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  1. Just thought I would mention that if you have access to Kanopy streaming service (we have free access through our library), they have a lot of Great Courses including the History of the US. (No course book access for this particular course as far as I can determine though). I am planning on us using it next year.
  2. If you have used this, what did you think/how did it go? I am considering for my son for next year. Thanks for any info!
  3. Hi -- I can comment on literature programs, but I believe none of these include explicit writing instruction or grammar. I know some people really like Lightning Lit 7 -- since you referenced a previous comment by me above, I'll add that for us it wasn't a great fit. It has been a few years since we used it, so my memory is not perfect, but I was hoping it would provide thoughtful discussion questions that could lead to good conversations, and if I recall correctly the questions for the works of lit were almost all simple fact recall about details of the readings. We didn't find the literary
  4. Hi and welcome! I am happy to responds as well, but Lori is right that if you post this in one of the places she suggests you will get a much better response. Also is this for a 7th grader, or ...?
  5. I was going to mention Jergen’s Ultra Healing as well.
  6. We use Prentice Hall, and I don’t think there is an entire chapter on constructions, but of what is there, we do some, read through all, and move on. No love for it here and it is not worth the time or frustration in my view. 😀
  7. The OSU German online program for high schoolers is great and less than $400 per year. Last I looked they didn’t have an equivalent Spanish program, so maybe you were looking at the regular college classes? I would love it if they did offer something similar for Spanish!
  8. First, yes, my 5-7 hours estimate was for the regular chemistry class. And I agree with SusanC that adding challenge problems to the regular class is not going to get you to honors. In my view, for that you would need to move at a faster pace and go more in depth with more complex problem solving. I think the regular class is on point for a regular chemistry class and am not suggesting it should be changed. But if Connie is asking if there is a place for a class at a level in between the current regular and honors class, I am just saying yes I think that would be fabulous.
  9. Roadrunner, I believe the class is described as requiring 5-7 hours per week, and with the caveat that it varies depending on the week and that I don’t time the work, I think this is an accurate estimate. I agree that the clear teaching may make the class seem easier than it otherwise would be!
  10. Sounds like there is a lot of love for your honors course which is awesome. I’ll come at the question from the other angle — having kids in the regular chemistry class (parent graded.) Thanks to these forums I know the time commitment alone would be a no-go for my kids for the honors class. We are enjoying the regular class but I think it is on the easy side / that they could easily handle a little more challenge. So something in between regular and honors sounds good to me. 🙂
  11. If you call Pearson/Prentice Hall, they will sell you other pieces. I did this last year and bought a workbook and the teacher’s answer key for it. I had to fill out some sort of form saying I homeschooled or something like that but it was easy.
  12. Not sure if this will suit at all, but I found that the long list of essay questions included here provided insight and lots of interesting topics for discussion: https://www.rcwalton.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/Out-of-the-Silent-Planet.pdf
  13. The Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place series.
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