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  1. IMHO, Miquon's Lab Notations are necessary. Even though the children are supposed to discover stuff, the teacher is supposed to help things along. 🙂 Also, the Lab Notations has things like a chart showing which concepts are covered in each of the six books, so that if you wanted to, you could buy all six books at once and follow concepts through each book instead of completing each book one at a time.
  2. From the moment you begin giving him something else to eat or drink, you are weaning. 🙂
  3. You could have her take the Saxon placement test and then won't have to think about which grade level and for how long. Saxon isn't based on grade levels; it's based on experience levels.
  4. Charlotte Mason. Ambleside Online has it all figured out. Go with year four (rule of thumb: teach to the oldest child and let the littles come along).
  5. Sounds good to me. FTR, it's what classroom teachers do.
  6. Same. I remember the smell at my great-grandmother's house of coffee perking and toast. It is a warm fuzzy memory smell for me. 🙂 But I don't wanna drink that stuff unless it comes with cream, sugar, caramel, whipped cream...
  7. Insomnia. I hate Saturday night insomnia, because I have to get up early because church. That is all.
  8. Star Trek Voyager got a second breath when Seven of Nine joined the cast at the end of Season 3. There were four great seasons after that. FYI.
  9. Mr. Ellie and I are almost always the last ones out of the theater, because we are watching the credits until the very bitter end. We do it at home, too, even when we've watched a movie elebenty times, because you just never know...
  10. The awkwardness of doing repairs on a stacked washer/dryer makes me wonder if the convenience is worth it.
  11. Understanding Writing, by Elizabeth Braderick. It's for all ages.
  12. Sometimes it's diet that causes acne, and usually dairy products are the culprit.
  13. Ellie


    Zaner Bloser. It teaches the strokes that are used in cursive, then teaches the letters using the strokes. Here are some free downloadable pages.
  14. What are you using for your primary arithmetic instruction? Some publishers build in learning basic math facts as part of the lesson, so that you don't have to use additional resources. Rod and Staff Publishers does an excellent job of that.
  15. Are you *sure* you saw that, or are you thinking of the FB meme hoax that makes its way through periodically? As I said, it is always possible to see all of your Friends' posts; they're just all not going to show up on your newsfeed, because it would be like a fire hose of data for some of us, lol. You just go to your Friends' newfeeds and see what you want to see instead instead of their comments showing up on your own. Also, if you frequently react to or comment on your friends' comments, those are the friends whose comments will automatically be in your newsfeed.
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