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  1. 😄 Actually, I do get some respect for knowing all the lyrics to the beastie boys... My favourite to weird them out is TLC lol, noooooooo scruuuuuuubs
  2. Alcohol, delicious, luxurious cocktails.
  3. Oh yes, I know about this. Thanks to my cat, who catches bunnies and eats their faces... (we've done this topic on the hive before, bunnies are a terribly destructive pest here) Worse is the noise foxes make. They just, literally, scream at each other. Many a time dh or I have run out in the middle of the night due to a blood curdling fox scream off. 😑
  4. My sister had a lumpectomy within about... 10? days from diagnosis, definitely less than 2 weeks. It was an aggressive, fast growing one and she was only 29 so they got her in quickly. She then went through 6 rounds of chemotherapy and then 6 months of radiotherapy. Sorry you're going through this Jenny.
  5. Similar thing happened to a friend of mine. She tried to register her child at a little younger than 6, because she was pregnant and very sick and running out of ability to remember things like bs forms. They refused her application because child wasn't 6 yet (but would have been truant if not enrolled in a school yet, our department is weird). She, being pregnant, very sick, then having a newborn, forgot until child was 7... She just sent it in and basically brazened it out 😄 They never said a word. Good luck!
  6. I bought my teen daughter the book 'how to win friends and influence people for teen girls' Teen girl friendship stuff is difficult, *hugs*
  7. LMD

    Envy, yours?

    Yes, I hear ya. After a certain point it's not so much an 'adventure' anymore, as a 'constant and grinding source of stress' 😄 Year *mumble* of building our home here... 😁
  8. LMD

    Envy, yours?

    I envy people who are naturally organised and able to live productive lives 😄 I'm allergic to busy. More than 1 or 2 things a day and I need a lie down! My sister in law and best friend are like that, they're up at 6am with a skip in their step and have accomplished 6 impossible things before breakfast. I need a lie down after reading their 'what did you do today' texts 😄
  9. LMD

    Envy, yours?

