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  1. At the beginning when the first patient in our area made the news, we were told that our risk was very low. And the local officials seemed to be more concerned with stigma rather than spread of the disease. Now, we're basically prisoners in our homes. And originally we were told that healthy people didn't need to wear masks, but now the same health officials are re-thinking that. Yes, a mask might be a good idea, but not the kind that medical workers wear, just something homemade. ( I don't sew but I have a partial box of N95's. It looks like I have to decide if I want to wear one to the grocery store to try to avoid the virus or wear something much less effective like a bandana so that I appear to be a good citizen to my fellow shoppers.)
  2. Good questions. I wish I knew the answers. I've been interested in hearing about how many hospitalized people with covid are on ventilators...a daily count like the daily death count. But I've never heard any reports like this on the news, only the concern that there won't be enough. I've heard the CEO from Evergreen Hospital on MIchael Medved's show a few times since he's the father of Medved's producer. He has never indicated a crisis situation due to a lack of ventilators, but that things are kind of quiet there because so many surgeries have been canceled. I hope there are enough ventilators for the patients who need them. I have no idea how long it takes to make new ones, but it would be good to have alternatives like the hemolung...especially if someone has to be on a machine for an extended time. But that's something else I don't long do people typically need to be on a ventilator. Days or weeks?
  4. Did anyone else hear the doctor who called into Rush Limbaugh's show this morning? He was explaining about a machine called a hemolung that could be used in place of ventilators for covid patients. The way he described the machine, it is even better than a ventilator because the patient can still talk and even walk around with it in place. I only had a short time to look for info about the hemolung and found a short video on you tube. It does sound like a good alternative, but I'm not a medical person.
  5. I've had this type of MRI, and I'm somewhat claustrophobic. I was driving myself so I didn't have sedation. The machine will probably look like a big lifesaver, and you'll go in head first. I had an IV in place and they take some images and then release the contrast into the IV for the rest of the images. I was able to choose the music, but the tech will speak to you and let you know when to hold your breath. You can ask the person to let you know along the way how many more images/how close to being through you are if that would help. I would recommend not eating a large meal right before since you'll be on your stomach and you're not flat on your stomach...there's kind of a bumpy thing under your sternum area which might be uncomfortable on a full stomach. The thing you "hang down" into is just openings, nothing tight, but unlike a mammogram they don't want the girls to be squished/ flattened out! While I was lying there, It helped me to think about how thankful I was that somebody invented the machine and that I was lucky enough to live in a time when a date with "Mr. I" is possible! I've never been to a spa, so the warm blanket, music, and a quiet place to lie down for awhile was almost spa-like for me! (My home must be really noisy because the machine's noise didn't bother me!) Best wishes to you! (P.S. At the place where I went, you don't wear your own clothes. They have you change into drawstring pants and gown to be sure you're not wearing any metal.)
  6. I feel so bad for you! I can still remember how awful I felt after all these years. ( my "baby" is 22 now!) My dr. also recommended the unisom/B6, and I'm not sure how much it helped, but I guess it could've been even worse without taking them. You could try wearing Sea-Bands for seasickness. A nurse at the OB/GYN office told me about umeboshe plum paste, and my husband went to the Asian grocery store to get some for me. It didn't help, but maybe it would help you? Before getting out of bed, I'd eat half of a raspberry Pop Tart because I didn't want anything salty right away. I'd eat Saltine crackers later in the day. And for some reason I only wanted to eat Swanson turkey tv dinners even though my dear mom was bringing meals. I wasn't cooking at all because of cooking smells, and motion, even just standing, made me feel worse. I hope you find some relief and are feeling better very soon!!!
  7. Here's an interesting opinion piece from a medical doctor who shares your concerns. I'm so sorry for you and the others going through this crisis who have been chosen as the sacrificial lambs.
  8. Great list! Another idea: Get an air horn (the larger kind for marine use) if you don't have an alarm system. At least you can alert the whole neighborhood if something is happening at your home and you need help.
  9. My cat has inflammatory bowel disease and he gets a daily dose of prednisolone. He's sensitive to some foods. For instance, he can eat Merricks turkey or chicken canned food, but duck will give him diarrhea. Have you tried a non-poultry Fancy Feast, like beef, to see if poultry bothers him? Or maybe try giving him a little bit of plain cooked chicken the next time you're making it and see if he reacts to it when there are no other added ingredients. It could be something like guar gum that gives him diarrhea...that can be problematic for some. Good luck!
  10. We're in WA. My husband was wondering if he'd be able to buy lunch today. He was able to buy a sandwich at Subway and take it back to his office, but he said that places have either removed their tables and chairs or the chairs are on top of the tables. How is this supposed to work? People who could be sick/are about to be sick/have just gotten over being sick could still be spreading the virus when they're preparing the food. I give my husband some Wet Ones packets to use at lunchtime (and have been doing this long before the coronavirus hit). The wipes might protect him from the germs he's picked up from the elevator buttons or door handles, but it doesn't make the food suddenly germ-free. I was just about to post a food-related question after reading this news article: Can a cupcake be a fomite? And if so, why would we want our crucial first responders/ medical people to eat them? Maybe they need some MRE's for the ER.
  11. From the local news: I'm not very good with statistics, but I was really surprised at the numbers in the story. Of course the media will highlight the death count and 40 deaths is very sad. But isn't it a good thing that there are 7,122 people in our state who have tested negative for the virus? The number of people with positive cases is listed as 642, and so far I haven't heard any reports of hospitals being overwhelmed with very sick people and not able to provide beds or other equipment. There was a woman interviewed on the news who was very surprised when she learned that she had tested positive for the virus, and she was never in the hospital. It's just like the medical experts have been saying: most people will recover without needing any medical attention. I truly understand that this virus can be fatal. My husband is in a higher risk group, and I think I'm more concerned than he is. But I'm still amazed at the level of attention and even panic that's going on. I can see paying a lot of attention to infection control measures in places like nursing homes, but I never imagined that so many places would be shutting down.
  12. Thank you all so much for your help!!! A wireless router is on its way. Hopefully the signal will reach our basement because my son has already told me that he'd rather be there than on the main floor (could be too noisy). He'll be taking two classes and teaching two sections of the same class next quarter so hopefully Zoom will be workable. I told him he should bring the cat downstairs with him and let him be the class mascot and that I'm available for guest appearances. (The cat has a better chance of being invited.) Thanks again for taking the time to explain all this to me.
  13. My son just asked me if we can get WiFi because his university will be doing online classes for awhile. We have one desktop computer (Dell) in the house that is connected to the internet. He has his own laptop that he takes to school and he uses their WiFi but when he's home he uses the desktop. He told me that the university has purchased Zoom (which means nothing to me either except for hot cereal). Do I buy something? Do we need to have something installed by our phone company/internet provider (Century LInk)? Thanks for your help!
  14. It's so sad! It was heartbreaking to hear the woman on tv talking about how she didn't want her mother to die alone. And I keep thinking about the 30 people from US Public Health who are supposed to be arriving this weekend to help the care center. I'm assuming they'll be in full protective suits, and I wonder what will happen with the patients who have dementia. Will they be scared to death when these people approach them?
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