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  1. 1. You are not obligated to give a gift, even though you were sent an invitation. 2. It's her third marriage. Of course, you hope that she will be happy, so yes, a nice hand-written card would be fine wishing her happiness. A hand-written card, mind you, not a Hi There Greeting Card card.
  2. Sometimes, when people are just this instant withdrawing their children to begin homeschooling, they haven't had time to do the research, all the children are burned out and even damaged, and just getting that workbook from Walmart is enough while waiting for the dust to settle. Many on my FB group also recommend those on-line things; I haven't used them myself or reviewed the so I can't discuss the academics (or lack thereof), but I do encourage people to avoid screens as much as possible. Same for all the mods. But you can only tell people so much. 😞
  3. Your wish is my command. 🙂 These are the winners of the Merrie Monarch Festival last year. First are wahini (women) and kane (men) kahiko (ancient style, with chanting and implements only); then Miss Aloha; then wahini and kane auana (sung in Hawaiian, but modern instruments are used). FTR, I will never, ever be skilled enough to stand in their shadow, lol.
  4. I don't understand what you're looking for. "Placemats" and "holder" don't fit together in my brain cell.
  5. I did another thing, although not a kewl thing: I canceled my hula classes. Because I teach at a senior citizen center (and FTR, I don't understand why we're called "seniors." We did that already when we were 17.), members are slow in returning to activities (partially open). Last week I had two students, one of whom is pushing 90yo and has significant back issues so she can't move too much. It's just not worth it to me, frankly, to do all the prep for just two students. Also, the regular rule to have a class there is an average of five participants, so there you go. I guess four years of
  6. There was a TV series back in the day called "Faerie Tale Theater," hosted by Shelly Duval. My favorite one was "The Princess and the Pea," with LIza Minelli. The Queen was in her garden one day, accompanied by the gardener, she in her queenly finery, he with a pair of shears and a basket. She fussed at him and fluttered her hands as he continued snipping flowers ("I love working with my hands," said she). After her conversation with the prince, while the gardener continued snipping away, she went and sat down, with her black lacy parasol, and said my favorite line, "Oh, I do so love to garden
  7. Is he *capable* of doing quiet things? Is a he generally obedient?
  8. I have never needed a lid for a mixing bowl, but if it's important to you, then you should have them.
  9. That right there would be a good reason to homeschool.
  10. But the second round of crisis schooling reality has kicked in. My FB page was deluged by new members in July. There are six of us on the admin team and we were swamped, mostly with those who wanted help with their crisis schooling. We couldn't help them because of the constraints their children's schools put on them. Some left in a huff when we said we were sorry but we couldn't help, but it is what it is. Many of those who stayed want to know how to make sure their children will be able to go back to public school next year; we tell them we can't help them with that, either, because the
  11. Only three months until Christmas. That is all.
  12. Long ago, I allowed my older dd to attend a public school. I was the only parent who asked to see the textbooks and whatnot that were being used.
  13. I was disagreeing with that school of thought. I was not disagreeing with your results.
  14. I'm going to disagree with that school of thought. Strongly. Many adults with thyroid issues have Hashimoto's, an autoimmune disease that attacks the thyroid. The Autoimmune Protocol (AIP), which is recommended for people with autoimmune diseases, eliminates most of the foods which are higher in carbs, especially grains, which includes all those yummy breads and pastas, as well as oatmeal (which is supposedly good for lowering cholesterol) and rice; white potatoes are also on the list because they are nightshades. I wonder if those who are saying that low carb is bad are the same one
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