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  1. Good morning/afteroon/evening wherever you may be! And welcome to the Lounge! Today's refreshments include a wide assortment of tisanes (herbal 'teas'), decaf coffee, bananas, Lunchables, and possibly some gluten-free pancakes later. Today's theme stems from the fact that the job I moved up north to take did not work out. And now that I'm about two weeks out from no longer having said job, I wonder if it had been better had I stayed. The answer is no, if I'm really being honest, but like the Israelites of old who escaped Egypt after having been slaves to Pharaoh for 400+ years, then when new problems hit, they wondered if they wouldn't be better off going back to Egypt. The answer there is also no. Now I don't think that I was a slave or even treated like one at the job I took, but the stress was REAL. And, as a slave, one's health could be in peril, I felt like mine might be with the huge spikes in blood pressure I was experiencing and the perfection they expected on the job. The point is, I can relate a little bit to what the Israelites were experiencing when they left one hardship for seemingly another. But the one in front of them was far easier, if they'd been honest, than the one they'd left. Just as God was encouraging the Israelites to move forward, and even provided them with enough food, He is encouraging me to move forward and is providing for me, as well. How do you handle things when they don't work out the way you expected? Here: I thought I was flexible. i thought I was good at confronting problems head on. To the first, I usually am. To the second, evidently not so much. What recent hiccups have you experienced in your life? Here: beyond the above, as I began to research another job opportunity I thought was going to work and I would snag quickly, i've discovered it may or may not work, and is not as quick for the snagging as I'd thought. What HAS worked in your favor lately? Here: God has been guiding me and providing me with other valid ideas on how to make an income. I simply need to be diligent and put action to those ideas. Plus, my rent is paid through June, so I have shelter and food while it snows outside. Talk to me!
  2. Ausmum, yep, me too. But that doesn't keep us from looking or buying, does it? 😉
  3. The thing about writing is it's so subjective. One reader won't like it, and another one will. It's a bit of a numbers game when you go to publish, with all involved: beta readers, editors, publishers, and readers.
  4. I had to head out to an event before I was done looking so I haven't bought anything yet! However, amongst the several other things I should do today, I'll probably look some more. Need to peruse, fill up the cart, then scale down before I make my final purchase. When I'm done, I'll let you in on what I bought!
  5. But you WROTE it! Sometimes life happens, writing gets put on the backburner, and we get to it later! When you finish it, can I be a beta reader? Please?
  6. Well, I don't know if they are specifically excluded. What I'm finding for me is that I only like one or two things included in the pre-made bundles. But you CAN buy those things individually OR build your own bundle to include those items. Fill up your cart with more than 4 or 5 items, and watch the price go down! Seriously! It's a little addicting...
  7. I have to amend my statement. When I first commented, I had only looked at the Curated Bundles. With those, I was not all that impressed. But now that I've been looking through the individual offerings in "Build You Own", I'm finding A LOT of good stuff! I'm filling my cart up as we speak. And while the discount is fabulous for a fuller cart, I still may have to pare some things down! LOL
  8. Happy Monday, all, and welcome to the Lounge! Today's theme stems from the fact that as I contemplate my income options moving forward, I feel God has laid it on my heart to really pursue writing. If I'm being honest with myself, He's been lovingly pushing me this direction for awhile now. Up until now, I've more or less focused on writing books; none of which are finished yet, though, and thus, not bringing in any income. So the other day, I had a fun idea for a short story. Yesterday and this morning, I've been thinking about hashing it out and then polishing it this week with the end goal of submitting it a few places for publication. Should be an interesting process! Any of you or your kiddos like to write? Here: obviously, I do. My dd does, as well. She has an amazing imagination! DS, not so much, although from about 5yo to 10yo he would come up with a new superhero at least once a week, if not more. Wish I'd written a few of those down! Have you or your kiddos ever been published? Here: my daughter has, in an anthology. I have, only in a church devotional when I was a teen. I don't know that anyone else in my family has. Although, if you've ever read anything by Damon Runyon, supposedly he's a distant relative of mine. Even if you haven't been published (not all are called to writing), what genres do you like to read? Here: I read almost everything with a few exceptions. I really like action/adventure (CJ Box and John Flanagan are amongs my favorites here). I'll also read mysteries (Alex Grecian is good here, but he can get dark) , good historical romance (and I usually only stick to authors Kris Tualla or Gilbert Morris for that), Nancy Drew (the classic books, not the new twaddle the try to pass off as Nancy Drew). And I'm currently reading Farenheit 451 for the first time (I know). Talk to me!
  9. I don't think you're being passive aggressive, at all. To me it sounds like you are withdrawing 1) because you are hurt and 2) you need time to process what happened and think about the best way to respond. That's called self-care, not passive aggressive. To me, passive aggressive is (and i have at least 2 relatives that are this way) saying something like, "Everyone was here; well, except you, of course" or saying to one person, while sister is in the same room, "Maybe (sister) will take the dog out before it gets too late" instead of asking sister directly, and politely, what you want her to do. DH does this all the time and it drives my kids nuts! Me, too, actually. Anyway, i don't see anything wrong with your response to the stated situation.
