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  1. I have no idea. I live almost within sniffing distance of lots of dairies and milk averages around $2.25 a gallon at Costco, which is the cheapest I've seen.
  2. Pretty much it's: Read good books, write something every school day, do a short geography lesson, plus one math lesson. Relaxed high school. 😎 The stuff I plan to use: Lots of novels with stories worth remembering. I'm pulling ideas from Honey for a Teens Heart and Sonlight. Teaching Textbooks Pre-Algebra Trail Guide to World Geography A Little History of the World, Genevieve Foster books, whatever looks interesting (history-related) Northwest Treasures Fossils kit, books and movies about Darwinism/evolution/intelligent design, from various points of view, etc. She's also doing competitive debate, soccer, criminal justice (outside class), dance, and youth group.
  3. Try reading the No Fear version It's a side by side version (original on the left, modern English on the right). You can read it online for free (the link I posted) or buy a paperback copy from amazon.
  4. I used the first book for awhile several years ago. It was working well... I can't remember why we stopped. I remember it being gentle and unintimidating without being patronizing. Another option for arithmetic is AGS Basic Math Skills. That one seems to take a more procedural approach. It just depends on what's most helpful for your DD.
  5. Thanks. (no quotes please) I'll have her go through her convos with him and start taking more screenshots of the pertinent stuff. I've already seen one convo where he calls everything a "misunderstanding" (sure, I can see how "no" is a complicated word to understand) and is gaslighting the hell out of her saying he did it for her, she wanted it, etc. Mamas, she's had chronic pain in that area every since. That's.not.normal. and that's not a sign of consensual activity. He's such a flaming bag of crap, y'all I can't even. I trusted him. Turns out he was ****** Eddie Haskell (extra points if you get the reference). But the assault IS pretty much she said / he said at this point, so that's why I'm pinning my hopes on the stat rape charges because we do have him admitting to that in texts. Anyway, do I take the initiative and send the screenshots to the detectives now or do I do it when/if they start officially investigating? I was warned by the police officer that there was a big stack of reports ahead of mine, so it would take time. By the way, we have a crisis center in town that handles victim support but she doesn't want to go yet. She's already had to repeat the story so much this week, she just needs a break.
  6. I'm going to delete this later, so please don't quote me.
  7. This might help, too.
  8. It doesn't matter about location, since they'll have remote testing locations available. The best fit totally depends on why you're choosing a nonclassroom-based charter over private homeschooling. I'd make a prioritized list of things you need from the charter school and just make some phone calls. Then among the schools that fit the bill, choose the one whose charter renewal date is the farthest out.
  9. Is this an accurate overview of the mainstream scientific view of evolution? I am a proponent of Intelligent Design, but I want my daughters to understand both perspectives.
  10. #1 Yup. A lot of people call themselves homeschoolers (I know I did) while enrolled in Nonclassroom-based charter schools. I was with one for 4 years. It's sorta homeschooling - I mean, it is generally home-based and way more flexible than a brick and mortar school. It gives very low-income families, in particular, a feasible way out of the traditional school setting. I do wonder what families with students enrolled in NCB charters will do if Sacramento has its way and imposes further restrictions on charter schools with the possible end result of some of them closing. Will these family enroll in a brick and mortar school or independently homeschool? It'll be interesting to see what happens. #4 Has forced a lot of families into some variation of home education. If Pan's additional restrictions on medical exemptions are put in place, there will be even more vaccine refugees.
  11. DD#2 is a profoundly gifted creative writer. She's been taught & mentored by the same creative writing teacher for the past 4 years. We'll continue that, of course. However, Homefry does need to learn how to tackle less fun writing tasks: personal essays, research reports, etc. I'd like to find a structured program for her that's complete, open and go, and will prepare her well for college writing. What do you suggest?
  12. I'd love to hear reviews, too, for any of the Sabbath Mood levels and topics. This is actually what brought me back here. Hopefully, this reply bumps it up and someone has good feedback for us 🙂
  13. That's awful. What a stupid hill for the Dept of Ed to die on. No wonder John Taylor Gatto was disgusted by the whole system. If we lived in New York, I'd have to have my daughter get her diploma through Beach High School or another organization like that.
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