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  1. Footy is definitely Aussie slang for football which is Australian Rules Football. Also called AFL (Australian football league) If you put 'footy' into YouTube you get videos like this - a pretty decent explanation Rugby is just rugby or NRL (national rugby league) Soccer is just soccer
  2. Lol, the whole point of breakfast club is that labels are superficial and insufficient and limiting! Hence why *spoiler* the 'princess' gets together with the 'criminal'?!
  3. Thanks. I'm not getting into a source v source pissing contest. Females are a distinct group with their own sex specific experiences and needs which necessarily sometimes excludes males. I don't think that's a difficult or controversial statement. But nice non answer.
  4. Okay. Do you think that females should be allowed their own sex segregated spaces? Thanks for the thread bump though.
  5. Lol 'A possibility' 'anonymous sources' 'well known TERF websites' Seems legit. 🤨 We all saw the video with our own eyes, that's pretty elaborate for a hoax. And it still doesn't change the fact that female only safe spaces that include males will exclude some females.
  6. Yes. The point is, I think, that it would be helpful to remember that many 'stricter' parents have their own darn good reasons for it. Perhaps the reason I say, for example, no snapchat for my 16yo (even if her 12yo cousin has it) is because this particular 16yo has significant mental health related issues around types of social media, issues that have caused breaches in trust. It's really not because I'm just old and mean and don't get what's important to kids these days and like to control my child, as if I have nothing better to do with my time than monitor a teenager's phone...
  7. I think it's simultaneously more and less common than we'd like to think. As in, real abuse happens, monsters look like normal people. IME people mostly look away from those signs, understandably, because they are mostly helpless. However, not every less-than-healthy family dynamic = abuse, I don't assume a rebellious or cranky teen is being abused. I also think it's easy to play saviour on the internet, when really these situations are incredibly complex and trying to interfere by encouraging sneaky and secretive behaviour (the teen sneaking out thread) is unlikely to actually be helpful. Eta - because the post above mine appeared after I posted - I am in no way trying to accuse anyone in a situation like that of ignoring signs. Abusers are manipulative. Sorry for your experience OH_Homeschooler
  8. Yep, I would tell the parents, immediately. And if I discovered that another adult knew such a thing about my teen and didn't tell me, I would be extremely unimpressed with them.
  9. Well, as a very young adult I married a 'flaggy' also very young adult. One person carefully asked me if all was well and loved me anyway. One person gave me an ultimatum. One person mostly stayed out of it but gave me encouragement and titbits of wisdom from her own life/examples. One of those persons is no longer a part of my life, and I'm still married to the still-somewhat-flaggy-but-never-abusive guy, nearly 20 years on. I also agree that young newly-weds are often not the best communicators. I think there is a path between not saying anything or not wanting to meddle, and all out your spouse is an abusive a-hole. We value honesty so I might well say something, I don't know exactly what though, that's too situation/relationship specific. Hugs!
  10. Oh we've got secrets. One came out when doing the seating for my wedding. I would've been happy to go my whole life without knowing that one... 😟
  11. This conversation has come a looooooong way here. 3 years ago it was shut down with slurs. I'm sure there's at least a few posters who still wish the conversation would go away, I don't exactly blame them, it's not comfortable. The conversation being mostly respectful and productive here is very delicate and rare.
  12. Why do I need to disclose a trauma before I'm allowed boundaries? Who decides if my story is bad enough for me to be 'allowed' to have a boundary? I don't care if 99% of females are super cool with it, female spaces that include males will exclude some women, which means those women have no options and males have all the options. This is fair and progressive? Make a 3rd neutral option, make the men's open, there are many solutions if one genuinely wants to find one. Women's spaces and boundaries are not up for grabs, they are hard won, I will not be silent or 'kind' while a male appropriates them.
  13. You are so wise Rosie. Women having boundaries isn't the problem. Trans people are absolutely entitled to their boundaries, they're just not entitled to mine.
  14. People also often forget that the first female public toilets were burned down by males who thought that women shouldn't exist in public spaces. Our foremothers fought for them! Many charities are currently fighting for female only toilets/spaces in underprivileged communities.
  15. Not just gut feeling, lived experience and overwhelming statistics.
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