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  1. I wasn't clear. I was thinking that it would be good to change the locks if the cleaning woman has a key...and if the parents only get one key that can't be duplicated then hopefully the woman wouldn't try to borrow a spare key and be able to get in the house when she knows they're away. But I was assuming the parents would be in on it and agree to the change.
  2. I would be worried about what she might do or has already done. How often is she in your parents' home? Does she drive them to places like the bank or grocery store and perhaps is getting them to buy her little things here and there and giving her extra money? I think it's a bad sign that they feel protective of her. Does she have a key to their home? (I'd change the locks if she does and only give them one key. When we changed our doorknobs we went to a locksmith place...we only got a certain number of keys for family members and the key is some kind that isn't supposed to be duplicated.) When my grandmother was living in a nursing home, the lady in the next room was being targeted by a volunteer at the home and then she started working on my grandmother, too. The woman was promising to bring them to live with her and she wanted very badly to see my grandmother's home but luckily my mom was holding the keys due to my grandmother's memory problems. It was a huge mess and a restraining order was necessary. But I understand about the loyalty/protective mom asked the nursing home's pastor to try to explain the danger and my grandmother accused him of being unchristian! I'm so sorry that you and your siblings have this to worry about!
  3. It seems like the protest marches in Seattle (immigrant issues, etc.) that begin at Judkins Park are the peaceful variety. The marches that begin on Capitol Hill/Cal Anderson Park seem to be the ones that sometimes turn into vandalism and other criminal activity. It made sense to push that group back onto Capitol Hill where they's no wonder the people in the International District were upset. I don't see why people would've tried to take over the south precinct...aren't many of the people who wanted to take over the precinct followers of Councilmember Kshama Sawant? CHAZ and the east precinct are in her district.
  4. Here's an article about SIRVA (Shoulder Injury Related to Vaccine Administration): Hopefully your pain is the typical kind that goes away soon!
  5. It makes sense to me to hire people with military experience for police work. Many businesses want to hire people after they leave military service even when the job doesn't require using a gun. I don't know what percent of the SPD have military experience, but I do know that the captain at the temporarily closed precinct is a Brigadier General with the Army National Guard. It would be interesting to know what his thoughts are about how to return to the precinct. And since the list of demands coming from the autonomous zone includes an end to evictions the police should be allowed to return to their precinct building ASAP and remain there rent-free for as long as they wish to keep sponging off the People of CHAZ.
  6. My husband and son have been watching some Star Trek series recently. This school tracking reminds me of how they can get the computer on board to instantly locate anyone on the starship. Maybe the technology companies who are so "keen" to get into the schools should also work on getting replicators into classrooms so we can get rid of all the lunch ladies.
  7. There have been two cases in the local news this week. The first man, a wrestling coach (white), put a photo of himself lying on the ground with someone else holding a knee on his neck...and he says he can still breathe! He is no longer a coach for the district. In the other case, a school board member left his position after his daughter was discovered using the N word multiple times on Instagram. What's wrong with people? And they're so brazen about it? How many more are there who aren't so brazen and are in positions of influence in our schools? I guess it's good that at least some of them tell on themselves and can be dealt with. Oh...I just thought of another story on the local news. Last night I heard about a police officer who is being investigated for his social media content about q anon. I'm not sure if this is racist content or not, though. It seems to me that if people want privacy maybe they should just keep a journal, talk face to face with their "friends" in real places, and stay away from Facebook, etc.
  8. I would be curious and would go knock on the man's door (during daylight hours) and introduce myself and tell him I'm not able to do text messages (which is really true in my case). I'd say that I'd be interested in meeting with neighbors and if possible, please leave a note for me with the date/time. I would want to know what people are planning to do. I'd go and listen, and offer to participate in ways like making sure porch lights are on all night, check on elderly neighbors, that kind of thing. But there's no way in heck that I'd share with a group of strangers, albeit neighbors, whether or not I own firearms if the discussion goes in that direction.
