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  1. Another Follow-On from the OP: Awhile ago DD wrote in a WhatsApp message that Paris may fall through. I suggested possibly go to London instead. The 2 top tourist destinations in the UK/Europe are Paris and London IMO. NOTE: This is about the COVID-19 situation (Delta) for Americans in the UK post Brexit (20 September 2021). My DD wrote in a WhatsApp message that one girl spent 2 weeks before and after the UK with paperwork and tests... Conclusion: Investigate the current COVID-19 situation before you go to the UK. Or, anywhere else. There are so many places she might go in October. I gave her some suggestions and she already has some ideas. She was planning to buy her tickets this week so now she has a bunch of places on her "bucket list" and will need to select 2 of them. Hopefully she will have someone else who wants to go to the same places. Some are looking at Switzerland, which must be incredibly beautiful.
  2. You can help your DD become more active with getting medical help if she is sick. Hopefully she does not have COVID-19 but the exam may be a good idea to rule that out. There are also TeleMedicine appointments available so patients can consult with a doctor via Zoom. The worst case is for someone to be in an accident or have a life threatening illness. That happens to people on vacation frequently. I agree with others that your DD should try to communicate with her Instructors and let them know that she is sick and will catch up ASAP. I hope she will be AOK in the next few days!
  3. I suspect this may go better for your DD than for a son. There have been some (incredibly rare) issues with young males getting the vaccinations but I don't think they have anything to do with exercise. I think those rare problems are because they are males and they are young.
  4. Wow. One of the reasons my DD was in Aisle seats when she went to the USA in August 2019 was that if she was in a Window seat and some man became aggressive with her that it might be difficult or impossible for her to get the attention of a Flight Attendant. In an aisle seat that should be much easier. Hopefully never will be necessary but there are occasional news stories. Another reason for Aisle seats is in case one needs to use the restroom. Question: Which airline did not honor the Seat Assignments you paid extra for? I would not be a happy camper. The only excuse for that is if they change the type of equipment they are using for the flight from one model aircraft to another. Or if they have different seating configurations in the same model. I doubt they would do that.
  5. In August 2019 when DD went from Cali, Colombia (CLO, our home airport) to RDU she had a long scheduled layover in Fort Lauderdale (FLL). Almost 8 hours scheduled between flights in FLL. We sent her on SPIRIT and we paid extra for "Big Front Seats" on both flights. She was in an Aisle Seat on both of those flights.
  6. Follow-on from the OP: My DD checked her university email account and she did receive an email. It says that she will receive $3000.00 USD. That's a blessing from God and from Carolina for her! Possibly they will initiate the Direct Deposits tomorrow or on Tuesday? After that it says 3 to 5 business days for the money to get into her bank account.
  7. Occasionally, I read some of the threads in the sub Reddit for Carolina. This afternoon I did that and I read a thread about some students who will receive $3000.00 USD, from HEERF funds that Carolina is distributing. The thread began several days ago. My DD is in Europe and it is 7 hours later there (we are on EST) and I am praying that when she checks her official university email account that she will have received the email about this money. Suggestion: Have your DC check their official university email accounts!
  8. This thread brought back memories for me. It was in the late 90s that DW and I tried to get married here in Colombia. But, I am an Alien (not a Colombian citizen) and the laws here try to protect the Colombian Citizen (DW). Here, a Notary Public is a very important thing. Not like what I remember in the USA. They do Real Estate transactions and other things that are very complex. Also weddings. We visited several Notary Publics and they all said that I needed to have certain papers certified by the Colombian Consuls in California and in Texas. No problem with that. However, they all had to be back at a certain time. Very problematic... And then we went to the big Courthouse in downtown Cali, and the Clerk for a Judge told us the same thing. We had given up on getting married here and had decided that we would get married on our next trip to the USA where it is so easy and then we were in the Notary Public in the small city where DW had lived most of her life, about something extremely unrelated to getting married and this came up. They decided that since I had been living in Colombia for almost 5 years at that time and since we had been living together for about 2 1/2 years at that time that they would marry us without me having to get the papers certified in the Cololmbian Consulates in the USA. That was much nicer for my DW. The Notary and her DH came to the small hotel where we were staying (we got married in their restaurant) and DW had her family and friends there. I had one dear friend who came down from Texas. For an Alien, Colombia is not the only country that makes it a PITA to get married. BTW, early on, DW told me that if you live with someone here for 2+ years and you introduce them as your wife (or husband) you are more or less legally married. "Union Libre" or free union. That is really good protection for the woman and if there are children born, for them. It is like being married.
