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  1. Oh, I think I thought of our real one. Whenever our kids go off to a class or practice I tell them, "Be good, work hard, have fun!" Pretty much sums it up.
  2. Don't die? It seems like it should be, I say it a lot...
  3. I want Ikea and Wayfair gift cards so I can replace our couches that are falling to shreds.
  4. Interestingly, those aren't the reasons I've heard for joining. Everyone I know who has done any kind of co-op is doing it to add some fun activities with peers, though they still often find it more trouble than it's worth. I ran a little co op when E was 3-9. It was great and did what we wanted it to do. I feel like B is missing out on having the same opportunity to make friends and see them regularly, but I look at the co ops available and I just don't know if I can manage the effort required.
  5. I'n in TX. Just off of social groups I think the majority of states do fall compulsory, but I really don't know what the breakdown is. Having them at the same time is much easier on coaches at small programs though. It's one small part of the draw to Xcel instead of compulsory. We love Xcel! It's funny reading back 4 years ago in this thread and the debate about Xcel in place of compulsory. It rages on - except it looks more and more like the horse that USAG will not be able to get back in the barn...
  6. I've heard all-star cheer is starting to really take off in other countries. Where are you? When this thread started DD was barely 4 and I was fretting over the high hours. What a ride it has been since then! We did switch to an Xcel gym. There were a issues with the head coach/owner, but the other two coaches were so amazing. Eventually the issues came to a head and the gym basically imploded last season. Multiple people reported the owner to USAG for multiple issues and there's an investigation. The man just went off the rails. He'd always been a bit of an ineffective, distracted blowhard, but he became bullying and dangerous - creating physically dangerous training and competition situations. Immediately after the season, both other coaches along with 90% of the large team moved to a new gym (which the owner raced to open in time - seeing an opportunity to open their doors with many paying customers and great coaches from day 1.) It's great there, and the team has grown quite a lot over the summer. There has been a LOT of time spent trying to fix issues on vault and bars since the girls did not get any effective coaching on those events at the old gym. Our first meet is at home in 2 months and the coaches still aren't making final level designations for a couple more weeks - trying to give the girls as much time as possible to get the skills they need. DD was Gold last year and is trying for Platinum. She just got her back tuck and so she only needs her clear hip. I kind of think she's going to make it. I have no idea how she'll do though. Beam and floor are looking really good. Our gym goes 7 after Platinum, so she may sit in this level for a couple years - we'll see.
  7. I am bumping this thread back from the dead!! Compulsory season is wrapping up in most regions and it's almost Xcel and optionals time! Who is still here? Who retired or graduated? Who is a new gym parent? What are your gymnasts up to?
  8. I guess I am seeing a small uptick, but I feel like most of the people I know are still homeschooling in a way that is parent-led and parent-responsible even with the use of online classes. Or maybe I just feel like I am established enough now that I am not hanging around as many homeschool Facebook groups. I see the posts. I just don't think it's the majority of them. It does seem to be the mindset of most people withdrawing or thinking about withdrawing from public school though - they will ask what you use and be so confused that you can't just answer that. I do warn people off online, all-in-one programs whenever I can. If this becomes a thing that the majority of the rising number of homeschoolers are doing...there is going to be backlash in several years. Possibly legally/politically. Because if a parent isn't overseeing and checking in to make sure that learning is really happening, then the whole "homeschoolers fare better than public schoolers on average" thing that helps us keep our rights is going cease to exist. I don't usually buy into the "they're going to strip our rights" stuff that various entities put out there, but a rising tide of poorly-educated homeschoolers would do it and it makes me nervous. Does anyone know many people who use these programs for a whole school career or the bulk of one? I feel like when people go all-online it lasts for like - a year or two before they dive into parent-led homeschool or re-enroll in public school.
  9. I feel like we in Houston should never get sick. Even with my A/C on all year it's not like the humidity ever gets that low in my house.
  10. Write Shop Junior E for my 5th grader. We are LOVING it. We've dabbled in Bravewriter here and there and I've had her write stories of different kinds, and journals, but I just kind of expected her to become a good writer organically and it wasn't really happening. I spent several years feeling not really worried about writing at all, since it's my specialty. But I have come to realize that because it is so natural to me, I know what good writing instruction should *feel like* but I don't know how to organize and teach it from beginning to end AT ALL. WS is a little teacher intensive (but that's OK because most of her subjects aren't) and a lot of fun and my kid likes it too. The only miss is that our favorite Outschool teacher who does novel studies, doesn't have ANY up for this semester. It's really unfortunate. I feel like her courses have a lot of value.
  11. I don't think she has anxiety at all. Based on knowing her for years I believe she likes the attention. The only way she could have gotten these diagnoses is to lie to doctors. I have more to say but I keep deleting it because I try to keep anything that could cause drama in my personal life off the internet. But like I said, this woman pretended that she herself had Lupus. Not worried or suspected, but told everyone, invented stories about what was going on with her diagnosis, etc. She's a piece of work. I don't think she would actually harm her child herself, but I do know she will lie endlessly about what is happening to get the result she wants in any situation. I really hope it doesn't go any farther than these "conditions."
  12. I worry that my ex-SIL is heading down the MBP road with my niece. 😞 A child we have all spent significant amounts of time with all of a sudden has anaphylactic allergies, asthma and eczema, despite never having exhibited a single reaction in the presence of anyone but - apparently - her mother. Many of the things she's claiming are point blank not true and now this little girl is coming over with giant gallon ziplocks full of medicines and creams and inhalers and everyone is really uncomfortable putting all those meds in her system when we know she doesn't need them. But we know if we don't the mom will attempt to get sole custody. The same woman pretended she had Lupus for years. I wish she'd go back to inventing her own medical conditions instead of subjecting her child to it. 😞
  13. My daughter had a lot of trouble decoding. She was an extreme guesser. Glancing at the picture while reading for her was bad. She'd just cycle through every thing in the picture or use it as an excuse not to decode. She struggled with every aspect (I suspect she has some auditory processing stuff going on) for a long time until one week it clicked and she went from 0 to 60. My son is more natural at phonics. I personally (and have read several articles on it) feel blending is kind of awful and not intuitive. You can make the c-a-n sounds, but it's very hard to make that leap to "can." It doesn't actually sound like can at all. B blends much better than sister did, but c-a-n still doesn't immediately bring to mind a can. I have actually seen his reading take off with the use of simple readers as his confidence grows and he gets tons of repetition. I can try to get him to blend c-a-n into a word for 30 minutes, or he can sound it out and then glance at the picture, see a can and be off. He never "guesses" and there can be many items on the page, not just a can. He can make the connection from the sounds he is saying to the item on the page and is off and away. Both my children have learned to read through a solid phonics program. I understand phonics and help them use phonics strategies on unfamiliar words even as they grow. But one benefited from being able to check the pictures and one did not. Children are different - disregarding a method without considering that is throwing the baby out with the bathwater.
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