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  1. If the 2 people who need to change the plans are grandparents or aunt/uncle to the 3rd person, I'd ask. Life is super short, and who knows if a trip can happen like this again. My idea of what family does and asks if each other is a lot more flexible than the "Boundaries" crowd that seems to dominate this board.
  2. There has been a push lately to call this type of abuse medical child abuse which I think is a move in the right direction, instead of MBP. Medical child abuse (or elder abuse if that is the case) lets the general public begin to understand just by the name what is happening and how horrible it really is for the victims.
  3. Thanks. I just read/got an email that the special pricing was done so since IIRC a bunch of people from the board signed up last year, I thought I'd pass on the heads-up.
  4. I never told anyone where they should Or shouldn't nurse. Nor did I make my comment about my noisy nursers in regard to where to nurse. But the responses I'm getting are AS IF that is what I posted. It is so predictable it is ridiculous.
  5. people will try to shame me by telling me about how all their babies could both nurse and shriek at 100 decibels and they never felt the need to go nurse in the toilet to avoid making The Man uncomfortable, like I did. (Except that wasn't at all what I said). Got it.
  6. If he likes non-fiction, I just started Accidental Presidents. It is about 8 VPs who became president upon their presidents' deaths (4 assassinated, 4 of natural causes). Author is Jared Cohen.
  7. I'm pretty sure I am the only (?) poster who mentioned having noisy nursers. So it's not a leap for me to assume that someone who then mentions listening to a baby being fed might actually be referring to my post. And I'm not going to put up with *any insinuation* that I let my babies scream with hunger in order to not make people uncomfortable.
  8. If this is directed toward me or inspired by my post and is meant to somehow imply I let my babies scream rather than feed them bc their nursing noises made people uncomfortable, you could not be more wrong.
  9. AFAIK, coinstar does give the exact amount in certain credits, like to Amazon. The last few times I used it, I just got Amazon codes. Now, I'm guessing your DS won't spend as.much as does on Amazon, but can he use coinstar for a portion of his coins?
  10. I'm missing why you're getting so much pushback on this point when there are posts here which (generally) say something similar. There are posts which seem to indicate that in a small family setting, if the BF ing couple wwould make people uncomfortable, they wouldn't do it, they'd remove themselves to another room. as an aside...I had loud nursers...the smacking, the sighing, the gurgling, the gulping, the humming, the babbling... We could be completely "covered" but there was no doubt someone was sucking on something...LOL
  11. Nutirbullet...another gateway applicance... LOL
  12. This is the one I got: Aroma Housewares ARC-914SBD 2-8-Cups (Cooked) Digital Cool-Touch Rice Grain Cooker and Food Steamer, Stainless, 8 Cup, Silver And I'm adding a link to one of my fav recipe blogs that recommended it:
  13. I agree about weather playing a big factor... I do have a quibble about baseball...the best players/teams come from warm weather states bc they can play year round. I also want to add another geography related specialty need a access to a few miles of calmish water for crew teams...
  14. DH has a milkshake doo-dad. He used to make the kids Blizzards/milkshakes all the time. It is one of the few single use kitchen gadgets we own. And I always just avoided specifically pureed soups, for the most part. If I really wanted one, I'd use my blender.
  15. I do not. I basically have a galley-type kitchen and I am worried it is much too big for my available counter space. And I now have to find a storage spot for my rice cooker. But given that I have my Griddler and my rice cooker, I might throw caution to the wind one day and end up with an InstaPot. A while ago, my other son almost talked me into a quesadilla maker. LOL He said he and his roommates used theirs all the time. Then he admitted they REALLY mostly used it after they came home from going out to bars...
  16. And I'm so absurdly tickled that it turned out good! I made brown, and DS thought it was a bit chewy. So I added another 1/2 cup of water and pressed "Cook" again. It took another 20 minutes or so to cycle thru (so it was about 50 mins the first time and 20 mins the second) but he said It was good 👍! I am assuming it will take less time if I add the additional water from the start. Yay! This is MY YEAR to bust out, ladies. I own very few kitchen "applicance-y" type things. But I have my Griddler, and now this... Y'all better hold me back before I buy an immersion blender...
  17. I will stay out of the room when the games are on... I might check the box score when the games are over, with a level of interest that would be similar to someone who doesn't drive looking at gas prices as they pass by a gas station...
  18. Well, if they play the Yankees, DH will be going hard for the Nats. I would, too, but since I am a jinx, I will refrain from cheering for them. LOL
  19. I'm so sorry... I hope you get some good advice! Bc mine involves drinking caffeinated pop and eating soft-style cookies 🍪. 😞 I read your post title too quickly and I thought it said, "When you are arrested" And I was like, "Damn, girl! What did you DO? How much is bail?"
  20. DH has 2 favorite teams: The Mets and any team that is playing the Yankees. LOL
  21. That is Ed Solomon's Twitter where he shared what happened. Men in Black is one of my favorite movies, so I wouldn't think there is anything strange about talking about it, even tho it is 20! years old. Or strange to be talking about any movie, no matter how old. Plus MIB international just came out on demand recently, maybe DVD, too, so maybe that is why it came up? ANYHOW...It is kind of yucky IMO to tell someone to shut up (esssentially) bc they are ---------- (fill in the blank with a physical characteristics). You sold a reverberating carbonizer with mutating capacity to an unlicensed cephalopod? jeebs, you piece of sh!t!
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