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  1. I agree with the poster who said, this isn't "still going on." To your brothers this is long dead and buried. I also know, both from experience, and from many years on forums on the internet, that it is really, really really common for spouses to think that their husband/wife should reconcile with their estranged parent or else they'll regret it. Like near 100%. They're not right, and usually do a lot of damage trying to push the spouse to reconcile before they either give up or realize how wrong they are. My husband knew me better than anyone on earth and he thought I should let my dad back in our lives. He was wrong. 🤷‍♂️
  2. We love Trekking the National Parks. Normally I'm too cheap to pay retail for pricey games, but we're road tripping the national parks this summer and I'm trying to hype it. The adults really like it, the kids really like it. The 5 and 6 year olds play with adult partners and it's a little slow for them, but they hang in there. In my opinion this is not a learn as you go game. Read the whole instruction book ahead. I did, and my 9-year-old did, and we were able to guide everyone seamlessly though the first few games. If you ever get a chance to buy or play Destruct 3, it's quite unique and a lot of fun. You build the little tower in the middle any way you want and then you roll to determine which mode of destruction you will use. You want the pieces to land in a certain area, not to close and not too far, so you always have to worry about speed and angle of launch.
  3. Johanna England Chavez. We love her novel studies!
  4. Singapore Earlybird B Explode the Code 1 - 4 I think I'll start him off with an ancient history unit on Egypt like I did for E. We do some subjects combined with friends: Bravewriter Mystery Science
  5. Those look awesome! They have 4 of our parks. My friend's 6 year old will really like looking at these because he's a huge wild animal lover. Those look so cool; we can play them with our friends that are coming with us. The first one will help with geography too.
  6. I did a quick "look inside" and she would probably love those, thanks!
  7. Yes! For every park we're seeing except Yellowstone and Grand Canyon I believe.
  8. We are planning to have them do these during the long, long hours on the road!
  9. We're heading off on a road trip next September! We'll hit Devil's Tower, Glacier, Yellowstone, Grand Tetons, Grand Canyon, Painted Desert, and Petrified Forest. After the normal school year is over, we're going to hit US Geography with some puzzles and games. Does anyone have any resources they like for these parks or areas? The kids love books, they are 5 and 9. I'm also trying to pull together resources on the unique geography and history of the areas, the animals in them... I'm not asking for anything specific, just trying to pull together resources so they have some context for what they're seeing when they see it. I do design units like this for them frequently, but I wanted to see if anyone had any cool resources on the national parks or their features before I got started.
  10. This has been a rough year. With all the time spent in hospitals, we lost a lot of momentum. Over the summer we're going to spend a lot of time on US geography and nature science, in preparation for a big national parks road trip in September. Math: Singapore 6. I went back and forth on this because most Singapore users don't do 6, but she's a year ahead anyway AND Singapore has been a perfect curriculum for her since preschool, so we're going to go for it. I suspect A and B will only take a semester, so we may launch into Pre-Algebra in the second semester. AOPs? I have no idea. Language: Evan Moor Daily Language Review 6. We like this. She's been doing it since second grade. Literature: Outschool for 2 books if the teacher is teaching, 2 books tied into our history, and 2 books on their own, maybe done with The Arrow from bravewriter. Writing: Bravewriter - Partnership Writing, Journaling Science: Mystery Science Spelling: If we do anything it might be Nessy Spelling. I might have given up though. 😫 History: Mom-designed American History II. We've done Native Americans and the frontier, so maybe the colonies. I won't know how far we'll get until I plan it out.
  11. Even when I worked retail there was free (bad) coffee, a fridge, and a microwave.
  12. I agree that asking for exceptions is fine as long as it's requested nicely and the answer is accepted gracefully.
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