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  1. ::looks for the willy nilly emjoi:: ackackackack He would have to buy all new washcloths for you.
  2. You and I should have been co-leaders of a troop. 🙂
  3. Absolutely. I will tell you this one thing: make sure that *you* correct each page before she goes on to the next. Yes, even though she could do it herself. *You* need to make the corrections so that you know how she's doing, and you need to correct a page before she does the next one so she doesn't continue making the same mistakes. It only takes a minute. 😉
  4. Sometimes children (well, most often it's girls) in classroom-based schools play favorites; they'll choose one or two people as their favorites and ignore everyone else, or they don't let their non-favorite people play with them, or invite their non-favorite people to parties, all that stuff.. You know, part of the whole Mean Girl Syndrome. It's one of the things that we hsers don't usually have to put up with. So perhaps that was behavior your dh's grandmother was hoping to redirect. IOW, it's not something *I* would tell you to make a big deal out of.
  5. Easy Grammar is the primary, comprehensive instruction. The Ultimate series is more like review. Easy Grammar is my favorite. Every level teaches the prepositions, so it doesn't matter whether your dc has learned them previously or not. I would not do the Ultimate series with a child who has not already had significant grammar instruction.
  6. Maybe you could walk him back in there each time he neglects to do it and have him practice for you several times while you stand and watch him. FTR, I don't think three times is enough to really make an impression. But also there needs to be follow-up on your part, hence my suggestion to walk him back into the bathroom.
  7. Scheduling isn't affected; or to put it another way, if we did have a religion that required some sort of manipulation of our daily routine (other than Sunday and church), it would just be part of our lives, KWIM? Generally, I would choose instructional materials which reflect my beliefs; for example, I believe in Special Creation, not Evolution, so I would choose something for science that presented Special Creation. I'm going to chose things for history which don't paint all early Christian explorers as evil (because they weren't it was complicated). I'm going to choose reading material that reflect my belief that there are mothers and fathers, men and women, boys and girls, that God created men and women to be married to each other, and from that marriage to have children.
  8. I have no idea what "jeggings" are. The picture just looks like skinny jeans...
  9. Rod and Staff Publishers. Excellent scripted oral class time, no twaddle or cute stories, first through third. Beginning with fourth grade, there are still scripted oral lessons, but they are unnecessary, as they don't add any information to what is in the student text.
  10. Phonics and spelling are not mutually exclusive. If your dd is reading well, then she doesn't need phonics. If her spelling needs some improvement, then she needs spelling, not phonics. I don't believe that native speakers of English need to study their own grammar for 12 years. Children will model those around them when they are learning to talk; if their role models have poor grammar, they will, too; I hear people using poor grammar all.the.time, and I know these are people who spent many years in school, presumably doing at least some grammar, but their role models at home trumped the grammar instruction at school. I think some grammar instruction is helpful, as it can tidy up mistakes in general, and knowledge of grammar terms definitely does help with discussions of a child's writing. I just don't believe in 12 years of grammar study. There are only eight parts of speech and some thingummies like gerunds; how long should it take to learn those?
  11. There's a wonderful chart floating around which has this all laid out; unfortunately, I don't know how to get it here. 🙂 Let's see if I can describe it: My cousin Tom and I are first cousins (we have the same grandparents). His son Ben and I are first cousins, once removed. Tom and my daughter Karen are first cousins, once removed. Ben and my daughter are second cousins, as they are the second generation from the grandparents. Ben's son Gabe and my dd's son Devon are third cousins, as they are the third generation from the grandparents. Karen and Gabe are second cousins, once removed; Ben and Devon are second cousins, once removed. Clear as mud?
  12. That seems like it would be tricky because there's such a wide age range.
  13. Clearly she doesn't need AAS. 😉 Not all phonics methods use "phonograms" the way AAS and other similar methods do. You say that her spelling "needs some work," not that it's really bad. Maybe something like Rod and Staff Publishers' Spelling by Sound and Structure would work; it doesn't just have a spelling list each week to memorize, but it includes work on dictionary skills, adding prefixes and suffixes, and more. It isn't exciting, but it is very efficient. I abhor writing instruction that does things like make up random rules such as paragraphs having to have at least six sentences. That is so absolutely not true in real-life writing at all. In fact, I prefer writing instruction that doesn't focus on writing paragraphs at all, but begins with helping children...write. The original Writing Strands and Understanding Writing teach that way. I don't actually teach grammar until the children are 10 or 11ish, and then I use Easy Grammar.
  14. No refunds, unless the event itself is canceled. Someone who wants to cancel can try and sell her spot to someone else, but it's on her to do it.
  15. Not all children need manipulatives. Or visuals. Perhaps she'd do better with a traditional arithmetic such as Rod and Staff Publishers'.
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