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  1. We are using these this year too. The math is explained very well. She puts things in the multiplication lesson like to multiply 11 by double digits you spread the other number apart, then add those two digits together and then put the answer in between the two digits you spread apart and that's your answer. That's probably in other math programs and i just never noticed it before, idk? Anyways, it's just seems to make math very easy to understand.
  2. My husband told me about one of his friends who caught his wife having an affair with her boss and he told me not to tell anyone. I didn't tell...except for my mom. I thought that would be okay because she didn't know any of the people involved. Well, my mom's sister happened to be with her that day while I talking and the boss turned out to be her new boyfriend! She didn't know anything about it and she was not happy! And that's what happens when you gossip.
  3. Wallet Keys Handkerchief(had a kid who would get a lot of nosebleeds) Tylenol (in case of migraine while out) Notebook Pen Holy Water Gum Lotion Hand sanitizer Water bottle St. Dymphna medal (for nerves) Compact Feminine products Sometimes a book I'm reading, but not so much since smartphones Safety pin Tums Sunglasses Aside from maybe the gun that my husband thinks I should carry (I am way too clumsy for that:), I think I'm well stocked.
  4. Narnia. Always winter, but never Christmas.
  5. JaneEyre


    Glad you're feeling better. If you haven't already watched it, try Broadchurch. It's one of those really good shows that sucks you in and you just have to watch another and another. It's definitely bingeworthy.
  6. I got the impression she was hinting for you to give her some money.
  7. Putting dishes down beside the sink. Putting dirty clothes down beside the hamper. I mean, you made the effort to take them that far, so why not go the extra 2 inches.
  8. We just finished Watership Down. My kids thought it was different reading about fighting bunny rabbits, but it was good. We watched the cartoon on Amazon when we were done (they had heard it described as a horror movie). We are reading Pollyanna now. The kids begged me not to, but I can tell they are getting into it; They keep getting so mad at Aunt Polly! Mine are 16, 14, and 11. I take milk and snacks into my boys room in the morning before they get out of bed and my 16yo girl joins us there. We have our readings before anything else.
  9. Just curious what everyone does if a migraine hits after you have had a drink? I have been having a glass of port sometimes in the evening, but have been wondering lately about what to do if I was to get a migraine not long after. I suppose I wouldn't be able to take the Tylenol I usually take with coke... I usually only have a migraine every few months, so it hasn't been a problem yet. I just like to worry ahead!
  10. We mostly use paper plates, except for messy foods and dinner and I wash dishes once a day. We also have the one cup rule.
  11. My hubby and me just finished binge watching this! It was good and I loved Count Dracula. My husband thought Vlad was annoying when he got older and I was a little disappointed when they tried to get more serious a few seasons in, but nice show overall. Oh and poor Ingrid!
  12. This is similiar to what we used. I told my son b had a big belly and d had a big butt. For some reason he remembered it.
  13. How about, "My husband was faithful to me until the day he died."
  14. It's very homeschool friendly. There are quite a few co-ops that do activites, but there are activities that aren't associated with them, too. There is a Tri-Cities Christian Yahoo Group called TChomeschool and on Facebook there is the Bristol/Abingdon Homeschool Group (US). You could find out more infomation through them. There's a Catholic Church in each city, but I don't know of any organized Catholic homeschool groups. I know there are usually a couple of Homeschool Proms every year, so there are definitely some teenagers.
  15. Would you be able to give an example of one of your days using Alveary? Please include the books you use, etc.
  16. My husband will constantly call my name in a pitiful, sickly voice from his bed and ask me to take his temperature. He definitely takes his medicine though. I think that's one of his favorite parts of being sick. I mostly just watch his appetite. If he's eating normal I don't usually worry.
  17. My mom (who's a little superstitious) always told me that if you dream of a snake it means you have an enemy. If you kill the snake in the dream then you will defeat the enemy.
  18. I am paying my oldest to grade my younger kids language arts. She wanted some extra money :)
  19. If they are trustworthy, just let them grade their own work. Or maybe they could grade each other...
  20. I like calming shows at night and they need to be black and white so they don't disturb my husband as much. Dick Van Dick I Love Lucy Andy Griffith
  21. A cow eyeball. That's when we were doing Konos.
  22. We are reading Watership Down. I am getting very interested in it and wondering what's going to happen next.
  23. I don't know how to link from my son's kindle, but we are part way through geography at guesthollow and its been lots of fun.
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