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  1. yes, thank you! here's an article from last month about women, including former inmates, protesting: "According to Mason, the former CSC deputy commissioner for women said in 2019 that 50% of the males who request to be transferred to a female prison are sex offenders. Mason says that many correctional guards she has spoken to are not a fan of the transfer policy, but they are not allowed to speak out. At the Fraser Valley Institution for Women, there have purportedly been STD scares, pregnancy rumours and sexual harassment allegations because of the biological males in residence. “[Corrections Canada] let men basically rule the prison … women are scared to speak up because they think their paroles are going to get denied,” former Fraser Valley Institution inmate Alia Pierini told the crowd. “I’m sick and tired of the men, the rapists getting support over the women.” https://tnc.news/2021/08/21/protesters-demand-removal-of-biological-male-inmates-from-womens-prisons/
  2. what transfer request? He is already there. eta - I would have thought that a male person who used their male body to rape and murder a woman in her own bed would be identified as 'too much risk' but hey, its only women they're risking! the real travesty is males being at risk from other males!
  3. from that article: "Murillo’s attorneys requested that his jury not be informed of the transfer, and Murillo was referred to as a male and with masculine pronouns both during the trial and after the verdict at sentencing." 😲😲😲 but still, this male who sexually assaulted and beat a woman to death - in her own bedroom, with her children nearby - was "transferred to a women’s prison in the provincial system earlier this year, a few months before the trial began in July, in accordance with Ontario’s policy of placing female inmates in prisons corresponding to their gender identity, unless they choose otherwise." I note a lot of handwringing over the male criminals' feelings, not a mention of the incarcerated womens' feelings 🤔
  4. Bill, would you please go away. You are adding nothing to this thread. All you're doing is repeating insults from an ocean away - as if we're too stupid to read & discuss our own country's news. No, your inflammatory headline isn't a gotcha for what I saw with my own eyes. I can't use strong enough language here for how offensive you are, it's embarrassing, if you had an ounce of self reflection you'd be ashamed. *back on ignore.
  5. We are not America. Don't try to map American politics onto ours thanks.
  6. Lockdown laws. I don't believe either of those numbers. It's hard for me to overstate how peaceful yesterday was from the protesters side.
  7. Facebook cutting off the watch/live of certain streamers. Telstra having connection issues in the city.
  8. Fyi, today they are also apparently shutting down and blocking livestreams from people embedded in the protesters.
  9. No, I don't have a personal connection. Except that my family is from that same class. When the media called them nazis, and they look like my husband and father in law and brothers and uncles and cousins, I can understand why they're pissed off. The crowd was more multicultural than the Labor party - because the blue collar class is more multicultural than just about any other. Without getting all into it, these people have bloody good reason to be fed up with gov mandates. Eta - and ftr most of my family are fully vaxxed, even the ones who ended up in hospital with pericarditis after it.
  10. BTW, the first person riot police carried away yesterday afternoon was a petite woman. They just shot at the big angry men.
  11. Honestly, I really don't think I want to get into it here or now. I'll think about it and maybe come back later.
  12. Yesterday they were unprovoked. Police shot first. It was a tactic to try and split the crowd. They are protesting the mandate, and then they are protesting the shut-down of their whole industry as punishment.
  13. I don't know yet. I hope it may influence a rethink on some of the pathway out of lockdown ideas.
  14. We have just today broken the record of longest lockdowns in the world 235 days. The same day we hit our highest daily cases number.
  15. It's a human right to protest. I keep deleting what I've written because I don't want to get into it with you. Just to say, I don't blame them for their distrust of government, police (particularly when they are shooting rubber bullets and tear gas, unprovoked, from their giant armoured vehicles), unions or media. I don't condone violence, but I think it is very short sighted to not try and understand it. There is a history behind that one journo getting attacked - again, it's disgusting and wrong, but it didn't happen in a vacuum. I know a lot of very very angry people - vaxxed and not. Really. Assuming they are all dumb anti vaxxers is not reality nor helpful.
  16. Melissa, that is not what I saw on Tues and Wed. Maybe Saturday's Richmond protest was like that (where I think the pepper spray video came from) You might be surprised by how aggressive the police have been and how much the crowd worked to avoid a confrontation and to keep control of those minor number of yahoos looking for a fight.
  17. The point is, if you just ignore their concerns and write them off as dumb or nazis what do you think will happen? Yes I still see that. They're mostly a-political but vote the way the union pushes. Of course, a lot of jobs have been lost or made much less secure so people are also losing faith in the unions.
  18. This is different, this isn't withholding a government payment - which I would support, this is preventing people from going to their own non government jobs. That's not a nudge that's coercion - and the manufacturing/construction class has had their industries crapped all over even before covid. Don't underestimate an angry blue collar class, Andrews and Labor and the unions should know better. Eta - this isn't left or right, don't do that. The blue collar class are traditionally Labor voters. The unions and Labor are very closely intertwined. Calling them right wing extremists is part of what sparked the outrage.
  19. Vic. There's a clear plan for vaccinated people. I'm really uncomfortable with the othering. Can't you see it just fuels the reactionary sector, who are already angry?
  20. Also, just to add, the teachers and nurses unions are a very different ball park to the cfmeu and those kind of unions, we have a lot of experience with manufacturing unions and both their corruption and ties to Labor.
  21. You know that I like and respect you Melissa, and I'm not looking for an argument. I'm just saying that Melbourne has had over 200 days of lockdown, just before Tuesday's protest a construction worker in the inner city committed suicide. There is a lot of anger, and to say it's only fuelled by the Murdoch press is really simplistic and insulting. Right or wrong (and as with most things, it's a complicated mix of both), there are a lot of angry people here. And the government and (corrupt) union leaders and police are escalating it.
  22. That's not true, and that's not fair. Plenty of people who are not at all anti Vax, are very wary of a government mandate that holds their jobs and livelihood hostage. Plenty. I watched the full livestreams Tuesday and Wednesday, there are some dickheads of course, but the vast VAST majority were working really hard to avoid confrontation or violence. Yesterday, it was the riot squad and the mounted turret on the armoured car that shot rubber pellets and tear gas first. Considering that start it was damn near miraculous that there was no more confrontations yesterday until, again, the riot squad boxed them in and started dragging people away.
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