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  1. In general, I don't have a problem with a non-AKC-recognized breed. 🙂 I just have a problem with people calling something a breed when it is not. This would cause *me* to walk away. 🙂
  2. Already I am suspicious, as the AKC does not recognize a breed called a mini Australian shepherd. From the United States Australian Shepherd Association: 1. We’re interested in or have a “Miniature Australian Shepherd”. They’re the same as Aussies, just smaller, right? No, the “mini” started from dogs that were completely unrelated to the dogs that were the foundation of the Australian Shepherd. However, “mini” breeders have bred Australian Shepherds into their bloodlines, so that today the “mini” is related to and resembles, but is not the same as the Australian Shepherd. The “mini” is currently being considered for eventual recognition as an AKC breed in its own right – separate and distinct from the Australian Shepherd.
  3. Agreeing with all the others: You need to see the home where the puppies are bred, puppies' parents, you need to see health certificates, you need to see pedigrees.
  4. FitFlops. I bought my first pair when I was working on my plantar fasciitis.
  5. Well, we are in Early Summer, after all. (Remember that we have four seasons: Early Summer, Summer, Late Summer, and Christmas)
  6. Rod and Staff for English (includes writing and grammar) and spelling. Bam. Done.
  7. Clearly people are not taking this thread seriously.
  8. Back in the day on VegSource, we had a spa and a swing and a closet full of chocolates and cozy quilts and the bunny slippers. 🙂
  9. I'm taking myself on a field trip today. I had to do some laundry first, and I'm taking a meal to the church for our priests (I cooked everything yesterday except for the peach pie; and I wrapped each thing--mashed potatoes, steamed lemony carrots, American's Test Kitchen meatloaf--in foil instead of putting them in individual containers which must be washed and returned and whatnot, making my inner Martha Stewart twitch, but practicality over cuteness, right?) I'm just goofing off now while waiting for the dryer to stop and the pie to cook. That is all.
  10. I *totally* have spring fever. It is why we always took off a couple of weeks around Easter. 🙂
  11. The thing with doing all those conceptual things is that often the practical things are not taught. Doing a traditional math like R&S or Saxon really makes it possible for children to use their math in ways that they'll actually use math IRL.
  12. A vegetarian diet could easily include foods that are known to cause problems for many people, hence the Autoimmune Protocol Diet, which eliminates all the likely culprits, then adds them back in one by one, so that someone can be sure which foods, if any, are causing problems.
  13. The Autoimmune Protocol I learned about it on the Hashimoto's 411 Facebook page after I was diagnosed with Hashi's. Happily for me, the only food I react to is dairy, although I can still have dairy products in small amounts. Cream in my hot tea several days in a row results in joint pain (inflammation).
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