  9. The seats behind the Bulkhead obviously don't have seats in front of them. People seated in Bulkhead rows do have more legroom but they cannot place their small item in front of them where their feet are. In the case of DD, she has a bag with her laptop and her passports and all important papers that she must keep there. And the emergency exit rows have more legroom but as someone pointed out I don't think their seats recline. Or the row in front of them. Passengers seated in emergency exit rows must be able and willing to operate the emergency exit door in the unlikely event of an emergency. This might depend somewhat on the aircraft model involved. My DD does pay extra to select her seat assignments when she makes her reservations. She doesn't like long flights. The KLM flight from Panama to Amsterdam was 9 hours 26 minutes, wheels up to wheels down (they had a wonderful tail wind) but she was probably inside the aircraft for about 10 1/2 hours? A few years ago, there were 4 of us on a trip to MCO (Orlando). Avianca permitted making seat assignments within 24 hours of departure. For the flight from Orlando to Bogota, when I logged in to select our seat assignments, I found that the Avianca reservation computer had put 2 of us in one row and 2 of us behind them. So we had 2 Window Seats and 2 Middle Seats. I didn't change that... My plan would have been for 3 of us together and the other person across the aisle which would have given us 2 Aisle Seats. As mentioned in this thread Aisle seats have their advantages...
  10. I was in Paris in November. I think it was late November, but that was so long ago I can't remember. October will probably be much nicer.
  11. Thank you for that information! I copied and pasted it into an email to my DD. I hope if they go on a train to Paris the train has free things like what you described. Very nice! 🙂 And in 2nd class... :-)
  12. I took a train from Oslo, Norway to Bergen, Norway when I was a little older than her age now. A very nice day on that train. On other trains, extremely boring, like from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. I went one way on a train and returned on a Greyhound bus when I was a kid. On a train one gets to see the scenery, but also one needs to pay for food and drinks. I suggested possibly going on the train one way and flying the other way. A disadvantage to flying is the long time one needs to be inside the airport to check-in before an international flight. And also, transportation to and from the airport. Airline flights in Europe (those that I have checked into on Google Flights) are extremely inexpensive. So many possibilities and everything in Europe is very close. I even found that flights from Germany to Israel are very inexpensive, but once in Israel it is very expensive. And because of COVID-19 extremely hard to get into Israel at this time.
  13. @kristin0713 I hope your DS will be OK this semester and that next semester you will arrange a much better schedule for him. My DD was a Distance Learning student in TTUISD (now TTU K12) starting in 6th grade. Originally the Online courses (which there were not many of in the first few years) were on Moodle, which is a platform based in Australia. Then, they switched to another platform, and then I believe to another one. They are all a little different. The first MOOC course I took was from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU) and was on the Canvas platform. I still remember that course as a Winner. I have taken courses on EDX.org and on Coursera.org They are very similar but they have differences. My DD was home for the Spring 2021 semester. All of her courses were Online. Some days she had 3 "back to back" courses. I believe she had at least 15 minutes between those courses. I believe that was very quick, but the situation for your DS is worse. The days that she had 3 courses one on top of the other I just tried to stay out of her way and not bother her... And they were on the same platform, whatever UNC uses. I hope you can get a kinder, more gentle schedule for your DS for next semester. NOTE: When the COVID-19 thing hit in early 2020, my DD was on "Spring Break" which they extended for one week as I recall. Then, they switched to "Online" courses. The experiences my DD had in TTUISD provided super preparation for her when UNC went to all Online courses last year. Good luck to your DS!
  14. DD and I were exchanging messages this morning Colombia time (EST) on WhatsApp. She mentioned that they have 7 days free in October and some of them are contemplating going to Paris. Possibly going there on a train. I hope she will go. I was in Paris for a long weekend when I was her age and was an airline employee... She said that last weekend some of them went to Prague, but she had "an event" and she couldn't go. I am so happy and so thankful that she has these opportunites and I thank God and UNC for that.
  15. @AECYour forum posts say California and Wisconsin. IMO it will be a "plus" for your DS if he is in the group of applicants from Wisconsin (a much smaller group) than if he is in the group of applicants from California, which will be much larger. It will (probably) depend upon the location of the High School he graduates from and not on his mailing address...
  16. @AECWonderful insight in the replies you have received. Based on the information you provided, and the replies, I suggest that if your DS is interested in Northwestern after he visits the school, that he does apply there "ED" Also, if Stanford offers "EA" (Early Acceptance or Early Admission) in addition to "ED" I suggest that he apply "EA" at Stanford. Good luck to him!
  17. I am not sure what a Gizmo phone is or a Pinwheel phone. When DD was very young (like 6) one year she wanted a phone instead of a birthday party. We studied the idea and there were times when it would have been good for her to have a phone. We bought a Firefly phone that sounds something like what you are describing in a Gizmo or Pinwheel. Well... My wife studied the Firefly and I suspect she was one of very few people who knew how to use it. We ended up getting a regular Nokia phone for DD which everyone knew how to use. There are times, IMO when a cell phone, especially one with Data, can be a life saver.
