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  1. Thank goodness your son is safe! I'm so sorry you had to wait for that good news, though! It must have been awful. Our local news covered the story, and they had video from Snapchat that was taken at the gathering before the shooting. The kids looked like they were packed in like sardines for some kind of dance? The university claims: " "It's a common gathering spot for unplanned student events," said Welsh. He also said that the gathering at the time of the shooting was not a university sanctioned or approved event." Do they have campus police to break up large groups on campus in the middle of the night? I don't know what the campus is like and whether this area is near the dorms, but it must have been loud with that many people. (I have no idea what caused the change in font size! I would never have minimized my concern for you and your son!!!)
  2. I might have been listening to the same radio program. I don't know if we define profanity the same way, but the guy I was listening to yesterday was, to put it mildly, really ripping Pres. Biden a new one. Then the show suddenly went off the air for awhile. The local affiliate put on a "best of" show from their local morning host until the technical difficulties were resolved. I wondered at the time if the FCC had pulled the plug , but now I know it was the Big Guy (God, not Hunter's Dad).
  3. Your examples are why I've been suspicious since the beginning. I was ready to wear masks right from the start...I still had my box of N95's from the H1N1 outbreak that I ordered "just in case" when people on this board started talking about it! I didn't believe the experts telling us we didn't need masks while I'm seeing on the news the people clearing the shelves of masks at places like Home Depot to send to their relatives in China. And when people started doing all the sewing I really wanted some of those cloth masks that were not only cute but had to be softer and more comfortable than my N95! But I continue to be afraid to wear the cloth types even though I bought a few. My husband ordered a bunch of sports-themed masks to wear to work, and when I wash them they just seem so flimsy to me. I've tried to get him to try my masks or even use a surgical mask along with his cloth masks, but he refuses. The school email you described is really frustrating! This is supposed to be about disease prevention, not virtue signalling, etc. It doesn't sound like a very good way to start the school year. (I'm like Faith-manor...I'll be wearing a mask to the grocery store, etc. forever and have no interest in shaking another hand.)
  4. Maybe they're confused by what they've heard from health officials and have concluded that masks don't really work? I'm not against masks and I wear them, but I've been wondering if we're always getting the best/honest advice. I received an email notification recently from our local clean air agency about wildfire smoke. The email included information about masks and stated that surgical masks don't protect your lungs from wildfire smoke. N95 masks should be worn, but these aren't approved for use by children and won't work for men with beards because the seal isn't good! At the same time that we're being told by our health officials to basically wear any old mask to protect ourselves from covid, the same state health information about wildfire smoke seems to have stricter recommendations. I wanted to find out if the virus is larger or smaller than wildfire smoke particles, and I found this article with a size comparison chart: https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2020/10/covid-19-coronavirus-disease-size-compairson-zika-health-air-pollution/ This is the link I received in the email about proper mask usage for wildfire smoke: https://www.doh.wa.gov/Portals/1/Documents/Pubs/334-353.pdf So if the covid virus is smaller than wildfire particles, then it seems to me that the health recommendations to prevent covid infection should be at least as strict as the wildfire recommendations? When I see our officials on the news talking about covid, they're wearing cloth masks. Is this just for show or do they really have confidence in the cloth?
  5. The bonding could backfire. It did for me when this happened to me in high school. The other girls "kidnapped" us from our classrooms, so at least it wasn't in the middle of the night! We were driven around to other houses, blindfolded (with a kotex pad in a nylon stocking) the entire time, and made to do things like eat mystery foods that were fed to us on spoons, made to crawl through vacant lots, etc. I was so upset by what was happening that I said I was unwell and needed to go home. Thank goodness my mother picked me up at one of the homes so I never found out what other bonding/fun activities were going to happen later. I quit the group shortly after this lovely initiation because I really hated the girls who did this to us, and I had no desire to spend any more time with them. If humiliating others is considered fun, goodbye! Maybe the girls at your daughter's school really have only fun activities planned, but unfortunately I've lost trust in people doing/meaning what they say. And for sure, I would tell your daughter all about it ahead of time! And I would have no part in letting people "break into" my house in the middle of the night to "kidnap" my kid. NO WAY should this be promoted as a fun/acceptable activity!!!