    I know one of those never-yellers. She's amazing. She has more than twice the number of children that I have, and darn it if they aren't all lovely and mild mannered too! They are very strict in many ways but seem to enforce their boundaries with kind, measured voices and coaxing discussions. The children - some adults now - are all helpful, so kind, great playmates with every other child. Oh, but don't assume they are all doormats with no personality! No way, they - parents and kids - have strong opinions and love a good meaty discussion, they are just so loving about it all. I am, in contrast, an absolute ogress...
  10. Adding - I wouldn't be rude or nasty about any of this. I'd be as normal and loving as usual. But this is his choice now, he wants to play the adult card then he gets the adult treatment, which is not special hand-holds and bubble wrap from consequences. This is training, he needs to learn that healthy communication and consideration isn't the same as infantilising or controlling, he is old enough to take a deep breath and think before having a knee jerk child/Parent dynamic response.
  11. Does he have his own key to the car? Does he pay for gas or insurance? I'd ask him which feels more respectful to him as a fellow adult - coming to his mommy and asking permission to borrow the car every. single. shift/day or working out the weekly schedule with the other adults who own and pay for the car, or buying his own darn car and paying all the expenses and not answering to anyone?
  12. With his 'joking' comment, you look him in the eye and say your line - "that is unprofessional and unacceptable" and walk away immediately. Do not stop if he tries to smooth it over, you've said your piece and have nothing else to say to him. If he comes to you later to tell you how you overreacted and he was joking, you say your line again and walk away. Him: "come on MEmama, you know I'm just having fun!" You: "it is unprofessional and unacceptable" Him: "yeah, but..." You: "no, it is unprofessional and unacceptable" *get up and walk away* If he talks to you normally at other times then act normally. But this is your only response to behaviour that crosses your boundaries. Boundaries that you've spoken to him about before and he refuses to respect. You're not being mean or impolite, you are helping him to learn to respect women's boundaries - that it a kindness.
  13. Firstly, I'd start documenting every comment and incident. To protect yourself if he gets nasty. I think you need to rehearse a simple line that makes your boundary clear and say it every. single. time - if you can cut him off before he finishes even better. Then walk away, to the bathroom, to get a drink, to just do a lap of the office. Back up your words with a physical boundary. "No, I will not accept you talking to me like that" "That is rude and unprofessional and I will not accept it" "Do not speak to me like that, it is unacceptable." No pleases or sorrys or explanations. He knows what he is doing. If he's otherwise a good guy, then this is like habit training. If he's not otherwise a good guy then you'll pretty quickly see that he has no intention of respecting you or your boundaries, you'll know that the workplace is toxic and unviable and make plans to leave. I'm sorry you're going through this.
  14. I'd be tempted to take a last minute, all day drive somewhere. When I got back, and he is stressed about not knowing what's happening with the car, I'd just shrug and say that he was the one who thought adults didn't need to share their schedules when sharing a car.
  15. I believe it's actually 120 hours now, including 20 night time driving. VicRoads gives you a log book when you get your learners permit, and it must be filled in fully and correctly when you go to sit your licence test. So around 10 hours a month for a year, or 20 hours a month for 6 months. Practically, I think it takes much less than that to gain the skill, but for a young person to become a safe and confident driver it's probably about right.
  16. 😄 Fake 'Darren's' death, then marry his twin? I might just start pointedly calling dh by his name in front of her...
  17. Well, this thread is about how we feel about companies being political. I posted that I feel companies being political are largely hypocritical and consumers largely naive - sometimes willfully so if their ideology is getting the limelight. I think that many companies being political together can be powerful and set a culture tone wherein other things are sacrificed. Evidence of consumer behaviour? Well, the Pink Dollar for one. I'm just a mum chatting on a website, not writing a paper for a journal! Maybe I'm wrong. *shrug* I'm having a lot of trouble following you, Sneezy, likely I'm in over my head 😄. Yes, consumers not caring about working conditions is part of the naive/hypocritical aspect of marketing.
  18. That is a class concern, and one that certainly still exists in the 'first world'
  19. That's not at all what I've been trying to say.
  20. Their marketing in America is hypocritical. They posit themselves as a champion for the oppressed and take the money (support) of people who want a more equal society. Nike uses that money to continue to act as the direct oppressor in other parts of the world, but that's not a problem/the same because...? I can understand people wanting to support local and direct political actions and make otherwise unlikely alliances. It's more, companies like Nike portraying themselves as a values-led corporation when it is demonstrably false. It's naive to think otherwise, about any wealthy entity.
  21. I don't know if you're deliberately misunderstanding me... this is a fast moving thread and I feel behind already.
  22. For example, Oprah still lives in a society with institutionalised racism which I'm sure she's not 100% immune to. But Oprah has economic means and a largely influential voice to promote products/companies/causes she deems as beneficial to society's future. She can (and does), effectively, buy a platform to promote those people/companies which will help to shape society into the one she envisions it could be. Like endorsing Obama, like choosing books for her book club etc...
  23. I feel like we're cross talking. Money does not buy an individual immunity to inequality in an unequal society. How many individuals with money choose to spend that money will help a company to succeed or not. Many individuals deciding to work together to help a company succeed because that company shares their hopes for society's future = using money to buy a more egalitarian society. I hope that clarifies what I mean.
  24. It's literally part of the free market philosophy... Supporting (or not) corporations with your dollars based on ideology = buying a more egalitarian society, shaping the society you live in through adding your individual economic power to the success of a company. Not an individual buying their own individual way into a society that happens to be more egalitarian.
  25. I think, tribalism and purity politics is annoying. Potentially dangerous. I think the young, woke activists are going to burn out by 30 and realise that big multinational corporations aren't your friend, even if they pretend to be to wrest away your money. In fact, I find the very American perspective that you can buy/sell your way into a more egalitarian society quite... ironic.
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