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  1. They definitely do. https://www.amazon.com/Tooth-Holder-Special-Keepsake-Storage/dp/B07G3ZXN11/ref=asc_df_B07G3ZXN11/?tag=hyprod-20&linkCode=df0&hvadid=242031637643&hvpos=&hvnetw=g&hvrand=16567477939059281064&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9027746&hvtargid=pla-527735030372&psc=1
  2. I've had 2 pixel 3s (dropped one in the ocean) and I really just am a google phone fan. I've been using them since the first ones. I feel like you should be able to find one used or refurbed for somewhere in the $200s. I've had a moto 3, 5, and my DD currently uses the 7. It's great for a backup phone, and it's perfect for my kid, but it drives me insane. I always feel they're laggy and the camera isn't great. But for a budget android that's as close to a google phone as you can get without bloatware, I'm not sure you can beat it.
  3. I have thoughts. 😄 I try to keep them to myself. The tooth fairy rate is definitely indicative of how things go in that household in general.
  4. They got $5 for the first one and $2 or 3 for the rest, I can't remember. I don't really do up the fictional gift givers, and I have ADHD, so DD11 figured it out really quick. Now she just asks me to buy Robux for her. 😄 DS7 still believes. He lost his first tooth at Yellowstone and the tooth fairy did manage to find us, even in a tent. 😁 One of the girls at my daughter's gym gets $50. Our best friend's sons get a chocolate coin.
  5. It was 135-140 that our people used, because they have a higher success rate at that temperature. The length of time wasn't in the email and it was 5 years ago, but 90 minutes sounds in the ballpark. All the pest control companies that don't offer heat will tell you that their chemicals work, but unless there are new studies backing them up, I wouldn't believe them. And there very well could be. I haven't looked into it in about 4 years. I didn't tell anyone except my mom and best friend. My kids continued to sleep over at mom's house, and we had that friend over with no issues to anyo
  6. No matter what you do they can be re-introduced. That's why we're so paranoid after sleeping away. They do make these cups that go under your bed legs that they can't climb up (and we find all kinds of dead bugs in there so they definitely work), and then the bed-bug proof mattress covers on the mattress and box springs, but keeping luggage and clothes that could potentially be infested out of living areas is the best insurance. And everything that comes out of a suitcase or overnight bag gets washed and dried even if it wasn't worn. I had PTSD. And the worst part is that since they can li
  7. Love thrift stores, but now am terrified of used furniture. Whenever my best thrifting friend sees something on the curb or in a thrift store I'm like, "BUT BEDBUGS." It ruins you. We got ours from a cruise though.
  8. No, they told me what kinds of things to get out of the room, (meltable cosmetics and aerosols) and absolutely nothing was hurt or damaged. Like I was able to walk into the room to check on it or grab something, but you would not have wanted to stay more than a couple minutes. 😄 It's freaking loud though. Pesticides do not actually work very well at all, so the idea that they'll protect you from "reintroduction" is umm...a lie. Pesticide companies will claim they work, but when I was researching, actual studies done by universities showed that they didn't really work at all. We were al
  9. Oh man, that's tough, because so many of the older "classic" kids movies that avoid adult content are SO much worse about the bullying language. It's always shocking when we watch them and I'm constantly reminding my kids that we don't talk to people like that. If I think of any of ours that fit the bill, I'll post them. I was thinking Ever After with Drew Barrymore might come close, but the stepmother definitely uses those words, and she gets a little implied-mildly-seduce-y with a guard to get what she wants.
  10. We were traumatized. For the next 5 years, ANY time we were in the house and my husband or daughter saw a small bug, they were like, "There's a bug!!" And I had to go make sure it was not a bedbug. 😵
  11. I agree, if you are getting regularly bitten, you should be able to find them if you really go looking. ours were mostly in our box spring and mattress. I tried denial first, and that sadly didn't work. I tried vaccuming them out on my own and some natural remedies. That didn't work. We tried a very well reviewed company that used a chemical treatment next. I knew from all my research that it wasn't going to work, but it was 1/10th the price of what did work, so I felt like I had to try it. It did not work. AT ALL. So the next step was heat treatment, which is what the internet told me I w
  12. Oh God, nightmares. Nightmares. When we had them, they were so hard to get rid of.
  13. That's my big thing. Scale it back like 20% in the worst parts and it becomes a great movie that you could even maybe watch with your kids to start some discussions. Have her taking a selfie in an outfit that's trying too hard to be grown up and sexy instead of a picture of her vulva. Have her watching MTV for too-grown-up dance moves instead of porn. Have them try to flirt their way out of a situation instead of jumping to seduction....and the bonus would be that THESE (sexy music videos, the desire to look grown up, etc) are things that most kids in my daughter's cohort could relate to, as c
  14. I feel like everyone who is like, "we sang songs with bad words and snuck glances at dirty magazines" is really, really missing, either intentionally or not, all the NOT normal stuff in this movie and how far beyond that kind of normally exploratory stuff the film goes. The things some of the girls are doing would get kids flagged as having been potentially abused themselves by mandatory reporters. Which is the point of the director, I think? How toxic internet sexuality is and how much guidance kids could use around it? But that director then made the decision to exploit tweens to make that p
  15. Yep, that's prep. I don't know if you've spent much time of the groups being talked about here, but the parents being targeted with that want to put in literally zero work. They certainly aren't writing (or coming up with on the fly) programs for their kids. I do that with literature. It's my specialty. My kids will never do a formal reading or literature program, because I've got it covered and it requires almost no up front work from me. And I have no doubt that their reading and comprehension will be better than the average person's. But 1) It required me to have that knowledge and be t
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