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  1. Try googling "deaf mute scam". This happened to me in a grocery store parking lot at night as I was getting out of my car. I was scared and told the store manager about what happened and he walked with me to my car when I was ready to leave.
  2. You might enjoy reading this (maybe enjoy is the wrong word...) :
  3. My daughter and I were stopped at a red light this afternoon when I noticed a group of people walking by. Many of the men were wearing yamulkes, so I pointed that out to my daughter since we don't know anyone who wears one. Then I got very excited when I saw a man carrying a shofar. ( Since we've only seen a picture in a book I was hoping that my daughter would be able to see it before the light changed!) So I excitedly told her to look at the man walking at the front of the group with a shofar. My daughter replied in the tone of voice she uses with me to let me know she thinks I don't know anything..."Mommy, a chauffeur drives a limo stretch." (She's 22 and has autism. She's never been in any kind of limo but apparently she knows who drives them.) I was curious about where they were walking since they were leaving their building when I saw them. When we got home I looked at the schedule on the internet and found out that they were going to a local park for a service that is held near water. Anyway, I'm glad they had a beautiful sunny afternoon. And I'm thankful that my daughter made me doesn't happen very often when we're driving these days. Usually it's more like she's driving me crazy by unbuckling her seatbelt/moving around so that I have to pull over or something else. Best wishes to you as you celebrate Rosh Hashanah!
  4. I've listened to interviews with Meadow's father. I almost bought the book but I know it would make my blood boil. Anyone who has been banned from bringing a backpack to school and must be frisked by security every morning DOES NOT belong in a "regular" school. The city where I live is doing weird things in the juvenile court system for similar reasons. Peacemaking circles that include burning sage and passing around talking sticks or feathers... I think schools should bring back the "board of education" and the justice system should keep locking up people who commit crimes. (I used to watch the tv show Baretta when I was young..."Don't do the crime if you can't do the time" makes perfect sense to me!)
  5. Germaphobe here. You couldn't pay me to get into that pool.
  6. Is it possible that he's just an insensitive and/or clueless clod? He might think he's playing a role to the hilt rather than being offensive? He does seem to have a flair for the dramatic. Remember when he and his family were criticized for their clothing choices when they visited India?
  7. This is the first year that we've seen rabbits in our neighborhood! This afternoon I was searching online to find out what wild rabbits like to eat. One article also recommended planting or scattering lavender and catnip if you want to keep them away. And plant some marigolds to repel them, too. I don't have a green thumb, we don't have a vegetable garden or much of anything that would seem to be attractive to rabbits so I'm thinking that if I plant some shallow containers of clover or something else they like then they might visit our yard. ( Right now we're getting acorns in part of our backyard from our neighbor's tree which is attracting rats! I'd be very happy if rabbits and rats don't get along and I could get some wild rabbits to chase away the rats!!! )
  8. The first thing I would try would be smaller portions and have her try to eat more slowly. She's seems like chocolate milk followed by a meal replacement drink would be too much and she'd feel very full. Another thought, too. My daughter has IBS (she's been tested more than once for celiac and is negative). Cold foods bother her...she won't even eat ice cream and I warm up pudding in the microwave for her "to take the chill off" as we say around here. Maybe it could be something like that? Good luck!
  9. If you mean Dupixent, I don't think it's a one-time thing. I know someone who uses Dupixent for severe eczema. She has to give herself weekly injections in the stomach area.
  10. Have you tried using Vaseline? You could use it at night with socks/gloves. CeraVe makes a product called "Healing Ointment" which is basically vaseline/petroleum jelly with some added things like ceramides to help maintain the skin barrier.
  11. I've spent so much money on the various recommended brands of creams, lotions, etc. for sensitive skin and eczema only to find that they sting and burn. I really like the "Pure" (fragrance free) Beekman products. I use the bar soap, body cream, hand salve, and hand lotion. I also started using the "Pure" shampoo and conditioner because my usual scented brands were stinging my skin in the shower. (*Beekman products are featured on HSN today with free shipping! )
  12. What does the eczema on your hands and feet look like? Do you have what looks like clear blisters on the palms of your hands and the sides of your fingers and on the soles of your feet? I've had dyshidrotic eczema on my hands for a few years. The dermatologist was really no help...just a topical steroid prescription and no help with getting to the cause. I found a website about a low nickel diet that may help with this kind of eczema. As it happened, I was eating a lot of very high nickel foods from the list, and I really noticed a difference when I cut out those foods. In December I had some dental surgery on my gum. I had complications for awhile after the surgery(lots of bleeding) so when I felt like I could eat more solid foods I wanted soft things. After eating a lot of egg salad I ended up with eczema all over the place...legs, arms, torso. It got better when I quit eating eggs. I also found that chocolate hazelnut spread (Costco's version of Nutella) caused a big red itchy patch on my neck that went away when I quit eating it. I have no idea why certain foods affected only certain places on my was very weird! I'm still dealing with eczema on my forearms and the tops of my hands that started this Spring...I blame "Spring Cleaning" because I have an allergy to dust mites. I quit using the steroid ointment because the eczema always comes back. Now I'm trying to avoid contact with dust by wearing long sleeves and gloves while I'm vacuuming, etc. And I'm sorry to say that I think stress makes it worse.
  13. I have a Lodge square frying pan and it's so heavy that I rarely use it these days due to arthritis in my thumb joint. I can't even imagine how heavy the Dutch oven must be! My Dutch oven is 4 1/2 quarts by Cuisinart. It was part of a set but I don't use it as much as the other pieces, mostly for stew in the fall/winter. But I like the way it looks and the way it cooks! And I didn't want glass lids.
  14. I'm dealing with eczema, too. I recently found "Dr Dray", a dermatologist who has a collection of videos on skin care, conditions, products, etc. on youtube. (Are we allowed to post links to youtube? I'll remove if necessary!) Here's one about eyelids that might help!
  15. Heck yes. And I would've said it last night at the party. I'm concerned about the lack of self-control in a teen. I wouldn't want young children to get hurt if he goes into a rage about something and starts throwing things or slamming doors. I often read a regular feature in our newspaper about children/teens who need adoptive families. The descriptions make it easy to read between the lines and identify those that are going to have very challenging behaviors. At least that's what I assume when a child/teen needs to be in a home without young children, etc. It's really sad that humans available for adoption can end up sounding like the pitbulls in the animal shelter descriptions, but people need to know what's going on, for everyone's sake.
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