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  1. I just read the other thread and 4 years later, I'd write exactly the same comment, right down to the lego... 😆 "I have one. Got it second hand - cheaper. It's... hard to describe. The kids love playing with it and actually do fairly well with packing it up and NOT just tipping it all out (wish they could do that with lego!) We do some of the activities sporadically - some are great and some fairly underwhelming. The kids generally like to just play with it but I use the manuals and am glad to have them. And I'm not generally a 'need the teacher guide' person.
  2. I get why it made you cranky, its vague enough that I feel like she's done almost zero research herself. Is she even homeschooling? You trip over a dozen *fun!!!* *learning styles!!!* blogs/yt channels when you google how to homeschool... Maybe drop a link to delectable education consulting, or to WTM on amazon.
  3. *Stella!* Glad to hear you're doing okay. You and your family have been in my thoughts. 💜
  4. SWB has a great talk on this, well worth a listen: https://welltrainedmind.com/p/teaching-students-to-work-independently-mp3/?v=6cc98ba2045f
  5. Well, I personally think encouraging a young adult to nurse their grievances and expect some kind of penance for very uncontroversial and lovingly made parenting decisions is more harmful than a teen occasionally hearing no. I can acknowledge their point of view without being held emotionally hostage to today's vexatious memory. We aren't talking about abuse or trauma here. We're talking about 2 hikes! OP did great to say anything more understanding than grow up...
  6. I asked him and I'm not sure how helpful we can be lol. We're in Aus and a lot of resources are local. He picked up a lot of knowledge along the way and couldn't remember a specific book. He read something from our local electronics supplier store and something from our hardware stores. He says it's really very doable, he didn't need much help from the electrician. He actually ended up needing more help from the plumber than the electrician (dh also plumbed our whole house himself) if that gives you an idea of the level of complexity... sorry I couldn't be more helpful!
  7. I really disagree with apologising for the hikes thing. I may be mother but I'm also a person and it feels like encouraging them to shift responsibility for their own emotions onto perceived injustices and a convenient scapegoat. Sure, I'd listen to their feelings. Instead of apologising though, I'd ask them questions. Does she remember these other times you supported her? Why does she think you made the decision you did? What is she envisioning as the correct amount of support from you, and is that a realistic or fair expectation (remember, mother is a person too, not a validation machin
  8. I'll ask dh. He ordered panels, batteries, inverters and charge controllers separately and put it all together. We found an electrician who supported us and let dh do 99% of the work himself. This meant that dh had backup if he needed it, and it was all legally compliant in the end. Eta - it has been harder and more expensive than we anticipated, but also really satisfying. We love it here, we love how we built our home. This whole adventure has been a kind of living out our values.
  9. Fyi - we built our own off grid system and rely on mostly solar plus generator for bigger power needs. Well, I'm in Australia so not too helpful for US. Which is why I more emphasized the research we did into the land before buying.
  10. We moves to an off grid home on 20 acres a few years ago (actually we owner built our home but that's another story) The first thing we decided was land size, quality and location. Dh wanted 20acres so that we could be self sufficient with firewood. We wanted natural beauty but useable - so not completely cleared ex-grazing land nor 100% natural bush block, and undulating was fine but not unreasonably steep. Dh investigated average rainfall, soil type etc. I investigated zoning. We wanted to be around 30mins to a big town - big meaning multiple universities, churches, and a good hosp
  11. Little Pim foreign language is a pretty cheap subscription. Videos through the app. I used a montessori idea and set up 'works' stations which are supposed to be independent. Teaching Montessori in the Home by Hainstock has lots of activities. Don't feel guilty about down time. Its so good for them! Learning to not need constant entertainment is a good skill.
  12. I'm in Australia, so probably not relevant! But here, we have an online Open University where you can study individual subjects offered by regular universities with no prerequisites. If you pass 4 subjects in a degree stream (sometimes more/less depending on the degree) then you are automatically accepted into the degree. Kind of a reverse acceptance if that makes sense. Lots of people start this way then transfer for their 2nd/3rd year. I know homeschoolers who have gone on to med school, engineering & science etc degrees this way. I said maybe SAT because there are sessions here and
  13. We have done a competitive math test twice, just for fun. I self administered a standardized test once, with lots of donuts, for solidarity with an anxious friend (all our kids aced it). That's it. They may do some sort of SAT type test in 11th ish, depending on their future plans, though it probably won't be necessary (because they'll have enough university credits for acceptance without the test)
  14. Yep. Dodgy and entitled. Waltzing in to a community and, with hardly any context, expecting them to answer any question with personal anecdotes on a public forum. Homeschool44, you may be totally legit, I have no way of knowing. I suggest that the most helpful way to find answers to your question is to read back over decades of posts here on this topic. You could also read The Well trained Mind or many other homeschooling books. If you still have (better informed) questions then feel free to join the community and participate in the conversations, not just plonk down a question like it's
  15. I just bought Tsuro, Cat Stax and Genius Star for my boys, dd is getting a puzzle lol. Some of our favourite games are Plague Inc. and Dimension. My kids love the Kittens et al games, but the Cat and Mouth one isn't released here yet. I really want the brand new game called Lord of the Chords!
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