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  1. I hope all is well for you, SIL and babies.
  2. I was searching through my saved threads and found this one... I miss these ladies and these conversations so much!
  3. 🤗 Sending lots of hugs!
  4. I'm so sorry for your loss. 🤗
  5. Hi! I created guides for most of the books by Dorothy Mills. We loved them at our house. 🙂 The guides follow the main principles of a Charlotte Mason education, but with some additional writing elements to it. It probably feels like a cross between CM and classical to many. Each chapter includes narration suggestions and many other chapters have suggestions for additional reading, primary sources, Great Ideas Discussions and writing assignments. Here is a link to my website, which takes you to my Bookstore: A Mind in the Light Scroll down just a bit on the page for Classical Lessons for The Middle Ages and the PDF sample will be here. I linked you here, because the sample I added allows you to see more of it than the previews available at Lulu. 🙂
  6. I'm so sorry for you loss. My thoughts are with you, your son and your family.
  7. I just wanted to offer my deepest sympathies. I agree with previous posters...minimal school is all that is needed for now.
  8. I was curious if these are the ones that you mean: The Great Ideas Program? I have 3 of the books that are on the left in the photo of this link. I've looked at them but have not made use of them yet. 🙂 HathiTrust has a full view file of one of these: The Development of Political Theory and Government, in case anyone else wants to see it.
  9. I'm hoping to finish at least one complete guide per year. I may be able to increase that in the next year or two, since my older daughter is in college now and my younger daughter will be in a couple of years. I will sadly be finished with homeschooling then and will have more time to commit to writing them.
  10. Here is the Facebook Page. There is also a private group with the Facebook Page, which is easy to join if you want additional conversations. 🙂 And here is the Instagram Page. I'll check my email and get back to you soon to answer any questions you might have.
  11. I'd be happy to link you to the Facebook and Instagram pages. It may help give you a better sense of how well the curriculum is liked or not. 🙂 I'm not sure if anyone here uses it. It is still a work in progress, so only Year One is complete. Although, there are separate guides for other subjects and years and there is a great deal of flexibility with the guides as well.
  12. I thought I'd share back what I've learned. If you already own and have used either of these books, then I'm sure you already know whether you had to "edit on the fly" or not, but for those of you who did not own either book or have not seen these books I've included what I've learned below. Memoria Press replied that their edition of Edward Eggleston's Stories of Great Americans for Little Americans had been edited and that "offensive language was removed". Beautiful Feet Books also replied that they "did update and edit the language" in their edition of A Child's First Book of American History by Earl Schenck Miers.
  13. LULU is 35% off of print books, photo books and calendars.
  14. Thanks Chelli, I'll probably just do that. 🙂
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