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  1. I'd like an invite please. 23 year old and her dh live with us and youngest is 19 working and in college.
  2. lol, my Garmin does that every day. I get home and it says something like 10 down, 2 up, and I'm like how is that even possible! It also tracks hills as steps and when I went hiking in Vermont last weekend, it kept buzzing me every time I hit a big hill. On another note, my Garmin is borrowed and I have asked for the Fitbit Versa 2 with Alexa built in for Christmas and I can't wait. Lastly, I left my charger for my Garmin in Vermont and I feel like my life counts for nothing without it on. 😉
  3. Good for him, that's awesome!
  4. I've used eyebuydirect for years. Never disappointed.
  5. Totally with you. I adore technology and appreciate all of it!
  6. I have lost 38 lbs by using the Lose it app to track calories, switching to a protein and greens shake for breakfast and only indulging in alcohol on the weekends. Also do about 10,000 steps a day, half of which are done on my trampoline. I eat low carb, NOT keto, that made me sick, and substituted good choices for bad ones, ie Wink frozen dairy treat instead of Ben and Jerry's. You can totally do this! I also tried Meratrim which I think really boosted the belly fat loss.
  7. Fablehaven series Rick Riordan, any of the series Belgariad
  8. I went hyperthyroid when I hit menopause. Never had I been anything but hypo, pretty crazy. I started taking Myo- inositol powder with selenium capsules along with my thyroid meds and now, 6 months later, my numbers have never been better. There is a lot of good research on it for Hashimotos but I started with this article. I felt so much worse hyper than I ever did hypo. Never took kelp so I don't know how that all works. I hope you get it straightened out soon!
  9. Loved it. We also love Supernatural, Firefly, Criminal Minds, Deadliest Catch, Burn Notice, Leverage, Chuck, Hawaii Five O (the new one), The Good Doctor, NIght Shift, ER and MASH
  10. This has completely stopped by daughter's chronic uti issue.
  11. After the 3rd time I ended up in the ER all day with the kids and no money to use the phone. 2001 I think?
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