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  1. I recommend watching the documentary Big Sonia which is about a Holocaust survivor, her family, and her impact on young people. Then you can meet her outside of Kansas City. I don't want to give specifics to spoil the documentary. Feel free to PM me. https://youtu.be/rfcVG41Dbto
  2. We always joked that it was because the dental staff needed practice to gain experience! Margaret is right that it makes you nondeployable regardless of whether the wisdom teeth have any issues.
  3. I have been having the same camera issue. Thanks for the tips to possibly fix it
  4. If you have a decent and accessible library system I would start there. I have fond memories of reading picture books of myths from other cultures at that age.
  5. If you are using BYL 8, check in here and let us know how it is going. Did you complete everything in the first week? Did you have any problems? Was there anything you really liked? Are you using the program schedule or doing something different? @SilverMoon @HSMWB @MDL @serendipitous journey
  6. I think it would be manageable if only math and spelling (unless it is in the early programs) was added to the program. I think in early elementary I would have been fine just adding math and spelling but in later years my family needs more in depth writing.
  7. I like this idea. Maybe I will look at next week and see if everything will be more manageable if he focuses on subjects instead of daily work. Thanks!
  8. I can totally relate and would love to tips to get everything finished. My 8th grader is doing byl8 without narration and dictation. His other classes are wtma expository writing 2, wtma aops algebra, wtma Geography (which I tried to convince him to cancel), an outside science class 2x a week (with homework), vocab study, analytical grammar (starting next week), and he wants to do ancient history. This week has been tough. We are one day short because of labor day and he didn't get much finished on Tuesday either from being distracted. This is where we stand as of right now with byl8 week 1 Art - none completed with a goal to read the first part today and write a very short summary or basic outline, second part over the weekend Astronomy for all ages- nothing done, maybe we will do it over the weekend Golden Goblet- complete through day 4, Egyptian good packet nothing done History- with all of the reading and being worried the book is too dry, I summarized day one reading for him and he completed the timeline and map for the first day. Goal is the rest over the weekend Poetry - he annotated the poem and began memorizing it Story of science - he read ch 1-2 and completed study guide, goal to finish 3 today or this weekend Science- read and outlined the encyclopedia for the first reading, goal is to finish the 2nd by the end of the weekend Magic of reality- goal was to use as a read aloud and discuss, haven't started. Byl is so much when you are trying to do other subjects. I hope next week his time is spent wiser than this past week and he isn't scrambling over the weekend to finish. He also has 9 hours of a competitive sport during the week. I am not sure how I will survive the year without going crazy!!
  9. A friend of mine uses these vegan recipes https://www.purplecarrot.com/plant-based-recipes Her family isn't vegan so she uses cheese and things like regular mayo or whatever she has on hand. She serves it with a small portion of meat. For her family of six she is able to spend around $10 for the dinners she makes.
  10. Yes, this! I was just about to ask what section you are working in. If you stick with it, it gets much better! There are not videos for each section but I highly recommend using them for the sections they exist
  11. This week is WTMA orientation week and next week classes officially begin. What classes are your students taking? My 8th grader is taking AOPS Algebra (delayed), Expository Writing II (delayed), and Geography. This is his 3rd year at WTMA. Algebra- last year my nonmathy Ds took prealgebra through WTMA with Mrs Yoo. He needed a lot of extra help from me but he learned a lot, more than I think he would have learned otherwise I think. One frustration for him was he was much slower than other students so it was difficult when it was time to work out examples. This year he is doing the delayed option so he can pause the video and work the problems. He is also using the online text which is much easier to read and it has the videos embedded. Expository Writing II - this will be his first writing class at WTMA. He completed WWS1 two years ago. Last year he did some W&R and a lot of summaries and reports. He is very excited about this course and a little disappointed that it isn't live. Geography- last spring I signed him up for this class during the discounted period not knowing if he would have time in his schedule. Over the summer it became clear that there wasn't room in his schedule for it and I was planning on dropping the course. After signing in to his WTMA account and exploring the class he is most excited for this class so he will try to fit it in. Right now he is in orientation. What classes are your students taking?
  12. Have you tried using the videos to teach the lessons? They are found on the AOPS website. I think there is a video for most sections.
  13. I think you can do a reverse image search in Google to find where the picture came from.
  14. What is this place that people wait 3 hours (!?!?!!?) to get a table?
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