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  1. 😄 I like this! - as a Baptist at heart currently worshipping in a Presbyterian church... I'd agree that the two main differences we see, in practice, are the infant baptism and the beuracracy church governance structure 😉
  2. Something we can agree on! 😄 *is jealous*
  3. At the moment we spend $500 a month on music lessons (4 kids, $1 per minute rate)... that doesn't include instrument costs, orchestra, books, exams, accompanists, travel...
  4. Hope you're all doing okay Melissa, and have gotten some of this much needed rain!
  5. It is precisely this reason that I prefer to guard against absorbing a pornographic and exploitative understanding of sexuality.
  6. Nah, it's just conveniently rebranded as empowering meet the new boss same as the old boss...
  7. I would just like to clarify that pointing out the so-called empowerment in selling (a very specific kind of) sexuality as a commodity in our pornified society is not the same as thinking any individual woman is a s!ut! Nor does it imply teaching my children to judge other women as having less value. Amazed it needs to be said.
  8. Ding ding ding. Well said. It's not that they still look good for 40/50 - and I agree that they absolutely do! It's that they are judged still 'f**kable.' Still acceptable as pornhub user w*nk fodder, how exactly is that empowering for women individually or as a class?
  9. Would she do something like an elliptical machine (easier on the knees/back) while watching tv? I realize it doesn't solve the social issue sorry...
  10. Oh goodness just seeing this, glad to hear you are all okay. Prayers for today. I'm wondering about rain forecast too, we had 41° yesterday and it's now been pouring for hours. Praying it heads your way asap.
  11. That's just nasty and lazy teaching. I would ask the teacher how exactly your dd was supposed to feel, having her best efforts publicly torn down by her peers? Poor kid.
  12. And I recently finally read Picture of Dorian Gray, and remembered that I love reading Wilde 🤣
  13. Also, Stella (I think) recommended Barbara Pym and Station 11 a few pages back? Read em both, loved em both. Though I have mixed thoughts about the ending of station Eleven...
  14. Jonathan strange and Mr Norell (prime) Dirk Gently's holistic detective agency (Netflix) - violent at times but not scary, certainly not more scary than stranger things. I agree with lost in space, it's well done. I love what they've done with the dr Smith character
  15. Having just spent 4 years in 'interim' housing while my husband builds our house - including indoor plumbing - I can tell you that running water, hot water on tap and flushing toilets are the freaking bomb. Character? My kids are dripping with it. Or maybe that's silent fury?
  16. Thanks so much for your reply Tracy! You pretty much mirrored my thoughts/worries, the angsty young teens all bouncing off each other in an echo chamber! My dd is closer to 15 than 13 and has recently seemed to come out of her 'life sucks and no-one gets me' funk. I'm torn between thinking she's probably mature enough to try it (with heavy oversight at first), and worried that it is exactly the kind of thing that could suck her back in... Most likely scenario is she'll probably lose interest fairly quickly, she tends to obsessively write for a week or two then hardly touch it again for months. I joined as an educator so I could poke around and especially so I could look at profiles. Most seemed fine, maybe 10% were concerning. Anyway I'll discuss it with her and dh first. Thanks again!
  17. My dd14 has been asking about joining this site. She has an irl friend (I know friend and family pretty well) who recommended it. It seems to be a place where teen 13-19y/o writers can publish their work and have it reviewed/commented on by peers, read and comment on other pieces & join competitions. I've read through their terms and they seem pretty decent with moderating age appropriate stuff and moving on kids as they get older. I can't see a forum type of thing anywhere on it but I guess I'm most concerned about what the community is like and the vortex like influence these kinds of things can have on young teens So, has anyone used it?
  18. For me, friendship with my people means we don't keep score. It wouldn't be 'I'll keep reaching out after 18 declines' because I wouldn't know it's been 18 declines! I'm not counting, I'm just inviting someone I enjoy spending time with. The previous declinations are irrelevant - except for seeing if they're okay.
  19. So glad to hear you are all okay and still have homes today Melissa! Are you expecting rain? It's pouring over this side of VIC right now, hope it comes that way and makes a difference.
  20. Yikes, just catching up on this thread. Melissa, what a horrifying few days/weeks you guys have been through. I saw some of the pics of people getting into boats to escape the fires, it is terrible. We are way on the other side of the state, nothing too worrying here. We went and spent Monday in Melb with relatives because it was going to be 40+. Of course as we were leaving the emergency app pinged with a fire 10ks away. Small, and it was under control quickly. Hoping and praying for those affected. What a way to start the new year.
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