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  1. Thank you! I probably shouldn't have posted, I didn't mean to make this thread into my own personal family therapy 😄. Why is there angst, million dollar question. I agree with you, and our highschool so far is similar to your description. The discouragement comes because sometimes the internal motivation is difficult to see and hard to inspire.
  2. That was a lovely post, thanks for continuing to write! Personally, I'm a little discouraged at the moment, the idyllic image isn't matching up well with the teen who doesn't appreciate rivendell angst and I'm tired.
  3. Oh yes, this gets my back riiiight up. We once had a multiple days and tears argument about the spelling rule 'english words don't end in v' I've been homeschooling for more than a decade, I've read more than one entire book on spelling. He is a terrible speller. Just terrible. Like, probably dyslexic level. It wasn't about the actual topic, it was how utter disrespected I felt, that my expertise meant nothing to him. I felt betrayed that maybe he doesn't actually respect what I do after all. And sure, there's a bunch of baggage that got dragged in as well 😄 It would make a diff
  4. Gosh, I would LOVE a class like this for my teen. Sorry, off topic.
  5. In that recipe, it looks like the white wine is serving the purpose of liquid and flavor. I would substitute with water and a tablespoon or two of nice fruity vinegar, maybe verjuice. Even lemon juice. Think about the other ingredients and what flavor palette would match.
  6. What do you consider 'real reasons'? We moved here because we wanted to. We picked the area and land first, then waited for the job to match. Our reasons boil down to, we just wanted to 😄 You only live once!
  7. My parents used potted pot plants in a big cupboard in the laundry 😄
  8. I like the idea of a podcast better. Anonymous voice vs not-flattering images 😄 Eta - just watched your binder/organising video and love it! Well done! Subscribed.
  9. Yep this! I like teaching reading, but this year I'm paying my oldest to teach my youngest violin. I'm happy to avoid the 'sounds like someone hitting a baby with a cat' stage of learning violin 😄
  10. Yes this, when they hit teens it's more of a meeting with mum schedule rather than a subject/hour schedule. I do make a point of trying to hit all the subjects over a week or so in the meetings.
  11. I'm sorry! That's rough! Our state has had stage 4 restrictions since early August, and lighter restrictions almost solidly since April. We have a curfew (8pm, just recently moved to 9pm). Can't go more than 5 kilometers from your home. Can only leave home for 4 reasons, work (if you can't work at home), shopping for essentials (within 5k radius), exercise (1 hour maximum), or carer responsibilities. Statewide mandatory masks. Schools are closed. Churches can have a maximum of 10 people, most are still closed. Hopefully we'll be able to see family again at the end of October. Haven't
  12. I'm sorry, that does sound really tough. I imagine made worse because there are no other options, feeling trapped is so hard. It sounds like the food issue is a big, draining one. Would your picky kid (19y/o) be capable of sorting out his own non-dinner meals/snacks? You could even give him a meal allowance and say something like - happy for you to eat with us, but happy for you to choose your own option. That might take one hurdle out of the equation? Can you create in-home, other family member options for helping you with attention for your 21 year old. I'm envisioning managers of
  13. Awww. I married one of my friends from highschool too. And yes, my best friend from year 9 is still my best friend. That's all though.
  14. This is so true. I've had multiple people ask if they can send their kids here for a while to learn these practical skills. Dh is very handy. He didn't learn much of it at school. He learned from watching his dad and grandad and books. Your nephews sound like great kids! Sorry you've had a tough week.
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