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  1. This is heart-breaking. Those poor, poor people. The pictures of the aftermath are graphic, as a warning.
  2. I'd get a neuropsychological eval. And I'd change what I am doing. A 12 yo should not be working until 10 at night, IMO. I'd refocus my goals to active attention for X minutes per subject. If she shows the least attention in Math, I'd do Math in the morning. Breakfast with a small amount of caffeine, 15 to 20 minutes of aerobic exercise (jump rope, trampoline, stationary bike, etc) then sit down and do 30 minutes of Math. Other subjects, I'd cover with high interest to her topics to keep her engaged. Even my most inattentive students had interests I could use to teach appropriate content and skills (to some extent). Meanwhile, get the eval.
  3. I feel awful for her. I think Cat said upthread the parents must be pulling their hair out. I agree! it is so frustrating to see our kids do stuff that is short-sighted! She sounds like a good mom. And you know...she is 5 weeks from the fun part, too!
  4. Is the credit recovery at their district the kind where the kid just sits and does the work on the computer? I know kids who have failed classes and then do those programs (for classes like US Government and English) and finish the whole course in a matter of days.
  5. In the first post of Catwoman's that you quoted, you edited all of Catwoman's advice and reasoning out of her post, then went on to post suicide and overdose stats. Other people have mentioned mental health issue and drug issues but you are the first ( and only to this point) to mention suicide and death by overdose. IMO, it was the combination of ignoring her other points and then presenting the absolute worst case scenario, that seems to be not reacting to what has been already presented.
  6. I agree. And given the length of time it takes to get mental health services where I live, if their locale was similar, especially for those under 18 (there is a severe shortage of caregivers) they would NEED to do both at the same time. Here, if they waited to get an appointment and an evaluation before deciding how to deal with the school issue, on-time graduation opportunities would be long passed. past? passed? (Let's leave our behinds in the past/Puumbaa) But since he already seeing someone, hopefully it will go faster. And hopefully if mental health is an issue, he won't start balking at going to see someone.
  7. i hope he/she has a quick recovery!
  8. Bolded by me. Indeed. He is 5 weeks from never having to deal with mandatory schooling again, ever! To paraphrase Clark Griswald: He's 5 weeks from the f^*$ing fun part and he is going to bail NOW? I would use every combo of carrot and stick possible, including taking the car, and daily checking of work, and severely limiting social life unless school work is done. any meals he wants, limited/no chores, big wads of cash...any carrots he likes plus ranch to dip them in. GED would not be an option at this point, nor would dropping out without serious consequences (see above). I am of the belief that helping a child of mine get a high school diploma is not something that could permanently ruin our relationship! Unless the parents beat him , verbally abused him, humiliated him in public, etc, in order to do it, my prediction would be that once he has that diploma and certainly a few years down the Maturity Road, he will see how valuable it was for the parents to do what they did.
  9. this girl has a few "cheesecake cakes" including carrot cake cheesecake.
  10. i read she was found dead of a self-inflicted gun shot wound. I had told my DD this morning that my gut was telling me this was a suicide trip, not a mass murder trip. Now that it is over I am reading that her family reported her missing and that she had mental health issues. Heart-breaking.
  11. Yeah, I lived out west, in the high desert. it is incredible. i wish there was more info...what is she driving? is she paying cash for stuff? does she have piercings? height? weight? maybe this is being covered locally, and not nationally. Based on her pictures, she looks much older than 18. but that could be poor picture quality.
  12. The 20th anniversary of the massacre is tomorrow and apparently an 18 yo woman from FL has posed credible threats to the schools in the area. They apparently can't find her and don't know what she is planning?! I don't even know what to say.
  13. i know your grandma wasn't my mom but same. I think my mom used butter, too, and cream for special occasions. I hated them so I barely paid attention.
  14. we always have strawberry shortcake plus something else. Carrot cake, cheesecake (an unbaked light kind), hummingbird bars have been most popular. One Person is constantly lobbying for Peanut Butter Pie, no matter what the occasion. So sometimes that. I might make that Italian Love Cake i posted about earlier in winter. It is still winter here. It snowed a couple days ago but I think I heard it is going to get warm. Soon. Maybe July.
  15. Julie in CA posted a upscale, doctored up version of scalloped potatoes starting with a boxed mix. This was years ago on here but people enjoyed it. My theory for rich dishes is to keep them rich and balance them with healthier choices. So a rich potato dish with steamed veggies, lightly seasoned and a green salad with a light dressing. IOW, look at the whole meal to balance out on the "healthier" side.
  16. I always thought that scalloped potatoes didn't have cheese and that adding cheese made them au gratin potatoes. But then again, I call a certain style of potatoes "hashed browns" and people said they had never heard of it with the "ED" only "hash browns."
  17. i'm not going to weigh in on the specific topic but if this is your boss at work: I'd completely shut down any and all conversations about religion, spirituality, my child's differing abilities, etc. IMO, those topics are much too personal for a work relationship, especially if YOU are the subordinate. I'd not be giving a boss so much knowledge about my personal, emotional and spiritual life. I'd also not do it if you were the boss, either, but I think I remember a thread that mentions your boss is giving you spiritual/religious advice. JMHO
  18. I hope you got.some help. *Need Bail in El Paso* is the name of my to-be-written country album. *Need an attorney in El.Paso* is in the lyrics of the titular song...
  19. Agree. Cosigned. This. +1,000,000.
  20. Firstly, YOU put the personal identifying information out there. I said "These are all rhetorical questions. I don't want any answers." I googled your numbers and found the hospital SYSTEM in about 30 seconds. Secondly, I know a lot more about mental health, emergency mental health, and emergency room statistics than you give me credit for. I knew the odds of one single hospital seeing that many people for mental health reasons in a year (38,000) would be rare in a single hospital. The percentages I've heard based on personal conversations range from 10% to 20% (depending on area and particular days) of patients who go to ERs are there for mental health reasons. Mental health orgs say 1 in 8 people who go to ER are there for mental health reasons. So an ER that sees 38,000 out of 288,000 patients for mental health reasons would be seeing a statistically number of people consistent with numbers I am familiar with. However, there is not one single ER in this country (that I know of, NOT a hospital system) that can handle 789 patients a day. 288,000/365. When you wrote 38,000 people at one hospital, I knew something wasn't right. Because 38,000 ÷ .125 = 304,000. I didn't need any more stats to know that. But you provided them even when I said it wasn't necessary.
  21. TechWife also didn't specify that the numbers are from a hospital system, that includes 6 separate and distinct ERs at different locations.
  22. It was a huge change, after almost a decade of schooling all together, when one went to high school. the thing with us, that I think made it harder, was that this kid is "the leader" of his siblings. The idea person, the planner, the "influencer" LOL. That was good and bad but it seemed mostly bad at first to his siblings.
  23. I hope it works out. I think it is wonderful that you are trying to help her and are taking her on the trip. Is this the same GF that your DS lived with for a bit? Or at least stayed over at her house? Maybe I'm mixing things up. But if he did, it seems unusual that her parents would be lenient in that sense but balking about providing her the info and BC she needs.
  24. There is a subreddit called Unresolved Mysteries that is interesting to browse on bc people from all over the world post about cases from their own countries. People are really decent there and stay on topic. I know not all of Reddit is that way, so just adding that it is a nice subreddit.
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