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  1. I am so sorry. The ever changing covid rules make everything even more difficult.
  2. The teachers I know who teach from preK through grad studies have spent endless extra hours trying to make these options work. I hope you find something manageable.
  3. I'm not excited about students returning and sharing the virus they don't mind getting with the rest of us. One of universities is encouraging no travel and a shorter semester but, you guessed it, the sports teams are still traveling. And the good news is that spring semester can go ahead as normal because the flu season will be over. Nice to know in our northern community there isn't flu and illnes in Jan, Feb, and March. It's all crazy.
  4. It's a range, that growth stuff, but mine grew after 16 and some in college. Some of his pals were done at 14-16.
  5. Those two together are a bit much. I'm so sorry and am praying for you.
  6. Ours was cancelled. How does social distancing and camp even work together?
  7. I find the solution of, if it bothers you stay home, particularly sad in church. I feel like we should do our best to include all ages and stages. If this means giving up singing for a year or whatever it's the least we can do. We are asking the very people that kept the church going for many years before the rest of us arrived to now not participate. We are a church that sings, in a diocese that is still sorting out it's policy.For now we are still online.
  8. We've spent many years finding ways to include all people in our society. It's sad to now hear so many people say that those at risk can just be alone for a couple of years. And if they can't afford the costs of helpers then too bad, so sad.
  9. It's my local understanding that the large classes at Clarkson will be online. The universities, four in the area, are still uncertain of exact requirements to open. They are all hopeful and have different senerios being worked out. Personally I would plan on a gap year if I had a student that couldn't easily flip to online course work in case whatever school he's in has to close the campus as they all did this spring. Professor friends from all the colleges here are working on online classes in case they go that route at any time during the semester. All the universities are concerned about an uptake in Covid 19 this fall and how that might impact education, dorms, food and all of college life. So much planning going on. I really don't see how they social distance students at a university but they are going to try.
  10. You make me smile. Good to see you.
  11. Have you looked at me lately? haha Just kidding, it seems like a bad idea.
  12. These folks keep the city running, lots of service jobs, hotels, cleaning, restaurants, shops, direct care for elderly etc. Their people contact is high.
  13. The other thread talked about ironing them after washing in hot and drying hot.
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