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  1. I never expected mine to sit for an hour. o_0 I read a chapter a day, or or a short book, right after lunch, and then we all went on with our own business.
  2. Oh, I would not go to another publisher. Again. Pick up that Rod and Staff book and start at the beginning. Make sure she does everything just as it's written. On paper, not orally (unless the directions say to do it orally). When there are review exercises with a row of problems, she doesn't have to copy all of those; she folds her paper on a line, holds it under the row, and writes just the answers. Also, if she's struggling so much, you might need to be more involved in the instruction, even though everything the children need to know is in the textbooks. At the least, have her bring you her paper after each section so you can go over it with her.
  3. Rod and Staff's math depends on the teacher manual only for the first three years. After that, all lessons are written to the students. There are scripted lessons for those who want to do them, but all they do is just present what's actually in the student text. IOW, from 4th grade on, you can hand the textbook to your dc and say, "Here. Go do this."
  4. I am so sorry (((shelydon))) But surely you must know that none of the manufacturers claim that people who receive the injections will not get covid. The only claim is that if people who have received the vaccine actually do get covid, probably they won't be as sick as if they had not. Not only are there a number of cases where injected people did get sick anyway, there is a significant number of people who have died from the injection itself. We just don't know enough. I know people who followed all.the.rules. and still got sick, and most of those felt like they had a mild flu. Researchers have been looking for a vaccine for HIV for 40 years and they are no closer now than they were when they started; how on earth could we expect a vaccine for this in such a short amount of time? Mr. Ellie and I are waiting until...something else happens. Until there's a treatment/real vaccine that has been tested on actual people, that does not kill those who receive it, that is an actual vaccine rather than something that supposedly teaches our bodies how to react to infection.
  5. It is his age that is important, not his "grade level." 🙂 Also, I don't believe there is such a thing a "middle-schooler attitude." There could be something are-related, but "middle school" isn't a physical, measurable thing. Are *you* doing anything differently during the times that he's rocking and giggling and whatnot? Did you expect him to suddenly sit still just because one day he was "in first grade"?
  6. 1. None of this has anything to do with being 5yo. 2. The sitter is clueless when it comes to taking care of children. 3. There's much more going on than the child misbehaving at lunch. I'd have to see/know more before giving advice, other than suggesting that the sitter find another vocation.
  7. Post padding on the "Ignore this thread" thread. FYI. 🙂
  8. Gently, I would never expect a 4yo child to be able to spell, regardless of how well she reads. IMHO, she's also much to young for LOE, or any other similar method. She is still 4yo child, which means her fine motor skills are still developing, and her hand-to-eye coordination. She would be better off doing things that will strengthen her hands and hand-to-eye coordination, rather than working on the handwriting required by LOE or anything similar, which I'm sure will be more than the penmanship you taught her. Similarly, I would not recommend doing any grammar yet. There are only 12 parts of speech and some thingummies like gerunds; how long do you think it will take for her to learn those? Readers? No. If your library is open, go there and let her check out real books. Not sure what you mean when you say that you don't know what to do to "encourage reading," as she is already reading at least an hour a day. And finally, you have already been teaching her. There's nothing official about the fall. When she is compulsory school age, and you keep her home instead of sending her to school, *then* you will be officially homeschooling. Right now you're doing a great job of parenting.
  9. We always took off Thanksgiving through about the middle of January. I don't know how doing ANKI, music, and reading is actually time off. o_0 But yes, it's more than enough.
  10. This is my favorite book. Well, it's one of the top three; the others are "Understood Betsy" and "The Chestry Oak." I found a British first in a junk store for about $10. I have seen copies for $100 or more. Those three books are the model for honesty, selflessness, integrity, and bravery. I don't know why they aren't at the top of every list. 🙂
  11. It isn't your job to decide where any kind of flag is appropriate. Seriously.
  12. MYOB. Who am I--or you--to decide what is appropriate for someone to put on a grave?
  13. Deadbolts on all doors. No handsets with locks. Double-key deadbolts on the doors which have windows in them (we keep the inside key in the lock when we're home). I'm leery of smart locks because all computers can be hacked, yes? Just haven't felt the need to take that step.
  14. A shower is a gift from the guests to the recipient. Other than agreeing on a date, list of guests, and a wish list, I don't think the guest of honor should be involved in the planning.
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