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  1. All these years I've scrolled past this thread and yet it is exactly what I've needed. So, count me in! I'll play! Done: dressed, showered, ate breakfast, cleaned the kitchen, straightened up the rest of the house, took younger DD to her class at the college To Do: pick up DD from school at 12:30, take her and older DD to outside class #2, nap/read in the car while I wait for them, figure out dinner There's a lot more I *should* do but I'm exhausted.
  2. Time4Learning would work, as well as Acellus/Power Homeschool.
  3. It's totally legit to include "participation" in your grading rubric. Really.
  4. Traditional schools offer extra credit, so I don't know why you couldn't. I'd lean toward something that was directly reinforcing his language learning. How about watching a Spanish language film (with subtitles, if needed) or learning a song in Spanish? Duolingo has stories and podcasts that would work for extra credit. Basically you're offering extra practice - not busywork - that will count towards his grade.
  5. Dear Lord. Has the doctor lost her mind? The first line ADD med is usually Adderall. It can be highly addictive. The right dosage will hopefully get a child with ADD up to normal. However, it will help any person focus better, so doing better while taking Adderall doesn't confirm an ADD diagnosis. There is not a chance in hell I would allow my child to be prescribed ADD meds without a full evaluation. Seriously, what is the doctor thinking?! And... yes. Do have her get a complete eval from a different doctor. She may have ADHD.
  6. Kids start voting at 18, so I do think some understanding of economics is helpful. People need to evaluate ideas and consider whether they'll actually work. For my DD who also needs gentle, discussion-based approach we're using EconMovies, and doing an Investing Simulator. We'll also watch candidate debates, follow the news and discuss their ideas for rethinking and improving the US economy. There are both good and bad ideas galore worthy of discussion. This election couldn't have come at a better time 🙂
  7. Know what would be fun? A project-based Applied Engineering/Physics course using MIT's Guitar Building and Audio and Speaker Electronics (building a set of speakers), building a camera (film or digital), etc. Also sounds fun (and also project-based): Urban Planning. Maybe incorporate one or more of these short-term courses and design your own city. You'd need to address every aspect: roads, utilities, government, zoning, industry, law enforcement, schools, etc. Done right, this would take a lot of work but would be really engaging. I could see interviewing city planners, touring a water treatment plant, talking to realtors, going to city council meetings and so on. This would be a really fun group or sibling project. I need additional children to be able to try out all my ideas. 😁
  8. I have a non-traditional learner with significant LDs, so I've had to get creative, especially with English. Visual Storytelling (just started this one) How can you tell a story without using prose? We're covering full-length ballets (she's thrilled), live theater, film, graphic novels, and advertisements. It will count as an English credit, because we do discuss literary elements, story arc, etc. in relation to what we're viewing. Great Speeches is what it sounds like. Read great speeches from ancient to modern times and discuss them. She'll memorize and present one or two speeches of her choice. I'll count it for another English credit.
  9. For us, resources means money. So, for younger DD, unlimited resources (money) would look like enrolling her in a local private school and not homeschooling her anymore. For older DD, it would look like hiring special ed tutors and giving a hefty donation to the local private school so she could participate in electives and afterschool stuff, plus more travel. If private school still wasn't an option for some reason besides money, unlimited resources would mean more opportunities for interesting travel experiences, and private tutors.
  10. nothing to see, move along 😉
  11. We're rooting for the Nationals, because DD is a Nationals fan (we're long-suffering - emphasis on the suffering - SF Giants fans), but... dang. Poor Astros. I totally felt bad for them. I'm such a mom sometimes. "That's enough runs, Nationals. Let's keep it fun for both teams!" I think I lack the killer instinct of pro athletes 😂
  12. 16 yo: Started prealgebra and is doing solidly okay with it 🙂 She requested a traditional high school course sequence and wants to get through Algebra 1 before she graduates. She's doing well with her other subjects, though we're still working on anxiety related to that (she tends to go straight to bed and fall asleep when it's time to work). Regardless, she's hitting her stride in world history and got an A on her last grammar test (this is a BIG deal). She's doing well with her first job (paid volunteer). It ends this month, but it gives her something to put on her resume and has been a lot of fun for her. Her shorter long-term career goal is to get a job at a grocery store. I love this because, come what may, she could just keep working at the grocery store and get promoted if her #1 career plan doesn't pan out. She's continuing specialized services/trauma therapy and we're seeing a lot of growth. My mom pointed out that she seems so much happier now 🙂 Socially, she's learning to implement better boundaries in an unhealthy friendship (Yay!!!!), and she and her younger sister are spending a lot more time together. My favorite thing in the world is when they hang out in older DD's bedroom and I hear them laughing and talking. ❤️ Edited to add: I almost forgot a big one! DD would have listed this first 🙂 She's doing the Snowflake Dance, Spanish Dance, and the Waltz of the Flowers in Nutcracker this year. She's loving her new dance studio. They are supportive, kind, and very focused on the safety and general well-being of the dancers. And they do NOT body shame her in the slightest (she's not traditional ballet-skinny). She plans to continue dancing with their company even after high school. 14 yo: Is doing well in DE and just got a B on her midterm. She pointed out she's the only kid in the class and there were actual adults who got lower grades. I think that was a boost to her confidence. 🙂 She's making friends (always a struggle, affected in large part by ADD and anxiety, I think). She asked to begin therapy and her therapist is awesome. I think they'll be working primarily on managing anxiety and strengthening her social skills.
  13. (((hugs))) I know it's hard to see your child hurting. Please be sure to find a way to take care of yourself, too, 'k? Self-paced Pre-Cal: Mr. D Math Derek Owens Thinkwell Khan Academy That should jump start your research. Best wishes ❤️
  14. She shared a viral meme on facebook. That's it. It looks to me like the lawyer who filed the lawsuit is trying to cash in as much as possible before he's disbarred.
  15. EDIT: Nevermind. I just realized that this is the "Home Scientist" that you already mentioned wouldn't be a good fit for you. Leaving the info here in case it's helpful to someone else. Would something like this work? Illustrated Guide to Home Biology Experiments The pdf is free. You can purchase a hard copy at amazon for about $20.
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