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  1. I have known two otherwise healthy people who died after receiving the second shot, so there's that. I would feel much better about it if TPTB would be more open and forthright about what they know and what they don't know. Now it seems as if it will become an annual vaccine, like the flu shot. Surely, this was not news to them. Why didn't they say that before? Florida, which was never locked down, and California, which has been the ultimate in lockdown, have the same infection rate. It's an infection that is 100% treatable with an existing, FDA-approved drug. Even without that
  2. Your profile says you're in NC. Is that still accurate? (Because sometimes people move and don't change their profile locations. 🙂 ) If so, the law says says your homeschool "must operate on a regular schedule for at least nine calendar months each year, except for 'reasonable holidays and vacations.'” The attendance calendar on DNPE's web site is completely optional; the law itself doesn't specify actual attendance records. For myself, if I were keeping attendance records in a state that required "nine calendar months except for reasonable holidays and vacations," that's all I would keep trac
  3. There were "many" different gospels used until the Church eventually made the decision as to which ones were actually inspired, which the Church decided were the Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.
  4. For those who are Catholic (or Orthodox, I would assume) it means someone who relies solely on Scripture and denies the authority of the Church. I give my Catholic friends a little grief over using that term because there's a huge population of non-Catholic Christians who believe in the infallibility of Scripture who have never heard that terminology.
  5. How can it not be the right thing to stop going when you feel the way you do? A support group would satisfy the social--and emotional--needs, which are very bit as important as the educational things that happen at co-op, which you could probably do at home, anyway.
  6. Maybe she would do better with a more traditional kind of arithmetic, such as Rod and Staff.
  7. A co-op/tutorial? No. A support group? YES! But don't do classes. Do support group: field trips, presentation day, maybe a Mom's Night Out, park day if you live where the weather is good, skate day, just one activity a week (e.g., park day once a month, field trip once a month, etc.). Doing the co-op is not worth it just for the social, not when you and your children feel the way you do. Have a park day (or a skate day, or a bowling day, or whatever), invite some friends, see how it goes.
  8. I feel like I saw that. She wants a governess. Actually, first she wants a nanny, who becomes the governess.
  9. Historically, there was no such thing as "prealgebra." There was arithmetic, and then there was algebra. Multiple people here have said their children used R&S arithmetic through 7th or 8th grade and then went on to algebra, and they were well prepared. Since I don't think algebra needs to be done before 9th gr./14yo, I would probably to R&S's "Applying Mathematics," which includes things like polynomials, computation with signed number, and exponents (as well as extracting square roots, base twelve and base two numeration, scientific notation, and statistics) and then figure out
  10. Just to emphasize the fact that the instruction is entirely in the teacher manual. It is expected that you teach using the scripted lessons, then give the child the seatwork that goes with it; then teach, then more seatwork; then teach and more seatwork. I used it one year when I taught in a one-room, multigrade school, because I needed for the little six-year-old to be doing something while I worked with other children. It is not my favorite. I'm not a fan of sight reading in any form.
  11. Ah, see, a source such as HSLDA, or one of the California state groups, would have been better. I have noticed that third-party sources don't always have the correct information, as here; there's no point in even mentioning what is required of public schools. I'm also glad you have dislodged it from your brain. 🙂
  12. Why 180? Why not 179 or 181? Why not just do the work until you're finished, however long that takes?
  13. I used to have regular conversations with the BJUP rep when we saw each at conventions. He had been a private school administrator before doing BJUP, so he thought he knew it all, lol. He was a great guy and we liked to give each other a hard time. 🙂 Anyway, he was steadfast in his insistence that private schools were required to have a 180 day school year; I was steadfast in telling him to show me the education code. He never could, of course, but he knew it was in there. It is one of those urban legends that we can never defeat. 🙂
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