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  1. She is doing well, has been up a couple of times. She's going home already. 😮
  2. She's in recovery. That's all I know. TY for asking. ❤️
  3. Those of you who are praying people, would you remember my dd Sarah today? She is having hip replacement surgery (11:30 a.m. Pacific time). TYVM.
  4. We try to spend around the same amount of money, but TBH, they don't really care. Mr. Ellie's older brother was obsessed with keeping things "fair" when they were growing up, and Mr. Ellie's parents really played into that. Even as adults, MIL was careful about gifts; she bought the brother & his wife a clothes dryer, so she bought Mr. Ellie, who was single at the time, a bedroom suite. Same $$$. 🙂 So we really emphasized the fact that we buy/acquire things for family members based on need (and heart's desire), so one dc might get a pair of shoes and the other would get nothing. Although we probably had the same # of presents under the Christmas tree, we never commented on it, and neither did the dc. So I guess there was at least one thing we did well as parents, lol.
  5. Today's hula. Not the costumes y'all might have expected: Also, an object lesson in how to record a dance performance: do NOT pan to the musicians, because it is about the dancers. We can hear the musicians and appreciate them while we watch every move the dancers make. /rant
  6. Thursday is my Field Trip day, so today I put some stuff in a box for my dd (who is having hip surgery next week) and actually went to the post office and mailed it, then I drove up to Bucc-ee's, which is about an hour away, chatting with the dd while I drove; and on my way home got the car washed. #MomFieldTrips
  7. We didn't go anywhere. My daughters threw a lovely party for us, including a display board with wedding photos and of our lives over the 25 years, and found a mannequin to display my wedding dress on. And Mr. Ellie bought me a diamond engagement ring which he picked out on his very own that was perfect in every way. ❤️ Our 50th anniversary is this coming November. We'll probably go to Disneyland, even though we've been there elebenty hundred times already 🙂 but we'll stay at the Disneyland Hotel, and maybe do the VIP tour of the park. And we've talked about Disneyland Paris. Or Hawai'i. We'll see what actually happens. 🙂
  8. Planning ahead, mentally, often does help when The Event actually happens. So sorry that your mother is such a pill. 😞
  9. My question is still the same, though. I know the last thing to be true, which does not excuse people who purposely refuse to RSVP.
  10. MIss Manners would tell you that it's not your job/the bride's job/the groom's job/anyone's job to tell people what to wear to a wedding. There shouldn't even be a line item that says "dress code" on the invitation or anywhere else. People should decide what to wear based on when and where the wedding is. If they don't know, they can ask MIss Manners. I fail to understand why people get bent out of shape because guests, who are not in any of the official, formal photographs, were not taught proper etiquette and accidentally wear the "wrong thing" The happy couple should be glad that people took the time to show up. Unless it's a night-time wedding in a church, and the wearer is in the wedding party, a tuxedo is way over-dressed. But again, not your job. Let it go. Also, it is terribly rude to attend an event without an RSVP. I don't know how you could address that. It's tacky to the extreme. I would not allow them anything: no place settings (if that's going to happen), not part of the oounct for food, if it's a plated dinner, they have to wait at the door until everyone who RSVPd is fed, and they get any left-overs. That's just a fact; why should people who did what they were supposed to do suffer in any way because of people who didn't bother?
  11. I have recently been missing my Day Runner/Franklin Planner. 🙂 I'm at a stage of life where I don't have to worry about anyone except dh and me. I was thrilled when cell phones became "smart," so I could keep all my contact information in the phone, and put stuff on a calendar, instead of carrying around my Franklin. But lately....I feel like I need to see a whole 8 1/2 x 5 1/2" calendar instead of the little bitty thing on my phone. And sometimes my phone frustrates me because of the way it stores contacts...so, we'll see what happens down the road...
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