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  1. Dh is a huge emotional support, he's a homeschooling cheerleader and tells me often that he's proud of the job I'm doing. He keeps me on track when we've been slack, contributes ideas and is a confident, involved parent which is super helpful in setting the household tone that allows homeschooling to work. He works weird shifts so our lives are fairly chaotic. He doesn't teach them any subjects but he is a natural 'teach by doing' kind of person so the kids learn a lot just by hanging around while he's working on something. He gets them to help out a lot. We are currently owner building our house so he's super busy and the kids are learning a lot! He is the breadwinner and since he works in town (we are rural) does 99% of the grocery shopping and in-town errands. He doesn't begrudge me spending anything on school stuff, he'll always tell me that school books are a priority so if I need it, just get it (I take care of the money/budget so I'm the one who agonizes over expensive stuff!) I do all the cooking and cleaning (hahaha, my standards are... low), though the kids help a lot now. I make all the homeschooling decisions, though he has good insights and is very helpful to discuss things through with.
  2. Thinking of you guys today Melissa 💜
  3. Oh yes definitely. I feel like I need to apologise to my mother...
  4. If anyone has tips on how to get this into a teens head, much appreciated!
  5. Sorry to hear it's been tough, hope things look better in a few weeks. I'm struggling with my similar aged daughter atm too.
  6. 9 and 8. We see them regularly and yes they homeschool. 😄 Heaps of families with 3 or 4. In non homeschool families, 3 is the max. Maybe a rare 4 or 5, usually blended or multiples.
  7. Thank you everyone, this has been so cathartic.
  8. Thanks gardenmom! My mother... is a whole nuther thread.
  9. Thanks for your reply ValleyGirl. Oh, the unfinished projects are just. so. demoralizing. Yes, I'm a failure, I get it! I'll sit by you and we can be pathetic together. I'll share my chocolate.
  10. I always thought I'd love having teens, that I'd be able to understand and empathise better. That homeschooling would give us a wonderful relationship where they don't need to rebel much. Haha I was so arrogant! I wasn't prepared for the reality that, as the safe person, I would bear the brunt of focussed teen angst! That sweet baby girl with ringlets and doe eyes would hate me because the world is a scary, confusing place.
  11. Yes, that's right. I don't know that these were the fantastic choices they seemed 16 years ago, when we were starry eyed newlyweds. But it is where I am now and I am bonded to these people so, needs must.
  12. Yes, I hear you too. I'm sorry for your suffering. It's just different, I adore my youngers, well all my kids, so much, I wish I could be the best for them.
  13. Thank you for your reply scholastica, it helps to know I'm not alone. I'm sorry you're facing difficult circumstances.
  14. I'm sorry hjffkj, I miss my less world weary husband too.
  15. Thank you fair, I'm so sorry you've had a rough run. Yes, exactly. I feel bad for my younger kids that the optimistic, fun, light mum isn't here for them. I'm tired, I'm busy, I'm stressed and nothing turns out the way it should. And yes, I relate to the feelings about young couples. I feel bad about that, because I remember resenting cynical older folks for trying to rain on my bulletproof young adult parade. Now I know, it's not a parade, it's a tedious march in circles through quicksand...
  16. My second child turned 12 last week. I was looking through some old photos of my newborn son and my adorable toddler daughter. I wanted to cry over the beautiful, sweet, simple scene. I was only 23 years old then, I thought I was old enough to handle it. I'm 35 now and I feel like such a cliche, this is hard, really hard. Relentlessly hard. Marriage is hard. Teenagers who think I'm the enemy is hard. Parenting is hard. Runninging a home is hard. Homeschooling is hard. Sicknesses and dramas and problems and hard things just don't ever stop, there's no getting on top of things. It's just failure compounding failure. Chaos. Entropy. And it's not even anything catastrophic! We are doing okay, can't complain. I'm just so soul weary. I'm sorry, I just had another thing-we-could've-done-without come up tonight and needed to get it out somewhere.
  17. Thanks everyone. Susan, I have also done the lay it out and let her take control thing. We had a big conversation and she made some decisions about what she'd like to focus on (violin and maths) and what she'd like to drop (languages). The problem came after that, when it was time to actually do something! I reminded her that if she won't do it independently, then I'll assume she still needs my close supervision and direction. What consequences did you use for not acceptable forgetting? I have talked to a friend of mine and we're setting up some tutoring/assignments. I think my friend is kind of excited actually, to get a chance to dig deep into English with a teen again!
  18. Wow. Yep, I'll stick with 'poor kid' then.
  19. Poor kid. That makes me angry and it's just lazy. There are so many appropriate ways to do either fine motor skills work or letter formation work. My 9 year old would probably melt down over a whole page of handwriting! Did they misunderstand the assignment? Was it one word/line a day and the sheet was for a whole week?
  20. Yes, I think so, if you get the real kind and it's high enough strength. I wouldn't use it in tea or toast though waaaaay too expensive, more a spoonful like medicine. I'll see if I can find more info in the morning, it's 3am here and I just gave some Manuka honey to my sickly children and I'm fallin asleep 😄
  21. Sure, like the limits of 'woman' for sex segregated prisons? Or 'female' for sports scholarships?
  22. I was talking about the definition of gender identity - which is generally the term now being used in lawmaking, not gender. Vagueness is a big issue in crafting good laws. This is not a personal issue, this is a lets define our terms before we write them into our legal codes issue. Feminists have been writing clearly about the distinction between gender and sex since the 70s. Vagueness is a cop out.
  23. LMD


    Margaret! That story escalated quickly! 😮
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