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The abdominal soreness is the worst!


For binge watching? I'm a huge fan of Veronica Mars, weirdly enough, and Agents of SHIELD. The latter, especially lends itself to multiple hours on the couch.

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Glad you're back home where you can get a little more rest.  heh.


I was on Cipro and Flagl last year... they were awful.  Now I'm reading scary stuff about them and long term issues.  Ugh. 


As for shows.  Sounds like light and fun are in your mix:


We like:


Dark Matter (Netflix for the first 2 season).

Shetland (not exactly light and fun - but a good mystery with a great location)

Midnight Diner:Tokoyo Stories - just discovered this and they're very nice. . but it's subtitled, you may not be up for reading your shows right now.

Longmire - love this series, especially the first 3 seasons.


Hope you have a restful recovery time.  Take care.



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I'm glad to hear you're home. Rest up and stay on top of those painkillers!


The Great British Bake Off. The hosts seem to root for the contestants, and everyone is supportive of each other.


(nvm about PBS. I don't think they're the same shows.)

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Told my dd about you because 1) she loves you and 2) she had her appendix removed once we realized what it was. I messaged her about you and she said "Yes! Madeline! That book is how I diagnosed myself." #TrueStory


We love the Brits here: 


Great British Baking Show (whatever it's called)

Doc Martin

The IT Crowd (some episodes can be quite blue)


Downton Abbey


And one American gem: The Grinder.


I spent decades being mad at Rob Lowe. I've forgiven him. Fred Savage slays me in this show!

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Glad you are home!  But oh my, sorry this happened.  



x | Recover

   |      \q










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Aww, thanks, guys!!


I'm home now. The appendix didn't rupture but I apparently already had quite the case of peritonitis, so I was in a little longer for those lovely drip antibiotics. SUPER SORE now. Do you know how many times you use your ab muscles per day? Yep. That many times.


According to the doctor, I'm supposed to carry on with daily life as long as it doesn't hurt. Think it's going to be an unproductive week. :)


Painkillers aren't really conducive to long reading sessions, so I'm just going to give up on books for the week. Sounds like a good opportunity to binge watch something. Any recommendations? I already went through iZombie and all seven seasons of ST:TNG. Oh, and I rewatched all 14 seasons of Top Chef. And Em and I are finishing up Dr. Who.



I liked Eureka, ST:Enterprise and Voyager. Just try all the ST series. Gone with the Wind is on Amazon Prime right now. Chef was a gray movie that I think is on Netflix now.
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Just catching up. I hope you are feeling better. My dh had his split open when I was across the country. The surgeon said what saved my dh's life was his appendix was in the wrong place! He really is an alien. 


We are huge ST fans here.

Loved Eureka.

Covert Affairs but skip the last season.

Forever on Amazon. It has Ione Gruffudd in it. Unless you are ok with gore, skip episode 6.

19 seasons of Mythbusters!

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