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  1. I just wanted to support this perspective. My younger daughter has been heavily involved in dance since she was a little girl. She attends a true classical dance school, which teaches jazz, modern and contemporary, but with its biggest focus on ballet. In all her years there (she's a senior this year), she has never been taught the style of dance often taught at competition type schools. Research would show that true versions of these styles of dance do not involve any of this. Her classes in jazz, modern and contemporary were never taught this way. In fact, modern dance can sound as if she we
  2. I'm not sure how helpful this would be, but I recently wrote an article about Charlotte Mason style narration and young children. I'm attaching it here, in case anyone might enjoy reading it. I have to agree with some previous posters that a Charlotte Mason narration is very different from the style taught by SWB and other curricula writers. If I find some spare time, then maybe I could write a better post about this. I do have a number of articles about narration at my website, which may be helpful too. Narration and the Very Young.pdf
  3. Yes, but give me a few weeks and I can convert the others over too. I'm currently moving my guides to my website Shop as PDFs. I'm so glad that you like the samples!
  4. I'm a huge fan of the books by Dorothy Mills -both of my daughters love(d) them! I haven't yet found books for history which are so highly readable, but yet interesting and thorough. I also love how Mills extensively incorporates quotes from primary history sources. This made it so easy to add to this part of history, if I felt the need. I simply offered or expanded on the quoted primary source. I loved them so much that I created guides for them. 🙂 I do have and have looked at HO and while I agree they are well-done, they just weren't the right fit for us.
  5. As a former public/private school teacher, I can certainly see the convenience of centralizing all of these services within the educational system. However, I think that it has been to some disservice. I understand the main premise that in order for children to learn -to be ready to learn- they need to be as healthy as possible (mentally and physically healthy, which includes well-nourished). So, I do see why plans relating to food services, etc.. (which achieve this) should be considered part of the overall educational plan. Hungry children can't pay attention. Having said all of t
  6. I hope all is well for you, SIL and babies.
  7. I was searching through my saved threads and found this one... I miss these ladies and these conversations so much!
  8. 🤗 Sending lots of hugs!
  9. Hi! I created guides for most of the books by Dorothy Mills. We loved them at our house. 🙂 The guides follow the main principles of a Charlotte Mason education, but with some additional writing elements to it. It probably feels like a cross between CM and classical to many. Each chapter includes narration suggestions and many other chapters have suggestions for additional reading, primary sources, Great Ideas Discussions and writing assignments. Here is a link to my website, which takes you to my Bookstore: A Mind in the Light Scroll down just a bit on the page for Classical Lesson
  10. I'm so sorry for you loss. My thoughts are with you, your son and your family.
  11. I just wanted to offer my deepest sympathies. I agree with previous posters...minimal school is all that is needed for now.
  12. I was curious if these are the ones that you mean: The Great Ideas Program? I have 3 of the books that are on the left in the photo of this link. I've looked at them but have not made use of them yet. 🙂 HathiTrust has a full view file of one of these: The Development of Political Theory and Government, in case anyone else wants to see it.
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