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  1. I could see this too. I have very serious expectations for how Christmas will go. But while I enjoy spending Thanksgiving with family, I don't have any strong traditions around it, and can "go with the flow" pretty easily. I can see someone who is tactless saying I would come because "I don't care" about Thanksgiving. OP, I *completely* understand why you are so upset. But I do agree with many that (after this year at least) you have to do something to change it. If there truly is no way to get him to bring safe foods, then I would only provide Thanksgiving for my own immediate family, citing the fact that it is just too much work.
  2. Especially being given artisan raisins (!?!) instead of money. I mean...
  3. I did this all the time for my husband after his stroke. I ordered the Lyft, told him where to meet it, it took him where he needed to go, and payment is done through the app (my app). Then I waited to ask him how the driver was before I tipped. If you ordered it, there wouldn't really even be an option for her to pay.
  4. OK, I am super basic, so someone will come along and put this better. If YOU took a stimulant, it would be like being on speed. If someone with ADHD takes a stimulant, it has a calming, slowing effect on the brain. In fact, if my dose of stimulant is too high, it makes me a super tired couch potato. It's the same reason that caffeine is used to self-medicate for ADHD. It slows our brains down. Our brain chemistry is messed up and the stimulant brings it back in balance. It has the opposite effect it would on a non-ADHD brain. I remember the talk about how EXACTLY it works, but not well enough to explain it on the internet. The doctor could for sure explain why it works the way it does.
  5. I liked the series very much, and the movie was enjoyable enough. But it was so SILLY. I just felt like the plotlines were SO farfetched.
  6. OK really? Because my son chewed on his lip so much because it felt weird, that we are dealing with the EXACT same thing. It was healing fine until 3 days after and now it's infected. I am hoping the antibiotics will work quickly!!
  7. San Antonio is fun and the drive to Houston is easy. Happy planning!
  8. Oh my gosh, don't go to either! 🤣😂 There are thousands of them and they land on you and everything!
  9. We do see armadillo roadkill once in a while, but they usually come out at night. I've only seen live ones walking around at Lake Corpus Christi State Park. 😂
  10. If you're going to do the rainforest pyramid at Moody though, I wouldn't do the butterfly exhibit at HMNS. They're very similar. And yes! Dickens on the Strand is super fun.
  11. Also yes. Everything in these parts is really spread out. It's totally normal for stuff we're heading to to be a 45 minute drive each way and that doesn't even rate a reaction, so just be aware. The Downtown Aquarium is an attraction owned by a really horrible human being/businessman. It has a shark habitat you take a train through, touch tanks, a small aquarium, and a carnival. Inside the overpriced restaurant wraps around a cylindrical, gigantic aquarium. They also have two tigers kept in an inexcusably small area with NO access to the outdoors. It's the only "approved" tiger habitat in the US with no access to the outdoors and the general assumption is that Tillman paid someone off to get the approval. Moody Gardens is expensive but awesome. If you're down south, I think Schlitterbahn the water park has a part indoors that may be open year round.
  12. Are you talking about the Downtown Aquarium, or the Moody Gardens aquarium? The downtown aquarium is garbage, don't bother. Moody gardens is cool and just recently redone. NASA is fun, the HMNS is awesome. The museum of fine arts is great and our theaters are world class - see if you can get tickets for something. Traffic sucks at rush hour, but we're not that much worse than any other major city. Of the ones I've driven in, DC and Chicago are a million times worse. Yes, you HAVE to rent a car. Galveston is a fine local beach, but not one you would travel for, if you know what I mean. Contrary to urban legend, it is not particularly polluted or dirty - the water is brown because of where it is on the gulf (silt), but it's cleaner than it ever has been in modern history. I don't think many outdoor hotel pools will be heated - we can comfortably swim 8 months a year so it's kind of a pointless expense.
  13. I started contacts at 12 (figure skating not great for glasses either) and have worn them ever since and never had a moment of trouble or squeamishness getting them in and out. The fact that it weirds you out is probably coloring your view of the difficulty level involved. Plus, the optometrist should teach her all that stuff. I was taught in office how to put them in, take them out, and wash. They had me do it several times to show I easily could. If she is squeamish and can't/won't do it, then you've got your answer as to weather she's ready.
  14. We have the Curious Chef nylon knives, and yes, they work awesome! We used them in our pre-school co-op and with children cooking at home. I will grab one and use it if my other knives are dirty. I've recommended them to many people - we ❤️ them! My kids use real knives when I can be right there watching (not the big one anymore of course, she's fine now), but it's nice to just be able to give them a task while I cook dinner and not have to hover. The ones we have cut very well. I wouldn't recommend them for carrots or anything super hard, but most things are fine.
  15. We have two hammock swing chairs in our playroom. We take them down when our insane-o friends come over. I have eye bolts into a beam, and a carabiner into the eye bolt. The carabiner connects to the rope that holds the swing and is very easy to unhook. It is on a low beam, but if I had it to the ceiling, I would just have chain down to a point I could reach and then the carabiner and the swing.
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