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  1. We're in Texas and we're pretty much open for business. The governer is opening up more almost every couple days - without waiting to see how the previous reopenings are going. I don't really trust any of the numbers to tell us anything at this point. Our hospital system here has been fine, and continues to be fine. The second my friends in the medical community start sounding the alarm on the things they're seeing or the numbers they're admitting, I'll rachet up the worry.
  2. My friend's 5 year old twins put the dishes away as a regular chore. My 10 year old starts the wash (she can't really reach the dryer), puts away her clothes, washes the windows, and does the bathroom sink, counter and mirror. Aside from that, she does what I ask her to.
  3. I just pulled up his statements from April 6 and this is 100% accurate, including not allowing the press to ask Fauci his opinion. And even though I try to mostly read news from the center of the spectrum, and slightly more of my friends share from left of center, I have had as many good reports on the drug as bad ones come across my news feeds. If someone feels that the media has purposely buried any good news of this drug, their sampling of news may not be as broad as they think it is.
  4. To be fair, Harris county is the second or third most populous county in the country, only behind the one containing LA and maybe Chicago. Unless you're looking at cases per capita, of course the number will be huge. But yet the county of almost 6 million has only recorded 310 deaths due to Covid. Our hospitals never even came close to filling up, and most people I know have to go to friend-of-an-acquaintance level to find someone they "know" who tested positive. I mean, MY PERSONAL OPINION, is that a church that loves its members or its neighbors won't meet in person, inside at this time, or if they do will keep their numbers extremely small (we know the 6 ft distance really does nothing if you're there for an extended period of time, nor does sanitizing and washing. But it's not like the church the priest belonged to was wantonly holding masses while our hospitals spilled over or anything. Harris county has been EXTREMELY lucky with our infection rate compared to almost every other large or small metro, so mischaracterizing the numbers as huge isn't really accurate.
  5. There is a fantastic visitor center there with a good movie. I am a huge fan of the Gypsy Guide app for both Yellowstone and Tetons, it was enjoyed by everyone in our party. It narrates your drives through the parks and is full of all kinds of interesting information. You are right that it is rugged and my best advice for Tetons is arrange something that just lets you be present and enjoy it - whether it's hiking or renting some kayaks or a boat at the marina, or sitting on the beach. If you are afraid of wolves or bears, just make noise while hiking or stay on popular trails. Carry bear spray. We tent camped there and did not feel at risk, though we started at Glacier which is Grizzly central and then made our way down, so everything was progressively less intense than that. I feel like Tetons is a place to be in nature as opposed to being a tourist like you are at Yellowstone, you know? It's a place to soak in the beauty. Enjoy it! It might just have been my favorite park on our three-week road trip.
  6. I was responding to the poster who said she was surprised homeopathy was considered pseudoscience. One thing I do heartily wish is that people (and even companies!) would stop using "homeopathy" and "natural remedy" interchangably. It confuses so many people, and I feel is dangerous.
  7. Yes. Homeopathy is considered psuedoscience because it is pseudoscience by definition. It has not been rigorously tested by the scientific method and found to be effective. People pay for water or sugar and the placebo effect it illicits.
  8. I'm sorry you're going miss having a job, but it sounds like you did the best thing for your health. I can't believe they would gang up on you like that and stick their noses in your business (and in such a mean and unhelpful way!!) Hugs - many, many hugs. I'm sorry you're going through this. And hopefully a better door opens soon.
  9. I was also paid for my husband who died in Dec. 2018. And thus was included in the taxes we filed in 2019. I did a lot of looking and the consensus is there is no clawback clause, and adjustments would only be made in your favor, but I'm still going to make sure I can afford to pay it back, just in case.
  10. Ours closed the day the white house said gyms should close - I can't remember which day - in March. They started Zoom workouts that night. They have bent over backward to try to keep the girls engaged and involved. The did charge for April, and are offering that value back in various ways of your choosing after they can reopen, but they did not charge for May. They were devastated by the Governer's plan, because he had hinted that groups of 10 or less might be able to gather come May, but the eventual plan mandated gyms remain shut. Now they're clinging to the hope that the May 18th update will include them in any capacity and in lieu of tuition, the gym kids are all doing a cartwheelathon to raise money for the gym, with some pretty motivating prizes attached. They sent them home with a daily conditioning plan, and they do zoom conditioning 4 evenings a week. They've had all kinds of challenges online. They applied for the small business loans the morning they were available, but still haven't see a dime. Still in line. They are paying their adult coaches and working with their landlord. They are really hurting and I hope they can open soon. I know the second they're allowed to open, they plan for 8 kids at a time, masks for coaches, no sharing of chalk, straps, gloves, or wristbands, and they have gotten aerosolizers (?) for some of the CDC approved disinfectants. They're planning to run practices from 7:30 in the morning to 10pm, with 15 minutes in between each set to clean surfaces and let the disinfectant sit the approved amount of time, then deeper cleaning every night. What's crazy to me is Flipfest in Tennessee is planning to start running camp June 1 and we don't even know if our gym will be open! Our girls and coaches are signed up for the week of June 14th.
  11. There is outrage at the judge making our county orders, for telling people they have to wear masks. Honestly you would have thought she asked them to sleep on a bed of nails every night. And then the police publicly declared that they wouldn't enforce anything she said. So the result is that everyone is out and about now, and maybe half are wearing masks, and maybe half of *those* are wearing them correctly. And I swear to Maud, if all these 🤬 spike our cases and ruin everything, I hope karma deals with them. It's not just the masks - the same people who refuse to wear masks also seem to be engaging in every type of risky virus-spreading behavior they can. It's so frustrating. I feel like we have a good deal here - whether it's our weather or something else and I fear dumb people are going to ruin it. I don't think you can walk it back though. Even if serious cases rise, city wide or state wide, I don't think it's actually possible to walk the state back to lockdown unless the majority of people are scared for their lives - and since the death rate of this virus was never the main issue, I don't think it can happen. And I don't necessarily think it should happen. I just think we could all show care for our fellow humans and at least be a little careful. Ugh.
  12. Mine was registered for two camps. One is a traditional summer camp, but it's offered for free for children who have a parent with cancer or have lost a parent to cancer. It's run by students at universities and has chapters all over the US. It's pretty amazing. They canceled pretty shortly after universities closed. With the students scattered to the winds (and even overseas), and their main fundraising galas canceled, there was no way. They're attempting to go online? But I really don't think that's going to work out very well. Her other camp is a gymnastics camp in Tennessee that draws people from all over the country. They have announced they're canceling week one, but proceeding as normal starting June 1. It makes me a little nervous. I'll be keeping an eye on how things are going as everything opens up. I have like 5 weeks to decide.
  13. We're in Houston. We went to the beach on Bolivar peninsula last week and it was amazing. With Galveston beaches opening back up, I anticipate some more beach days. If state parks open up for camping any time soon, we'll head camping. There was a week at the beginning of April, where it came up in my Facebook memories - we had been camping that week every year for five years. It was hard to be stuck at home! I already don't shop much in stores, or eat in restaurants or go to movies very often. We're hoping the zoo opens soon. A lot of our life revolves around my daughter's gymnastics - she's there 4-5 days a week, I work the front desk, many of DS's friends are there...if they don't get to reopen in some capacity in the next round on May 18th (assuming we get to have the next round), I am not sure they'll make it. 😪
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