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  1. Yes! I was so annoyed when I read the books! Like, Claire, you are a modern woman, and medically trained! Did they not know about the effects of alcohol during pregnancy in the 1940's?!
  2. I don't have any (diagnosed) mental illnesses but I have that feeling from time to time. Ever since I can remember. It's usually my hands and arms feel WAY to big in space. I look at them and they look fine, but they don't feel fine. Its super weird.
  3. My cats are often on the counter and the dining table. It doesn't really bother me, and DH is slowly getting over it. My kitchen has three main counter tops, a bar with the sink, an island, and the run by the stove top. I don't mind them on the bar area as much because I rarely prep food there. But I try to discourage them on the other two areas. And I definitely run them off if I am actively cooking. I just wipe the counters and table down often and I am not at all a germaphobe.
  4. :bigear: I want one! I hope someone has some experience to share!
  5. I have a Toto Washlet seat on my toilet. It is everything. The seat is heated, and the heat level is adjustable (it can even be set to only heat during hours in which you are most likely to use it.) Upon sitting down, the seat pre-sprays the bowl to help with "stickage." The bidet feature has a bum setting and a front setting for ladies. The pressure, heat and angle are all adjustable. It then as a dryer, which is also adjustable. And to top it all off, it has a feature that remembers two separate users settings so all you have to do is press 1 or 2. I have Crohn's disease which leads to a
  6. Yes, they've broken one. And they are crazy with them. I'm truly impressed that there has only been the one casualty!
  7. Scotland!!! DH and I want to go so darned bad. But for longer than a week!
  8. That adults don't really know what they are doing either. I remember being a kid and thinking that adults knew what to do about everything. Now, I know better. It's all guess work. LOL.
  9. I have an iPhone7 that had touch screen issues. It just completely stopped working one day. I mean, COMPLETELY unresponsive. Since it was less than a year old, Apple warranty fixed it, but I was without it for a week while I sent it back since I don't an Apple Store nearby. Apple acted like they had no clue what the problem was but it got fixed in the end. I hope that is not the problem with yours! Maybe try a hard reset?
  10. This looks really cool! From what I could tell, it is only available in the UK?
  11. I drop darn near every single thing I pick up. One day, I was washing a nice, sharp Cutco chef's knife and dropped it. It landed, blade first, right in between my pinky and ring finger of my other hand. Why? Because silly me was trying to catch it. :glare: It went as deep as possible in that area. I probably could have used stitches but I was at my dad's house and he was like, hey, I've got some Dermabond! Well, we attempted to doctor it up ourselves. The thing with Dermabond is that you want to get the edges of the cut pressed together and then the glue can hold it. That didn't work so well
  12. When we moved from Alaska to Texas, we packed and moved our stuff ourselves. I had the brilliant idea to number each box and then list the contents of each box in a notebook. Which would have worked beautifully had I actually brought said notebook with us. 😤 Luckily, my brother-in-law was moving into our house and he sent the notebook to us. On that same move, about 2/3 of the way to our destination, we blew a tire on the enclosed trailer we were pulling with our belongings. We pulled over, changed the tire, and were about to get back on the road when a fire truck pulled up. Some one h
  13. After dealing with DD having urinary issues, one thing came up in a book I read that I hadn't heard before. Never, never, never withhold urine. According the the book, this is the reason baby girls in diapers don't get UTI's even with stool all around the sensitive part, but then once they are potty trained they do. Babies in diapers don't withhold. They go whenever the urge strikes. But after potty training, stopping activities to go potty is a pain so kids tend to wait. The book said that an empty bladder is less likely to grow bacteria, so frequent voiding is the key. Adults are usuall
  14. When my youngest was a baby, I hit up a good sale on baby clothes. I got about half of her next size of clothes. When I got home, I cut all the tags off the clothes and put the clothes into one of the bags and the trash in the other. I then proceeded to throw the clothes away and take the tags to the laundry room. Of course, I didn't notice until after trash pick up.
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