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  1. Can anyone suggest a good source for online AP Literature or AP Biology? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Kevin
  2. I've been communicating with the mom who told me about Compass Prep. I asked if colleges were harder on homeschoolers. She sent me this link from UGA's website: Here's the part that concerns me most: "If a student is home-educated or attends a non-accredited high school, he or she must demonstrate very high academic ability by having earned an SAT or ACT score equal to or above the average scores of the first-year students admitted to UGA for the prior Fall term. The student must also be able to validate completion of all CPC subject areas through submission of the following: Official scores from the SAT or ACT (for math and English only—see below), SAT II, International Baccalaureate (IB) and/or Advanced Placement (AP) exams; Coursework for credit that appears on an official college or an accredited high school transcript; and/or, An SAT or ACT score in the top five percent of college-bound seniors nationally in order to satisfy the English and mathematics portions of the CPC. Upon completion of an application file with the required documentation, the University of Georgia will review the entire application file of a student who has been home-educated or who has attended a non-accredited high school. From the pool of academically qualified students, UGA will select the students who are most competitive for first-year admission." This makes it sound like she'll have to take an SAT Subject Test (isn't that what SAT II means?) for everything on my daughter's transcript before she goes to Dual Enrollment at Kennesaw State. Am I reading that correctly? Do you know if they had this rule when your daughter applied? My daughter isn't focused on UGA, but my concern is that other schools might treat her similarly. Thanks, Kevin
  3. Thanks. I'm just not sure that 93rd percentile is in the cards for us. I've also heard that some schools (Ga. Tech. maybe?) require higher standards for homeschoolers.
  4. I think I'm going to work with a program that takes your homeschool work and gives you a government-accredited transcript with which you can apply for the HOPE and Zell Miller scholarships (the major government scholarships in Georgia). I’m pretty sure I’m going with Compass Prep Academy in Holly Spring/Canton Georgia. I’ve received great reports about them. But, I’m doing my due diligence and seeing if there’s a cheaper service that works just as well. They charge $400 per year plus a $150 registration fee. Considering the thousands you get in tuition if you get the Zell Miller (I believe the maximum is $10,000 for two semesters), it sounds like a good investment. My understanding is that some colleges also have stricter admissions policies for homeschool students than for someone with a government-accredited transcript.) Can anyone suggest another program that I should check out that is approved by the Georgia Accrediting Commission to provide an accredited high school transcript and diploma that will enable you to be eligible for the HOPE and Zell Miller scholarships? (If you are listed as a homeschool student, you have to get about 150 points higher on your SAT to earn the Zell Miller.) Thanks, Kevin
  5. If you could suggest only 2 books on how to how to apply to college, what would they be? Could you rank order them #1 and #2? The main thing is how to get into the college you're looking for. If I get a lot of responses, I'll try to rank order what the consensus is and come back with a list to share with everyone. I'd like something that would take me by the hand, giving me an overview and showing step-by-step on things like how to write a good essay, what extra-curriculars to build up, what to put on an application. A timeline of what to do and when would also be nice. I'd also like something that would tell us how to find the right college, but that would be secondary. I already received a lot of good information about college applications in response to an earlier post on college application services (including a good list of several books). However, I'm a bit overwhelmed and would like a go-to source to build my foundation of knowledge. My thinking was it would be best to really master 1 or 2 of the best books than to read lots of them. I really appreciate all the support that this forum has provided. Thanks, Kevin
  6. Can anyone suggest a book that I can read to tell me all the steps I need to be taking to help my daughter get into the school that's best for her? Thanks for all of the feedback, by the way. It has been very helpful. Kevin
  7. What do you all think of services that help you make applications to colleges? They help you write your essays and fill out all the paperwork and make decisions about application. They say that they increase your odds of getting into the school you want because they have knowledge about how the process works and what admissions staff are looking for. One service that I've run into is Aiming Higher Consultants ( Are these services worth it? If so, can you recommend a good one? Is there a cheaper alternative that is just as good—either another service that’s cheaper or an alternative approach? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Kevin
  8. I apologize if this subject is already covered elsewhere (and I'm sure it must be--I promise I looked; I think I'm just bad at searching). Can anyone suggest a good online SAT tutor, especially for math? (Verbal would be nice to get, but math is mandatory for us). I know a good math tutor, but I'm looking for someone who specializes in SAT Math. Also, can anyone suggest any online programs that don't have a tutor? My daughter is a sophomore. She's doing OK but would like to go higher. She's been reviewing. She's taken it once. She finished all the problems on-time and only ran into a handful that she didn't know how to begin. She scored a 580 on math. We plan to keep working with her before spending on a tutor (She's gone through Kaplan's SAT Math, and we plan on having her do each practice test and then look at the corrections both in the Official Guide and in the SAT Prep Black Book). But, I'd like to start searching now. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Kevin
  9. Can anyone suggest a good online writing tutor? I'd prefer some with a master's in English and experience in teaching, but I'm open to other options. My daughter turns 16 this month and is currently doing Writing with Skill 3, and I think she's fine on grammar and all the basics. However, I want her writing short stories and essays on a regular basis and want the guidance of a professional. Thanks, Kevin
  10. Does anyone have a good suggestion for an Online AP European History course? I'm looking for a teacher with a good record of high scores. Preferably, they've been an AP Reader. Thank you.
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