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  1. Depending on her location/housing, maybe she'd like a hummingbird feeder? I bought one like this from Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/s?k=aspects+hummzinger&crid=AM7X44UMWVJ9&sprefix=aspects+hum%2Caps%2C243&ref=nb_sb_ss_ts-a-p_1_11 It's very easy to take apart for cleaning/refilling, and the parts are plastic in case she has dexterity issues and might drop it in the sink (like I do sometimes!). Mine is hanging from a shepherd's hook in a planter so this might be easy to set up if she has a deck or other outdoor space, and there would be no climbing involved to hang it
  2. When my kids were younger I used children's books to help prepare them for visits to the dentist or doctor. Now, I'm afraid to give my daughter advance notice about going to the dentist because she's hidden her shoes and been difficult about it ahead of time. Instead, I tell her in the morning that we're going in for her check-up, and I make morning appointments so she doesn't have too long to anticipate it. Maybe I need to do more after the appointment, like a debriefing, but yesterday I didn't even want to talk about the incident after we got home. I had already pointed out to her t
  3. My copy is supposed to arrive tomorrow. Thank you for suggesting it!
  4. I bought her a weighted blanket many years ago and she won't use it. Even the cute kittens on it don't make her want to use it. She's a tough one to figure out. We have a variety of things like body pillows, a massage chair, even an exercise thing that you sit on and it moves like a horse, but she won't use any of them. And it's funny that you mention Christmas lights...not "funny" actually...since she broke a tabletop ceramic tree this year by pulling the plug out of the wall sideways (and the plug broke) because she didn't like the lights. I often feel like she DOESN'T want
  5. Thank you for the ideas. I saw some fancy masks online recently with sparkly things that might appeal to her since she says she wants to be a princess. Maybe I should've ordered them, but I wasn't sure how how they would hold up. I've been handwashing our cloth masks so maybe something sparkly would work. I have two different types of face shields, but unfortunately she won't wear either of them. And since yesterday wasn't the first time she's thrown a mask it's probably best to give her the lightest face covering possible since it may fly if I'm not fast enough.
  6. I'm going to spend some time this weekend looking into these resources. The vagas nerve /pressure points sounds interesting, and it looks like there are some exercise demonstrations on youtube. I wonder if somatic therapy is similar to the interoception resources that Peter Pan has been recommending?
  7. Thank you all so much for your kindness and good advice and suggestions. I will definitely be re-reading all of your replies. For now, I'm trying to get over today. I try so hard to anticipate and prepare for anything that could possibly go wrong to try to avoid problems, and it's draining when stuff happens anyway. And I know it was a hard day for my daughter, too. She slept for about 2 hours, and the rest of the afternoon she's been slapping herself in the face. (This is one of several familiar tics she has...I think she might also have Tourette syndrome and she has a referral to a
  8. I have to get used to the idea that I'll never be able to go anywhere again if I have to take my daughter with me. Today she had a dental appointment and I'm home now trying to recover from the humiliation. She cooperated with the cleaning and Xrays and I thought we were going to get out without any scene, but as we were leaving she loudly refused to wear her mask and threw it at a desk area (thankfully no one was sitting there at the time) when I was trying to help her put it on. And then I had to make sure we could avoid the people waiting for the elevator who looked aghast at th
  9. I have one wide but shallow drawer underneath the two produce drawers in my refrigerator. I keep things like opened cheese slices/shreds and lunch meat in that wide drawer. I keep the unopened packages "filed" in the small cardboard display boxes that hold Starkist tuna pouches on the grocery store shelf. When tuna pouches are on sale I'll buy several and take the cardboard box along with the pouches. I use one for cheeses and one for deli meats; the meat and cheese packages that I buy fit nicely into the tuna boxes and I arrange them by use-by date in the box. And since I onl
  10. I always remember the conversation I had with a husky owner in our neighborhood...he said they eat cats. (This wasn't said in a threatening way like, "Keep your cats out of my yard, lady" either, just as a matter of fact.)
  11. I'm sorry about your dog! I hope he/she heals quickly. If you decide to go with the mismatched china, I wonder how the plates will hold up when you're stacking them in your cupboard. I'd be worried about getting chipped plates if they don't stack up neatly on top of each other. Maybe you can find an estate sale and get a complete set instead?
  12. I recently watched a you tube video made by a high school teacher in Houston of a walking tour in what she calls a "wealthy" neighborhood. She goes around insulting the expensive "mini mansions" and "mcmansions", including their lawns, but clearly approves of smaller "original houses". The funny thing is that this woman's you tube channel is devoted to expensive things like designer handbags, jewelry, and other things she considers luxury living. Her Christmas haul video begins with a disclaimer about how she realizes that it's "excess" and not everyone can be surrounded by Chane
  13. I have Lenox casual china. My pattern has been discontinued, but I chose it for the same "dainty" reason as you! I also have two different sets of melamine dishes (4 place settings each) that we use for lunch...one is Butterfly Meadow and it's so cheerful and pretty! I looked at your link to French Perle Bead. It's pretty, but I think it would bug me to drink out of the mugs because of the beading. Have fun making your choice! (Just adding that Lenox isn't all made in the USA...I've seen "imported" in the descriptions)
  14. This year has been a challenge for everyone, even Santa and his staff. Leave extra cookies! Edited because I don't want to be on the naughty list! Apparently Santa isn't the only celebrity in the you tube video. Sorry! (But I still like the Xfinity Santa commercial that you can search for at you tube if you haven't already seen it.)
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