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  1. I went hyperthyroid when I hit menopause. Never had I been anything but hypo, pretty crazy. I started taking Myo- inositol powder with selenium capsules along with my thyroid meds and now, 6 months later, my numbers have never been better. There is a lot of good research on it for Hashimotos but I started with this article. I felt so much worse hyper than I ever did hypo. Never took kelp so I don't know how that all works. I hope you get it straightened out soon!
  2. Loved it. We also love Supernatural, Firefly, Criminal Minds, Deadliest Catch, Burn Notice, Leverage, Chuck, Hawaii Five O (the new one), The Good Doctor, NIght Shift, ER and MASH
  3. This has completely stopped by daughter's chronic uti issue.
  4. After the 3rd time I ended up in the ER all day with the kids and no money to use the phone. 2001 I think?
  5. The ADDitude website can be very helpful.
  6. This is the only stuff that has ever worked for me. It is glorious. Not an oil, a topical rub.
  7. Google Pixel 3a XL has the original Pixel camera and it is amazing, about 1/2 the price of Samsung s10. Two cons, no expandable storage or replaceable battery but for the camera, I can live with it.
  8. For me, this. I've watched loved ones fight incurable cancers. They did it for their family, not themselves and rather than spending the time they had living, they spent it in hospitals undergoing grueling treatment. My sister in law said at the end that she wished she's never gotten on the "hamster wheel of cancer treatment". It is what I will chose should it happen to me and my family knows it.
  9. Forgot to add in my pm to you, dd was on Lamictal for the Bart rage as well
  10. To relieve the pain while whatever it is heals, I can't recommend this stuff highly enough. It is the only topical that has ever touched my chronic neck and shoulder pain.®-extra-strength-cbd
  11. What a nightmare, I am so sorry. ((hugs))
  12. ((hugs)) it's ok to cry and be angry. I am sorry it is so hard.
  13. This has been a game changer for my dd who was prone to awful uti's. She takes it daily. the science is still slim on it, but my dd's gyn approved of it.
  14. No There are types of groups and people I find distasteful, but I don't personally hate anyone. When I was younger I had stronger feelings, but as I get older, I find I just don't have the energy to put into things I can't control.
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