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  1. Or, my choice: let his leisure reading be whatever he wants it to be, and keep his required reading the same.
  2. Yogurt doubles up my dairy-intolerant daughter almost instantly. If I had a child who had any kind of dairy issue, I would avoid dairy in any form, always.
  3. Why is your goal to send her back to public school? The public school has failed her; why would you send her back? No, you don't need to "accept her skill level." That will keep her at status quo, which is lacking in English and math skills. The sole reason that justifies your homeschooling is that the school has failed her academically. You can do better. No, you don't work through grade levels. Those are made up things. This is what *I* would do (assuming she has no real learning disabilities but has just been lost in the system): I would do Spalding with her. It tea
  4. Is she literate? That is, can she read and write well enough to do what she needs to do in her chosen life path? Does she have the math skills she needs to be a functioning adult? If yes, then I say graduate her and let her move on. If she needs more education down the rode, she can always take classes at the community college or self-study.
  5. Most states are reluctant to accept any credits earned at home; it isn't just a Texas thing. Also, it isn't that your dc would start back at 9th grade; he could very well be 10th or 11th or 12th. He just won't have the credits to graduate. This letter is from Mike Morath, Commissioner of Education in Texas. He addresses homeschooled children returning to public school, and I kind of feel like he's really encouraging the schools to award credit...but they are not required to, and mostly they don't.
  6. ((((Laurie))))) Is there any respite care available in your community?
  7. I never try to guess which breeds are all mixed up in the sweet pup who is going to live with me. You just can't tell, and it doesn't really matter, does it? Also, by "chiweenie" I guess you meant a chihuahua and dachshund mix? She doesn't look like either one to me, but again, you just can't tell. 🙂
  8. Well, technically, it's incremental, not spiral. 🙂 I would do Saxon. It has a proven track record, and it does all the math. FTR, Saxon does teach why as well as how. It just does it differently than other publishers.
  9. I feel exactly the same way you do: she wants someone else to homeschool her child, also known as a tutor. Homeschoolers apparently don't know what a tutor is.
  10. I think there's no actual scientific evidence that eating foods high in cholesterol (such as eggs) actually causes one's cholesterol to be high. I say give him all the eggs he wants. FTR, I eat several eggs every day, and my cholesterol is fine.
  11. I have this same one. 🙂 It's about 10 years old, and I love it. I don't know the science, but I am convinced that water "boiled" in a microwave oven isn't really boiled. I never use it to heat up water for anything, especially not water for tea. It just doesn't taste right. o_0 I fill my tea mug with water and dump just that much into my electric tea kettle. It only takes a minute for the water to reach boiling. I also use my electric tea kettle any time I have to have hot/boiling water for any cooking needs, which admittedly isn't often, but just to point out that I don't only us
  12. What year? My 2004 Caravan could swap the three-person bench and the two-person bench, and I'm pretty sure one of the things that made the Caravan so versatile was the ability to use any variation of seats, so yes, I would think that the three-person bench would fit where two buckets were.
  13. The 4th edition of WRTR is my favorite. 🙂 I would be reluctant to outsource via online. IMHO, this needs direct response from a human.
  14. He will be "in fourth grade" in the fall no matter what. It is his fourth year of formal school, yes? Fourth grade. As you can see from my signature, I am a Spalding geek. It's what I would recommend. It would be your whole English course: reading, spelling, penmanship, capitalization and punctuation, simple writing. All you need is the manual (Writing Road to Reading) and a set of phonogram cards--a one-time purchase of around $40--and you're good to go forever. Spalding is infinitely flexible so you can adjust it to his abilities. And if you do Spalding, my very best advice would b
  15. I'm not sure what you mean by "connect the dots." Connect to...what? The "high school level books" are meant to be review, not primary instruction, similar to Daily Grams. The primary instruction ends with Easy Grammar Plus. So you'd have to decide whether the children have enough grammar to just do review, or if they needed major instruction. Also, it's a one-day-a-week class. Would you do some class instruction and whatnot and then send them home with homework? Don't the Christian Light materials have writing in them as well as grammar?
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