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  1. The changes are coming fast. I'm thinking all restrictions will be lifted soon even though we have many areas that are not well vaxed.
  2. I would really do your homework. In my experience of living around several universities and having lots of college students in and out of our house, most greek life comes with lots of alcohol in addition to anything else.
  3. I love seeing these young people getting vaccinated!
  4. I don’t know but our old cat really started talking after the other cat died. We were rather surprised.
  5. I’m so sorry. Today sounds like a good day to me. I hope they find some plan they are content with. Many hugs
  6. I hope it all works out! We went through this last year for dd’s wedding. It sure is stressful. Hers didn’t end up with all the folks they wanted but still lovely. And they are ever so happy they are married .
  7. There are a variety of medical professions that might suit him. They have their routines but differences, lab, xray, nursing come to mind.
  8. I hope tomorrow is a better day for him. Great they both got the vaccine!
  9. Masking is most effective in slowing down transmission. I don't understand why we are lifting the masking regulations. Children are not vaccinated nor are large amounts of folks over 12.
  10. Hang on, you can do this. I can't imagine how stressful it is. Many hugs to you.
  11. I hope that works out.
  12. I'm sorry this has been so difficult.
  13. This is so infuriating. And the NY state schools don't all have the same regulations. I hope he can get it sorted out!
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