  6. I thought you were going to say that you gave the cat a bath and lived to tell about it! I'm sorry about the insurance situation. Our "good" eye place no longer accepts what they had called our "good" insurance, so now I'm dreading having to break in a new eye dr. for my daughter who is not always the easiest patient to deal with. It would be so much easier to just keep going there and pay out of pocket, but I think I'd have better luck bathing our cat than breaking the news to my dh!
  7. A local radio host read a letter on his show this morning that was written by two US veterans as if they are the Taliban. (I've never heard of their company before, but the CEO is a combat veteran who was in Afghanistan.) "If the Taliban were to write a letter to America, it would likely look something like this." https://www.combatflipflops.com/blogs/combat-flip-flops/written-in-taliban
  8. I would look at things like a child's china set or maybe a baby's first Christmas ornament from Lenox. Here are some cute Beatrix Potter sets from Wedgwood: https://www.wedgwood.com/en-us/collections/all-collections/peter-rabbit?showAll=true If you want a more practical gift, I think Hanna Andersson pajamas would be nice for the birthday or get a Christmas print. And maybe a bedtime storybook to go with it? For wedding gift ideas...that's harder for me, but money in any form would be very generous and I'm sure appreciated. I might get them "his and hers" aprons. Do they have a wedding registry somewhere? If so, I would do a gift card. It's not as much fun to shop for big people!
  9. I'm not BlsdMama, but I find this rather insulting. Would you also say that the primate center doesn't experiment on monkeys, they experiment with monkeys? I really don't understand how the word choice here makes any difference in the life (or death) of the subject, but I'm not a scientist.
  10. For all we know, the parent might have been led to believe that her child is the subject but the experimenters could be studying her...how much will a parent allow her child to be subjected to in the interest of science.
  11. I'm curious how you found this particular video from the Univ of Wash. They've also been experimenting on monkeys, including baby monkeys, since the 60's. (Your tax dollars at work.)
  12. That's the one we have. It protects your incoming mail, but not outgoing.
  13. We have a locking mailbox, but it only secures incoming mail. My dh takes our outgoing mail to work with him because we know mail thefts happen in our neighborhood...I've even found a pile of stolen mail thrown on the side of the street. There was a postal box not far from us, but the lady at the post office told me that the thieves were putting a box inside to catch the mail before it drops to the bottom, then they retrieve it! That box was removed for a time, but now there's a new one, a different style than the old one that should prevent the box trick. Dawn, your father needs to make friends with the mail carrier!
  14. I came back to read the links you provided, and I see that this has information about Supported Decision Making. Thank you for including this!
  15. I have so much I would like to say about this issue but am very hesitant, having just had a front row seat to something similar involving money but much less of it! (Fortunately I am married to my own bulldog lawyer.) I heard Tucker Carlson talking about the Britney Spears case recently. He said that it's all about the money because society doesn't care about the mentally ill people living on the street who will "wipe their butts on your front lawn". I agree with him, and I also agree with you, Ordinary Shoes, that misogyny is involved as well. I have an example of this that I feel more comfortable sharing because it happened so long ago. My father was terminally ill, and he and my mother were making plans. They had an unfortunate experience with a man at a bank who was trying to convince my father that my mother would just be irresponsible with money and remarry so he should tie up the finances somehow to take control away from her. My father basically told him to go to hell. And again, we're not talking about great wealth here like in the Britney Spears case but still a man thinking a woman isn't fit to manage money herself. I just want to add that there's a new alternative to guardianship called Supported Decision Making. I really hope this will become the norm rather than the exception, when necessary, very soon! https://informingfamilies.org/sdm/
  16. I wish I had known what NSFW meant before watching this. I didn't know it wasn't for young eyes or old prudes like me. Where did I leave my pearls??? Must find my pearls!!!
