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  1. Thank you! Eta - Oooh, it's edited by Sam Kean?! That's cool! My dd is loving his Dueling Neurosurgeons at the moment, and yes, she outlines it 😄
  2. My bold. Slight derail but, @PeterPan, do you have a link to these essay collections? I tried to find it but came up with a lot of noisy results lol...
  3. My kids like Quest for Arete. They also have fun with the brain box & professor noggins.
  4. Interesting conversation! I agree with the previous poster that age 10 is about the right age for a crisis of faith in homeschooling method! You're looking at logic stage and highschool and the kid in front of you with their own personality too. Yep, I hear ya. I also resonate with what you want from math, and my daughter much prefers to work through her math without me. Fwiw, I do think that 5.5-6hrs of math a week for a 10 year old who doesn't love math is a lot. How long does it take her to get through a Saxon lesson? I wonder about activities that don't look mathy. Like woodworking, drawing, crafts, sewing, designing. Are there other ways to introduce the kind of mathematical thinking that you're after?
  5. It really does feel like such a loss. Those rose windows! This was a piece of all of us, of the heritage of our culture. I'm not Catholic nor have I ever been to Paris, I'm surprised how much this feels like a gut-punch...
  6. I am really wary about hormonal bc for teens. I do not at all like the idea of using hormones to stop ovulation long term for girls who's bodies are still regulating themselves. That's just my personal opinion. I went on it at 14 myself. It didn't much help my skin. I have struggled with anovulation/infertility/pcos symptoms as an adult.
  7. Mark Kistler has some free ones on his site. His books are sometimes available cheap second hand, my kids liked Draw Squad. John Muir laws has some nice nature drawing videos on YouTube too. I like these videos, I think he teaches the drawing techniques quite well. I'm not sure if it's fun enough compared to kids art hub...
  8. I love tactiley games too. I got the kids Dimensions for Christmas and I'm so happy with it. The balls are good quality and feel great! Exploding kittens was a giant hit here. Dd takes it with her everywhere. She recently got a big game going during the fellowship time after church! 😄
  9. Oh, a lot. I remember my best friend and I singing Flagpole Sitta in detention lol. She's still my best friend. I remember my then-boyfriend-now-dh cranking Killing In The Name Of by RATM at a party at my house. That song always got parties started! I remember a band at school playing that song nice and loud in the school courtyard at lunch - swear words and all! 😄 I remember my first slow dance with a boy was to Take That's song, Want You Back For Good. The Spice Girls feature a lot! 😄
  10. I really agree with this. There comes a level when the materials just are more expensive. Most high school level, up to date text books are nearing the $100 mark (more than that in AU$ + shipping). I get that going from <$5 second hand paperbacks to ~$100 not-available-second-hand can be a shock, and that not everyone can just find that cash. But I agree with you, sometimes it stings but you find a way to do it because you see its value. I wouldn't be likely to pay so much for early elementary materials myself. Highschool is a different ball game and I feel like it is right to pay the author well for their time and expertise.
  11. Ah, I love Rowan! It was the first book that turned me into a reader.
  12. Mil asked me if I was going to do this lol, because I was having a homebirth with #4 and she wanted to check exactly how crazy I am 😄 No, I didn't consume nor bury the placenta. I expelled it into a bowl and happily never saw it again. I don't know anyone who did, but I wouldn't be surprised if some people in the homeschool world around here have. Lots of woo crossover. 😄
  13. You guys are wonderful! My ds also really liked Secret Garden.
  14. I find it pretty open and go, once I have my topic order sorted. Even then, I sort of just follow threads until I hit a pre-req and then go back. 😄 I would have a scan over my plan for the year in the summer and get any big materials needed. A lot of the materials were easy to pick up or already around. What I really liked to do was look at the book lists at the end of each lesson and order a few. I found them very good. I'm teaching through vol 1 again with our co op at the moment and love it! I'll read through the lesson again a day or two before and just make sure I have what I need on hand.
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