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  1. You could look at books outside the US. Like MEP maths suggested above (UK), Aus textbooks are integrated for highschool maths. Cambridge & Jacaranda do decent ones.
  2. I'm curious, does 'grace' mean dad shouldn't have told his adult daughter not to come around when high? Does grace mean that a 'troubled' young adult has zero responsibility or consequences? How much abusive, disrespectful, traumatising to other children behaviour are the parents supposed to just absorb without having boundaries of their own? Yeah, maybe I'm too sensitive at the moment for the takes in this thread...
  3. I was content with our 4 and it seemed nature was done for a long 9 years... then I had a lovely surprise 5th!
  4. I'm glad he's sleeping & I hope you get some sleep too! Feel better soon Elizabeth-family The only time my little guy has slept through the night was once, when he was sick 😅 iTired
  5. Oh man Melissa, praying they get the transfer sorted asap. Do you know which hospital?
  6. I guess we're done with goodwill then? And we were doing so well for a while there...
  7. Lol, yeah, she's such a villian, made worse by the fabulous acting while *checks notes* actively showing them love. 🙄 Do you believe that people hate their religious neighbour if they bring them a casserole but politely decline to recite a prayer?
  8. Melissa is telling you it does cost something. I am telling you it does cost something. That you don't value the cost is different than there not being one.
  9. Yeah, I don't believe that fake - as in a plastic bust over the skin - z cup breasts and skin tight biker shorts was ever a standard look for female teachers.
  10. Really? When were giant fake boobs in style for professional women, like teachers, who wanted to be taken seriously in their work? Did they also wear short, skin tight, bike shorts? Come on.
  11. You keep misstating my position. I don't believe I said I wouldn't use a new name, generally I don't have a problem with that. It works if both sides assume goodwill. Chat and engage them like any other person. They see that I am kind and welcoming. We make small talk about our children. I probably would avoid gendered pronouns. They would probably notice but, I would hope, realise by my actions that I don't hate them, I'm not treating them any differently. Honestly most of my interactions go like that. If they bring it up I'll say something like 'thank you for telling me, you are welcome here, I hope you understand that I will do my best to use language that we can both be okay with.' Some version of that has worked with a variety of issues, including with colleagues. I don't see why trans people should be a special class of human that I can't be kindly honest with? I just don't see debate and disagreement as hate but I'm starting to think I'm in the minority on that.
  12. Yeah most people do. Women certainly do. Some males who claim a trans identity - the examples I gave are from real life, verifiable sources - don't seem to. Eta - hence my asking about a clash of protected classes.
  13. I didn't think you would ignore workplace abuse. You seem predisposed to want to fight for justice. I just think we have very different ideas of what does and does not constitute workplace abuse. When people are super quick to call *possible* non use of preferred pronouns as abusive, but examples of males behaving sexually inappropriately in the workplace is completely brushed off if they claim a protected class status, well then I think that's a blind spot.
  14. I said I reserve the right to hold my own boundaries - not that I would go around shoving that in people's faces. I've explicitly said this a few times now so the implication is getting annoying. In a situation comparable to yours I probably would just say something like, "sorry, how may I help you." Can you imagine a scenario where two people with genuine goodwill and differing strong convictions can respect one another?
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