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  1. I received my 4 reams today!
  2. Thanks for posting! Which exact product is this special for? The link is bringing up all the paper!
  3. What breed of dog is Baxter? He is a cutie!
  4. I just saw this on a board outside a business: Like a good neighbor Stay over there.
  5. @Dicentra, @regentrude, and @lovelearnandlive thanks so much for your suggestions!
  6. I am a community college general chemistry tutor. With the current Covid situation, I have been told to "use my creativity" (of which I have none!) to come up with ways to remotely deliver tutoring sessions using our computers. We will not be able to purchase any new software. Could you please suggest some ways to help me out? Thanks for your help.
  7. Good to hear from you, Karen!
  8. I am so very sorry. Peace to you and your family.
  9. Thank you Junie and Aethelthryth the Texan! Sorry Aethelthryth, I don't know how to do that 1st letter in your name.
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