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  1. Of course she wants to go back. We all want to go back to the things we remember fondly even though nothing is ever the same. As an old mom, I think she will be fine if she goes back or if you find other things to join. I would think about how you want to use your time next year and plan for that. If you think ultimately it's time to start something new for your family I would do it once things open up. Don't take her back and have to pull her out again. I think for co-ops to work well everyone in the family has to be content.
  2. I'm so sorry you are going through this. You are generous to try and make it work. Mixed messaging is particularly difficult and policing a church for compliance is a nightmare. Because of this many churches are closed, ministers are exhausted. They are used to juggling and being able to accommodate various opinions. This just doesn't work with opinions about Covid. We are only open for one Sunday service, with masking and distancing mandatory, and no singing. Only 1/4 of the parish choose to attend. Our online service is run out of a smaller chapel with music and singing so folks at
  3. She's adorable. Thanks for sharing such a cute picture. 🥰
  4. My kids are close in age and I loved our Maclaren stroller. We were in the city and could manage all the narrow aisles and it folded up easily.
  5. I didn't get a new stove for years because the oven worked and I got used to cooking with one burner for a family of 4. One pot meals, and a crockpot worked just fine. My mother made most of our food in an electric frying pan that had temperature adjustments. For something different I would look at recipes.
  6. I've been thinking about this.If kids aren't vaccinated and the vaccine is only a certain amount effective doesn't that leave us with a larger amount of transmission than is optimal?
  7. We all know that everything takes longer than we plan. Even if there is vaccine enough for the country doesn't mean there is a means to get it distributed equally as fast. Then the uncertainty of the vaccine itself, percentage of folks who take it and other unknowns. I'm not counting on anytime soon.
  8. I'm that person in our musical family. It's not fun. I've listened to enough instrument and voice practice to hear other peoples music better but not my own. He doesn't really understand why it's such a big deal. If you can't hear it you don't get it. He needs a music room of his own. lol
  9. I was just thinking about Christmas stockings. Dd is now married and I'm wondering what kind of stockings they would like. The kids ,now young adults, stockings are just that, for kids, train and angel motifs. I have a nice hand knit one with my name and birthdate. Dh has a fun felt stocking and the cats have theirs. Santa often forgets the poor kitties. We also keep a couple of extras for visitors. Maybe I should make quilted stockings for everyone.
  10. Always a worry around here. I hope they keep it contained in the university.
  11. My young adults are happy with the SE. Their phones are well used every day without power complaints. Everyone needs a good charger for backup. They don't cost much.
  12. Didn't someone talk about cutting off part of a nylon stocking and putting it over one's mask?
  13. My first Gramma and Grandpa are coming for dinner meal was meatloaf, baked potato, baking powder biscuits and the candle salad. haha. It must have been in a kids cookbook. Put a lettuce leaf on plate topped with a slice of canned pineapple and half of a banana standing up in the middle to look like a candle. We were about 9 or 10 years old.
  14. There are many good suggestions in the posts above. Just a little thing I found when caring for a woman with dementia. She was quite a reader but after a while it was easier for her to reread her favorites. It was easier to reorient to the story when she picked the book up the next day.
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