  10. You're not the only one. There was so much hype and it looked like a decent movie but I found it quite lacking. i felt the story-telling was choppy and, like you, didn't give near enough information. I came out of there thinking, "What was everyone bragging about? It wasn't that great of a movie." Maybe, now that I think about it, the music may have been what made the movie so enthralling to people. Kind of like "Frozen." that storyline was lacking, as well, but the music is fantastic! Anyway, I wasn't impressed with The Greatest Showman either.
  11. I'm a bit disappointed in the offerings. Two years ago, I found SO much that looked useful to us that I had a hard time scaling it down. Last year and this year, I have found the offerings lacking. Don't know why. Maybe I have all i need already? Which, if I was being honest with myself, is the truth. But I do like to peruse! On that note: has anyone figured out what's in the Mystery Bundle yet?
  12. Thank you all for your input. I would like to do it for at least one year with the family. I think it would be a great learning experience and get us OUTsidE more. I think by the time we can do it, ds will be ready for US History so we'll make our destinations fit the education. B-)
  13. Must not have had my coffee yet! LOL But wait, I think I did. Maybe I need MORE??
  14. Hello and welcome to the Lounge! Anyone here on the boards live full-time in an RV and mobile? Hubby and I have kicked around the idea. And now that my job that i moved for hasn't worked out, I like the idea even more. 🚐 If you live in an RV right now, what's the best thing you like about it? Least? Here: I can imagine there are many of both! If you haven't/don't live full time in a rig, have you done any extensive travel in one? Where did you go? Along the same lines,has anyone done a massive reduction in their household goods? What did you learn from that? Here: working on reducing. Books are hard to let go of! Yes, there's Kindle and Nook, but I really like my hard copies! 😎📚 Talk to me!
  15. You can make your own. I have a recipe. Message me if you would like the recipe.
  16. Last fall, I wound up in the ER twice due to high BP. They did all the non-invasive, and one invasive, test known to man to check out my heart. Physical heart is clear. They still put me on a beta blocker. *sigh* At first they had me taking one a day, half in the morning and half at night. I expressed my concern about even starting it because my NORMAL BP is 110/70. My high BP was caused by STRESS. They still thought i should take that dosage. After a few days of taking that dosage, my systolic (upper number BP) dropped below 100. I could barely function as my brain had trouble thinking. I finally just went to half a tablet a day. That seemed to work. Then a i had a change in life and weaned myself off of it completely. I did seem to have some anxiety then but it may have just been worry about if I'd be okay, although the intensity may have been the effects of it leaving the body. I highly recommend that when anyone go ON a synthetic medication that they also talk with their doctor about a plan to get off of it.
  17. Nice to see you, HomeAgain! I hope you enjoyed the beach, too, while you cleaned it.
  18. Come in, one and all, and take a load off for awhile. Teachers Only! Today's theme stems from the fact that I only have decaf in the house, and I don't care for the landlords' full caff coffee brand. I'll be scooting out here in a minute to get my own. What's on your schedule today? Here: I have to prep for some more training later this morning, and then coffee with a new friend this afternoon. At which point I may have decaf or switch to tea. One full caff brew a day is good enought for me. What's your weather supposed to be today: Here: right now in the low 50s but should be in low 70s for the high. Anyone been hiking lately? Here: not yet. The weather has finally calmed down enough (I hope) that I may get out there tomorrow or later in the week. Talk to me!
  19. Thanks for popping in Dawn and Jean! I love to hear of other people's adventures! Now, I'm going to prepare some props and other materials for my two mock teaching classes coming up, while "listening" to a tv show. Or some music. Haven't decided yet! 😉
  20. Hello and welcome to the Lounge! (Yes, I'm late again today. My apologies.) Today's theme stems from the fact that I am interviewing with an online ESL company for a possible part-time job. Anyone here ever teach ESL? Here: see above. It's looking promising! if so, which company did you work for? Here: I'm interviewing with VIPKids. If you could do your dream job remotely, what would that be/look like to you? Here: VIPKids may not be my dream job but it's pretty close! Talk to me!
  21. HI, Jean! Yep, I've been doing laundry, too. Thankfully this yard doesn't need much maintenance. What kind of animals do you have?
  22. It was a good and productive video chat with my kids. I miss them and the furry family members. Hoping to get us all in one place together soon!
  23. Hi and welcome to the Lounge! Today's theme stems from the fact that it is almost 1400 (2pm) MDT and I am just now opening the Lounge! And that's because, even though I let myself sleep in this morning, I've had a super productive day so far! And it's still going! Do you ever let yourself sleep in? Here: once in awhile I do. It's nice to be able to do that on occasion. What's been productive for you today? Here: I've read Scripture, done some researcy, actually got some writing on my novel done (it's been too long!), and am about to have a video chat with my kids. What's your weather like today? Here: today, sometimes foggy and a bit damp. Tomorrow and Thursday it's supposed to snow. Talk to me!
  24. Good morning and welcome to the Lounge! Today's theme stems from the fact that I know many of us work part-time (some full) to further the family budget. I'm curious to see what each of us do. Come in and share what kind of job you do/business you have that brings in extra income for the family, or just "mad money" for you. CAVEAT: names of business ARE allowed, soliciting is not. If someone wants more info about your business, they will contact you. 😉 Do you have a part-time or full-time job? Here: i'm in transition. Do you have a network/relationship marketing business? Here: yes. I market herbal whole foods for a US-based manufacturer. Is your work schedule structured or up to you? Here: both. Talk to me!
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