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  1. I agree. My worry about the first definition is it's vagueness. What exactly is an 'internal sense of being male, female or something else' and why should a subjective, unverifiable internal sense be prioritized over objective, observable, physical male or femaleness?
  2. Thanks! There were a lot of 'may lead to's in the paragraph you quoted so I was interested to see their full picture. Still following the links around. Eta, I was especially interested in how they defined gender and gender identity. What I found was: "Gender identity refers to a person’s internal sense of being male, female or something else" and "Gender refers to the socially constructed roles, behaviors, activities, and attributes that a given society considers appropriate for boys and men or girls and women. These influence the ways that people act, interact, and feel about themselves."
  3. Regentrude, do you have a link for the APA quote please? I'd like to read it in context. 🙂
  4. Cowboy Bebop is incredible. If we're going towards anime, Full Metal Alchemist and Psycho Pass are also excellent (though very violent!)
  5. Oh I agree about The Expanse, that was excellent! They've only released the first 2 seasons here (that I can find) and dh and I are hanging out for more! Fringe and The Orville are pretty good. I love BBC productions, Misfits and Utopia were both great.
  6. I don't know if you can get them in the US, but my similar sounding kid - who really liked those national geographic readers - loved Steve Parish (wildlife photographer) readers, like these:
  7. Awwww 💜 We recently read Rascal so this is lovely!
  8. Thank you Stella, that is truly a very kind offer! I will keep it in mind. 🙂 Getting her to actually do an English or history assignment is the trick atm 😉 Hmm, food for thought. Thank you. I might talk to a friend of mine, she was a vce English teacher/tutor, maybe we can swap tutoring... I'm hoping for a few more opportunities for her to come up in the next year or so. A friend of hers has a lead on a symphony position, there are some fab science courses through John Monash Science School from 9th grade. There's TAFE from 16 years old. If we can get through the next year then a lot more doors will be open. I just feel like this year has been messy and I ran out of time with her really fast!
  9. Yes I really relate to the first part of your reply, I felt so grown up and ready to get on with real life at 14 too, so I do have a lot of empathy with my girl. We have figured out how to mostly get her schoolwork on par with what is meaningful to her so she has good buy in (still, 14, attitude, slackness etc). It just really doesn't feel like a smooth transition, it's very bumpy and disorienting and knocks my confidence for my upcoming boys...
  10. My oldest is 14, halfway through 8th grade. I have 3 younger students (all boys, 6th, 3rd and K) I really feel like I'm floundering a bit, I'm having to let go of my picture of how I wanted 8th+ to go, and she really wants to have more control over her own studies- which I'm more than happy to give her... But I'm really struggling with what this looks like day to day, I feel like we're not making progress, I feel a bit paralyzed and it's affecting the whole homeschool. Also, she really still needs scaffolding and support, but resents it (yes, she's 14!) She often tries to do the bare minimum and forgets a lot (or 'forgets') which really is my fault, I've not been the best role model for good habits or consistency. My biggest issue currently is output. She resists it. She can write essays fairly well, she has some base level skills, but she really doesn't want to do anything. I've been letting her just read and think, discuss a little, but I'm worried she'll lose the skills she's got. I've tried suggesting other kinds of projects but she's not interested at all. I think she maybe needs a bit more direction and support to just get going on something, just beginning can be the hardest part, overcoming the momentum. I feel like I can't find that spark that gets her interested anymore and I feel like a failure. Wow, my confidence is shot and thus... floundering! I'm not really expecting anything to 'fix' her/me/us, just trying to sort my thoughts and hoping for commiserations!
  11. Ime, it tends to depend on what other stuff the teacher does. One music teacher we had, her only job was the music studio she ran, she was very organised and had it set up probably 4-6 weeks before the year started. Other teachers we've had also had other jobs so we had to wait for other schedules to be posted before the gaps could be filled, still usually a tentative plan was in place a couple of weeks before the school year starts.
  12. Sort of. You defined sex as 'parts and/or chromosomes' then went on to say how hardly anyone knows their chromosomes and "having indeterminate parts or a mixture of some xx and xy cells is a lot more common than anybody realizes" I'm disagreeing with you and asking you to back up your assertions. Can you link to something that supports your claim that having a "mixture of some xx and xy cells is a lot more common than anybody realizes," please? Here's my definition of sex fyi: the state of having a physical body that belongs to either of the mammalian reproductive classes, males having the potential to produce small motile gametes (spermatozoa), females having the potential to produce large gametes (ovum).
  13. Yeah, don't put words in my mouth. Are you saying that being trans is a form of chromosomal abnormality? Is chromosome testing part of a gender dysphoria diagnosis? You said no one really knows their chromosomes and that having a "mixture of some xx and some xy cells is a lot more common than anybody realizes" That is an extraordinary claim and I'd genuinely love to see where you picked it up.
  14. Well, there's only been about 100 medically verified cases of chimerism, and the most common form of mosaicism is in the trisomy diagnoses. None of that has anything at all to do with transgenderism.
  15. My bold. Wow, no, that's not at all true. If you are a female who has ovulated, menstruated and naturally fallen pregnant, you can be sure you're xx. If you're a male who produces sperm then you can be sure you're xy. That's the whole point of reproductive sex classes, reproduction. Disorders of sexual development don't make someone an in between sex, it means the disorder they suffer from affects their physical sex characteristics (amongst other things) and makes it more difficult to observe their sex. Their suffering is not a gotcha for perfectly healthy bodied people who believe in gender identity, and they have repeatedly asked to not be used that way.
  16. The only thing that shocks me about this is people still hoping that somehow justice will prevail. It was never going to. Every institution is rotten at the top. It's not a trial and incarceration that Epstein and co were worried about. I'd be surprised if they even gave 'justice for the peasants' more than a passing sarcastic comment. The files will be lost, the media will forget, any persistent reporters will also be suicided, there may be a scapegoat or two (at the moment looks like Ghislane Maxwell. Which I find, interesting, in that instead of any of the child raping men, a woman will probably get all the blame...)
  17. 😄 Actually, I do get some respect for knowing all the lyrics to the beastie boys... My favourite to weird them out is TLC lol, noooooooo scruuuuuuubs
  18. Alcohol, delicious, luxurious cocktails.
  19. Oh yes, I know about this. Thanks to my cat, who catches bunnies and eats their faces... (we've done this topic on the hive before, bunnies are a terribly destructive pest here) Worse is the noise foxes make. They just, literally, scream at each other. Many a time dh or I have run out in the middle of the night due to a blood curdling fox scream off. 😑
  20. My sister had a lumpectomy within about... 10? days from diagnosis, definitely less than 2 weeks. It was an aggressive, fast growing one and she was only 29 so they got her in quickly. She then went through 6 rounds of chemotherapy and then 6 months of radiotherapy. Sorry you're going through this Jenny.
  21. Similar thing happened to a friend of mine. She tried to register her child at a little younger than 6, because she was pregnant and very sick and running out of ability to remember things like bs forms. They refused her application because child wasn't 6 yet (but would have been truant if not enrolled in a school yet, our department is weird). She, being pregnant, very sick, then having a newborn, forgot until child was 7... She just sent it in and basically brazened it out 😄 They never said a word. Good luck!
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