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  1. There are not many hitches that carry 5. Those that do are mostly hanging style and have a limit of 30-40 pounds per bike. We have a couple bikes heavier than that, so it was a no go for us. Thule and Yakima are highly regarded. Hollywood Rack and 1Up are good (but sold out for months). I do recommend looking at etrailer.com. If you have fenders, make sure you don’t get a hitch that clamps on them. The biggest problem you’ll find right now is many hitches are currently back ordered (covid related shortage). We ended up getting a used solid hitch that carries 4 (Hollywood Sport Rider SE4
  2. My husband and I just got pedegos a couple weeks ago. We’ve love them!
  3. Good idea! I have that and completely forgot about it! My daughter used it many years ago.
  4. This is for my third child who has a very hard time keeping three different things going at once. This is very unlike his two older siblings that thrived on variety and great book conversations. He’s very bright, so nothing too simple. He doesn’t love reading, but his reading level is fine. Routine and consistency is key for him. He’s done well with Rod & Staff grammar, two chapters of a book per day, and IEW writing in the past. I think he needs to move beyond these curriculums at this point, but needs something with a similar structure that will take him to the next level. Maybe
  5. The class would be twice a week for one semester. I’m a science teacher and enjoy teaching with activities and labs. Given that, what do you recommend? What should I stay away from?
  6. My daughter is in the Arch program at KU. It’s great! They are NAAB accredited. It’s a five year master’s program (straight to M.Arch out of high school-no bachelor’s required). It’s a great school. If you happen to be in KC, you can even get a head start by taking the first year studio classes in high school at JCCC. First year studio classes are killer, though. Crazy amount of work. Not for the faint of heart.
  7. The box for these fits perfectly! https://www.amazon.com/Blank-Flash-Card-Dispenser-cards/dp/B001HA93H8/ref=sxin_7_ac_d_rm?ac_md=3-2-YmxhbmsgZmxhc2ggY2FyZHMgMngz-ac_d_rm&crid=1GOQJY2WIFUJ5&cv_ct_cx=blank+flash+cards&dchild=1&keywords=blank+flash+cards&pd_rd_i=B001HA93H8&pd_rd_r=f9ee00ce-f149-45b2-a5ab-a766c70e6857&pd_rd_w=NAlL7&pd_rd_wg=XG9KQ&pf_rd_p=e3dc9e0c-9eab-4c3e-b43a-ba36f8522e14&pf_rd_r=P1BJBQ3PS5F3CJHZFAHX&psc=1&qid=1595382005&sprefix=Blank+flas%2Caps%2C170&sr=1-3-12d4272d-8adb-4121-8624-135149aa9081
  8. Thank you! The instructor listed was Gunther. Was this the teacher your child had?
  9. Has anyone taken these classes at Excelsior? Reviews? Thanks!
  10. Has anyone taken these classes at Excelsior? Reviews? Thanks!
  11. My son has asked for one. He’s mid-way through intermediate logic now. He does programming and is great at math.
  12. My daughter used this book at WHA. They skipped the trig part because it is covered again in precalc. So I’d consider any trig learned as extra prep for precalc.
  13. I’ve found the Dociani textbooks Algebra and Algebra 2 easy to teach and comprehensive.
  14. My daughter wants to major in architecture (and possibly sign language). She also prefers a small-medium size Christian college. She loves Hillsdale and would like a similiar college that offers a B Arch or M Arch. She’s an excellent student with great act scores. I’m having a hard enough time finding schools with a B. Arch, but I’m completely striking out on Christian college that offers it. Anyone?
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