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  1. I liked this, especially the race to calculus/focus on other, real math, thanks for posting.
  2. LMD

    how do you.... npd ?

    Yes! There have been times when dh has looked at me, puzzled, and said 'uh, no, that's not what happened! Remember x, y, z...' It is an automatic instinct to just accept her truth as the truth. Though, I don't think my npd person intentionally lies. I think, to them, truth is whatever their current emotions tell you it is. An example, she loves to tell the story of me moving out of home. In her version, I was 16, it came out of nowhere, and dh's family brainwashed me into moving in with them. The reality is that I was 17.5 and graduated, dh's family were not at all happy about it (they were 'get married first' people) but I had nowhere else to go because she was moving across town into her latest boyfriend's house!
  3. LMD

    kids of antivaxxers grow up

    Yep, and their vit c, turmeric and homeopathy will cure it anyway...
  4. LMD

    kids of antivaxxers grow up

    Well thanks to the podcast mentioned up thread, I just realized that my vaccine scar is from the smallpox vaccine! Which I think is pretty cool.
  5. LMD

    kids of antivaxxers grow up

    Yeah, there is definitely a mindset that these diseases are not that bad and we can cure them with vitamin c so why should we quarantine ourselves? They really think coming to a homeschool group meeting with whooping cough is appropriate. 😡 In certain circles, I got a lot of shocked side eyes for admitting to giving my dd the gardasil vaccine.
  6. LMD

    how do you.... npd ?

    I honestly don't know. The 'it wasn't so bad' is a very strong beast. Coincidentally, I mentioned something about my childhood to dh yesterday (a child lashing out symptom of the crazy) and his reaction to it - what I thought was a funny story - was fairly extreme. I'm reminded again how far outside of normal it all was...
  7. I voted extended circle. I can think of a few cases that I knew of. A family in our homeschool group. One friend of a friend adopted an infant after many many years of waiting. One of my highschool teachers adopted two little girls internationally. And an old friend was adopted by another friend's family as teens, due to a bad home situation. Adoption is much rarer here in Aus than the U.S. We have long term foster care placements, I know a couple of those.
  8. LMD

    Baby timing

    Yep this! That said, I loved having winter babies. Our winters are more mild than yours. My favourite was having one right at the end of winter, I remember feeding him at a few weeks old - early spring - outside under the dappled light through the leaves and blossoms of our sugar plum tree.
  9. LMD

    2019-2020 3rd Grade

    We just started 3rd. My son is doing Beast academy for maths (finishing level 2, starting 3), wwe (again, finishing 2 starting 3), grammar island, spelling power, duolingo Russian. He's working his way through a literature book list and continuing violin lessons. We do bible, history, science, art etc all together. Keeping it simple.
  10. LMD

    measles outbreak...

    Oh yes, the preschoolers know you've betrayed them! At least you can prepare, discuss and bribe them.
  11. LMD

    Is it bad that?

    Not bad at all!
  12. Oh that is so lovely! Well done mama! I vividly remember when my slower to start reading child came to me one evening and said "I'm sorry mama, I know you said to read 2 pages but I accidentally finished the book..." The very definition of heartwarming!
  13. Yes, because in feminist theory, women and girls are oppressed due to their biology (not their feminine essence) - females are recognised as those humans of the class that produces ova and are treated as such from birth. Or from before birth these days, which is why there's 120 million missing girls in the world due to femicide. 'Gender' is a word that feminist theorists used to describe the hierarchy, the tool that reinforces female subjugation. Masculine and feminine stereotypes are how this hierarchy is enforced, that's why males who don't perform masculinity well enough are targeted too. So, unsurprisingly, a lot of feminists have a real problem with an ideology that codifies gender and elevates it to a higher importance than physical sex. That's one reason why being called 'cisgender' is so offensive, we don't identify with our stereotypes or subjugation. That's just a simple version, I'm not a feminist academic. One of my issues with transgender ideology (NOT with trans people) is that they have yet to present an explanation of what gender or gender identity is beyond 'feeling' or stereotypes we thought we left behind in the 80s. The other main issue is not with transwomen per se, but with the ideology that relies solely on a person's self identification to determine their gender, which then overrides their sex in accessing female only spaces - like prisons. Some of those spaces feminists fought extremely hard to create (like rape/DV crisis centres). This is really getting off topic so I won't say much else here. It's a slide used in training adults, like teachers, social workers, police officers...
  14. Dd tried some discworld but hasn't taken to them yet. I'm thinking about starting again with an audible version, there's some radio drama type ones.
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