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  1. Any chance that the top sheet on your bed is tucked in too tightly? I've had pf and for me the pain was also worse in the morning when I first got out of bed.
  2. The older otter is a female who was also an orphan. I was just glad to see that she wasn't aggressive. From reading the comments from a moderator I found out that there are 5 other otters at the aquarium so maybe he'll find better playmates when he's old enough to join them. One day I saw him near a glass wall with the other otters on the other side. One of the otters was very interested in him and acted like it wanted to get in, but Joey kept looking up at the caretaker and she would reach down and pat him on the head. At the time, I wondered how he would react when there was n
  3. He has an otter friend now at the Vancouver Aquarium! They've just introduced him to a 4yo otter, and I've been watching them playing together in the pool for the first time today! It's fun to watch an otter turning somersaults in the water. (If you want to watch, go to you tube and put "Baby Sea Otter Joey" in the search box and the live streaming should show up.)
  4. I would feel very hurt, too. I had a family member tell me all about her wedding plans including the other children who would be there, but when the invitation arrived it was only for my dh and me and our children were excluded. Since it was my relative my dh went along with what I decided and we didn't go and didn't send a gift. In my opinion, you don't drone on and on about your plans to people who are not invited. Given that the wedding happened this weekend, I wouldn't plan to see them next weekend since in addition to being rude they may also be contagious. That solves the p
  5. Cute pictures! Tell your son he's going to have a full-time job making sure the kitty doesn't get stuck somewhere while he's being curious. And if you have any reclining furniture, tell everyone in the house to make sure the kitten isn't underneath when they try to recline. Keep an eye on the dog visitors so they don't eat the kitty litter...some dogs find it irresistible, with or without kitty poop. I also remember when someone here was asking about bottom freezer refrigerators one time and someone said to watch out for small animals when you pull out the freezer dra
  6. How awful for a sheriff to suggest that it might be ok if the citizens wanted to arrest the governor!
  7. I have no idea about what's going on in Minnesota or Michigan! And where I live we've voted by mail for years so I haven't seen anything on the local news about any anticipated problems on election day.
  8. I'm really confused now. I did a brief search because I couldn't read the Washington Post story, and I thought this was only happening in Minnesota, not Wisconsin! I also didn't realize that this is supposed to happen all over the country...that's a lot of money if the people hired for security are going to be paid $910/day!!! I clearly do not have access to the same sources of information that you do, so I'm sorry for jumping into the discussion.
  9. I wasn't able to read the article either, but I found an longer excerpt from another website. According to the security company, their purpose is "to protect election polls, local businesses and residences from looting and destruction.”… Who do you think has hired them? And I don't understand the eyerolling. Maybe local business owners and nearby residents are hiring the company to protect them so they don't end up looking like parts of the city where I live...where businesses are continuing to have windows broken out and other property damage done during "demonstrations".
  10. Make sure that you don't wear Hawaiian shirts. (I think it was this forum where I first learned about the boogaloo people.)
  11. It was scary just looking at their mug shots on the Daily Mail website...the older ones have such evil looking eyes and the younger ones have vacant stares. Thankfully these scum were caught, but I hope the authorities don't reveal too much information about the case so that other groups with similar evil plans will become even more secretive and do more to cover their tracks. The would-be informants might decide to keep quiet rather than be asked to wear a wire to a meeting and end up dead.
  12. Has your son ever had a blood test for celiac disease? If not, I wouldn't eliminate gluten from his diet until after he sees the GI doctor. If the dr wants to test him for celiac he should still be eating gluten to get an accurate result.
  13. The GI doctor recommended the low FODMAP diet for my daughter and this has helped so much in managing her IBS. I have Shepherd and Gibson's book: The Complete Low-FODMAP Diet. There's also a lot of free information on the internet explaining all about what FODMAPs are. The diet is not as restrictive as other things we had tried with my dd first. For example, she was dairy-free for awhile but now she's able to eat lactose-free dairy products. I hope this helps your son, too!
  14. This is a really good idea. When my dd wanted a kitten we went to the animal shelter and they had a room where we could meet cats, one at a time. There was a litter of older kittens and all but two were spoken for. When they brought us the one we asked to see, he didn't want anything to do with us. I knew we would need a more outgoing cat that would be kid-friendly with my dd with autism and also tolerant of a friendly golden retriever. So we asked to see the other kitten instead and he was all over my kids right away, sitting in their laps, etc.. I felt like he chose us so w
  15. Usually I would assume that an escape in Monroe has something to do with the prison located there. But today I've been following the story of an escaped baby kangaroo...and I don't live in Australia! https://komonews.com/news/local/escaped-kangaroo-on-the-loose-in-monroe-police-say It must have been quite a surprise for the people who came home and found a kangaroo in their carport! And It's a good thing that an "experienced kangaroo handler" was just a phone call away. I wonder what will happen to the owners for keeping a kangaroo as a pet? Kangaroo court?
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