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  1. I'll add you can go to the Avancemos/Houghton Mifflin website and if you register you can preview all of their online stuff for maybe 4 months? (I don't remember how long the preview is for.) . They have a ton of materials available, but personally I found it really difficult to figure out what I needed/wanted, and difficult to find things when I did know what I was looking for. It was a bit overwhelming for me. I can see it being a fabulous resource for someone who teaches this stuff full-time and knows what they are looking for though.
  2. In case it helps, I emailed Christianbook about the Avancemos package a couple of months ago. I'll paste my question and the reply below. Regarding Stock #858654: Avancemos! (Spanish) Level 1 Homeschool Question: What is included in this? Is the interactive online teacher's guide, worksheets, and student access to online interactive textbook exercises included through an access code? thanks for any info. Thanks for asking about one of our products! Here's the answer to your question: The Homeschool Package includes the Student Textbook, access to the Online Interactive Student Text that allows students to input oral, multiple-choice and written responses to every activity in the book, interactive readers, vocabulary & grammar practice, and access to Online Teacher Resources. To obtain the access code, you must email your full name, ISBN, and email address to: HOMESCHOOLINQUIRIES@HMHCO.COM Thanks again for checking with us! If you need anything else, just let us know. Matt. L Customer Service Christianbook
  3. When You Reach Me or Liar and Spy, both by Rebecca Stead.
  4. I clicked one of your links and found this Looks like they still have the US edition, Standards edition, and Common Core edition. I know you can order the Standards edition from Rainbow Resource. I vaguely recall reading that the rumor that they were going to stop producing the Standards edition was just that, a rumor. But I can’t remember where I saw this, so guess this is just another rumor to consider, sorry.
  5. I have done this but haven’t been overly pleased with the result. I’ve used the instant milk tea powder and would recommend brewing your own as in the video linked above (use black tea or maybe a blend for the right flavor, not orange pekoe/standard Lipton). I didn’t have trouble getting the right consistency of the boba but the flavor was off. Maybe I should have used more water? They definitely need to be sweetened. Be aware that the texture degrades quickly. Consume the same day, preferably immediately.
  6. I recently bought several of these, and used the one for The Scarlet Letter with my daughter recently. (We did the book quickly so were not attempting an in-depth study just exposure.) . I found the book very helpful as a reader's guide and look forward to using the others I have eventually -- either for myself or with my kids or both. I realize this isn't very specific info but hope it helps.
  7. Has anyone used Prentice Hall Geometry and if so can you give me your opinion of it? I am considering the homeschool package. I've looked at Jurgensen and think we need something with more instruction/more user friendly. I want something solid but not difficult for the sake of being difficult. Teaching Textbooks tempts me a little for this one subject, though really I would prefer something not all multiple choice. Additional suggestions welcome. Thank you!
  8. I believe Science Shepherd Biology meets your criteria as well.
  9. Glad you have a plan and hope it works well. Just wanted to echo your thoughts though -- we tried Lightning Lit 7 two years ago after having done a couple of years of CLE Reading and it was a major disappointment. At least reading the literature was worthwhile 🙂 . This past year we did Mosdos Gold level and it was excellent! The literature selections were high quality and worthwhile, there were thoughtful questions after each selection, writing assignments available, etc. I will use it again for my youngest at the appropriate time. This next year my rising eighth grader will do Illuminating Literature: When Worlds Collide (which uses whole books.) I am hoping this will be what I had hoped Lightning Lit was, but time will tell.
  10. For Algebra 2, maybe Dolciani? (Macdougal Littel). Your list of requirements sounds exactly like Dolciani Algebra 1 which we are currently using; I have the Algebra 2 book and it looks structurally similar but we haven't used it yet.
  11. We like The Homecoming. It takes place on Christmas Eve, I believe it may have been a pilot movie for The Waltons.
  12. I am sure I am not the best person to respond to this, but since you haven't gotten any other responses ... My 12 year old son is using Visual Latin -- we both really like it. I know they have a schedule/chart showing how it can be used as a supplement to Henle, so it might be worth looking into if you are interested in something like that. The teacher is both clear and entertaining.
  13. I am trying to figure this out for next year as well. Right now I am inclined to use verses from the Navigators Topical Memory System:
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