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  1. The gunman at Seattle Pacific University was also a Columbine freak and had made a "pilgrimage" to that area. Unfortunately he killed 1 and injured others, so I'm thankful that this recent event ended the way it did with no innocent victims. The newstory that I read said that witnesses had reported a woman running naked through the woods with a gun. It would be interesting to know if her mental issues were actually a brain rotted by drugs. (Just recently I had heard something on a local report about some drugs making people strip and do erratic things like running in traffic.)
  2. I also don't find it helpful when people say something along the lines of how I must be really something for God to have given me two kids with autism, as if it's some kind of reward. I, too, view it as an affliction, not something to celebrate. Have you ever read "Welcome to Holland"? I read it a long time ago and haven't been able to forget it. Sometimes I really like it, and other times it just makes me jealous of parents who have children with Down Syndrome. Like you, I'm having a difficult time right now, and Autism doesn't feel like "Holland", but more like the Black Hole of Calcutta. All I can say is that Jesus told us we would have trouble in this world and He was right.
  3. Aluminum adjuvants in vaccines? I wonder if NJ also has a higher rate of "well-child" visits to pediatricians?
  4. I'm a squeamish person...since I didn't want to see it there's no way I'd be able to eat it! In college I was a hospital volunteer. One of my duties was to take things to various labs, including placentas. I always walked VERY carefully so I wouldn't fall down and spill the containers!
  5. This is what I was thinking, too, especially because he's new on the job. And it wouldn't surprise me if he may have received mostly 3's on his most recent evaluations as a teacher!
  6. The local radio station that I listen to has a charity of the month. This month's charity is a program to help coaches who work with young male athletes.
  7. I'd never heard the word incel before this thread, but just a few days ago I heard about a man who tried to throw a complete stranger/a woman off a freeway overpass. His reason for attacking women sounds like these incel monsters. This guy has a history of drug use. In my opinion, I think a lot of them have warped their brains with a combination of drug use and porn. ( I think we'd be wise to get rid of the computers in libraries so at least the pervs roaming the streets can't use the internet. Let people read books and use encyclopedias! And don't get me started on the legalization of drugs like pot!)
  8. My Kitchenaid must be at least 15 years old. It says "Professional 9" on the side and it came with some attachments like dough hooks. (I don't make bread, but I use those dough hooks all the time for mixing 2-pound meat loaves!) This is what the new ones look like:
  9. Whatever you do, find out which years have been the most troublesome for Odysseys/transmission problems. I think there have been problems with even the more recent models (2014?), so check carefully! We have an old Odyssey that is having trouble now. Whatever the owners won in the class action lawsuit ended in 2015 so we're out of luck.
  10. Yesterday I asked my husband if he could stop at the hardware store on his way home to see if they have any of those handwarmers. When he walked into the store, one of the people working there asked him if he needed help finding anything. He told her he was looking for these handwarming things, and she said, "For hummingbird feeders?" So now I just need to figure out the best way to attach them to the feeders.
  11. I'm the biggest snow wimp ever. Snow was fun when I was a kid, but now I'm terrified of the stuff, especially if I have to drive in it. I was so upset when I saw this video on the local news website the other day: My hummingbird feeders are the bottle type, but I had just purchased the same one that trapped the bird in order to have a second feeder because a bully hummingbird has been chasing my usual couple away. After I saw the story I was spooning out the water in the ant moat...I don't even know why I thought ants would be a problem this time of year, but I was just following all the directions that came with the new feeder. During the cold weather I take the feeders in at night and put them out early in the morning I'm going to try that lady's method of using handwarmers on the bottom of the feeders during the day. Snow....just more stress that I don't need!!!
  12. I've heard commercials on tv about PBA...Pseudobulbar Affect. I found info about it here: The website says that PBA is related to some neurological conditions, although I didn't see autism mentioned. I'm so sorry for all that you and your family are going through.
  13. I've had acupuncture treatments for neck/jaw pain. My daughter has also had acupuncture treatments for a facial tic. I wouldn't hesitate to give it a try. (Herbal supplements weren't recommended for either of us.) This website is from Bastyr, where I took my daughter. She was treated by a student with supervision. They spend a lot of time asking questions before using the needles, and don't be surprised if they want to examine your tongue! There's a search function to find Bastyr alumni practicing in other states. I'll try to link it. You can limit your search to acupuncture in the "profession" box:
  14. My daughter also has autism. As long as I can remember, her body shakes with any episode of vomiting and she's very upset. I usually bundle her up in a thick terry bathrobe to keep her warm during these episodes. Maybe the swaddling feeling helps? I hope your daughter feels better soon and that you can find something that helps her.
  15. I'm just going to be perfectly honest. I've never met you so this is a general answer for why I personally wouldn't choose something like this. (And I would never ask someone to make these for a party.) I'm a squeamish, germaphobish person, and this as described is too much of a "hands-on" food for me. I'd eat the donuts out of the box, though. In fact, I prefer boxed donuts, especially since my local grocery store made the bakery donuts serve-yourself and located the donuts right next to the restrooms. Fancy, fussy food is really wasted on me.
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