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  1. And that's how it should be. The rehearsal "dinner" is supposed to be just light refreshments for the people who are actually *in the wedding,* not for everyone and his brother. They'll all get to see each other at the wedding, after all.
  2. Probably that's why R&S's English covers grammar in depth every year, because most children can't identify parts of speech after just one year. 🙂 Also, is it vital for children to identify parts of speech, or is it vital that they write correctly constructed sentences? Because it is possible to write well without knowing parts of speech. Also, it isn't enough to teach stuff; it must be used. So whenever your ds begins sentences with lower case instead of upper case, not only do you correct the errors, you lower his grade for that paper. Or you grade the paper for content, and have a second grade for mechanics, which you lower. Possibly you are already doing that; if so, just ignore me. 🙂
  3. I haven't ever heard of an annual assessment that was "accredited." According to HSLDA, you can give the test yourself with approval from the superintendent. Have you connected with local homeschoolers? If not, that would probably be your best bet. Here's a page with links to a number of New York groups.
  4. Ellie


    Wallpapering over existing wallpaper is evil.
  5. Ellie


    I wallpapered my bathroom just a couple of years ago. But I did that after I stripped wallpaper which had not been hung properly, so much swearing was involved. Before I hung the new wallpaper--which is beautimous, BTW--I applied a primer to the walls, so that if I ever want to remove it, it will peel right off. I don't think wallpaper has ever been completely out.
  6. I think it would be useful to work on mechanics instead of working on developing writing skills. You say he's doing that all on his own. Let him continue doing that while you work on the things which will make it possible for other people to read what he writes. 🙂
  7. You probably need to clarify what "online school" means to you. ABeka Academy has online school; Clonlara has online school; Laurel Springs has online school; K12 has online school (and no, I don't mean a public virtual academy like California Virtual Academy or Texas Virtual Academy; I mean you can buy K12 yourself and do it however you want). If you enrolled your dd in a distance-learning school that has online classes, then it wouldn't be any different from any other private homeschooling situation. You would still submit your IHIPS and all that stuff. It would just be someone else doing the actual teaching.
  8. No, you wouldn't want to do that. You want your tea kettle to remain clean, KWIM? So use a tea pot; it doesn't have to be ceramic.
  9. Many grocery stores carry P&G tea bags. Even my local Central Texas grocery store sells them. 🙂 I usually buy Lipton loose tea, but if I buy bags, I buy either Lipton or Red Rose. FTR, I use loose black tea, even if I am making one cup (I have an infuser that fits in the cup). Boiling water, steep for exactly four minutes, sweetener, cream, never lemon in hot (black) tea. For some reason, tea bags brewed in a tea pot taste different from a single tea bag in a cup. I don't know the science behind it, but my taste buds notice the difference. 🙂 If I'm serving tea to several, I always use a teapot, never hot water and tea bags. I have a large coffee urn that has only ever had tea brewed in it, which I use for really large groups.
  10. Ellie

    Funeral drama

    ((((Farrar)))) I'm so sorry. 😞
  11. Have you [gently] shown him how to correctly hold his pencil, and [gently] corrected his grip, each and every time he picks up a pencil? (or crayon, or even his fork, because we hold our eating implements pretty much the way we hold our writing implements) I don't believe children will automatically switch to a tripod grip; I believe they need instruction.
  12. We didn't "transition" into full-time homeschooling. Once I brought my dd home, we were homeschooling; things just looked different depending on, well, whatever. 🙂 I withdrew my dd from a private school during Easter vacation of first grade in 1982. I came to believe (thanks to John Holt and my homeschooling neighbor) that my dd was burned out, bless her heart (an all-ABeka school). I believed my dd needed to recover herself, however long that took. I figured that there were only six weeks of school left, so we just took an extra-long summer vacation. It was 18 months before she was ready for anything that looked like school. In the meantime, we started a Camp Fire club and worked on badges, also started Missionettes at church, and did some field trips, and spent lots of time just hanging out at home. Eighteen months to undo what the school had done in less than a year. A relaxed summer would not have been enough time. And also, because of John Holt, I was not looking at a "school year" that started in the fall; I was just looking at my dc and doing what I thought she was ready to do, when she was ready to do it.
  13. It might problem might, indeed, be the "same kind of problem" that he did before. But those problems aren't just for practice (although that is one of Saxon's strengths, that there is continual review); they continue to build on concepts already taught, or express the same concept differently. Sometimes children hit a wall with a new concept because they missed the development of concepts that lead to the new one, because they were doing odds or evens.
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