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  1. A couple seem fine and a couple have loss of taste and smell, one recovering and one is long hall quite ill. It somehow took me by surprise.
  2. I was on a zoom meeting recently and asked if everyone had received their vaccinations. I was going to offer to walk the older ladies through the registration process but most of them were recovering or in quarantine because their husbands were positive. 😞
  3. Years of nursing, and a birth that would have resulted in the death of my baby and myself, I agree with the above. Also if you have to call for emergency help you are going to be treated by the person on call, not someone you have chosen.
  4. I've read that Le Creuset has a big sale in the summer. There are also the sales mentioned above. My inlaws gave us several pieces from the outlet store 30 years ago and it's still going strong.
  5. We were told 72 hours and to see a doctor if symptoms continued.
  6. My directions were to take Tylenol if needed and follow doctors orders on prescribed medications. I didn’t need Tylenol until the chills started and temperature went up. I used ice on my sore arm.
  7. I think they will keep you spaced apart. Be sure your masks fit well and no gaps anywhere. You can get some medical tape for the edges if you need to. You won't be hugging and kissing those around you like at a wedding. You will be so happy that she has her vaccine.
  8. Me too. I had a nice long walk in the sunshine and melting snow with a friend. We walked up to the drive thru window at Dunkin’ To get coffee. It was fun sitting outside pretending we were in Aspen. Lol
  9. All of the above except my dc didn't feel great for the better part of a week. It can very so much from person to person. Ds ate a lot of refried beans, real food that didn't need to be chewed. Oh and take a pain pill before the anesthesia wears off. You will all be fine.
  10. How fun! We got ours at our local rescue. I showed them the litter box and they used it without problems. The rescue will give you all the info.
  11. Many years ago I accompanied a hospitalized patient in Florida to his treatments. The chamber was used for treating people with the bends from scuba diving but they were starting to see results with the massive wounds. In his case he lost his leg eventually. It was weird being inside and having someone on the outside controlling your oxygen.
  12. I haven't been able to find open appointments at the drive through or smaller places that she can manage yet. My sister is starting to hear about friends who have been vaccinated though and she's going to see how they went about it. My mother also has a health care contact that says she can get her an appointment but Mom is being very difficult about arranging that. My superpower of nabbing cancelation appointments for others seems to be limited to New York.
  13. Great choices! I'm looking forward to the fabric choices.
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