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  1. Has anyone sorted out what needs to be on hand at home for symptoms? The same as for the flu or bronchitis?
  2. Dd was in Europe last year so this happened. Ds not getting away with it this year. Haha
  3. So...for those of us who will be in the throws of Holy Week maybe SWB had a plan to help keep us focused. :D
  4. I’ve been on vacation and not paying attention to the date. 🙀. Have a good week everyone!
  5. It's not the Great British Baking Show but it's fun. They really don't give these folks much time for a finished product. :D
  6. I would contact people. I usually check with a few people and get a commitment before I pick my date. I sure hope folks are lazy but coming!
  7. I’m a fan of having surgery on a Monday incase there is a problem. It’s hard or impossible often to get help on the weekend.
  8. My dc were out for a week plus. One had a dry socket and the other was just out of it . Iwoukd plan to have at least a week to be sure and hope for a few days. Some if this has to do with the particular case, how easy they are to remove or not, tolerance to pain and pain meds, how well it heals etc.
  9. Look online and call a few people to get rates. It varies depending where you live. You can also see some of their photos online and see if you like them. Or pay an up and coming photographer whose pictures you enjoy. Some include photos others let you print. Remember it’s time to prepare, location, taking photos , editing etc they should have everything spelled out in a contract. It’s not too early to start looking. June is a busy month. It sounds fun, enjoy!
  10. In school seems like a memorial not a protest or call for action.
  11. There is always one set of missing keys.
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