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  1. What a nightmare, I am so sorry. ((hugs))
  2. ((hugs)) it's ok to cry and be angry. I am sorry it is so hard.
  3. This has been a game changer for my dd who was prone to awful uti's. She takes it daily. the science is still slim on it, but my dd's gyn approved of it.
  4. No There are types of groups and people I find distasteful, but I don't personally hate anyone. When I was younger I had stronger feelings, but as I get older, I find I just don't have the energy to put into things I can't control.
  5. How precious! My best dog ever was my Aussie, she's the one in my profile pic. Lost her a couple of years ago, miss her daily.
  6. Not much yet, but they've been turned over, enhanced and planted. brussell sprouts, french breakfast radishes, baby spinach, and sugar snap peas are in!
  7. We added the Fubo app for $30 a month for regular tv. Otherwise you have to add apps and sign into your cable tv account which kind of defeats the purpose of cord cutting
  8. I actually just saw a PSA on this, it said 12 lbs and under might be in danger.
  9. Lizzie in Ma


    That is why I posted too.
  10. Lizzie in Ma


    My heart went out to you on this one. We got a Catahoula mix to be our youngest's therapy dog. We socialized like crazy, we trained, we worked with him every single day. We had him on anxiety meds. He had specialized training and was 100% on every command with voice or gesture. He was a blessing to us and our daughter in every way. We adored him more than I can ever tell you. He was sweet and funny and loving and the perfect therapy dog. Around 5 months, he started to react to people differently. Sometimes strangers, sometimes people he knew and liked. His hackles would go up and he would lunge at them. We actually had to get rid of the in home therapist, because he totally hated her and then Jenna didn't trust her because of it. We began to put him in PLACE any time someone other than family would come in and usually he was fine after a bit. But the behavior continued. We took him to our vet several times for complete work ups, we spoke with his trainer, we did everything right. Everything. And yet he still had some scary behaviors and there were some near misses. Then one morning, my husband bent down to pat him, as all of us did a million times a day, and the dog lost it and savaged his arm. Our default had always been, well, he'd never hurt one of us. But he did, badly. And my prayer was thank God it wasn't Jenna. We called everyone. the vet, the trainer, the place we adopted him from. Everyone assured us that we had done every single thing right. The lady at the rescue said that every once in awhile a puppy is born who isn't quite right and you don't generally know it until it's too late. We agonized over what to do. We ended up raising $5,000, (fully half was given by our precious oldest daughter from her wedding money) and we took him to Spirit Animal Sanctuary in New York where he will live out his life. We couldn't have him put down. it would have sent youngest back to inpatient. And frankly, none of us are over it yet and we still wonder if somehow we could have kept him. Jenna and I literally cried ourselves to sleep for months. We all felt he couldn't go to anywhere that would have the goal of adopting him out. We know he is happy there, we get regular updates but it is really hard. It was the worst thing that has ever happened to me in my entire dog owning life and it almost sent Jenna back into inpatient. That dog was the only thing she lived for, her only reason, for many months. He saved her life. I am writing to share this because sometimes, apparently, you can do everything right and it still doesn't work out. And I am sorry and I hope you are able to figure it out.
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