  9. There was a story last night on our local news about the leaders of the protest marches here in Seattle. They apparently aren't unified either, which I hadn't realized. Two of the leaders are new to activism, and the local chapter of BLM said they aren't official members. Another local activist who organized a march also seemed concerned about a lack of collaboration. What's really frightening is that the two newer people have been accused somehow of being police plants, resulting in some death threats! I was concerned when I read what turned out to be the fake antifa threat on Sunday night. (I didn't stay up all night guarding the house or anything like that...) Now I'm just wondering how/when any of us can regain trust in others. I don't know if this is worse now because of some kind of lockdown paranoia...I know that the children's tv channels that my daughter watches are driving me crazy with all the "Stay happy, stay safe, stay home" messages that they broadcast over and over and over! (She watches too much tv, I know that already.) And I don't know how I compare with others on how gullible I am because I've considered myself a cautious/skeptical type but all this fake stuff involving social media,technology, and troublemakers is making me wonder who is trustworthy/believable. (My husband blew my mind just trying to explain spoofing to me so now even a phone call can make me mistrust the caller!)
  10. Thank you. This boogaloo thing is very disturbing. But I'm also confused. It sounds like they want to fight the government rather than a race war? Or is it both? (I'm going to have to re-read the article...I was reading quickly because I had to get dinner into the oven.) When I saw local people preparing to defend their homes and businesses from looters I wasn't thinking about some kind of militia, just people who own guns for self-protection and maybe hunting. And I felt support for them, unlike the people in Michigan who brought their guns to the capitol building which I didn't support at all.
  11. is the 6th day of protests. According to what I've read, the theme of today's protest is De-fund Seattle Police. Last night (despite a curfew), there were still crowds of people throwing objects and fireworks at the police. They bring umbrellas to supposedly protect themselves from tear gas, but the umbrellas also keep the police from seeing what they're doing behind the umbrellas when held as shields. There are many groups here that are anti-police, anti-jail, etc. They have been protesting against a new youth jail for years. I think they will take advantage of any opportunity to fight with police on the street. Their ideal society, from what I see, is everything should be free for them. They should get what they want for free and do whatever they want, and if the laws and law enforcement get in the way then just get rid of them so they can commit crimes and face no consequences.
  12. I feel sorry for the business owners who had to scramble to get their places boarded up. When I watched the local news last night there were some brave, armed citizens in front of businesses to keep looters away. It was also encouraging to see the neighbors in the Bellevue Square area who blocked the entrance to their neighborhood with their cars on Sunday when all the looting started nearby. In the video I saw on the internet, the people in the car filming them seemed shocked by "all these white people" with their guns. Even in Seattle, some people were preparing to defend themselves in their homes. I saw a video of a man in Fremont displaying his cache of weapons and his intention to share with his neighbors if necessary. (Not everyone makes a video like Sharon Stone showing how to make your bathroom a safe room during a riot...don't forget the fruit and protein bars!)
  13. I agree! I hope what I wrote didn't sound like it was acceptable to hold someone down with a knee on their neck like that because that wasn't my intention at all! Thank goodness for bystanders with cell phones...I just saw another video this morning showing that there were three police kneeling on him! Again, it doesn't bring George Floyd back, but at least there's plenty of evidence to use in the trial so they get the punishment they deserve.
  14. I hadn't seen this video before. Now that I've seen it, I don't know if this is a murder or a drug overdose. The man didn't look steady on his feet to me, and having stomach pain and breathing problems could indicate that what he needed was an immediate dose of naloxone instead of a knee on his neck. I was 100% willing to believe that George Floyd died because of the police officer until I saw this surveillance video. It won't bring him back to his family, but I hope there's an autopsy report soon.
  15. It looks like eczema to me. Watch the video about hand eczema in the link to see how it compares to your hand. Are you right-handed? I have eczema on my hands...and my right hand looks worse than my left. I wear gloves, too, but I find that they also cause irritating friction. My dermatologist told me that I need to wear cotton gloves under my waterproof gloves, but this is way too bulky feeling for me when I'm actually trying to wash things! If you're concerned about staph, you could do bleach baths/soaks and see if that helps. You would need to use about 1/4 cup of bleach for a half bath or 1/2 cup for full bath. Compresses would work, too. I'll find a link to a dermatologist on youtube that has very helpful advice...she had something about bleach baths recently. (Dr Dray) Good luck! Here's the video about bleach baths:
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