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  1. musicianmom

    Hive Travel Agency - Scotland advice, please?

    Kids are 13, 11, 9. We haven’t decided exact dates of the trip yet or exactly where we’re flying into. It partially depends on availability of redeeming airline points. I’m guessing the trip will be about 12-14 days altogether. I know I don’t want to spend the whole time doing crowded touristy things. Aside from that, I’m at a loss.
  2. It looks like this is going to be the year to go to Scotland with the kids. I am excited but also at a loss because of all the choices to make. I have to make it count, you know? And I want to plan well enough that we can relax and enjoy it. Any advice? The trip will be in June.
  3. 1. A serious, top-notch touring choir that is open to non-music majors by audition 2. Located in the South 3. Conservative, or at least enough political diversity that a conservative student would be able to find their niche 4. Good merit aid available
  4. musicianmom

    Lotto Fantasy

    Oh, I forgot. Forget the Tilt-a-Whirl, I want a Skee-ball machine.
  5. musicianmom

    Lotto Fantasy

    I've spent way too much time thinking about this.... 1. The kids are attached to where we live, so pay off house, and fix it up and decorate it like a model home. 2. Buy a condo for my mom. 3. Set aside $1M per kid for college/grad school. 4. Instant semi-retirement for dh. He could just find something to do for work that he enjoys and would let him come home at night. 5. Meet with the board at my kids' tiny start-up private school and say, "So show me the long term growth plan and let's get the list done in 6 months." 6. Self-care. Personal trainer, stylist, orthodontia, laser hair removal, etc. 7. Disaster prep. 8. Endowment for my church to hire a full-time cantor/organist. 9. Travel everywhere I can think of. 10. Buy a Steinway. 11. At this point I'd better cut myself off and start giving money away or I'll become a disgusting human being.
  6. musicianmom

    bedwetting help

    Also, in my experience, limiting water does not work. It only creates anxiety in the child. (Try it yourself. Nothing makes you thirstier than being told you can’t have water.) The body is not getting messages from the brain to stop urinating while sleeping. The alarm works because it helps get those messages through and trains body and brain. Limiting fluids will not accomplish this.
  7. musicianmom

    bedwetting help

    The alarm worked with all my kids, but they were such sound sleepers that I had to sleep in the room with them so I could wake them up when the alarm went off.
  8. I’m going to guess Nathaniel for Tibbie’s son.
  9. I had a similar experience with that name. It was 1996 and my friend brought over the 1-year-old she was nannying, a little girl named Hannah. I was horrified. Why would someone do that to a child? I’m still not a big fan of the name, but now just because it’s so overdone. I no longer associate it with the March family’s old servant in Little Women! ? I have a friend who named her daughter a “normal” first name, and then added a middle name that makes it sound like a type of cookie when you say it together. I’m a boring traditionalist on most things, including names, but as I get older I’m trying to be less judgy about others’ choices.
  10. musicianmom

    Best lunchbox ideas for teens

    I need every idea I can get for packing school lunches for a 13yo dancer who eats like a senior linebacker. Hopefully she’ll be doing the actual lunch making, but the planning and shopping still fall to me. And do any of these fancy-schmancy bento box thermos thingies actually work well? All ideas appreciated! Edited to add: I need food ideas too. She gets tired of sandwiches really quickly.
  11. How to stay occupied during the Blackout: Read the Lord Byron series by Gretta Curran Browne. It's free if you have Kindle Unlimited.
  12. musicianmom

    Little cello student

    Hi Gabrielsyme, I read your post with interest because I am a Suzuki violin instructor (certified through book 6), former Suzuki kid, and mom of a cello student. I can tell you are a really great Suzuki mom and your son sounds amazing. I love getting students like him! I sympathize with your son's frustration. I was that kid. After taking Suzuki violin for a couple of years, I started traditional piano lessons and learning to read music, and I LOVED IT. It turns out I was a natural sight-reader and it didn't take me long at all to figure out how to use those note-reading skills on violin. So my processing time for "learning" a piece was very quick. But I sounded terrible because I was a little kid in a rush and wasn't paying attention to my technique. It led to conflicts with my teacher and eventually to a very long break in violin lessons. :( Your teacher knows what she is doing. Book 2 in cello is HARD. Nearly every piece requires shifting positions. I didn't have to shift positions in violin till book 4. I about flipped out when my little guy started having to shift in book 2! You can't have a kid shifting positions when their intonation is shaky in first position. That is probably a big reason why the teacher is not moving him forward. Also, the heart of the Suzuki method is tone. One of Suzuki's quotes is "Beautiful tone, beautiful heart." A teacher who's trained through book 10 will have been immersed in this philosophy and will tell you it's better to play a simpler piece beautifully than a more complex piece not so beautifully. This was pretty much impossible for me to accept at your son's age. Again, I sympathize. If your son loves cello and wants to continue playing, then I would encourage him to trust his teacher, to work harder on his intonation and tone, and be patient. I think adding piano would be a great thing for him right now because he can let loose and get his sight-reading game on. Even if you don't have him in formal lessons and your husband just helps him, make him go through a method book so he gets a firm grasp on finger patterns (Faber Piano Adventures is good for a note-reading method). Be sure and update us on how he's doing!
  13. Time for brutal honesty here. Is anyone else absolutely dreading the end of break? I love having my kids home, but I’m tired of the schoolwork battles. My two youngest hate reading, they hate math, they hate writing. Basically if it doesn’t involve playing outside or Legos or screens, they hate it. We’ve done private school before and I may be forced into it again just so they’ll get an education, but it would make me really sad to give up the homeschool lifestyle. And no, they don’t have any learning disabilities. They are extremely bright 8- and 10-year-olds who can do the work when they set their mind to it. The only thing they will submit to willingly is being read to. Put a book in front of them or a pencil in their hands and they balk.
  14. musicianmom

    Who pays for college?

    Our Plan Z is free cc followed by commuting to the state U with tuition paid by the state lottery fund. This is only if there is no other way possible for them to get a degree. The commute even to cc is horrible, it seems like there are 2-3 serious wrecks on that route every week. The commute to the state school is nearly an hour each way, such a waste of a college student’s time that could be spent studying, working, practicing (for my musicians). But like I said, that’s Plan Z. Plan A is for dh’s equity in his company to come through like they’ve promised, which will provide enough for each child that they could attend a better state school with room and board or maybe a private LAC if they get some merit aid. I believe in having kids work. My 12yo already has a regular babysitting gig. I just don’t think it’s reasonable to expect them to work to fully fund their college and living expenses. If it were possible to make that much money with only a high school diploma, then college wouldn’t be quite so essential, now would it?
  15. I’m letting my kids skip out on the Sunday morning. We’ll go to Christmas Eve at our church at 5:00, then two of my kids are singing a concert at 11pm at another church. Church is 45 minutes away, otherwise we would be at all the services.
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