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  1. So awesome!! That is a big jump and takes so much courage! I have several friends who practiced law and got out. Nursing is such a big change from law!! What I love about nursing is the variety. Are you planning to do family nurse practitioner? I'm sure it's hard to say at this point till you do clinicals and decide on what type of population you want to work with. I did neonatal ICU and pediatrics mostly. A little ER and some outpatient clinics. I planned to go back for FNP because of the variety and the hours. I started applying and talking to the schools and bought the textbooks and tried t
  2. I actually just forwarded my resume to my friend who is a physician that works for an insurance company. The nurses that they hire work from home and they are looking for a nurse with my background!! I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I've also considered taking some medical coding classes and certification exams. I am super excited to learn a different side of nursing that I can do till I retire. I'm scared, though, to transition from a season of life that I love so much. I love the idea of working in insurance. Hopefully I have the experience needed!!
  3. After taking YEARS off? Once your kids were older? Did you give up your career and then go back? I'm feeling so antsy. My story - I was a dental hygienist and then went back to school for my BSN. I worked as an RN for 10 years in the hospital and in outpatient clinics. After my 2nd daughter was born when I was 35, I worked very part time for 2 more years and stopped when I was 37. At that time I took over the bookkeeping for my husband's business and still do that till this day (almost 10 years later), as well as homeschool my 11 year old daughter. When my mom died, I found a 1 day a week prog
  4. There are many procedures that can be done by general dentists, including root canals and implants. Implants are so common now that there are many dentists who do them and do them well, and they have very intensive training to be able to do so. I would not hesitate to allow a general dentist who is well trained to do a specialized procedure. A good dentist would refer a more difficult case to a specialist. As far as having to come back for an exam by a dentist, I think you should mention it to the scheduler that it is inconvenient for you to bring your family back in for an exam. In the
  5. If she knows these things bother you and she does them anyway, I think it's aggressive. Doesn't matter how trivial the situations are. I understand where you are coming from. My daughters' grandmother did the same types of things. She knew where my values were and went against them anyway. She would give them candy and cookies for breakfast despite that I was extremely anxious about their nutrition. There was a family history of cancer and at the time I did everything I could to make sure they didn't get anything artificial. I think a lot of moms of young children do their absolute best and wh
  6. The really vivid dreams that feel like they really happened are called "visitation dreams". They seem so vivid and real that you wake up thinking/knowing they really did happen. There are other regular dreams where the deceased is in the dream but it is of a more vague quality. Those are supposedly regular dreams. I personally believe in visitation dreams and have had them about my mother and others who have died.
  7. I'm from SC and we've always salted our watermelon. Soooo good!!
  8. I make fruit salads all the time. No dressing needed. I count on the strawberry juice to "marinate" the other fruits. I usually just do strawberries, blueberries, and either red or green seedless grapes. I always cut the strawberries (either in half or in quarters depending on how big they are), mix all the fruit together gently to not damage it, and let it sit for a few hours so the juices from the strawberries can mix with the rest of the fruit.
  9. I find myself trying to beat them at their own game most of the time. There are some things I have figured out and some things I'm still trying to figure out. The first couple of times I took in huge plastic bins of clothing and they only took a few pieces. Some stuff they gave back still had the tags on them. Then once I took in a banker's box and they wanted none of it. I waited till the weekend when there was different staff, took the same box back in, and got $47 for it. That's when I figured out I should keep trying to sell the same items instead of donating them. I know they won't take a
  10. I am the executor of my mom's estate, and I have been in contact with a company that does estate sales and auctions. I'm going that route. They recommended not throwing anything away. Not even to donate old clothes or electrical components, chargers, etc because they can auction off every bit of it. I would imagine you could get a good bit if you put them up for auction. ETA: They come to the house and pack everything up (for a small fee), so it is a win win as far as this busy mom is concerned.
  11. It’s $289/month and you can go every day if you want. Ours is open 5 days a week during the summer and 6 days a week during the school year.
  12. We just started using Essentials in Writing, and I love how simple it is to use. They just watch a DVD lesson, read the lesson in the book, and complete the exercises. The DVDs are in the back of the book so there is only the student book and (in some levels) the teachers guide. The lessons are presented in short manageable chunks. I think they also offer grading services (but I haven't looked into it). I really can't give a full review on it because we have only completed one week's worth of lessons, but I can compare it to IEW with respect to the materials and the ease of use. IEW is a
  13. For those of you who have used CLE for Language Arts through 7th grade, did you feel like it got to be too much during 7th? I don't know if it is just me or if it is my daughter not being very motivated this year, but it just seems like a LOT. It is so good, don't get me wrong. I've had so many issues going on this year that instead of going over each and every lesson with her, I've allowed her to correct all the lessons herself except for the quizzes and tests, which I think she should be able to do at this point. Maybe I've fallen behind on the learning myself. If you've found it to be almos
  14. My daughter just started Mathnasium this week. We had switched from CLE to Saxon this year and it just didn't work out. She had about 20 lessons left in Saxon 8/7 and it was just going downhill so I took her to Mathnasium where they did an assessment to determine where she needed extra tutoring. She loves it so much that she begged me to go every day this week! They said they could take her all the way through calculus without my having to use any other curriculum. Has anyone had experience with using Mathnasium as their only math curriculum? If so, how did you document the lesson plan?
  15. I just buy it. When I took my kids out of private school we saved so much money that I justified spending what I need to because I'm already saving us a ton by homeschooling in the first place. That said, I do worry about how much I'm spending just because it is in my nature to worry. BJU Press (Science) has been my big splurge. I mostly us CLE which is inexpensive. We are getting ready to outsource for a few subjects, so that will increase the amount we spend. In general, though, I don't worry too much about it.
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