  18. My original plan for my DD, who was unvaccinated because of her age, was that 2 days before her trip began she would go to 2 different labs for 2 different PCR exams. Then things began to go awry in what I saw in the news about Spain finding some arriving passengers from here with False PCR results and I decided that it would better to spend $$$$ and get one PCR exam in the most expensive hospital in the city of Cali. I think her appointment was at 11 A.M. that morning and she got the Negative result about 6 P.M.? Interesting that in Germany, after 5 days in quarantine, she was eligible to go for a Covid-19 exam. I'm not sure if they did a PCR or Antigen exam. The results from either of those exams were ready in about 30 minutes. I guess it depends on the procedures of the lab checking the results. Her exam was "Negative" and that ended her quarantine and she got the first Pfizer BioNTech jab that afternoon and 2 days ago she had the 2nd jab. Have a safe trip!
  19. IMO one day a week of any subject is a very bad way to go. Too much time between classes. It would be the same if the subject was Spanish and not Science. Aschyronous courses are more difficult, but to a disciplined student offer the most flexibility. ETA: And if it is one day a week and the student misses a class for some reason, very bad results from that.
  20. I believe because it was the 20th anniversary it would have had more impact this year. And then with the bungled evacuation from Kabul, 2 weeks ago, that added to the impact and what may be ahead for the USA and NATO. My DD was 11 months old on that 9/11. Now an entire genration has grown up since 9/11. This is all incredibly sad. We don't live in the USA, but I remember my (Colombian) wife crying that 9/11 morning. We had discussions about it yesterday. For all of those who perished and their families and for all of those who were sick or are injured, I include them in my prayers. I have PTSD so I cannot begin to imagine what those with PTSD who served in Afghanistan and Iraq and Syria and other countries are going through at this time.
  21. SusanC mentioned "The American School". There is another school, similar to that one. I believe the name is now "Penn Foster". One is in IL and the other is in PA. I believe they are both Regionally Accredited. I also like the idea of him getting into an Apprentice program if he can do that now. Good luck to him
  22. The student is already a Junior. He needs something in the state they live in now. Note: If they are in Texas, my DD is a graduate of Texas Tech University High School. Distance Learning from TTU K12. . It is Asynchronous, which as the first reply mentioned is difficult. They now have a free program for TX residents but I don't know how that works. Good luck to him!
  23. My DW has been one of the doubters for more than one year. She was afraid that if I got vaccinated that I would die and she told me that many times. I have been following the vaccines and have the most confidence in Pfizer-BioNTech and my second choice was Moderna. And then, WOW... In Japan 3 men who had the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine died. I think 2 of them were in their 30s and the other one was 49? And then, I read that the vaccine they received was contaminated, with particles of Stainless Steel and my DW says also other things. Japan and the WHO are claiming the Stainless Steel was not a factor and that the Moderna vaccine was not a factor... I am now a doubter. Certainly if I eventually receive Moderna it will be a long time from now. Our DD had her 2nd dose of Pfizer-BioNTech in Germany today and I am thankful for that. She had some issues 12 days after the first vaccination and I am not sure those issues had anything to do with the vaccination. There is always risk to things, but to me, 3 men dying in Japan after receiving the Moderna vaccine (it was made and/or packed in Spain) after getting vaccinated may be the result of the vaccine, although at this time they are saying no. And that the contamination wasn't an issue. I don't like to assume, but in this case I am going to assume that there is a connection between the 3 deaths and the fact that the 3 men all received the Moderna vaccine. ETA: My Stepson had dose #1 of Moderna approximately 6 weeks ago and then there was a huge shortage of Moderna here in Colombia which severely disrupted the vaccination scheme. Colombia was supposed to have received 5 million doses of Moderna during the 3rd quarter of 2021 but had only received about 180000 of the doses. Now, I am wondering if that is connected to the issues in Japan?
  24. @mommyoffiveThank you for starting this thread! It helped me! I have been thinking for several months, after reading in the sub Reddit for Red Pocket Mobile, about issues many of their customers who are using the AT&T Network are having and thinking about the possibility of moving DD to another carrier. And, she needs a new phone with 5G (and she wants "an upgrade"). I looked at the web sites of some of the companies mentioned in this thread and I googled for Reviews and info on "best plans". At this time, I believe I will suggest to her that about 2 weeks before her 360 days on Red Pocket Mobile ends that she signs up for T-Mobile Connect $15 per month (I assume they add taxes and fees to that). Top tier carrier. That will allow plenty of time for them to Port her phone number to T-Mobile. It starts with 2.5 GB of Data. I will study the details on their web site later.
  25. When looking at some different routings for DD to return from Germany (or possibly from the UK or another EU country) to her destination in the USA, I have seen TAP show up with very low fares on a number of occasions. More interesting is that they will permit a FREE stopover in Portugal (airfare only) for up to 5 nights, if one arranges that when booking the reservation. That is very cool if someone has the time and interest and money in seeing some of Portugal.
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