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  1. Was I the last to know there are more series after Ancient History?! We've had an end-of-summer marathon watching Acts to Revelation, which was just released (free to watch here). It's very well done and engaging, covering the locations and people of the early church. Dave Stotts can make ancient piles of rubble fascinating.
  2. I'm so sorry, I accidentally rated your thread two stars. I can't figure out how to undo or change it. I didn't want you to think it was intentional!
  3. Wow. *deep breath* A little more info: Yes, he was taking a couple different probiotics staggered between antibiotic doses, one of them Florastor. We probably brought home the stomach virus from one of his appointments and it went through everyone, which is how sickness usually goes in a family of 8. With his Lyme symptoms, he was the ONLY one sick, very sick, so it was glaringly obvious it wasn't influenza or mono they were testing him for. Through it all, he never saw a doctor. First a PA, who really wanted it to be something else and tested for influenza (no respiratory symptoms), mono (he'd already had it) and reluctantly a Lyme IgM/IgG (which was negative, of course - too early on for antibodies). I really think they wanted it to be something else (since I hadn't seen the tick) and Lyme isn't really common here. The NP who diagnosed him ("telltale signs" - I felt so validated!) went back and forth between Doxycycline and Amoxicillin, but was concerned about it with his weight (78 lbs?)so went with Amoxcillin. When I emailed my doctor to get the Amoxicillin extended, it didn't even go to her. It was such an uphill fight to get anything.
  4. Ds12 got very sick with Lyme disease about a month ago, 8 days after camping near a known Lyme area. Fever of 102-103, chills, neck pain, muscle pain, headache, joint pain especially in knees and hip, weakness, dizziness, night sweats, etc. On the fourth day of sickness an expanding round rash appeared, with a couple smaller spots appearing soon after (disseminating). It took a couple more days with a lot of runaround and misdiagnosis and a couple different visits before someone believed me and recognized it as Lyme (after 6 days of being sick), and he got 14 days of Amoxicillin. He worsened for a short time after starting the Amoxicillin (needed to be carried and assisted in sitting up, 104 fever) but within 24 hours on the antibiotic, he made a huge turnaround. Unfortunately, he caught a stomach virus soon after, so I requested an extra week on the antibiotics. He has been improving every day, though still has some ongoing fatigue. A few vague symptoms have come and gone, but it was hard to determine what was Lyme, his own immune response, or the antibiotic. When he was finally diagnosed I was so relieved I didn't think of any questions, so I left with more info about antibiotic side effects than anything about Lyme disease. And Google REALLY is a mixed bag with Lyme searches... If you are familiar with Lyme, and don't mind sharing from your experience: Was 21 days of Amoxicillin, 500mg 3x/day enough? It was started about 14 days after the bite. What would we watch for if the Lyme isn't completely gone? Or if there were co-infections? If it is successfully treated, how long before being completely recovered?
  5. I got one of the last 2017 models because we needed to replace our old washer. It looks like they overhauled the design for 2018, and completely changed how it washes. The clothes gently swirl one way, then reverse. (Start video just after 4 minute mark to see swishing)
  6. Those using CLE kindergarten, do you use the workbooks, activity books, or both?
  7. For practicing money, my younger kids love The Allowance Game, too. It's Monopoly-ish... roll dice and move around a board collecting or paying out based on where you land, collect $3 when you pass home, first to $20 wins. There really isn't strategy involved, but satisfying piles of cash and lots of counting real-looking money that is more fun than the math book.
  8. Dutch Blitz with expansion set - similar to Nertz, mentioned above. Very fast paced card game, even more fun with lots of players!
  9. Lay a sheet down for Legos or other small toys. When it's pickup time, grab the corners and pour them back in the bin.
  10. I also like the sueded leggings from Walmart. (Side note: their sueded yoga pants are made of the same material and also super cozy).
  11. We have the Saturday Knight Ltd. world map shower curtain (more of a liner - we have it behind another curtain, facing the tub) purchased several years ago. I don't know if they have changed it since then. It has Russia, Germany as one country, Hawaii is on there, and the states look right. The only misspelling I've noticed is "Addis Abbaba" as the capital of Ethiopia (and that was only after a review called my attention to it). For the purpose I bought it (gaining a general geography overview and interest), I've been very happy.
  12. Paper Mate Arrowhead pencil caps. I thought I hated pencil caps before these. They don't break, actually stay on the pencil, and erase perfectly. And $4 for 144 is a pretty good price for helping us use up old pencils without complaint.
  13. Yes! I actually opened this to recommend Poop Happened! Fascinating history you don't normally hear or think about.
  14. We have The Complete Wilderness Training Manual - you can view quite a few sample pages on Amazon. We like how many pictures it has, and that it has a variety of survival topics.
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