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  1. Ellie

    WWYD? Congratulations or silence?

    Keep scrolling. Nothing is required for social media.
  2. I never used them. 🙂
  3. Ellie

    if you use dishrags instead of sponges

    I put out a clean dishcloth every morning. I take the "old" one into the laundry room and drape it over the clothing rack to dry. It's dry the next morning, and I put it in a small basket with other little white things.
  4. It's also continual usage of penmanship and writing skills (because *all* writing counts as writing, even if the actual topic isn't writing). :-)
  5. I prefer R&S because it is *not* a workbook. I think there's great value in the children having to write on actual paper. Of course, R&S separates its English from its spelling. :-) I also like Spelling by Sound and Structure, though.
  6. Use a good phonics method to teach the children to read, then let them read good trade books. There is some value in learning/teaching the kinds of things that are covered in a reading program (e.g., learning to skim text for information, understanding plot and character development, reading a variety of genres which might not otherwise be read and experienced), but you can help the children learn those things without the program. Or use an organized program, but make sure there's lots of time for just reading.
  7. THSC and HSLDA are not mutually exclusive; IOW, you could join both, because they do different things. THSC is a statewide homeschool association, providing information about homeschooling in Texas, putting on a couple of conventions a year, and helping Texas homeschoolers with legal issues, although they don't cover legal fees and whatnot. HSLDA is an international organization that provides legal advice and support to its members; membership dues cover all expenses up to and including the U.S. Supreme Court. I think it's a good idea to belong to a statewide association in addition to HSLDA, although THSC is not my favorite. I recommend Texas Home Educators instead. But if you can only join one, then HSLDA, because of its vast services, which include helping member graduates if they have problems with employers or colleges because they were homeschooled.
  8. You understand that the transcript and course descriptions are two different things?
  9. Are you a member of HSLDA? Then you should ask them, because (1) they will give you better advice, and (2) they are knowledgeable about all states, while THSC is Texas only. If you aren't an HSLDA member, I strongly recommend joining, just on general principles.
  10. Ellie

    Ignore this thread!

    See, my computer is now upstairs, and I try to avoid many trips up and down because bad knees, so I only get to post in the evening. I don't like doing Internet on my phone. I have done it on my tablet; mayhap I could make the effort to do that, and then I can play here more often. Airfare has been taken care of. Ditto car rental, hotel, and park tickets. We'll be visiting the Mouse the week after Thanksgiving. We are like little kids, lol. That is all.
  11. Ellie

    Whar is the best laundry detergent?

    I've been using Amway laundry products for over 40 years. I plan to always use Amway laundry products. :-)
  12. Ellie

    Spelling for the natural speller

    One of the reasons I like about R&S's Spelling by Sound and Structure that the children learn more than just how to correctly spell words. They learn dictionary skills, etymologies, alphabetization, syllabication, and more. So maybe you could do those kinds of things with your dd. They are helpful skills, different from vocabulary, things that even children who are natural spellers need to know.
  13. Ellie

    They love PS but it is making them obnoxious

    I met her after I moved here. I was so sad when things went so badly for her. :-(
  14. Ellie

    Ignore this thread!

    I am not ketched up. I'm not sure that will happen. I'm just sending encouraging thoughts to all the ITT peeps that can be used as necessary. :-) The foundation is done. One of my cats was totally freaked out by...IDK what, so when the rest of the work is being done, I'm going to see if the cats can go spend time with a neighbor. The foundation work happened about two weeks before it was originally scheduled, and so the home equity loan we were planning to do hadn't happened yet. So I used insurance money to pay for that. So now I have to wait for the home equity loan to be funded before the rest of the work can be done. #firstworldproblems The contractor says he only needs one week, so I'm thinking the first week in December. :-) That's new hardwood throughout, repairs because cracked walls because bad foundation, all rooms painted (including the ceilings in a couple of them), new curtains in a couple of rooms. Oh, and before that even happens, the new counters will go in. It will be like a new house all over again. Which is a good thing, because we're old, and all of these things should keep the house going as long as we're in it, lol.
  15. Ellie

    Ignore this thread!

    Well, yeah, but Junie isn't in the PNW. :-) Sometimes I pretend I'm in Seattle and leave the umbrella behind, but sometimes I just want the umbrella. 🙂
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