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  1. Yes we do a lot of that. I have 4 kids to mediate, 2 of whom are teens, I feel like 90% of my life is the last 3 things especially... my daughter's 13th year (and then some) was dominated by halting those darn negative spirals. In my house, #1 Is replaced with effective and clear communication and smart leadership techniques. Aka, screeching at your brother is unlikely to get anyone what they want.
  2. This has been so lovely to read, thanks everyone!
  3. My baby can read. He's 6. When he was 4, he drew an elongated 'm' in the steamed up shower glass and announced "look mama, number mmmmmm!" Yes he's adorable. Now he's reading to me from Bears of Hemlock Mountain - "No Bears No Bears No Bears At All!" I've taught all 4 of my kids to read. Feels like something, ya know? What recent milestones would you like to share!
  4. Oh I would be very upset about that, especially tramping through the garden bed. Seems like a higher, lockable front fence is in order? You know what they say about good fences and neighbours... We moved away onto a fenced 20 acres, so our neighbours have to work pretty hard to annoy us 😄
  5. I tend to buy a lot of books, I like to have our home library full of options. Feel like a book about pirates? Try this etc. I can usually pull out something for any kid. I like hardcover Shakespeare with illustrations by Arthur Rackham. Dh and I try to buy most classics from a series (everyman's library) if possible, unless I get a great second hand deal!
  6. This thread? I missed it, will have a read. 🙂
  7. We played Pokemon TCG. I had 6 kids altogether, we went for nearly 2 hours and it was great fun!
  8. I did a wordsearch with my k-2 kids, I'm sure a sudoku - type puzzle could work? Maybe share screen of grid/graph paper and everyone can annotate? I also just last night ran a card game tournament over zoom and it worked really well! If each kid can have the same basic supplies - like tangrams, blocks, matchsticks, etc - then you can do a fair bit.
  9. I agree. #2 & #4, the most concerning imo, happened at their house and under other mom's watch. I wouldn't trust them to babysit again, certainly not the younger ones. Then you just need to decide that if you do catch up, it must be when you can 100% supervise, no errands, no showers. Keep it short, keep it to one planned and supervised activity, these kids cannot handle free play together right now, best to accept that and work around it. What did your dh do when the kid was kicking the door? I cannot imagine a kid kicking more than once in front of my dh, he's never had to te
  10. Well, we have 1 under bench fridge presently but another will be added. We do have a chest freezer in the shed. Also, dh does the grocery shopping so I can send him more regularly 😆
  11. So cubes in a bag + rolling pin is not the done thing anymore? 😄 I thought using my blender was an upgrade. I hate big fridges, we designed our kitchen with under bench fridge! #helpful
  12. Crispy and hollow, yum! Hmmm, maybe like a choux pastry, like a savoury profiterole? Might try it tomorrow!
  13. Croissants, either French toast style or with ham and melted cheese. 🤤
  14. Is this kind of like a scone? I'm very confused, never heard of these before!
  15. You know, people here get upset with me when I say that we're all institutionalized by the school system. How did anyone, ever, become convinced that a 4/5/6/7 year old needs 6 hours of school work? How did we get to the place of 'multiple hours daily in front of a screen for little kids is just how it is'? *shrug* We had a chance here to change things, to reset the stupid, developmentally inappropriate pressure cooker. We made it worse. We found a way to make it worse. Slow. Clap. Tell me again how society isn't institutionalized.
  16. Great advice! And then show it to your husband 😄
  17. Haha I will. Yes it is frustrating. I snapped this one up because I've never found Foerster for less than nearly $200!
  18. Just had to share that I found a copy of Foerster's for only $50! Including shipping! Now to wait the eons for it to arrive in my part of Aus 😄
  19. Oh Yes, I'm definitely susceptible to the twitch 😄 Hmm, I wouldn't say that maths is a passion or special interest for any of my kids. Some are naturally more capable in some ways, I would describe my more naturally capable ones as being generally more intuitive people, the less obviously capable ones are the over thinkers. I see it in their music too, one kind tends to pick it up easily and 'feel' their way through - they spend 20% of the energy learning the first 95%, then the last 5% takes most of the work, the other kind tends to need explicit instruction and repetition to master the
  20. So they did aops alg and geo concurrently? Did they alternate chapters? How long did that take? 😄 Sorry for the rapid fire questions!
  21. Thank you, I'm glad you've enjoyed it 😄 I should clarify re beast academy that I'm talking about my state/country (Aus) standards for maths. I did go through our state standards and compared it to beast, and I could cover to the end of 6th grade maths without anything more than (I *think*) 5a... and that to a much, much higher standard.
  22. Thanks Arcadia, did they use a particular book series? Eta, I would love to integrate physics but my own physics knowledge is pitiful. Did you 'match' the physics and maths somehow? My own maths learning in highschool would have been much helped with some physics, would have helped all those graphs make sense! My dh and I each have a piece of the puzzle in that sense, he gets the physics and not the maths, if we work together we can usually puzzle things out 😄
  23. I'm so sorry, you are brave and honest, the Hive is proud of you!
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