smooth glide. (I'm the only one who uses the dishwasher, too, so it's not as if kids are sitting or climbing on the door! The repair isn't covered and is expensive so I just make sure to hold the door and ease it open...otherwise it will come crashing down. Someday I'll probably get it repaired but I haven't had good luck with local repair places. Even if you tell them exactly what's wrong with the machine they won't order any parts...they must come out first to "diagnose" the problem and then charge you for an additional visit because they don't carry the parts. Finally, I miss having a heated drying function that "bakes" the dishes until they're truly dry. I get tired of having to dump the water off the tops of glasses, mugs, etc. so that they'll dry before I put them away. Otherwise I've still got pools of water to wipe off in the morning.
  8. I looked at their website. The 2 day workshop is almost $500, which seems very expensive to me. There seems to be a lot of attention to "vagal tone" so I looked for some free info on you tube, etc. It sounds like there are simple things to do like washing your face in cold water, gargling or humming, etc. to get this vagal tone. I'm sure there must be more to it than that, of course! I hope you find something that helps. It's very nice that they're local.
  9. And as I responded earlier, I don't think he's in his right mind and he needs psychiatric help.
  10. If this is the case, he needs a wake up call that who he really is STINKS. I'm sure many people have rejected their family's faith but haven't turned to making violent threats to others, using drugs, being shiftless, etc. It sounds very simple to me. He got in with a bad crowd and liked the rebellious/sinful lifestyle. He started smoking pot, and who knows how much damage has been done to his brain. He needs tough love, not a Hallmark card about how special/wonderful he is.
  11. Does he have GI issues? I did more of the Specific Carbohydrate Diet recommendations to try to help my daughter because of her chronic diarrhea, not because of her autism. (The GAPS diet is based on the SCD but with extra protocols for things like detoxification.) My daughter was already in her late teens, though. I think it would be really, really hard to get a 4yo to go along with everything GAPS recommends...especially things like drinking a lot of bone broth and sauerkraut liquid. It seems like the warmer summer months would be a really hard time to convince a little kid that he wants to start eating a lot of soup! FWIW, I was taking my daughter to a naturopath for awhile, and she was supportive of SCD but wouldn't go as far as recommending GAPS. Still, I don't think there's anything wrong with trying things like juicing or including more probiotics or other healthier eating habits. If there aren't GI issues involved but more behavioral issues, I'd look first to see if he might react to things like artificial dyes or even fruits, etc. that are restricted on the Feingold diet to help with hyperactivity. And I honestly wouldn't try to make huge changes all at once if it will cause a lot of family stress/chaos. Good luck!
  12. I don't have personal experience to share, so this may not be helpful at all for you. I've been watching Dr. Daniel Amen on PBS for years and I've read a couple of his books. Unfortunately there isn't an Amen clinic in Boston, but there's one in NYC. Your ds isn't in his right mind. I'd want to get a brain scan to see the damage caused by the pot. I'll be praying for your ds and family and mostly for you to be able to carry this load and not be crushed by it!!!
  13. I've had eczema on my neck recently, too. The scented shampoo/conditioner that I was using made my skin sting. If you have a Whole Foods Market nearby you might like to try these:®-fragrance-free-shampoo-and-conditioner If you haven't tried Vaseline, it worked wonders for me as a neck cream! But sadly I had to stop eating my favorite chocolate/hazelnut spread to keep my neck clear! (For some reason, my neck cleared up when I stopped eating it but the eczema on my hands, etc. still remains.) Good luck!
  14. I was reading an article that named the online group that this killer and the Christchurch killer both frequented. Then I found this: I know very little about tech stuff, but it seems to me that someone should be able to shut down that website since the members are encouraging each other to kill and they seem to want to share their crimes "live" with each other. At the very least, isn't it possible to identify these people and even send local law enforcement to their homes so that they know (and maybe their parents, too) that they aren't as anonymous as they think. Governments already have "watch lists" for others...can't these people be put on the same kind of watch list, too, since they are obviously encouraging each other to kill???
  15. The guy was apparently living with his parents. I just wonder what kinds of jobs he's had and if any involved working with kids.
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