  17. We're going to need "FAL"...Family Assisted Living...for when those of us caring for special needs adults get too old to be caregivers! If I had a lot of money, I'd buy land and build intentional communities like this. I wouldn't waste my money on space tourism/trying to beat the other billionaires into space.
  18. My right thumb has been painful for a number of years, and now my left thumb is painful, too. I know for me this is arthritis. My dr. sent me to a hand therapist for my right thumb. She made a soft splint that I used for awhile and gave me some hand exercises to do at home. I don't know if you want to try some of these hand exercises before you see your doctor, but here are a few: https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/arthritis/multimedia/arthritis/sls-20076952?s=4 I would also suggest buying some of those kitchen helper tools to make tasks like opening jars/cans easier. Have you tried using ice packs to help with the pain? Cherry juice is supposed to be helpful, but I haven't tried it. Since you're planning to do some reading, maybe look into cherry juice and let me know if you try it! I did the Certo Pectin/Grape Juice for awhile...that's another arthritis home remedy. Good luck! I hope you and your dr. find something that helps!
  19. When you throw it out (and yes, you must!) don't pour it down the drain! You should never put fats/oils down the drain. I save old plastic ziploc bags to use for things like this...put it in the bag, you can add some paper towels if there's a lot of oil, and put it in the trash.
  20. You might want to watch this video about using the FreeStyle Libre system which doesn't require finger pokes. Maybe this would work better for you? (I've only heard about these, I've never used one.) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QKi5T4uTGXk When I had a diabetic cat I was testing her using the glucose strips and the regular type of glucometer. I would use a drop of blood from the edge of her ear, and I would warm the area first with a small microwavable rice sock that I made. This made the blood flow easily so no squeezing was required. If you have to poke your finger, I would make sure your fingers aren't cold.
  21. If she calls the police and someone contacts you or the other parents, I would say something like, "She falsely accused Mr. (Stepdad's name) of stealing her wallet but she found it in her own house. She should look in the same place before accusing our children. And are there any penalties for making a false police report?"
  22. I'm thankful my dh's doctor told him about this possibility, but now I'm worried that dh hasn't been taking it. He had been buying B12 at Costco...and he always did the Costco shopping but stopped going there when the pandemic started. I shop weekly at the grocery store and pick up my synthroid at the pharmacy every few months (dh gets his prescription by mail), but now that I'm thinking about it he hasn't asked me to buy any B12 for him. Thank you for this reminder to keep up with B12!!!
  23. That must have been so frightening! I'm so glad you're able to continue your recovery at home now. My cat gets B12 injections, and my dh is supposed to take sublingual B12 because of a medication he takes (metformin maybe? ) I'll have to check with him to make sure he's taking it because he doesn't like to take vitamins. I hope you enjoy your books while you're recovering!
  24. Laurie

    Scary day

    My dh is like this, too. I don't know if it's a regional thing (he's from NYC) or a parenting thing or what. I was raised by a nurse and a fireman so I grew up seeing them getting involved (in a helpful way, not a busybody way.) And to make matters worse, I have ears like a dog so I can't help it if I hear things going on outside, too. But I understand what you mean about drama. My neighbors are away, but their son came over to use their house for a 4th of July party. I don't like the loud music, etc, but I usually mind my own business, don't complain to the police, etc. But honestly I worry about young women who are at these loud drinking parties. There was a couple fighting out in front of our house, verbally at first, but then the woman ran down the street, the guy ran after her and grabbed her. She pulled away and ran back up the street towards the party house, with the guy chasing her. I didn't like him grabbing her. She had stopped and sat down on our stairs. I figured I had a right to get involved with anyone on our property, and with the loud music blaring next door I don't think anyone would notice if a woman cried for help. Fortunately I could talk to them through a window without going out there. I asked if she was alright, and then some others from the party came along, they thanked me for worrying, and said they were just going to be there for a few minutes. I wanted them to know I was home, aware of their presence, and concerned for the woman, so after that I left the window. And my dh never left the couch while this was going on.
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